Savaric and Talia: Coin for Courtship

Coin for Courtship
Summary: While Talia treats Savaric's injuries, he propositions her with unintended results.
Date: 8 May 2013
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Winter 1327 - Hunting Lodge near the town of Sipdon

The blanket of snow that covers the ground outside of the huntmaster's home has provided excellent coverage on the ground to hunt for game. Though his arm is still tender and not quite healed, Savaric has started using it again in order to try to strengthen it up. Already he knows the delay in the fall and broken arm he suffered has set him back. He can only hope to catch back up with his master once the wound is completely mended. Having left early in the morning to gather food for himself and the young Healer that has tended to him while her father was away for the winter. Carrying a bundle of rabbits he snared with traps in his good arm, the ranger-in-training opens the door to the cabin and tosses his catch on the nearest table before looking around for Talia, who has been treating him while he recovers.

If the sound of the door didn't open her, or the thud of the rabbits on the nearest table.. the cold air that swirled into the cabin would have done the job rather nicely. Asleep in a chair by the fire, a fur draped over her shoulders in lieu of a blanket, Talia startles awake with a jolt and blinks briefly at Savaric with a look of confusion on her face. Her eyes then drop to the table, and the dead hares on it, before she closes her eyes and runs one hand over her face. "You really just can't rest and let your body heal,c an you?" she says, grumbles really, in a sleep hazed tone of voice before she pushes the fur aside and rises to her feet. She does not, to note, walk over to the table with the dead rabbits she does, instead, walk right on past it and toward a bucket of cold water nearest the sink in the kitchen and leans forward, scooping a ladle full out and dashes it onto her face.

"Cannot let arm grow weak." Savaric responds as he watches the young woman wander the cabin. As she goes to wash up, the man watches her for a moment before he turns away from her, and carries himself over to the table. Sitting down at the table, he starts on the process of field-stripping the hares of their winter hide, careful in his work. She will notice that his hands work over the rabbit with the ease of a taxidermist, and he seems to be trying his best to keep the hide intact, even as he starts to dump the innards and blood into a bucket to be fed to the hounds later, and strips the meat to be roasted later, setting it aside as he works on each rabbit in turn.

"Hare pie.. hare stew… roasted…" Talia is saying aloud as she runs damp finger through her own hair and crosses the room to stand on the other side of the table, eyeing the fresh game with a thoughtful gleam in her eyes. "Roasted," she decides then, rubs at her eyes again and walks back to the chair she'd been seated in and tucks her feet back into her shoes. "There's a line between letting your arm grow weak and slowing down your healing time," she warns as she reaches for her cloak. "Did you eat?" she wonders next, settling the heavy material around her shoulders, "I'll fetch some eggs and there's bread left over from the loaf made yesterday," she is musing this aloud, not as much inviting him to take breakfast as telling him what will BE breakfast.

She will notice as she prepares her cloak - it's been patched. Fresh fur has been laced into the lining of the cloak around the arms and neck, the soft fur of the rabbit brushing against her skin. "Not slow down healing. Work it, it heal faster. Eadric always said." Never father. Never ever father. Likewise, her boots are now lined. So that's what he's been doing with all those furs. Savaric shakes his head. "No. Have not had meal yet. Went out to gather meat." he nods. "And fur for gloves. For you."

It is not unusual for Talia to receive goods and service in trade, coin is few and far between for many of those who have need of a healer. Coin being less readily available than tanned hides, livestock, the promise of a portion of a harvest, etcetera; in fair trade, after all. But the softness of the rabbit fur is surprising and she turns the lining to take a closer look, her toes already curling instinctively in the soft of the fur that lines her boots. She looks up after a moment, surprise on her face as she tugs the cloak closer to her shoulders, taking a moment to enjoy the luxury of the warmth even as his words finally register. "You're making me gloves?" startled into blurting that out in return.

They have spent the last several weeks together while he healed. While they have not shared a bed, there have been fond glances and long conversations, the redhead able to draw Savaric into conversations he had never thought possible. And she has listened to him, and whie blunt and severe at times, she has always shown kindness towards him.. and now, he has probably misread the healer's feelings towards her winter houseguest. As he glances up to her, Savaric nods his head. "You have given me much during winter, and asked for little in return." he comments as he finishes skinning the hares and rises to start taking spits to drive through the bodies, to, as she requested, to roast the meat. "I have enjoyed your company. And wish to spend time with you. More time. After healed. Cannot offer coin, though. Will make you gloves. Will be around. Come back to see you. Will pay price you ask, whatever it may be."

Talia turns, slowly, to face Savaric, intense green eyes widening as he'd spoken before narrowing subtly, her color suddenly spiking to twin spots of color high on her cheekbones. "Are you offering to pay coin to spend time in my company?" she asks, the question quietly voice - carefully even - her tone rather neatly even as she walks back toward the table.

Savaric has never been the best with words as he finishes spitting the hares for the fire. He does not pick up on the danger in her voice as he looks towards her. "Wish to spend time with you, yes. After healed. As more than …" he waves his hand. Whatever it is they are now. "I would like to see you. If you want coin, will find way to earn coin, aye." he says to her as he lifts his eyes to her.

Talia advances on the table where he is seated, her steps slow, measured, that anger kindled in every step, every move, in her eyes, the small nuances as she settles her hands on the edge of the table and stares -hard- at Savaric. "And I would need coin… because if you wish to spend more time with me than just.." and she makes the same casual hand wave of a gesture that he did, "coin or other fair trade is required?"

Savaric looks confused. "That is.. how I was told it worked." the young man offers, confusion piling his features. Why is she angered with him. "Have interest in you. Would like to see you again. I have.." he searches for the word, but it seems a little lost. "…heart jumps when you are around. I." her glare causes him to actually look down. "You do not feel similar." he finally realizes. "Did not know."

Talia marches around the table, grabbing ahold of the front of his tunic with one hand and the other sliding through his hair. Without so much as a word of warning she tilts her head to the side and kisses him, not just a simple chaste brush of lips, no. She is no expert, and it's as much anger and other things that tug her toward him, but she puts all of that - and the something more - into the kiss. She doesn't stop until she HAS to pull back to draw breath and when she does she speaks, her voice a bit uneven. "I do feel similar," which almost goes without saying. "But how DARE you think you would PAY me?" she demands, fury now evident in her voice.

That was not what he was expecting. Pulled into the kiss, his hands grab her arms, holding onto her tightly as he surrenders to her lips and his own match with their own fevor and want, until she pulls back and yells at him again. "Supposed to pay woman for their time, if I wished to be with them. Was always what I learned when there was woman I was with." Welcome to the root of the problem. No woman has ever willingly taken him as her own. His eyes stare up at her as he growls a little. Her anger is starting to raise his own as he feels that challenge in her voice. "I paid because of what you have done for me. Just ask what it takes to be yours." he says finally. "To seek your hand."

Talia leans back, shock evident now on her face, not just surprise and confusion but also shock. Those green eyes are wide, her expression a mix of emotions that chase back and forth and back again. "You.. alright," she holds one hand up and takes a deep breath, her color having spiked again almost as intense as her hair color. "Other women… yes. If you're paying for .. company than yes, coin or a fair trade, that's .. fair," she rubs both hands lightly over her face. "You paid for my time to help HEAL you," she points out - making this VERY clear. "My time, my skill, the healing herbs and compounds, nursing you through the worst of it, cleaning your wounds and making sure that you didn't take fever sick. That is Fair," she stresses these last words. "But none of that was about.. " now she sits abruptly. "Why would you want to?" she demands, going from patient to argumentative in a flash.

"Seek hand?" Savaric asks, as if to clarify that's what she's asking of him as he studies her. "You are attractive. But more than that. You listen to me. You talk to me. Explain things. Not treat me like I am some kind of.. not worth of your attention. You are strong. Fair. Have a temper. I do not mind that, I wish to know that woman I am with is not going to worry about angering me. You stand up to me. But you also accept me." he says, looking at her, the man trying to find the words that she's trying so hard to coax from him. "I want to." he finally says. "Need better reason than that?"

Talia makes a sound, "Why would I be afraid of you?" she demands in return, her own temper ebbing and flaring over and over again, baffled and confused in equal turns. "Of course I'm strong, I'm a healer, what good would I be if I were some frail fragile flower? And I like talking to you, and listening to you. So you're a man of few words at times, ok a lot of the time, but that only makes your words all the more important when you do have something to say. Why wouldn't you be worth my attention?" she nearly reaches out and pokes at him, the gesture is started before she remembers her manners. She wasn't, after all, raised in a barn. "Well.." she clears her throat at the end, "well no you don't need a better reason that that," she grumbles the last words.

"Will have to leave soon." Savaric admits finally as he reaches and grabs her hand with his own as she reaches to poke him. That damaged hand takes hers so easily as he lifts his eyes back to her. "But want reason to come back. When training over. Want to have you. Be yours. Call you wife." he says quietly, honestly as he looks at her. "I want to be your husband." he finally manages to say clearly to her. "If that is what you want."

Talia's hand tugs at his at first before her small hand curls within his, her eyes searching his - searching his face - not just listening to his words but listening to how he says them, what he means, hearing the honesty in his tone of voice. "I.." she begins, her throat tight and having to clear her throat softly in order to get the words out, her hand tightening subtly. "You.. are the most stubborn man i have ever known. You drive me mad," she admits softly. "I'm torn between wanting to shout at you until I run out of voice and…. and then you line my boots with fur so that my toes are warm and I want to do anything but shout at you. You are a complex and often confusing man. I'll wait for you," she promises softly. "I'll wait for you, and if you come back… yes."

"Not if. Never if. I do not make promises I will not keep. I said I will come back. I will. As ranger. And you will be my wife. May take months. But I will come back." Savaric says as he looks at her and listens to her answer and his hand tightens on her when she says 'if'. While his eyes reflect the anger, his voice barely raises, that command she makes him bring forth so easily found. "I will not share my bed with another. Promise this. I will not give coin to woman. You accept me, I will give all to you."

Talia's color spikes again, "You had best not," she retorts, temper flaring in her eyes again, her hand tightening abruptly. "I'm waiting for you to finish your training and return, you had better not find some large hipped big chested bar maid to tumble for a bit of handy coin when you feel lonely."

This actually brings a laugh from the ranger in training as he looks to her. "No. Will think of how nice your chest is instead." Savaric says with a grin at her, trying to actually tease that blush as he rises to his feet and pulls her to him for an embrace as his heart jumps in his chest at her touch.

Talia glances down, instinctively, then back up, that blush sliding across her skin again instantly as he tugs her to her feet and into his arms. She is stiff for a moment, that remark about her chest making her flustered before she hugs him back, turning her head to the side and tucking beneath his chin - fitting instinctively into his arms.

His head tilts down and he cradles her against him. There are no more words forthcoming for now, instead Savaric just holds his chose betrothed close to him, his hands caressing her hair as he takes in her scent and breathes out slowly. Finally, he breaks the silence. "Will you give me favor to take with to finish training?"

Talia gives a slow nod, the gentle caress of his hands in her hair makes her eyes close, "If you'd like," she offers in return before her arms tighten ever so briefly and she leans back. "Have a seat and I'll make you something," she says, nudging him back toward his chair and then, once he's seated, taking a seat in his lap.

Pushed back, he settles into the chair and she easily claims his lap. Savaric looks confounded for a moment that she has her own chair, but soon his arms wrap around her waist to continue to hold her as he leans in and presses a kiss against the side of her neck, right below her ear.

Once settled in his lap, and willing away the color that has made even her ears turn red, Talia leans forward long enough to reach for the knife he'd left on the table. She cleans it briskly before taking hold of one of the long coils of curly hair draped over her shoulder and - with care - slices free that single lock as near to her scalp as she can before setting the knife aside. She catches the end of the lock between her teeth and calmly uncoils it before she begins to braid the lock in a tight weave, which is not as easy as it sounds, her hair - curling madly - reaches to her waist and braiding it, without it tangling or snaring, takes a good bit of attention to detail. When she's done she has a thin rope of russet hair that she carefully ties in a knot at both ends before turning to glance up at him, her eyes suddenly level with his.

When she cuts out that lock of hair, a bit of realization dawns on Savaric, but he says nothing, watching her at work. As she straightens and weaves her hair into that tight rope, there's a nod of satisfaction, but when she turns her gaze upon him, the smile leaves his face, picking up on the seriousness of her expression that is only matched with the unbridled affection in her eyes.

Talia eased the sleeve along his left arm up until she can wrap the coiled length of russet hair around his bicep, a loop formed in one end to serve as the anchor point around which she coils the rope until she ties it end to end, securing it in place. "You'll carry part of me with you," she says quietly.

"Then I am sure to succeed." Savaric says as he looks towards her. "What can I give you to remind you that I shall return?" he asks her, his eyes remaining on hers, his expression honest and serious as he finally glances towards that coil of hair around his arm.

Talia makes a quiet hum of sound as she reaches up to rest one hand lightly on the side of his face, "I don't know. That's something you have to decide for yourself."

Savaric sits there for a moment as she touches his face and then he makes a decision. He gently urges her from his lap and moves. As he does so, he searches for a moment and finds a small vial, that she usually uses to carry a few seeds - her or her mom. Finding the stopper and a length of leather chord, he goes and retakes his seat. He looks to her for a moment, and then he turns his damaged hand over and drives the knife along the length of his love line. As the blood comes forth, he takes and fills the small vial with his life blood before adding a couple of drops of alcohol and then corks it and seals it with candle wax. Once sealed, he wraps his hand quickly to staunch the bleeding and then uses the chord to tie off the vial and makes a necklace, that he offers to her.

Talia accepts the token, holding the vial in her hand - still warm from his body - before she ties the necklace around her neck and lets it rest warm against her skin. "Come back to me," she says softly.

"I will." It's a simple and pure promise as Savaric rises to his feet and presses a long and needful kiss against her lips before he pulls back away from her. "Let us have breakfast and then sit and talk for while? I want to know all I need to know of you so I can remember sound of your voice. Feel of your touch. Warmth of your breath."

"I'll round up the eggs," Talia agrees as she lifts one hand again to touch the side of his face, a soft smile forming on hers, "and you will talk as well," she nudges him with her words. "And you will be careful and come back."

"Promise. To both. Will marry you." And with a last kiss, the two part to start their day, and gather items so they can spend the rest of their time in each other's arms talking of their past and what they dream of doing and what will happen several months from now when his training is complete and he returns to her.

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