Baron Sir Damien Aldercroft
Kevin Zegers
Kevin Zegers as Sir Damien Chauncy Aldercroft
Full Name: Sir Damien Chauncy Aldercroft
Byname: The Raven Knight
Age: 22
Kingdom: Taniford
House: Aldercroft
Title/Profession: Baron
Position: Master of the Crag
Place of Birth: Bridgemoor
Father: Dedrick Aldercroft
Mother: Rymelia Lohstren
Siblings: Dickson Aldercroft, Dustin Aldercroft, Julienne Scoffield
Spouse: None
Children: None acknowledged


Until last week, Damien Aldercroft was just the heir to House Aldercroft and free to pursue his love of knighthood within the fairly indulgent boundaries drawn by his doting father Baron Dedrick. And then Dedrick was found dead in his chamber one morning, and now Damien is baron, decades earlier than anyone had expected.

Immediate Family

Dickson Aldercroft — Damien's younger brother, blind but excellent at land management and assisting Damien now that he is baron.
Dustin Aldercroft — Damien's next and youngest brother, long apart from the family as a squire to House Lohstren but on his way home now to serve as Damien's squire now that he is baron.
Julienne Scoffield — Damien's natural half-sister.

Character Features

Physical Features

Baron Damien Aldercroft is just a few inches over six feet tall. His form is muscled through years of diligent training at arms, daily activity and careful eating. He has dark brown hair in a long-ish mane about his ears and light brown eyes and is generally clean-shaven or bearing the slight stubble of a beard.

He prefers to dress in silks and leathers, generally in shades of brown to complement his features or the colors of his house. As a dedicated knight he is always ready to jump into action and fulfill his oath to defend the realm, and thus is never seen without his spurs and in most circumstances a sword on his hip as well.


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