Lady Cypriana Hallstrom
Lily Collins
Lily Collins as Cypriana Xanthine Hallstrom
Full Name: Cypriana Xanthine Hallstrom
Byname: -
Age: 18
Kingdom: Rhaedan
House: Hallstrom
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: None
Place of Birth: Sipdon
Father: Sir Ceranos Hallstrom
Mother: Lady Delphinia Hallstrom
Siblings: Too many to count
Spouse: None
Children: None

Some girls dreamed of beautiful parties and handsome princes, of flying horses and fairy tale castles - Cypriana was not such a girl. While most of her fellow noblewomen longed for greatness and jewels, Pria only wished to be invisible and left to live a life of peace and acceptance.

Immediate Family

  • Sir Ceranos Hallstrom (49) — Father, hedonistic louse - brother to Lord Hallstrom.
  • Lady Delphinia Hallstrom (46) — Mother, Wife of Sir Ceranos
  • Sir Kameron Hallstrom (19) — Cousin, Royal Knight, Heir to Hallstrom

Physical Features


Standing just a hair's breath above five feet, this lean woman radiates with a zest for life. Her figure cuts a shapely form with soft curves: appealing enough to garner a bit of notice but not so overt as to cause any sort of distraction. Thick walnut locks drape loosely past her shoulders to curl lightly just above her waist, occasionally drawn back with a ribbon of pale green. Wide doe-brown eyes peer back beneath a thick web of dark lashes; her brows dark and arched with care. Delicate features only seem to add to the overall pixie-like appeal of this woman with a heart-shaped face.

Her complexion radiates with an inner warmth, kissed golden by the gentle rays of the sun, further adding to the overall vitatlity of this young woman. A simple gown of softly spun muslin, dyed a deep moss green, clings comfortably to the varying curves of her feminine form. The bodice tapers in to hug her form, lacing up the front with ribbons of buttery gold. Purple embroidered grape leaves trim along the lower hem, which is frequently dark and dingy from time spent dragging along the soil. A thin golden girdle belt nestles comfortably at her waist, modest and adorned with a few small stones of insignificant value in hues of purple and green. Perhaps the most shocking part of her attire resides in the lack of shoes altogether, as bare feet frequently peek out beneath her skirts.



  • Greenthumb — Even from an early age, Cypriana has had an incredible knack for growing things. Whether it is flowers, fruits, or vegetables - if it can be rooted in the soil she can make it flourish. This leads her to spend countless hours at play within the dirt, a hobby that is sadly not considered amongst the most ladylike pursuits.
  • Vegetarian — Ever since she was a little girl, Pria has had a deep sympathy for animals. As a result she made the decision long ago to give up meat in hopes of allowing them to live longer lives. While she realizes she is but one person, she finds herself more than a little squeamish at the thought of consuming any sort of meat.
  • Easily Distracted — Try as she may, at times Cypriana has the attention span of a gnat. It's not that she doesn't want to focus upon things… it's just that she finds herself far too curious and sadly bored, at times, with the tediousness of nobility.
  • Naive — While Cypriana is well aware of the dark nature of man, she strives to maintain an optimistic outlook. Despite her somewhat wild nature, she is very much na├»ve to the ways of the world. She's not had the experience of most in dealing with many of her peers and is at a significant disadvantage when it comes to manipulations and the like.
  • Frequently Barefoot — While essential in cold weather, shoes remain a definite inconvenience and thus are frequently ignored in favor of going barefoot by the Lady Pria. Unfortunately she does it so often that she usually forgets to wear them when she really should. This has led to more than a few awkward social interactions for the young Hallstrom.

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