Despite the Threat of Rain

Despite the Threat of Rain
Summary: Niniane and Alek head out for a walk and meet Corwin (not all for the first time)
Date: 02/08/13
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The air is heavy. Storms threaten and they'd perhaps be welcome to clear out some of the humidity. Thunder growls off in the distance, but thus far the castle hasn't felt any of the evening's rain. Corwin would welcome it more than most. The newly arrived knight has managed to get himself settled in and had taken to the practice yard to get in some exercise and light sword work. That is finished now, and the man splashes water into his face and sops it up with a towel, rubbing the cloth around in an attempt to clean himself up. Even with the light leather armor he wears for practice, the activity was far too hot.

Out from the entrance hall Niniane comes closely followed by Taniford guards, as well as her own northern Knight Sir Alek closer on the northern princess' heels, "Oh thank the guardian's for a change in the weather. I think a storm will serve us well Sir." She says to the pretty knight and gives him a small smile as she walks along, ignoring the threat of rain and the damage it could cause her crimson gown.

Staying that step just behind and to the side, Sir Alek shadows Princess Niniane in that position of buffer zone between her and the Taniford guards. "I do have to agree, Your Highness. If nothing it will else, it will be a change to have the water falling from the clouds instead of simply hanging upon the air as it has been."

The towel is tossed to his waiting squire and Corwin grimaces. It will have to do until he can properly clean up. Or the rain begins. That would be refreshing. His gaze shifts to the sky again and listens to the thunder once more in the distance. Soon. He brushes his hands down across the leather and begins to make his way away from the yard, soon crossing near enough to the newly arrived pair to take notice. He slows his steps and makes intercepting them seem as natural as possible. "Highness." He offers this greeting with a properly executed bow. He may not know the princess, but he can assume. "Sir." He says to Alek after the bow, nodding polity to the northern knight.

Niniane looks away from Alek up towards the ever darkening sky, before her revelry is interrupted by a new voice, "Oh good evening Sir." She says politely and nods her head in acknowledgment of the unknown southerner. The Taniford guards stop as Niniane does, their training evident as they stay far enough back to give the princess privacy, however close enough to intervene if Alek does not serve to be enough protection. Niniane herself looks tired and a touch pale, the northerner's normal tanned complexion forgone for solitude as she has been waiting for word from her brother.

A respectful nod is given to Corwin as well as greeting from Alek,"Sir Corwin," before he proceeds with some proper introductions as some mild assumptions are made by the norther knight. "Princess Niniane, this is Sir Corwin Sollinger, he is newly arrived just today, I beleive. And Sir Corwin, I have the pleasure of introducing you to Princess Niniane Rhaeden." The knight briefly taking up the social corrdinator role along with is guard detail.

"Thank you, Sir." Corwin nods again as the knight takes care of the introductions. "And a pleasure to meet you, Highness. I hope the evening finds you well." He nods in agreement with Alek's other comment, confirming his words. "Yes, I did just get in today. Took me most of the day to get my affairs settled and everything into place. Finally was able to get away for a bit of exercise, but the heat out here is more a threat than an armed opponent. I think I've had about enough for this night."

Niniane smiles ever so politely to the southern Knight, "A pleasure Sir Corwin, and yes the evening finds us well, though disappointed it still only threatens rain." She looks up towards the sky again as if it might have heard her and fulfilled the wish, "This heat has been rather unbearable though, I have to agree." She folds her hands, clasping them in front of her.

"I admit with how the day has turned, that I am greatful that I got my own practice in this morning. Though I think it was just a margianlly better option to this evening, Sir. " Alek offering the small observation to the other Knight before he falls silent, sending his own very brief glance skyward to see if the sky is ready to do anything more than simply threaten to rain.

Not yet. Though, the darkening skies would lead one to believe it will be soon enough and violent when it comes. "At least I'm not on the road tonight. It won't be fun to be out in the open when it lets go." Corwin flashes and easy smile at the pair and then takes a half step back. "Don't let me get in the path of wherever you were walking. I wanted to give a greeting while I had the chance, but don't want to ruin your walk through the yard." He looks over his shoulder, commenting more to himself - "I need to hunt down my sister and see about that dinner she promised."

"Oh we were just going no where specific." Niniane answers quickly, giving the polite noble a small smile now. She looks back towards the guards and Alek for a moment before looking up towards the sky for a moment, "Perhaps though I ought to be going inside, I would hate to be the cause of so much wet clothing and armor." She blonde says quickly.

"Hopefully she will not take to reattaching herself to your arm once you find her again, Sir, I would fear at the difficulties that would cause one when dining," Alek giving a friendly smile to the Sollinger. Though he is soon inclining is hed to Niniane,"If that is your wish, Your Highness. Though certainly do not reteat inside on my account, with all the years trudging through bogs, I am rather used to wet and clothing. "

"I suspect she will. But, I can't really blame her nor deny that I enjoy it. I'm not certain twins are meant to be apart as long as we were. Feels like you're missing a piece of yourself after awhile." Corwin ducks another bow just as a crash of thunder hits rather close to the castle and the wind picks up through the yard. Rain can't be but minutes away. "I am going to get myself cleaned up and find her if I'm able. It was a pleasure to meet you, highness. And good to see you again, Sir."

"Well in that case Sir Alek." Niniane takes a step closer to the northern knight and says quieter, "Let us get these southerners good and wet before we retreat." She jests, trying to pick up her mood before saying louder to the noble, "A pleasure Sir Corwin, I do hope I am allowed to meet this sister of yours, she sounds lovely."

"And you as well, Sir, do have a pleasant dinner and give your sister my regards." Alek inclining his head to Corwin as the man takes his leave. Alek offering one of his charming smiles to Niniane at her quieter words,"I think they could use a dose or rain, Your Highness." Though he gives a bit of a nod as well,"She is roaming about here as well, Your Highness, so surely there will be chance for you to meet her. Lady Cordelia is her name." All these Sollingers!!

Niniane grins impishly towards the pretty knight, "It is good to know you have a sense of humor about you Sir, I was beginning to think you were scared of me or something." The tall, blonde woman starts out then away from the shelter of the castle just as a crack of thunder sounds, however it doesn't seem to phase the princess.

The knight does give a smile,"I do manage a spot of humour now and again, Your Highness. And please forgive me if I gave such an impression, there has simply been a lot for me to settle into these past days." To put it mildly. Easily settling into the pace the princess sets for the walk to get a spot of fresh air, a little dose of rain. The pretty knight not phased by the claps of thunder, nor the drops of rain when they would begin to fall upon the group.

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