Sir Corwin Sollinger
Sam Worthington
Sam Worthington as Corwin Sollinger
Full Name: Corwin Sollinger
Byname: -
Age: 24
Kingdom: Taniford
House: Sollinger
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Knight
Place of Birth: Tharnham
Father: Dumat Breaktide
Mother: Sir Ariel Sollinger
Siblings: Cordelia Sollinger (Twin)
Spouse: Unmarried
Children: None


Corwin grew up in Tharnham, following in his mother's footsteps toward knighthood. He spent the better part of his youth learning to wield weapons and between times he was aboard a ship. He was eventually squired out to another knight and rode with him on patrols of the interior roads, dealing mostly with bandits and others who looked to take advantage of war times. He was knighted at 18 and went into battle against the Corsairs. Near the end of the conflict he took a nasty head wound and was knocked out of the rest of the fighting. The unsteady peace was upon the land by the time he was able to fight again. He travelled to Wolveshire to find his sister and decide what to do with himself outside of war.

Immediate Family

Cordelia Sollinger (Twin Sister)

Character Features

Physical Features

Corwin is tall and lean - while he’s not as broad in the shoulders as some warriors, his body is well muscled and strong. He holds his height well, looking comfortable, fast and graceful. His hair is dark and cropped short, his eyes brown and deep, his skin is deeply tanned to a warm brown. Given how dark his face is, the streak of white that cuts through his hair is quite noticeable. It’s a thin line, but still obvious that the line of hair has been turned white by some shock or stress. He’s young enough that few lines have been carved into his face, but his mouth and eyes both seem more inclined to smile than frown.

The knight clearly spends a little time with his mirror each day. His hair is kept cut carefully and he is clean shaven. While not fighting, riding or training he dresses fashionably in well tailored outfits that usually favour the Sollinger colours of dark green trimmed with silver. The clothes are kept clean and without wrinkles. His feet are protected by comfortable, but well kept boots.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Amira Amira Anya Rhaedan : Corwin considers Amira a friend at this point, though they've only met on a handful of occasions. They share many similar philosophies and are comfortable in conversation - especially given the significant difference in rank and nationality. She is by far the most approachable royalty Corwin has had the pleasure of speaking with.

Recent Logs

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