King Darrin Raethkin
James Marsden
James Marsden as Darrin Raethkin
Full Name: Darrin Raethkin
Byname: Living Death
Age: 26
Kingdom: Ellowe
House: Ellowe
Title/Profession: King, Sir
Position: Queen's Consort
Place of Birth: The Summer Citadel
Father: Greggen Varghem
Mother: Aurelia Taniford
Siblings: Aylanora (d.)
Spouse: Queen Kerilyn Raethkin
Children: None


First-born of Queen Aurelia Taniford and her husband, King Greggen Varghem, Darrin Taniford was born to rule. Sadly, he was not raised to rule, as his sister, born three years after him, was brought up as the Heir.

Instead, he has made himself a commander of soldiers and a leader of men and women, beloved of the soldiery of Taniford and well-liked by most of the nobles he comes into contact with. He was given his byname when he made the mistake of telling a collection of nobles from around Taniford that the counterattack they were planning would drive away a particular Corsair raid like a sea breeze drives away the mist. It did, but he was less than amused when his fellow noble knights began calling him Seabreeze.

Since then, he has come to accept and own the byname. He has fought against the Corsairs as squire, knight, and Commander of the Blue Guard. He has drunk with, fought alongside, and led great men and great women alike.

Formerly known as Prince Darrin Taniford, ambassador to Rhaedan. After a seduction by Princess Kerilyn Rhaedan and the subsequent murder of Princess Aylanora Taniford, Kerilyn and Darrin were joined in marriage in the Kingdom of Ellowe. Many people claim that in the battle that followed that the Queen's Consort was struck down but continued to rise and as such have called him 'Living Death', an agent of Kharnas.

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Character Features

Physical Features

Noble, sharp lines dominate this man's features, drawn together in a pleasing symmetry that lends itself well to laughing or smiling. A tousle of wavy brown hair rests atop his head, matching the strong, mobile eyebrows. Beneath those brows, balanced above cheekbones you could cut yourself on, are eyes of pale gray. His nose is straight and patrician, without deformation, but also without distinction. He has rich, indulgent lips, perched atop a strong chin and a sharp jawline.

His solid frame is graced with blue silk and gray leather, the colors of the southern kingdom of Taniford. His royal blue silk shirt shifts and billows around him when he moves, the arcing tree embroidered on his breast in thread-of-silver glittering with every ripple. Dark gray leather pants shine faintly where they clasp his strong lower body before tucking into black knee-high boots. A black leather belt encircles his waist, clasped with a silver buckle in the shape of a rampant, crowned horse. A second belt is slung low at his left hip, holding an exquisitely-crafted sword in a silver-tooled scabbard. By the shape of the scabbard, the blade is curved, probably single-edged. It's thick and heavy, meant not for fencing, but for chopping enemies down from horseback. It's a practical weapon, for all that it is also a beautiful one, complete with a sizeable star sapphire on the pommel.


  • Facile Liar
  • Blooded
  • Plays the Long Game
  • Entitled

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Kerilyn Queen Kerilyn Raethkin : Bride. My Queen. Rules with me in Ellowe. We shall make both kingdoms suffer for rejecting our offer.

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