Course Correction

Course Correction
Summary: Alone, Castor rides from Brivey Keep to Laketown, to speak with Mother Superior Tylon regarding his intentions, and the Temple.
Date: 19/06/2013
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Castor Tylon 

Temple of the Four, Laketown
Like all temples of the Four, this one is a slightly stretched diamond in structure with lofty cathedral ceilings that let natural light shine in and illuminate this sacred place. It is accessed by a graceful archway on each of the four straight walls, emphasizing that neither direction holds prescedence over the other. Many of the craftsmen of Laketown have come together to carve, engrave, and accent this wonderous temple.

At each of the four corners of the temple are the altars of the Four. The northern corner belongs to Bornas the Mountain God crafted from hard ivory. There is an offering dish that is often filled with handfuls of earth, leaves, or seeds. Directly opposite of him in the south is the handsome and youthful statue of Ravas the Fire God carved from petrified crimson wood, and his offering bowl often contains hearth ash or bits of tinder. To Ravas's left in the western corner is the old and wise Stilltha crafted from polished blue marble; river stones and water occupy her offering bowl, including the occasional fishbone. Last, but not least, opposite of Stilltha in the east is the young Altheara chisled to life from the heart of a hard blackwood. In her bowl is held bird feathers and bones, as well as small carved flutes and chimes.

19th June, 1329

It had been a long couple of weeks and Tylon was just happy to be returned. She didn't mind the travel, the Guardians knew she did that often enough. But this time…a battle with unimaginable creatures, and Kharnas himself being invoked, it was plenty to worry the Temple Priestess' mind. And then the damn harpies of all things, the wounds were mostly healed where the one had racked her across the chest. There was a light sigh from the Priestess as she finished up her prayers, the mild reflection on recent events. Pressing up from her customary place at Stilltha's altar, a light press of her hand against her chest. The mostly healed wounds did yet pull funny at times. One of her usual smiles is offered to a fretting Acolyte, "Don't worry, I'm fine." Giving a slight motion of her hand to dismiss him along. Before lightly murmuring, "Bornas preserve me."

Castor Westmark is sitting in front of the altar dedicated to Altheara, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his knees, and his chin on his hands. The lad is in travelling clothes — clean, at least — and he looks pensive. Word might still be circulating of his arrival at the temple several days ago, or at least that a young man calling himself 'Wolf' had walked inside with a companion named 'Cricket'… and an itinerant priestess named Cafell.

He overhears talking and glances over his shoulder in the direction of the conversation — rather the sound of a priestess shooing away an Acolyte. The lad smirks initially, then frowns.

Rising, he approaches. "Mother Superior?…Bornas' Balls, what happened to you? Surely you were not injured in the recent battle?"

Just word likely reached her hears in what reports were given to her to bring her up to speed on what had passed in her absence. Even perhaps from Cafell herself, the wandering Priestess was known to Tylon, one might ever say they were familiar with one another. But Tylon was never one to pry or intrude on those who came to the Temple, she found it rather conflicted with the goal of it being a place of refuge for people to come unburden themselves.

The voice hs Tylon's head turning and a smile is easily offered up to Castor, that calmness yet there. "Oh no, I came through the battle quite untouched. The Chosen did well in seeing to that. It was after, the day after actually that this, " her hand vaguely giving motion to her chest," occurred. Some harpies thought they would try to make off with some of the injured Knights, I took offense and this was my reward for it." A faint smile comes," Not that I would have ever believed to see harpies of all things, they always seem more a part of some distant story."

Castor's eyebrows shoot upward, and he blinks at the Mother Superior. "If half the stories of the battle are true… there is enough 'myth and legend' in it to frighten children for generations to come." He pauses for a moment to collect his thoughts.

"I hope the priestess, Cafell, is doing well — but that is not why I sought you out. I… can come back at another time, when you are feeling stronger, Mother Superior. I don't want to trouble you with the questions of a confused youth." He smirks a little, then, awaiting Tylon's reply.

A small nod comes, "In having seen and witnessed it all with my own eyes, I fear there is more to give even us adults nightmares," yes she included him in that us,"and even more to trouble us of the temple, it does perhaps explain much of the activity we have been having to deal with lately." Tylon gives a light shake of her head before a slightly apologetic smile, "No need to ramble on such matters now though."

"Yes, she is. Always a bit of an odd duck that one, but she is still a wonder and blessing to the Temple." Tylon gives a shake of her head, "The questions of a confused young man are never any trouble…ah..Wolf was it not that you are called?" A slight tinge of amusement perhaps touching her eyes, before a hand motions to one of the small alcoves, "Come, tell me what thoughts confuse you and I can see what help I might give beyond ears to listen and a fine cup of tea."

Castor half-grins ruefully to the Priestess and nods his head before following her to one of the alcoves. Waiting a moment for Tylon to make herself comfortable, the lad sits and takes a breath. "Aye, Wolf," he confirms first up. "Cricket and I didn't want people pointing at 'the Westmark twins' while we travelled, so we used our bynames. Cafell doesn't yet know who we really are. I wanted to ask… about joining the Temple. To become Chosen, that is."

He takes another breath.

Before you ask," he adds quickly. "This isn't an idle fancy of youth. My parents seem to think so — I can't say I blame them… much — but I truly wish to know… whatever it is I need to know."

"It is an understandable wish, especially with all that occurs in these days. I have to admit, I have never quite understood how some could handle to travel with such fanfare and pomp. Some are worse than a pack of preening peacocks," Tylon gives a gentle smile, "those are usually the ones I figure Ravas has touched a bit." Her robes are smoothed as she settles, perhaps not as polished as a noble, but the Priestess does have some natural grace.

The priestess remains silent as Castor speaks, giving him time to get out his thought out, with that calmness which is more encouraging, patient…A soft smile comes, "I have never thought it was, Wolf. I am not your parent and am not blinded in they ways they are. Do not get me wrong, I think well of them, but I can see their failing also. They seem to wish for you and your sister to fly, yet keep your wings clipped in not believing you are ready. If it helps any, I have seen this often with parents and their children." Though from her look, she doesn't believe knowing that really makes it easier. "Sister Alyona has spoken well of you and in ways that is rare for her. Even if I did not know you myself, that would be enough. You are welcome here, even if the draw does not carry you through tot taking the Oath to become Chosen. Sometimes the Guardians guide one here for a purpose other than to serve in such ways."

Castor had been ready to laugh the moment the words a pack of preening peacocks left Tylon's mouth, but what she says afterward has the lad's jaw dropping, fraction by fraction with each sentence. He blinks. He wets his lips with his tongue, and blinks again.

Castor chuckles.

"Forgive me, Mother Superior — I shouldn't be so surprised! No one has ever explained my… relationship with my mother and father so well. I… am ashamed to have thought I needed to convince you! Cricket… she'll want to speak with you as well. She has her own questions, so I'll not ask them for her…"

His voice trails off as he pauses for a breath, his gaze dropping for just a moment, to rise again and meet the eyes of the Mother Superior. "Of all the… conflicting things my mother and father have said to me, there is one that I have decided to pluck out of the maelstrom: the freedom to choose. If I were to say, right now, that I wish to serve — to learn — what would happen? What am I to expect; and what would be expected of me? I know that taking the Oath requires foreswearing my title… honestly, my title has been more collar than crown. I know… it is one thing to not have to 'prove myself' to you… but it is another to simply be sure of my own course — "

He suddenly cuts off from speaking, and frowns, glaring at the ground — at himself. "I cannot speak like this to the Baron… why can't I speak like this to my own father???"

"There is nothing to forgive, many simply forget that we see more than we tell. It is part of gaining the wisdom Stilltha lays there for us to have. It is also harder to see the full storm when one is caught up within it." Tylon gives a soft smile before nodding, "I will be happy to speak with Cricket as she wishes. I am always here should either of you need an ear to listen, or if truly needed, I can travel a reason can always be found to visit another Temple."

The priest falling quiet once more to allow him to find his voice, the words he wishes to make out of his thoughts. Never prodding, simply giving him the moments he needs. "Yes, to take the Oath, you would have to give up titles and lands, but that would be the last step to becoming a Chosen. To come and learn, to be an acolyte, we would ask that you merely set those aside for the time, til you are certain which path is truly the one you must follow. It would mean to forgo any monetary assistance from your House, " she said House, not parents," as an Acolyte you would be expected to dedicate yourself to your training here, to keep to the rules and restrictions that accompany that. Alyona wishes to be your mentor if this is the path you chose, so she would be your guide in this and it is she you would have to listen." There is a small tease. "So no running off without permission for wild adventure with your sister." She does continue more seriously, "This is not to say that you cannot travel and spend time with her, or your family. It is simply expected that you respect those who will come to count on you here, just as you may come to count on them. Is is expected that if you take the step, that you do dedicate yourself to this path until you are certain of the choice you must make. For if you do not, you may never know for certain."

A faint smiles comes as Tylon offers softly, "Because he is your father, that is why. He loves you, but is yet judging of you and when you seek words to speak, you have worry about each word and if it is what he wants to hear, if you are the son he wishes you to be. He wants you to be yourself, yet wishes you to be as he hopes. It is a conflict that is unspoken, yet hangs heavy and makes it difficult. "

Castor, the 'Wolf' of Westmark, practically laps up the words of wisdom he hears from Tylon, as if he were a fenhound at a river after nearly dying of thirst. His eyes do not leave hers, nor does his attention stray for an instant. It is not until Tylon has finished speaking that the lad makes any gesture or attempt to speak.

The youth reaches toward his belt — without saying a word as of yet — and quietly pulls his coin-pouch free of it, snapping the thin leather straps securing it there. Then he holds it up to Tylon. "I haven't counted what I have here, but I'm sure there is some good use you can find for it. The truth is, I made my decision weeks ago. I have hardly set foot inside an Inn — except to dine — and I cast aside my gambling dice with Alyona bearing witness." He smiles — roguishly, yes — but with sincerity.

"If the Four will have me, I am theirs."

The steady calm gaze of Tylon's does not stray as she speaks with Castor, her focus is his to have. There is not thought to what to say next, what he might respond with or worry about the Temple ledgers and which orphan is up to what trouble now. There is time for those later.

A small nod is given as the pouch is offered. "There is always good that can be done, a meal to someone who lacks, bandages and medicines for the wounded and sick," a warm smile comes to Tylon's lips, "A new robe for a new Acolyte. " The pouch is accepted and placed to rest on the small table for the moment. "It is good to hear that you have continued on the path as you started with Alyona before you departed. It proves, if to no one but yourself, that you are serious about this. For you do need to remember while here, it is being honest to yourself, finding your purpose that is important. You need not prove yourself to any here, if you are worrying about that, then you are missing a potential lesson, a spot of wisdom to be gleamed. I know this is not an easy thing to simply do, but we learn to train our thoughts as well as muscles to their purpose. I fear, while we never much like it, practice is what is required."

"The Four will have you, and you are welcome in Their Temple to seek the Path of a Chosen, to seek your purpose under their Guidance."

Castor smiles.

His eyes gleam.

"I expect then, the next time my family sees me… I shall be in the raiment of an Acolyte." His smile turns just slightly, into a smirk. "This, to me, is not a bad thing. I am half tempted to swear my own oaths, but… that would hardly convince anyone that the son of the Shadow Baron is anything but hot air and no sails or anchor."

He bows to Tylon a moment later, and glances back toward the street outside.

"My family are visiting Brivey Keep at present; they are not far away. I will need to get word to Cricket at least, and I can manage that easily enough. Appoint me to any task or lesson and it shall be done."

The lad's eyes gleam again, with as much determination as zeal.

Tylon bows her head a bit. "Yes, Sister Alyona will cover that with you, as she will direct how often you will be in robes verses your armor, since it is never wise to train in the robes." The Mother Superior able to make some joke about it. She does offer a thought: "Consider instead, not making a public statement, or promise, but of one to yourself, of offering a silent prayer and promise to each Guardian, perhaps along with a humble offering to them in turn. "

A bow of her head comes. "Of course, see to what arrangements and letters you need to and then meet with Sister Alyona about your schedule. " There is a slight pause before Tylon notes, "As an Acolyte, while you are expected to follow what guidance is laid out, so too is your family. IFf they would seek to add rules beyond our own, worse to enforce them within the Temple given over to my keeping and one of my charges, please be sure to make me aware so I might remedy the disturbance. " Oh yes, the Mother Superior does not take kindly to people messing with her little world. "If they say they respect the choice, then they must show it and that is my place to aid with. Actions speak far louder than any words, this is why I suggest as I do for you. Reflect on what you do more than words alone."

The young Acolyte nods to the Mother Superior and purses his lips. "Then, before I see the Chosen, I will send word to my sister. Knowing her, if I do not ride to Brivey, she will ride to Laketown." He looks back toward Tylon, frowning thoughtfully for a second, and then opens his mouth to speak again.

"May the Four keep you well and safe, Mother Superior," he says, still looking pensive. "If you do see Cafell before I do, please wish her the same, from me — Alyona as well. I don't think it was an accident we met Cafell on the road. If the world had not gone mad with war, I would've been able to stay long enough to say so myself — but we rode for Brivey without so much as stopping to eat. The world has gone to Kharnas, so that if I should see men riding to war backwards, it would not seem strange to me…"

He turns to leave and then glances back at Tylon.

"Perhaps if everything sinks further into lunacy my parents will start making sense just to even the scales… Farewell, Mother Superior." He flashes a grin and walks through the exit.

With a small bow of her head, Tylon notes, "Take what time you need, the Four and I are patient. Much of this is about the journey, the discovery along the way more than reaching a destination."

"I will be certain to pass along your wishes to Mother Cafell, and May the Four guide you and keep you safe, Son." Slipping that title in with a faint smile. Though it does fade at the mention of war and Kharnas, there are just some things not worth burdening the lad with…..just yet. "I am certain one day they will make more sense than you think. Ride well and safe, Farewell until next we meet." Giving him one of her calm smiles before retiring to the Chambers herself.

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