Baroness Coriaria Westmark
Kacey Rohl
Kacey Rohl as Coriaria Melusine Westmark
Full Name: Coriaria Melusine Westmark
Byname: Cricket
Age: 19
Kingdom: Rhaedan
House: Westmark
Title/Profession: Baroness
Position: Baroness of Westmark
Place of Birth: Woods of Westmark
Father: Count-Palatine Paule Westmark
Mother: Countess-Palatine Katarina Westmark nee Rhaedan
Siblings: Lord Castor Westmark - Twin
Lady Laurel Westmark - Younger Sister
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A


Coriaria Westmark - known to her intimates as "Cricket" — entered the world during a time of war.


Immediate Family

  • Count-Palatine Paule Westmark - Father
  • Countess-Palatine Katarina Westmark - Mother
  • Lord Castor Westmark - Brother
  • Lady Laurel Westmark - Sister

Character Features

Physical Features

At 1.6 meters, Coriaria seems an innocuous enough young woman. Large, intelligent blue-grey eyes regard the world around her with something akin to a calculated suspicion. They are set in a round face dusted with the faintest of freckles, giving her (much to her chagrin) the appearance of someone a few summers younger than her actual age of 19. Her lips are on the fuller side, but the manner in which her mouth is often set in a firm line generally serves to hide this aspect of her appearance. A small furrow - the result of endless hours engaged in thought — rests between expressive brows.

Her hair is dark like her father's and that of her twin. If worn loose, it would reach halfway down her back, but it's generally kept in a neat braid, coiled and secured at the back of her head. Despite her interest in embroidery, she has little patience for the vagaries of fashion and so is modestly attired in a long slate-grey dress made of a sturdy weave. It's a hard-wearing garment that serves her well either on horseback or at her studies.


Abiding Curiosity: This Westmark heiress is determined to learn everything about everything.
Scientific Method: She has a keen interest in uncovering the logic behind new discoveries and testing her own theories.
Lateral Thinking: She'll sometimes employ an indirect and creative approach to problem-solving that leaves others perplexed.
Hawking: Hawking is a great passion of hers and she owns a white raptor named Lumi.
Daddy's Girl: Paule has spoiled the girl a little… but what's the harm?
Family Loyalty: Cricket will support and defend her family (especially her twin, Castor) — no matter what.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Paule Paule Westmark : Father. He has Cricket's unwavering loyalty and respect. She loves him, but she also fears him — his temper can be explosive. He's driven her to hone every single one of her skills, that they might one day be used not just for the survival, but the glory of the House. Letting him down is not an option… ever.
Katarina Katarina Westmark nee Rhaedan : Mother. Fiercely proud and protective of her family, she also knows how to wrangle Paule into agreeing with her when it suits her purposes. Fortunately, those purposes are always just… at least where her family is concerned. Affectionate and generous with her children, she is admired by Cricket especially for her Knightly past.
Castor Castor Westmark : Twin brother. Cricket's other-self. He knows her better than anyone and their past separations have been incredibly difficult for them both. Together, they've developed a system of communication that is unintelligible to all but them.
Laurel Laurel Westmark : A younger sister, the baby of the family.

Recent Logs

Recent Memoirs


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