Lady Claire Sollinger
Vicky Papadopoulou
Vicky Papadopoulou as Claire Sollinger
Full Name: Claire Sollinger
Byname: None
Age: 27
Kingdom: Taniford
House: Sollinger
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Healer
Place of Birth: Tharnham
Father: Unnamed Sollinger
Mother: Unnamed Sollinger
Siblings: Lady Sollinger (Sister), Lord Sollinger (Brother), Lady Sollinger (Sister)
Spouse: None
Children: None


Claire Sollinger is a cousin to the main ruling line, who has spent time in Tharnham with cousins to learn the healing arts rather than seamanship. Although she tends to find herself comfortable in working as a healer, she still holds some knowledge in what makes the Sollingers unique - the sea and their place within the houses. She did take part in the war with the Corsairs in a support measure, attaining the position of head healer during the process, she has now returned to duties as requested of her.

Immediate Family

Father: Lord Unnamed Sollinger

Mother: Lady Unnamed Sollinger

Lady Sollinger (NPC)
Lord Sollinger (NPC)
Lady Sollinger (NPC)

Spouse: None

Character Features

Physical Features

With a touch of warmth to this woman's complexion, Claire's facial features are settled against the backdrop of an oval face with the softness of curve, along nose, cheek and chin with shapely lips. Dark eyed with the slightest hint of a slant along the outer corners, the exact hue is a near match for the locks of hair framing her face. Bound up atop her head with thick pins hidden within its folds those wisps of hair floating about her face, the color may be almost black in some settings. The true length is loosely to mid-back when fashioned into any braid. Although standing at a height of five feet, four inches, this woman's build is nevertheless slender.

Attired in what would be a simple gown for day to day functions, this gown is predominately green with the edging embroidery along the trim in silver pattering. Small but just enough to catch attention along the square neckline of her bodice, a silver necklace with a small emerald pendant is set against her chest to offset the otherwise plainness of her appearance. With the same pattering found at the cuff of each long sleeve and the hem, the woman's skirts are more than enough to keep her slippers - also of the same green color, hidden in most cases.


Pride: Claire is a Sollinger and knows it acutely. While she may not be an avid sea person, she holds respect for those that do. And don't tell her differently. Her family is known for a number of talents. She may hold certain things to herself with a measure of self-pride too.
Stubborn: If Claire doesn't want to do something, it's going to be conveyed. Somehow, some way, her displeasure an opinion will be known.
Beauty: She enjoys pretty things. Simple as that. Especially after dealing with matters of healer duties and seeing to the injured.
Chess: It's a relaxing quirk of hers. For all that she does, it would seem that thinking would be the last thing on her mind. And yet, it does.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Corwin Sir Corwin Sollinger : While we are related as cousins, it's nice to see that he still appears well-grounded.
Cordelia Lady Cordelia Sollinger : If Corwin is well grounded, I see that Cordelia is far more spirited now than before.

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