Sir Deidra Delmort
Courtney Ford
Courtney Ford as Deidra Delmort
Full Name: Deidra Delmort
Byname: The Swift
Age: 34
Kingdom: Taniford
House: Taniford
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Deputy Commander of the Blue Guard
Place of Birth: A village between Estermarch and the Citadel
Father: Edric "The Blade" Vangoriel
Mother: Fiona the Archer
Siblings: None
Spouse: Roltoff Delmort
Children: None


Deidra is a daughter of a mercenary couple, a commoner who has managed to rise above her station - through ambition, hard training, luck and being there at the right place and time to prove herself. As a consequence she was knighted and appointed one of the nine Blue Guards that are entrusted with the safety of the Royal Tanifords.

Before her appointment to Deputy Commander of the Blue Guard she has been assigned to look after the safety of the captive Prince Stefan Rhaedan. But now some other Blue Guard will have to look after the Rhaedan prince, whether he likes it or not.

On the 21st September in the year 1329, Deidra was married to Roltoff Delmort at Laketown.

Immediate Family

Roltoff Delmort - Her husband, a sellsword and the patron of the Drunken Clam at Laketown
Edric "The Blade" Vangoriel - Her father, a veteran of the Corsair Wars.
Fiona "The Archer" Vangoriel - Her mother, a mercenary who fought in the Corsair Wars as well.

Character Features

Physical Features

Deidra the Swift is a woman standing tall at 5'7", of slender but muscular built due to her constant training, her green eyes wide awake and attentive, always expecting the unexpected. Her thin lipped mouth is seldom twisted into a smile, although fine little lines around the corners of her mouth hint that she must at least grin or smirk - sometimes. The colour of her skin is tanned by being much outside. Apart from that there is little feminine about her, her face being not excessively pretty nor intending to please, her body slim and not too curvy. Deidra wears the characteristic blue etched steel armour of the Blue Guard and the Royal Blue Cloak that comes with it, a slim blade hanging down from her belt, which in its lack of impressive size might be indeed quicker to draw. The dark brown hair of medium length is tied to a ponytail, when it is not hidden beneath a helmet.


Ambitious - which has brought her where she is today.
Perfectionist - when it comes to her sword technique.
Loyal - to the Tanifords!
Dry humour - absolutely vital if you want to stay sane in times of war.
Sour looking - her facial expression during most of the day, which has earned her the nickname of Blue Lemon - but only to be used discretely behind her back.

On the Grid

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Recent Logs

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