Checking the Goods

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Summary: Two Blue Guards, one noble lady, one pirate, and a piglet captain. One of them might be a Prince.
Date: 7/June/2013
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Shelter Lake
Fri Jun 07, 1329

The weather is still fairly bad, the skies have let loose a deluge as the ship cuts through the roiling water and the flashing lightning. Aboard the ship, a squire to the Duke Pawel is standing under the cover of a tarp, watching the storm in all its wonder. Comfortable on the sea, she manages to keep her legs beneath herself as the angry looking water tries to toss them overboard.

Blue cloak and fiery hair are swaying with a crazy wind, when a little bit grumpy woman paces quite firmly aboard the ship. Nell is in her armour as usually and her hand rests on a pommel of her sword. She observes surrounding intently, though, some thoughtful shadows flash in her flamy eyes, while woman is soaked by rain.

The young knight staggers uneasily on the ship's deck, apparently not a seaman. His hair is tossled and wet, matting to his forehead. Dalyros grumbles under his breath, something about preferring to be on land with his horse. He catches himself on the edge of the deck, before looking to Peronell, "My gods, how long could this bloody storm last?!?" he shouts above the lightning and steady pounding of the rain.

Hearing the unease, Bella leaves the safety of the tarp and approaches the other two, offering each a warm smile. "Would you both like to come to the shelter? It is dry there and a place to sit. I can teach you how to get used to the movement of the boat if it bothers you." They do not know her name, so she gives it. "I am Bella, squire to Duke Pawel." Has been for years, but she usually kept to herself when not in training.

Peronell turns to the young Blue Guard shaking her head "I have no idea, but I want to get back on the land," she immerses her fingers in fiery hair, just to gather it and give a squeeze. Offer from the young girl attracts woman's attention "Sir Peronell Savage," introduces herself a Blue Slayer and looks around irritably.

Dalyros turns his gaze toward Bella, looking her over a moment as a smile spreads on his face, "My lady." The young knight offers a graceful bow, before a wave crashes against the side of the ship nearly tossing him overboard. He catches himself, then turns back to the red-headed knight, "We should be with the other party."

"A pleasure meeting you, Sir Savage. And you also, Sir." Between the two, Bella nods, offering a polite bow of her head. "Lady Bella Breaktide," offering her last name now too, a known vassal of Sollinger. Looking between the two, she nods solemnly. "I think land travel is nice also, maybe you could have the Captain deliver you to land once more to travel with the others?"

There is someone aboard the Stilltha's Dagger who seems to enjoy the inclement weather. Someone carved by it, someone for whom the storm is just his natural home. Someone who can't smile to show it, but instead draws an awkward smirk that makes him look even more evil - but those of the crew would easily say that 'Cap'n Syd Storm' is noticeably happy.

Stormpride, a known pirate under a better known cover of a trader, slowly walks, caressing the wood of the vessel. His wet long hair covers almost the entirety of his face, and his red leather jacket only looks more opaque.

A madly loud laugh, and his eyes stick as daggers in the gathered ones. Two knights in blue cloaks and a noble lady. No one lands foot in the Dagger without paying a price, and this time Syd knows well who payed for this trip. Enough for keeping him silent, and probably enough to avoid throwing a few of them outside of his ship. But nothing is enough to make him behave, no gold could be.

"Shelter ye say? Shelter is for the weak ones." he intrudes the ongoing conversation, rather lightly. "And you, knight," is said to Dalyros, "Stick yer feet to the ground, before a tide takes you away." and if his previous laugh was not loud enough, the one he releases is certainly thunderous. A bow, strangely respectful, quickly follows it, and in a friendly tone he finishes, "How fares ye?"

Peronell raises an eyebrow at the Captain. Obviously, she doesn't look very happy with his manners, though, he is the Captain, so she tries as politely as she can to answer "Just perfect. We delight in the lovely trip," sniffs woman , standing firmly on the ground. More firmly when her colleague. She could remind a pile stucked in the ground powerfully.

Dalyros steadies himself, shaking his head in disbelief. A glance toward the sea is given, before he looks back to Isabella, "Sir Dalyros Lohstren, at your service." He offers another feeble bow, before the captain starts ranting. A brow is raised at the colorful man, before agreeing with Peronell, "Aye. And what a lovely trip it is." His head nods once as the young knight takes a shot at sarcasm. No sooner than he had finished speaking, and a crack of lightning lit up the sky before thunder gives its dreadful boom.

Traveling up river on ship with the torrent of rain and wind pushing the opposite is certainly no easy task yet certainly doable. Moving down river with the wind at your back and in the wind in the sail is quite easy however for the small raft bearing a single child carefully maneuvering the Ripper along the river knows all too well toward the ship known to her. A war cry of massive proportions, or as much as a child can make is let loose from the girls lips as she struggles to hold the raft in place without crashing head first in the ship.

"LO YOU CAP'N SYD! SEND ME LINE FOR THE RIPPER AFORE IM A WASHED AWAY!" a twist of the wooden rudder and the girl brings her raft close to the side of the ship looking upward, collapsing the torn and patched sail, "AINT GOT ALL DAMNED DAY YOU OLD DOG. ON WITH THE FESTIVITIES CAP'N PIGLET HAS ARRIVED!"

"Are you feeling ill, Sir Dalyros?" Maybe Bella steps a single step back to assure that in case he gets sick, she's not getting it on her. With a curious look to the Captain, Bella laughs. "Shelter is for the smart, Captain. Everyone has the sense to get out of the rain." Her amusement is short lived though as she looks at Peronell. "There is a tarp for shelter, Sir." Repeating the offer. When she hears the voice, she points towards it, "Are we about to hit her?"

The Blue Slayer is the first one to gather the Captain's attention. Inquisitive, perhaps, but trying to read his eyes would be useless. There is not much to read, anyway. There is no emotion behind that dead gaze. But there is emotion, somehow, in the way he produces a bottle of rum from the very wooden floor of the ship.

A careful look will reveal more bottles around, among the many boxes, all of them sealed. For the marks on the outside, it may be fruits, spices, and other general goods. But even in the movement of the waves, no sound comes from them. And still, this particular bottle is held as a precious trophy, held up in the air, held with pride, shaken in happiness - and, sadly, empty as well.

"Gah!" is heard before the glass crashes to the wall. A practice more common that it should be, of course. "Lovely, isn't it?" Syd answers quickly, "For the smart? FOR THE SMART YOU SAY?!" the shout is full of anger, but after a heartbeat it is dismissed with a friendly laugh and a shake of head. "Perhaps." hits, liquor in poisonous amounts, and failed travels, have made his mind more voluble than most.

"Oh, look," the Captain points to the little vessel by their side, "That mouse is talking. And talks very loud. I can do it as well." clearing his throat, he orders to one of the crew members nearby, "YOU SCUM GET THAT GIRL HERE!" the order, naturally, is followed promptly.

Peronell just shrugs at the strange Captain with an ironical grin. Her attention slips to the girl, but not for too long, when her fiery eyes is risen to the sky and she just remains staring at all these lightnings.

A rope is tossed down the waif dressed in rags and she ties it to around waist, then proceeds to tie the end to the raft as well. "HAUL HER UP BOYS! IM IN NEED OF GRUB". It takes little time or effort to bring both child and raft topside and the girl scrambles down to inspect her 'ship'. "Bloody foold nicked my fine craftmanship, for this I will take an ounce of hide from each." she tells them through gitted teeth and squinted eyes before she breaks off in giggles that can only be done by a child.

Roughly she pushes back the golden curls from her face and causally moves toward Syd, "Well lookie here, ya done went it did. Didnt think it possible but you did. Done went got uglier on me." she laughs at her own joke sneaking a hand out toward his leg for pinch and spins those gathered, "And you brought some fancy looking friend ta boot. So which one ya the Prince Im marryin for the information I gived up?"

As a squire, the young noble lady has learned to sleep just about anywhere. Bella smiles at the Captain then to the red haired guard, then to the other guard, offering a nod to them all, before going back to the shelter and laying down to sleep.

Stormpride takes a moment to stare at the new arrived girl. A long moment, a moment without any comment for her joke or her introductory words. Perchance he didn't understood it, or may it be he wasn't paying attention. With Syd there is only a thin line between the two.

"Princes don't marry, mouse." he says in serious tone. "But if ye want to ask him, go on. It is him." a dirty finger raises to point to Dalyros. "Probably that one is after him, me thinks." the dirty finger moves to Peronell. "Yer free to deal with them both. Some rum would you please, milady?" the lady is no one else than the little 'Capn Piglet', of course. "Farewell!" is finally said, loudly, to the departing squire.

Peronell frowns and sticks her suspicious look to the Captain and she just sometimes peeks at the girl.

"And a drunkard ya still are. Milady mieye old coot." she tells him but never the less scurries toward a wooden barrel to procure the rum, "I dun knowed youd drink her all so I took the liberty of hiding some." she continues as she tosses the bottle his direction and marches toward Peronell and Dalyros, "Now listen here missy. I was offered this here Prince as payment for my services. If ya wantin to find that whining Princess and her man toy jist move on aside. Cause I got the information and aint sharin the rest till I check out the goods."

The goods of course is none other than Sir Dalyros, "I dunno Cap'n Syd, he looks kind of scrawny. Maybe I should hold for nother. I hear they gots loads to go around."

Peronell just shrugs and turns her eyes back to the sky. Though, usually raindrops always fall straight to the eye and right now one of them touches Blue Slayer's. She closes her orbs and rubs it, turning back to the company. Fiery woman frowns and crosses her hands on abdomen, following the girl with an intent gaze.

The bottle is received with a laugh and a pat on the girl's shoulder. That's just as thankful as he can be, rum being one of the motifs of his own existence, or so he thinks, at least. "This one Prince is good enough. Touch him, taste him, check the goods. As far as I know, there's no more Prince in the Dagger." hearing carefully, Syd has a better domain of the language than most sailors onboard. "And, to be honest," he isn't, but the lies go just as smooth as any truth through his lips, "I don't know of the whereabouts of any other royal in this campaign."

His silence was paid with a good price, no doubt. Everything in the Dagger has been properly paid. No lie could be free of charge.

"Thats why I'm gettin the real goods, cause I know where they been a hidin. But I aint tellin it all like you taught me till I have some jingle in my pocket and Prince in the waitin." Cap'n Piglet rolls here eyes at Peronell and grins wide just as she hops high on one foot and runs toward a ladder leading up to the crowsnest. A tiny bare foot mounts the first rung and a smaller finger points between Peronell and Syd, "Gotta get me some shut eye. Dont go doin nothin I wouldnt do." she taunts as she scrambles up the ladder to rest.

Peronell sighs and turns her gaze to the younger Blue Guard "I am going… Too much rain for today," and she nods at Syd "Captain," and blue cloak once more sways near the ground, while fiery woman paces back from there she came.

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