Lady Danielle Sollinger
Charlotte Ritchie
Charlotte Ritchie as Danielle Cerise Sollinger
Full Name: Danielle Cerise Sollinger
Age: 23
Kingdom: Taniford
House: Sollinger
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Lady
Place of Birth:
Spouse: None
Children: None


The daughters and sons of Sollinger are said to be born on the sea. Since their early days as a fledgling House, they have been some of the best the Kingdom has to offer by way of shipwrights and captains, and even from a young age, a Sollinger could expect to know their way around a ship. Many, especially of the main line, often found themselves gifted with glorified rafts as soon as they had their legs, taking them to the streams and rivers around their home under supervision.

The youngest of Bethany Sollinger's three daughters, Danielle was a shy, bookish child, but her love of the sea was as strong as her love of books; born in the midst of the Corsair attacks, her experiences on the water were limited to the shore close to home. While her elder sisters were sent along on to learn trade and diplomacy, Dani remained closer to home. From an early age, she showed a prodigious gift for healing, and it was this gift that she would find comfort in after the murder of her parents.

Danielle was only ten years of age when a Corsair raid took on their house directly, and while she and her siblings were taken away to safety by a ship that went out to sea, her parents were not so fortunate. When they finally reached the safety of an allied House further down the coast, they learned that their parents were dead and that the eldest daughter Helena was the new Countess of Tharnham.

It was at Tharnham that Danielle came into her own, helping her eldest sister turn the place into the new seat of House Sollinger. She learned about the running of the household, the better to support Helena's efforts; her own talents were not neglected, however, and she also studied the arts of healing and the making of medicines. A section of the gardens was given over to her for the growing of herbs and other sundries, and she was often to be found studying when she had time to herself.

As much as she worried over Nimue's ranging, she worried for the health of her remaining siblings, a worry that was justified when Helena fell ill. What should have been no more than a mild winter ailment grew progressively worse, and none of Dani's herbs or medicines could do more than provide her sister a brief respite from the symptoms of her illness. Even as Helena lay on her deathbed, Danielle sought a cure, but to no avail.

Since Helena's passing, Danielle has been firm in her support of Nimue's claim to the title of Countess. Her failure to save her eldest sister still haunts her, though she rarely speaks of it. Soft-spoken and gentle-hearted, she has no stomach for the arts of warfare or politics, and is often both overlooked and underestimated. Those who whisper that the title should pass to one of Nimue's younger siblings take care not to do so where she can hear them, however, as she has openly denied any interest in the role.

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Character Features

Physical Features

At first glance, there is nothing in particular about this young woman that stands out. In her early twenties, at an average height of five feet and five inches and a build that hovers somewhere just shy of slender and delicate. Medium-brown hair falls to a few inches below her shoulders when loose, a hint of curl keeping it from being properly straight without crossing the line to being considered wavy. Her eyes are green, her features delicate and aesthetically pleasing without being particularly memorable, complexion fair but not of the variety that burns easily. There is a hint of grace to the way she carries herself, as well as a sense of humility.

Her manner of dress is rather simple: kirtle of gray wool over a shift and skirts in lighter shades of the same color. The shoes on her feet are plain brown leather, without heels, and her hair is ordinarily kept pulled back from her face and plaited to keep it out of the way.


  • Soft-Hearted
  • Steady Hands
  • Humble

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