Dinner Surprises

Dinner Surprises
Summary: Lady Elenore invites Lord Lyam to dinner and they have a discussion on several things with several people before she presents an idea to Prince Samwell that catches even the young Lord off-guard.
Date: 16 May 2013
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Golden Crown Inn - Common Room - Wolveshire
A lowered ceiling and rafters combined with a clutter of tables and chairs create a far cozier atmosphere than the foyer. To the right of the room is a long wooden bar behind which mirrors and shelves are arranged to display the carafes and bottles of liquor available to patrons. Cushioned stools line the outside of the bar to provide seating for customers. The room is bisected by a long half-wall topped by panels of glass etched with an artistic rendering of famous moments in Taniford history. The partial wall reaches nearly to the ceiling and creates a unique acoustical environment while also serving to divide portions of the room. On the side closer to the door, the tables and chairs are larger and more crammed together. he other side has smaller, more intimate settings: low booths aginst a wall with curtains that can be drawn closed, small tables with plush, low-slung chairs. There is a kitchen beyond the bar and servers often bustle in and out.

The door to the kitchen is behind the bar, set in a hinge that makes it easy to go in and out for someone with full hands. A low archway leads back into the main room of the inn.

16 May 1329

A lowered ceiling and rafters combined with a clutter of tables and chairs create a far cozier atmosphere than the foyer. To the right of the room is a long wooden bar behind which mirrors and shelves are arranged to display the carafes and bottles of liquor available to patrons. Cushioned stools line the outside of the bar to provide seating for customers. The room is bisected by a long half-wall topped by panels of glass etched with an artistic rendering of famous moments in Taniford history. The partial wall reaches nearly to the ceiling and creates a unique acoustical environment while also serving to divide portions of the room. On the side closer to the door, the tables and chairs are larger and more crammed together. he other side has smaller, more intimate settings: low booths aginst a wall with curtains that can be drawn closed, small tables with plush, low-slung chairs. There is a kitchen beyond the bar and servers often bustle in and out.

The door to the kitchen is behind the bar, set in a hinge that makes it easy to go in and out for someone with full hands. A low archway leads back into the main room of the inn.

Escape, glorious escape has been achieved by Elenore. It isn't very far past the castle, but it is outside that castle and that is all that really matters in the moment. Granted, it also made her guards multiple again, but Elenore is taking what she can get. And thus the young Taniford has wandered out into the wide, wide world again. Gliding into the room, guards peeling off to blend into the woodwork, though one seems to be scowling awfull and tracking her movements more than the others. Sighting her 'host', Elenore does drift towards his table offering a bow of her head,"Your Grace," and to the others in turn,"Lady, Sir."

The wine arrives and Tamara smiles as the server also brings new glasses for the table. The lady pours some for the three present then smiles as her cousin by her former marriage arrives, "Good day my lady." The red head chimes and motions for the server to bring another glass. "I am sure you had to work for it from the sounds of it your grace." She then says to his explanation of the fight with the knights sister a hint of jesting merriment in her eyes.

Augustus is chuckling as he listens. Nodding briefly to the lady Tamara as lady Elenore arrives. "Ahh greetings My lady, would you care to join us. " and before she can reply one of Augustus's guards returns to take his pose while the other proceeds up stairs for his meal. Augustus gives this exchange a brief notice and smile at how fluid they work, before turning his attention back to the newest arrival.

It has been a long day of work around the castle, handling day to day operations is bad enough - perhaps worse with all the extra guests that the Varghem family is currently housing. Having to increase the daily supplies, the tap into the local treasurery has causes Lyam no small sense of worry as he spent the day crunching the numbers as he tried to figure out how to balance and keep things rolling within the Duchy and wrote up his recommendations and left them for his older brother. He was taking a breather when he returned to his room and the written note from Lady Elenore to meet him for dinner and discussion. It gave Lyam a chance to clean up and prepare to head off towards the Inn. After marshalling his guards, Hammel and Biggs, the young Lord made his way into the city, only to have to talk and have some talks at the market to make sure some of the supply strains could be handled, and while there, he hit upon an idea.

With that in mind, the youngest Lord of Wolveshire arrives at the common room of the Inn for a quiet dinner with his beloved away from family and other nobles. Only to notice his brother, and Lyam offers a cheerful smile and bow of his head. "Brother." he greets warmly. "I hope you find my latest recommendations to task, and perhaps after I speak to Lady Elenore, we can have a bit more relief." he offers as he notices the woman that his brother entertains. "Good evening, m'lady. I'm Lyam Varghem, Duke Wolveshire's youngest brother. If you will excuse me, I was looking for someone.." he comments, before he turns to find Ellie. Spying her, he comes up to her side and with a grin towards the guard, he places a fond kiss on the Taniford lady's cheek. "Sorry, Ellie." he says with a small chuckle. "Today is the mid-month balance."

Pawel smiles a bit as he listens to the others, taking a sip from the wine as it's poured. "Ah, quite nice, my lady," he offers, before he offers a nod and a smile to Elenore. "Lady Elenore. Would you please join us?" A brief look as he sees Lyam enter as well. "Lyam. It's good to see you out and about."

A glance up to the second new arrival and the Lady Tamara gives a warm smile to the duke's younger brother, "Of course sir." She mummers as he excuses himself once again and watches the boy move towards the Taniford lady with a shake of her head and a small smile given towards Pawel, "He seems enthusiastic." She says quietly to the wolf and then takes a sip of her ordered wine and eyes close in a moment of appreciation, "If only all wine were so fine to my tongue, but alas I was raised to love this."

In truth, Elenore was not difficult for Lyam to find having just been greeting his brother and company herself. There is a light blush that rises to her cheeks at the kiss Lyam places to her cheek,"There is no need to be sorry, Lyam…I know it takes time, though truly, you should let me help next time…" Giving a faint motion to Pawel and Augustus,"We have most kind invitations to keep fine company, shall we join them, my Lord?"

"Yes! I believe that is a fine idea!" Lyam says, all cheer and enthusiasm, as the youngest wolf leads the young woman to the table and pulls out a chair for her. "It will give me a chance to discuss the idea I had earlier. Have you written your mother back yet, Ellie?" he asks as he waits for her to be seated before he joins at her side.

Augustus give a look at pawel briefly, but decides to remain quiet as he shifts over a bit to make room for the most recent of arrivals, the dukes own brother. He then looks to lady Tamara, "is it some state secret? I asked for the best wine availble and yet I still seem to miss out on what you have recently had brought over. " he adds with a warm grin.

A brief look to Augustus as well, Pawel makes some kind of mental note, it seems, before he looks between Lyam and Elenore, offering them both a smile now. "I hope you are well, both of you?" A grin is offered to Tamara, "Ah, well, he's still young," he offers quietly to the redheaded lady, before he nods at the mention of the wine. "Fine wine, like the one that ordered it," he offers, a bit lightly.

A hand is lightly settled on Lyam's arm by Elenore for those few steps back to the table. "No, I have not written her in return, why do you ask?" Inclining her head to him with a murmured,"Thank you, my Lord," when he pulls the chair out, a hand smoothing her skirts as she settles to the chair. Adding lightly to the current conversation that seems to occur,"I believe it helps to be properly associated to truly get the best when it is requested." Pawel is given a smile,"I am most well, Your Grace, it is good to walk a bit, a change of scenery. I fear Mitner and I had a most lengthy…negotiation to see it made. I hope the days are finding you well?" The scowling guard just scowls deeper to catch his name upon the air.

"Youth does not equal enthusiasm all the time, brother." Lyam argues playfully as he settles down next to his betrothed/beloved and offers a smile. "After all, when a wine is first made and in it's youth, it is quite bitter and sour. It is only when it has been through years or trials and tribulations that it comes with a taste that could become fine and carries that understated enthsiasm that pops on your tongue when you drink it. That smell that excites the senses that comes from proper exposure and age. But once sipped, it should carry down over the tongue and to the stomach where it warms your soul…" and once he realizes that he is wandering into a territory that he and Elenore may understand, he backs off, well, only slightly.

"Has your lands had a surplus crop as of late?" he asks Elenore, turning to the landholder heir to speak to her directly for a moment. "With our supplies taxed because of this extended event, I am curious as if to your mother and father would allow for a negotiation of a fair price for any extra crop they may have on hand to be used here?" he suggests. "And I do not mean for your hand, my beloved. I mean to actually open a trade negotiation between your Lordship and my brother's Duchy for a long term supply?" he suggests, pleased with himself at the idea. And he then turns to Pawel. "And we have the budget room to build extra storage silos and rooms for any excess we have once this is over and everyone is finally allowed to return home, if my numbers are right. I'm hoping to have Prada double check them for me."

"Are you calling me aged to perfection your grace?" Tamara raises an eyebrow slightly with a wry grin touching her lips before she bites the lower one and says to the northerner lightly, "I just tend to like wine with a sweeter tone sir, it's a matter of preference but I do hope you enjoy it as well." The younger pair and then given a smile as Tamara extends a hand to Lyam, "Lady Tamara Taniford, Steward for the Citadel." The lady offers the young man and then quiets once again more of an observer then anything.

Still upon the table lays the large truncheon of BBQ pulled pork, at leats two loaves of bread that are still warm, as well as the large supply of honey butter and grilled Vegetables. Augustus motions to the server to have the used plates removed and two new ones brough over to the table.

"Lady, sir should you be hungry there is still plenty of food availible. " Augustus is about to continue when the sounds of heavy Maille and brigandien decending the stairs caus's him to look as his returning guard comes back and seeing his direct path to his post blocked the Ironclad guard, brush's past one of the guards already in place. Unbeknownst to him it would be the one who's currently scowling. The Ironclad doesn't say much as he brush's past only returns to his post alongside his shieldmate and waits for his lords orders.

Augustus smiles at lady Tamara and nods. "Im sure it'll be fine, Not to many sweet wines up north, so they are a rare treat. " he grins softly.

Pawel chuckles as he hears Tamara's words, "Well, I think you described yourself quite well as you described the wine there as well. Someone with a sweeter tone," he replies, before he nods a bit at Elenore, "A change of scenry is good every now and then." Nodding a bit more as he hears Lyam's words, he grins, "That's quite good," he offers now.

The inquiry from Lyam does have an eyebrow rising slghtly, Elenore gives a slow nod after a moment,"We do have some surplus, and I beleive there is opening for trade and negotiation to be had, especially with the unexpected need hear. I can raise the issue when I write her in return." There is a slight pause before Elenore adds,"If Lady Prada does not have time, I can double check them for you…if it would be alright with you, Your Grace." Knowing well enough that various estates don't care for 'outsiders' to get a peek at their books.

There is actually a touch of startlement at the indication to the food, perhaps Elenore hadn't even registered it was there until that moment. Surely it just all magically appeared in her world. "Oh, delightful…I do not think I have eaten since….hmmm..breakfast…Maybe. " It is a thing that Elenore muses about a moment, trying to recall and almost forgetting about the food….again.

As he notices the wordplay between Tamara and his brother, realization spreads on Lyam's face as he offers a more subtle smile and accepts the hand of the Lady of the Citadel and kisses it polietly. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Lady Tamara." he offers with a warm glance towards the redheaded Lady before releasing her hand. "And how is the Citadel these days? I am hoping that once we are free to travel again that Lady Elenore and I will be able to visit while we are visiting her home with Prince Samwell." the young man smiles. "I have not travelled much in my youth, sadly enough because my constitution was rather fragile." he admits as he notices the food. "And who do we have to thank for such a delicious feast?" A glance is given towards Augustus to prod him for his introduction as the young Lord turns his attention back to Elenore.

"I have not eaten since last night, I got rather lost in the numbers this morning.." he admits. "I think I had an apple or some fruit at some point?" he wonders aloud as he smiles. "If my brother is fine with the suggestion, I do not think it would be the most delightful evening we'll ever spend together before marriage, Elenore, but I promise to try to keep you entertained?" he winks at her as he turns his attention back to the table at large.

Augustus looks to lady Elenore and smiles. "Well feel free to eat as much as you wish. " He then glaces at lyam and says. "I am Sir Augustus Auldholme, commander of the Ironclad. " *with that said there is a loud shuffle as if both of Augustus guards try to stand more reagly and proudly. "It is I who paied for this meal and I do hope you both enjoy as I know your brother and the lady tamara have both seemingly enjoyed. "

He sips his wine and watches the transactions between the rest of you, as listening to finacial reports is something he's not heard in nearly twenty years.

Pawel is given a light chuckle at his words and the red head shakes her head, "So complimentary your grace. I am afraid your wit surpasses mine at the moment for I have no lovely words to retort with as I would like." The Lady Tamara smiles to the duke's brother, "I am afraid I am rather out of touch with the citadel at the moment sir, I was just recently appointment and asked to come here instead." She smiles though so obviously everything must be alright. "I recently spent quite a few years back in Estermarch after my husband's passing. Sir Timothy Taniford, the previous steward though you may be to young to remember him."

"Ah, Lady Tamara, your lovely company is quite enough," Pawel replies, before he takes another sip from his wine now. "If my sister is not available, that is a good idea, Lady Elenore," he replies, with a smile.

"Sir Timothy, Sir Timothy." Lyam scratches the back of his head thoughtfully for a moment. "I recall something of writing a few letters.." he comments as he lets out a little breath and looks to Augustus. "Ironclad? That is a northern company, right? Are you the forward guard for the Knights that are rumored to be marching here as an extra sentry for the Prince and Princess?" he asks curiously, his brow rising as he shakes his head and orders a fruit and cheese platter for himself, though he offers. "If you'd like to share in my meal, you are welcome to, Elenore?"

There is a soft laugh from Elenore as she shakes her head at Lyam,"Perhaps not the most delightful of evenings, but I would promise with me to help, the numbers will make more sense and dance willingly into place far more quickly for you." Inclining her head to Pawel as she notes,"I have been intrusted with my families ledgers since I was eight, your Grace," surely she jests,"I would take the same care with your manor's as I do my own."

Dark eyes turn to take in the food again before Elnore offer a warm smile to Augustus,"Thank you Sir Augusutus, you are most kind in providing and offering it to share. It does look to be a delightful spread…and it seems we have both allowed to much time to pass since last eatting." Eyes do dance around a bit between people with the various conversation that gets battered about. Focus on food doe not seem to be a strong suit in the lithe woman for Lyam's offer does bring a smile,"Of course, Lyam."

"Again Duke Pawel, you leave me feeling far to flattered." Lady Tamara smiles though and sipes at her wine. "I had best get back to my duties however, I am sure your grace wishes to stay but would I trouble you for some of the guards as escort if not yourself?" She asks.

Augustus looks to the lady Tamara and then pawel. "If his grace would wish to discuss busines with his brother and the lady Elenore, I'd be delighted to escort lady Tamara where ever she wish's to go. " he stands up and waits for pawels reply.

Lyam gives Pawel a 'shoo, escort the lady home' look and a grin. "I'm sure my brother would be honored to escort you to your destination, Lady Tamara! And to perhaps take you on a tour of the city. There are a great many things we have to offer." he says with a cheerful smile.

"It would be an honor to escort you back to the castle, Lady Tamara," Pawel replies, with a smile now, as he finishes his own wine, and getting to his feet. "Thank you for the meal, Sir Augustus. It was a pleasure to meet you." A brief grin as he looks to Lyam and Elenore as well. "And enjoy yourselves, but be careful." Offering his arm to Tamara now. "Shall we, then?"

Eyebrows rise as Elenore looks to Lady Tamara concerning the matter of guards,"Samwell must not know you are a foot, he will see you have some and more once he knows. " And by the looks of the number of Taniford House Guards loitering about, Elenore does speak true enough. Eyes flicker towards Lyam at the mention of tours,"Though if His Grace offers a tour, do see that he gives one, they seem to get distracted easily from seeing it through." There is a light teasing quality with her words,"I've only gotten about half of my promised tour so far, but it has been lovely of what there has been." Though with Augustus standing up, Elnore does look to him with a faint incline of her head,"It has been a pleasure meeting of you, Sir."

Augustus watchse as pawel agree's to escort lady Tamara back and then he looks at the lady Elenore. "T'was a pleasure meeting you as well lady Elenore. I crave pardon for the abrupt departure but there are a few things I need to attend too. " he brings his right fist over his left breast in salute and gathers his stuff. " Sir lyam I bid you good eats and please enjoy the meal.. " he dons his helm and turns to head out, both of his guards faling in place just behind him.

"I cannot help that we seem to be distracted by the tour to pay attention to whom he is touring?" Lyam offers with a grin at Elenore, a touch of colour hinting his cheeks as he seems proud that his brother took the hint. "Sir Augustus, do enjoy our fair city." he offers, as he waits for the Knight to be out of sight and waves over a server. "Please. Take this meal and have it distributed properly to those in the city that need it. It is far too much for Elenore and I. We will enjoy our small meal, thanks." he says quietly, handing over some coin for the favor in the process.

As two men apparently offer to escort her home the Lady Tamara seems a touch taken back at first and then smiles to the northerner politely, "I thank you for the offer sir but would feel rude to take it after asking his grace." She offers and smiles to the man. Though she waits for Pawel now to be ready to leave and nods to her cousin, "I will be sure to mention it to Samwell then my lady, thank you."

Augustus smiles softly to Lady Tamara and nods. "Of course, no harm it offering. " as he waits for the two nobles to depart so that he and his men can do the same.

"Pardon is most easily given, Sir, we all know what it is to have responsiblities and duties that need seeing." Comments Elenore softly to Augustus. Giving Lyam a soft smile of his own,"I do yet wish to have the complete tour, my Lord. Even if it is more difficult right now in getting about," eyes flickering towards her scowly guard,"he is most upset with me again." Something about having slipped them twice today!

Only taking a few moments now, Pawel leads Tamara towards the exit, followed by those four guards that came with them, who had found places near the corners of the room.

"And what have you done to anger him?" Lyam asks as he seems to know what his beloved is up to. "Are you ignoring his advice, or trying to avoid him?" he asks with a small chuckle as the plate of fruit and cheeses is delivered finally and the young Lord consdiers her. "Do you want to try for the tour now, after we're done eating, then?"

A blush comes at Lyam's questions and there is a sheepish glance towards her guard,"In the past two days….I have managed both. We disagreed…in depth on where was proper to lay in order to look to the sky, in the end he did win after much lecturing…..and today…they have lost me twice…To come out, I have had to promise that this will not be happening again for at least a week. Is it truly my fault that they do not always see as they should?" Elenore does try to look a bit to sheepish for it to have been the guards fault in truth. Eyes looking to the delivered food,"Oh..aye…food first, since we both seemed to have forgotten of it…But to tour before returning to the castle would be a delight. Of what is left to show me is your favorite?"

"Most of the time, I do follow Hammel's advice. He has been my guard since he was old enough to become my guard." Lyam says with a small smile and a shake of his head. As he picks up some fruit to chew on, the young man turns introspective for a moment. "I was six years old when Hammel became my guard. In some ways, he is much like a brother to me as well. Though I try not to tell him such, he'd get such a swelled head." His smile becomes mischevious at that. "And I fear if we do marry, then you will just have to accept Hammel as part of the package." He winks at her, as he lets out a breath to eat and considers her question. "You have seen most of my favorite areas, though.." noticing his brother and the Lady stepping out for a moment and he smiles. "We could go to the roof and spend some time alone and look out upon it all? It is where I go to play most times - and I would like to play again for you?"

"He knows you well then, to have been looking after you for so long." Thee is a soft laugh from Elenore,"I am sure his head would not swell to much. And I do not think I would mind to have to accept him, or any others that you would wish to accompany you." There is a glance towards her own scowling guard, one Lyam has probably noted is always amongst those tailing Elenore around lately,"Mitner was set to watch me from when I was little as well. You would think he used to be vanishing off without him noticing..He knows how I am, though he is more annoyed by it right now…with everything," a vague motion of her hand given before it takes up a piece of fruit and some cheese. "Though surely to be watched so within the castle is not as needed as everyone thinks it to be..for me."

Nibbling at the selected combination as she listens. The idea causing a cant of her head before noting,"It does sound like good idea, we had spoken of continuing the tour from there if moving beyond the walls had not been allowed soon. And I do like listening to you play…I think you enjoy seeing if the music will find me and lead me about with it's whispering."

"Ah, but we are outside of the walls. It seems an interesting dilemia." Lyam says with a small chuckle as he considers the young woman and reaches to touch her cheek for a moment. "And if I had hoped to capture you so, I would play you a lullaby to entice you each evening." there's a wink at that as the young man settles back to wrap a bit of apple in some cheese to bite on and consider. "We can walk about the city and look around before we go to the roof. Do you play an instrument?" he finds himself asking curiously between bites and offers to feed her a bit of cheese to remind her to eat.

"We are…and I must confess, as lovely as your home is…it is a delight to be outide the walls, to wander…mostly free." Tanifords just don't do well in captivity! A light blush rises at the more intament touch, even if her head shifts into the touch of his hand in that brief moment. Elenore notes softly,"I think you manage to capture me often enough without it. " Managing to actually eat a bit now that she's been reminded well enough on the matter of food, bites taken around the conversation as a Lady is trained to manage. "I think that would be a fine comprimise, that way we are also not beyond the gates when it becomes dark and we risk lectures from both Mitner and Hammel." The question brings a slow shake of the head from Elenore,"I do not…that was not something that quite seemed to…stick? They did try with a tutor or two, but the colors pulled me away, so they did not press and left me to the more physical arts of painting and sculpting. There was some singing lessons, but they did not progress much either, I am afraid."

"Perhaps you just need the proper inspiration." Lyam suggests as the young man offers a grin after withdrawing his hand from Elenore's cheek. "Some time, I should play and you should sing, and see if we can make our own harmony as we do with our art?" suggested with a smile, the young man works on the plate of food as well, happy to eat and share as they enjoy the company of the other. "Maybe we could stop by the shops and you can find some gifts to send home to your parents? And I could include a few of my drawings so you can help with your introduction of me?"

"It is possible, it was early on and they did not try again later since it seemed I had my focuses," Elenore gives a faint smile to Lyam as they sit and enjoy a small dinner,"I would be willing to give it a try again, if you think me worth teaching? Of singing, I can try..but I would fear to ruin the beauty of your own music." There is a nod that comes,"I think they would like that, they have not been herein a good while and to know I thought of them more in just writing, but in more would please them. And to know you made effort as well." Just not that one drawing!

"You never know, I could find your voice just as pleasant in song than when you speak to me, Elenore." Lyam points out as he snacks down another piece of apple. "I would like to make the effort to know your parents, yes." he agrees. "It is part of the courtship and betrothal process, after all? And I think that a few drawings of the tournament and where we are would help in such things." he shrugs his shoulders a little. "And I think anything worth trying once is worth a second effort if found endearing enough."

"Aye, you may, but you are biased, , my Lord. And as I have heard of my singing and of your playing, I am better poitioned to give comparision. And I can assure you that your playing is far better than any singing I could manage." There is a blink as a thought comes and Elenore inquires,"Have you ever heard Samwell, his playing of the lute? I think perhaps a better pairing when comparing of talents, even if not in quite the same fashion of us." There is a soft smile that occurs,"Aye, it is part of the betrothal process, plus it is to occur at some point if we marry and you come to live with us. It would be hard to not know of them…..and I think they would like such drawing, to see what has been written of before, the results that have surely been heard of."

"I agree.. and the Prince plays the lute? No, I have not heard him play." Lyam confesses as he considers. "I think I have the perfect picture, however.." he says as he takes out his sketchbook and sets it down. Opening it, the young man flips through the pages before he finds the one he is looking for. Tearing it out carefully, he sets it aside and offers it to Elenore. It's a drawing of her at the stables, feeding Lily some sugar cubes after her valiant attempt in the horse race event. The cheer and affection between rider and horse is obvious.

"Lohstren, go and get me some food." Samwell Taniford, wearing his silver armor with blue cloak, orders a young knight from the same royal order. His voice is quiet, somehow tired for the day, but a little smirk can be seen when overhearing a conversation at a nearby table. "The Prince has been playing it since he was just a child, how good do you know your cousins?" is said in a teasing tone to the young wolf, just before nodding and smiling happily to the Varghem's companion, "Cousin, how are you? We haven't met in a long while, are you two busy?"

"Aye, he does. He is quite good with it. He took to music near as I did to the colors." Elenore giving a smile when Samwell does pipe into the conversation,"Better perhaps, it is hard to compare our works within the arts, o different are they." Leaning to see the sketch Lyam seeks within the sketch book,"Oh, that one they would like, do you not think so Samwell?" Giving her most adored cousin a smile,"We are not, join us? I have been wishing to speak with you, when there was a moment of your time to be free and you would not mind to hear the idea from the wandering mind of me."

"Please, join us, Your Highness." There's a bow offered as Lyam rises and smiles. "I like to be surprised with new information sometimes."

A glance goes to Lyam with a smile,"You have gotten a far bit of new information lately, perhaps not all surprising, but hopefully you have liked most of it?" A hint of amusement flickering in her eyes occurs with the question. But dark eyes do sift back to Samwell, a slight drift of her hand to their platter of fruits and cheeses,"Please, do help yourself while you wait for your order. " A slight breathe is drawn with a uncertain glance between the two men before Elenore speaks softly of the idea that has come to her wayward mind,"In being in such an odd place, to have a heart that mourns so, worries and yet feels joy as it never has before…I had thoughts that surely, I am not the only with such conflicts….the thoughts have lead to odd places, but there is of one I thought to ask you to consider….Once things are…settled," less dangerous, people brought to justice," to perhaps see that another tournament is held to allow closure of mourning and to celebrate of the life taken early. Additions to ensure of this, and perhaps to end with something celebrating the beginnings of life, to show that we do go on?" Adding after a moment,"I a sure His Grace would wish to give reason for memroies of good to be had in his halls again." Oh yes, she'll stick the Duke with hosting duties agian!

"I like to be surprised with new information as well. Just as the new information my most adored cousin is just about to share, I'm sure." thrilled and with eyes full of suspicious, the Taniford Prince takes a little cheese piece while listening to the Taniford lady. After several heartbeats, and with the small meal still unbitten, the dark gaze is narrowed and only a few words come out, "And what do you have in mind?"

The answer may be fully expected, but the Knight of the Citadel sticks his eyes in his cousin's, the blue one, for a few more moments that it is needed.

Lyam has not heard this idea himself, and he considers for a moment. "…oof. It would strain the treasurery a little.. but I think we could make it happen." Pretty easily, really, but the young Lord is always worried about finances for the land.

There is a smile for Lyam as Elenore notes,"More of the stores could be sent to aid in seeing that there is no strain upon the food supplies as you have been worrying about." But Elenore does some how keep her gaze to Samwell even in the side notation made to Lyam. "Of add, there are the paintings worked upon of the champions from this last, they could be unveiled, and perhaps contests of art done to celebrate all aspects of life, not just those of physical strength." There is a slight hesitation before Elenore does offer,"For the end…if all permission have been had and…time enough has passed…perhaps…since so often we are required to have tournaments as well for such things, the wedding could occur at the end? " There is a faint blush to offer up the idea. "If it seems a…poor idea….I am sure another could be held in time after, closer to home."

The Blue Guard commander nods slowly, letting a smile welcome the cheese through his lips, just barely touching them. "The art competition sounds good, but the wedding well; are you already betrothed? Isn't it too fast? I mean, It will still have to be after all these comes to an end, of course, so I assume.." words conflicting is not something the Taniford Prince is known for, but after a quick laugh, he clears his mind a little more. "Of course, it will be the happiest way to close this tragic season. Seeing my favorite cousin, and the young wolf one uniting their lives in such a beautiful way. You should talk to Duke Pawel about the festivities, of course, but you both know of my happiness."

"We only need the permission of our Prince to start the betrothal period." Lyam calmly notes. "After all, he is the one to make such announcements known?" he suggests as he snacks on an apple piece and looks between the two.

There is a faint blush from Elenore as she does admit softly,"Officialy no, we are not…even if it seems were are…to us. It appears fast, but feels not so…especially to have had such time in these days." Something about being locked up inthe same place! Elenore's cheeks continue to color as she admits softly,"If it would be allowed, Samwell, I would marry him tomorrow and know no regret for doing so." Sending a warm smile to Lyam, and allowing him to speak perhaps on the matter of talking to his brother.

"I believe my brother will grant approval, of course.. as he's already said.." As Elenore rises to leave, Lyam does as well. "Unless you wish me to stay, your Highness, may I escort the Lady back to the castle?"

"I have not the authority to officialize a betrothal, cousin," Samwell says warmly to Lyam, "But I can talk to the Queen to make it faster, of course. And I will, if I have the chance. I hope Duke Pawel agrees to it all, as well, and you both have a good night. You can surely escort your betrothed to the castle, cousin." a friendly grin is casted, and after a couple of respectful nods, he turns to shout to the other Blue Guard in the inn, "Lohstren, my food!"

Lyam cannot help but to smile at the Prince's proclomation. It hasn't quite hit how much more work the young Lord has to do before he turns to catch up with Elenore, his guards in tow, the young couple now nearly pledge-bound to the other.

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