Dispelling Rumors

Dispelling Rumors
Summary: Priestess Tylon and Baroness Katarina discuss the current rumors about the Mother Superior and are caught in their gossip by Brother Thomas. Talk soon turns to other current events though and discussions of differing views occur.
Date: 6 July 2013
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Laketown - Temple Gardens
A simple stone path leads out into the garden of the Temple of Four. Several trees offer shade along with small stone benches for people to rest and enjoy the peace and fresh air of the garden. Though by far the offerings are more practical with the many herbs and vegetable patches that exist within the flowers and bushes that exist. A close look by one knowledgeable in the area, would notice that most of the flower and bushes themselves have purpose beyond scenery. Near the back of the garden is a small orchard with various fruit bearing trees : apple, pear, peach, and cherry.

Of the many paths that branch out in the garden, one can be seen leading over to an area that has been setup for the purpose of weapons and combat training for the Chosen of the Temple. Targets and practice dummies are arranged in several places along with open spaces for those more inclined for working in pairs.

Sat Jul 06, 1329

After the festival, the Temple almost seemed sedate as they recovered from the efforts and energies put into the event. Several of the Ravas centric members slept quite literally for days. It did seem that the event and some bad eggs caused the most interesting of gossip to abound even. But the Mother Superior did seem to be doing a fair bti better, and if sought out was actually to be found back in the gardens that day. And tending to a small patch of herbs of all things, seems position and paperwork couldn't quite keep her from the smaller tasks around the Temple.

The sense of peace that Katarina feels as she moves through the temple is enough to ease the tense set of her shoulders and smooth the lines of worry that often form on her face. She is tucking a sheet of paper, folded and creased, into the pouch at her side as she moves through the temple, speaking quietly with the temple personnel before being directed ot the garden itself. One step into the garden and Katarina pauses, a look of surprise before she moves forward until she stands in the shade cast by the trees, eyes closing for a moment as she draws in a deep - and calming - breath.

The gardens were not perhaps a place most who came to the Temple got to see. It was a place of retreat to those who called the place home, a place for them to try and supplement their stores. But then some who came to the Temple were certainly not among most people but friends and in some cases near family. Fingers lightly pluck out a few weeds that are trying to hide amongst the patch of herbs that Tylon tends to. A hand brushing aside a few leaves to check for further fugitives in hiding before becoming satisfied with the current area she had focused. taking the pause to give a slight look about as she gives a strech to her back. Green eyes pick up the sight of Katarina, allowing the woman the bit of peace the garden does seem to bring people before lightly calling,"Baroness Katarina, I had not expected to see you so soon. Surely the Baron told you about the….misinformation that seems to have spread with inpecable speed."

Katarina's eyes open and now a gleam of humor makes her eyes sparkle, "As was , I admit, our genuine thought. But we could not resist," she confesses. "And, I also admit, there was a grain of hope in the idea as well. Paule and I think that you would be a wonderful mother," her head tilts slightly, "as you are already wonder as your calling speaks to you. But.. motherhood is something .." she pauses, lingering over her choice of words before settling up, ".. unique. Not even fatherhood can really grasp the depth by which a mother is connected to her child, or children, as the case may be."

"I did figure it was to tempting a thing for you and he to pass up. There are some who have found great humour in the matter, others are still trying to pair me up with the most interesting of chracters." A hand gently motions to a near by bench,"Please, come and sit awhile, unless your visit requires something more…private?" The light question given along with the offer. Tylon gives a small incline of her head. "Admittedly, it is not something I have given much thought to…and there have always been the orphans to look after, they make one seem a mother at times. But.." There is a small breathe taken by the woman,"…it may be something that occurs in the future. There is chance that perhaps after all these years the Guardians have sent me a companion. time will yet see, as it is a rather new…ah..shall we say development? "

Katarina seats herself on the gestured to bench and rests her hands in her lap, her head tilting subtly to the side as she casts a curious look upon Tylon. "New developments does not necessarily mean unwelcome, or perhaps I am reading into your voice that which I hope to hear, which is - consideration, if not interest itself." She then, in turn, waves one hand gently to Tylon to invite her to sit as well, "Tell me, this companion, does he respect you, and treat you as a woman, not a inferior or someone who is incapable of all of thing things and more that you are already capable of? does he speak to you, not at you?"

"No, not unwelcome..but unexpected. I am certainly not as young as I once was, and that I serve the Guardians as I do, it does not quite open one to consider these things as much as others." Tylon gives a small shke of her head, sitting back upon her heels now, the weeding left for now, but content to sit upon the ground yet. "You read correctly, Katarina…there interest." There is a soft chuckle hat comes, Tylon finally drifting to her feet…which while in the temple are as bare as ever…drifting to join the Westmark upon the bench. "He is Chosen, so much of that is yes, or very much yes. I am respected, my faith and purpose in life are respected. He would not seek to change them, or reorder the priorities that must exist for me." There is a slightly amused smile,"Though as he is Chosen, much like Aly, he would rather I be bundled up in swatches of cotton and tucked away some place safe and less troublesome. Needless to say, they like to team up on me now."

Dripping with sweat, a towel wrapped around his neck while one end is used to wipe the the worse from his face, Thomas clearly has been on the training grounds. The cumbersome practice armor he wears is the first indication, while a hint of a welt rises red-ily just below the right eye. After being told where he might find the Mother Superior no one told him she had company. "And not just wrapped up, but put away were one can keep an eye on her at all times." He adds to the conversation before a smile is given to Tylon and a proper nod of his head to the Lady.

Obviously, Tylon needs to work on her own gossiping skills…first getting caught by Alyona, and then Thomas when talking about each. Looking up when the Chosen's voice comments on her own words, Tylon looking him over, as healer. Perhaps more as well. "I see you and Aly meet upon the practice field afterall," in seeing the welt. But Tylon does note,"Baroness Katarina, you may recall Brother Thomas from the other night. " She does offer a smile to Thomas in return,"If you both had your way about it, yes. But as I have pointed out, it would make it rather difficult for me to see to my duties and jobs if so kept."

Fingers go up to touch the sore spot that is developing and he chuckles "Yes, we did. Though I will deny ever saying this but she is good." To Katarina he smiles once again "Yes, the Lady fire starter. It is the blessings of the Four that we meet again, My Lady." Then to Tylon "And it would make our jobs so much easier if we could. So we stand it an impasse I believe." Then with that tilt of his head "Are you enjoying your time in the gardens?"

Katarina observes the exchange with marked interest, approval and.. no small amount of amusement. "Merely see that our Mother Superior is superbly trained, Sir Negotiator, and your worries will be lessened," she says, quite reasonably, in return. "I would be happy to assist, if you should like," she offers Tylon. "And I am, yes. It do no often have a chance to spend time in garden, of any sort really, and when I do, it is usually rushed to procure needed elements than to enjoy it for it's sake alone."

"She is quite good. And you cannot deny you approved of most of her ideas last evening." Tylon noting for Katarina,"They have quite a few plans on just how they will keep me safe. An impasse on some level," eyes looking back to Thomas,"Brother, but if you recall, I did veto at least one idea and in the end, it is I who decide." Some manner of amusement had on this little point.

"Aly has already sdecided I need some training and Brother Thomas insists to help on it, and surely, I would remise to turn away your offer. For I have seen you in that element and know you would have much to offer, even if they seek to make sure I best know how to…dodge. " Tylon giving a small dip of her head,"You are always welcome at the temple, you know this. Time however, I fear I cannot make for you."

"True, most," is Thomas's reply in response to Tylon. to Katarina he smiles "Training will be had, that is for sure. But it is my job to ensure her safety, not her's. But I would welcome any assistance in the training, My Lady. Thank you for offering." Then back to Tylon "Yes, you did offer an alternative to one of our plans. Though I am not sure how serious you meant it."
"And you have been well, Lady Katarina? How are things in Sipdon? It has been a long while since I was there last. Mother superior and I were talking about taking a trip out to my home, Noye hamlet. It is not that far from Sipdon, but across the river."

"I'll see what my schedule can work out," Katarina promises as she glances most intently at Tylon for a long moment. "The most important thing that you must come to terms with, Mother Superior, is intent. Before you pick up a blade, be it a short sword, a dagger or a curved sword itself, you must reconcile yourself to the necessity of doing harm, and killing, if need be. If you can not reconcile yourself to that necessity, for holding a weapon IS invitation to such, and tacit agreement that - while so en-weaponed - you are inviting the offer of violence as much as promising it, then you should not pick up a weapon at all. The purpose of any fight is not merely to intimidate or bash about, it is the promise that - if your opponent will not Yield - then you must, perforce, deliver unto them death." She lets her words stand for a moment before continuing: "IF you wish only to defend yourself, then I would recommend some advanced combat training that emphasizes only speed, reflexes, defense, practice with armor and shield, and to be fleet of foot." This said before she glances up to Thomas, "Things have been well, and as things are they are as they are today, which may not be the same on the morrow, let alone one mark from now or one mark earlier. Things, by and large, are ever fluid, constant change is the only constant. But, should you two decide to make a journey, we would make both of you most welcome should you decide to visit."

"And it is my job to see the Guardian's will done, not hide away because it might endager me." Tylon draws a small breathe before noting to Thomas,"It was not an alternative, Brother, it was a fact of what I would except. I will not have anyone on a cot in my room. And you know my terms, should you insist I need someone there." Explainaing for Katarina,"Sister Alyona and Brother Thomas think it is not quite enough to have guards outside my room, but think I require someone sleeping on a cot in my room as well. "

Tylon listens well to Katarina's words, nodding here or there at the wisdom dispensed,"It is way we leave this side to the Chosen most often, though they now insist I do at least learn to some extent. I shall certainly keep your wisdom in mind and take it to heart as I learn what they have planned for me." Green eyes flickering towards Thomas,"And I do hope they do as well. But I have promised that I will submit to their training and cede control to them when within the training ring. "

A quiet smile coming to hear Katarina's respnse on how things are, one need not be a priestess to speak in such ways. "I do beleive we plan for it, I have wish to meet his family. It will simply be a matter of when, for as you do point out, things are ever fluid and there is much yet that hangsupon the air in these days. Much can change at any turn. We will make the trip when the Guardians will it of us."

Thomas listens to the words offered by Katarina to Tylon about combat and such. He says nothing as his hands clasp behind his back. Then at last "I think we shall concentrate on defenses primarily. She is no Chosen but a Mother Superior. It is my job to protect her. But I lost this argument and have conceded that such training will occur."
When Tylon once again lays down the terms of the cot, well the none cot he does color a bit and shakes his head "As you have said Mother Superior. I shall talk this over with Lieutenant Alyona and get her recommendation on it."
As Katarina speaks of Sipdon he nods "Then I shall try to make the time to visit. I am sure that the villagers would be most happy to have an audience with the Mother Superior."

"It is important to remember that in the training ring, or the training sallee, who ever your training master is - that person is God, for all intents and purposes," Katarina replies with a trace of a grin. "No, I could not resist saying it, especially considering.." she gives a small shrug of her shoulders. "On a cot, that's a trifle over the top. Secure the latticework over your window, and if you do not have some, see to it as a consideration, you can latch it from the inside and it would make it more difficult to climb in or - conversely - out of the window. A guard on your door, also, would be not a bad or remiss idea."

This said as she shifts her attention toward Thomas, "A wise man knows when to concede the argument, yield the ground and find another avenue of approach. Such as setting fire to drive the enemy out, our mother superior is a clever woman; not all defense must be hack, smash, bash and blood letting. Remember," back to Tylon, "everything is a weapon. From the tea you're drinking, the shoes you're wearing, a fan tucked into a pocket, the ink well, the tip of a fork, everything. always arrange your weapons in order of what you will throw first and what you will use to bash with last, if someone is that close, bash, kick and then scream your head off. As needed." She then smiles at both, "I'm sure that they would be, but a bit of a breath is not a bad thing from time to time."

"Of course, do confer with her as I would be quite interested to hear what her recommendations on the matter are. And to that end, I do expect a full report on what she advises you in the matter. Which if you do not feel comfortable doing, I am quite certain I will get it from her." A sparkle of amusement had in her eyes, even if Tylon notes this all with her usual level of calmness. "Such was my opinion as well on that matter, it seemed a little far, thus I had to put down my foot on the idea. Though there seems to be some contention yet on the matter. I shall leave it to the Chosen to sort out, as they insist upon doing."

A nod goes to Katarina,"As it has been explained to me. Though Sister Alyona has ensured Brother Thomas does have to get permission should the lesson involve any groping. Though he has assured he doesn't see how that would ever be any part of training." Listening as the vetran woman speaks on how to consider weapons and a course of action. "As I healer, I fear I know to well what can serve as a weapon and often where can cause the most pain. It is not an avenue that I care to often to consider in truth, even if I know it to well. I shall simply pray that the Guardians do not require me to actually utalize this knowledge, it does displease the Chosen so when I seem to try and act like one."

Report! What? Thomas has no idea what to say but after a time he just nods "As you say, Mother Superior." Then as Tylon explains about the groping he just lowers his head and shakes it slowely from side to side. No, not again. So he says nothing, allowing the women to speak.

Katarina measures a glance left, then right, then left again.. ahh the amusement in her eyes.

"Let them debate, but you have ultimate veto powers," Katarina reminds Tylon with a quiet chuckle. "Now, as to physical interaction.. perhaps it would help if you remember that your body is also a weapon, Mother Superior," she suggests gently. "Interpret that as you will, but know it to be truth all the same. You are your best weapon, and your best resource, which means that you must trust yourself, trust your body, and know that if you MUST lure some enemy closer by pretending to cry, to tremble, to be weak, pretending to limp or cower.. sure as you are drawing your next breath that - be it man or woman - they will draw closer for that last moment, that last strike, that last killing blow. Draw him or her in, then rise to your own defense."

A nod of Tylon's head does occur,"I do say, Brother Thomas. As I do think I should be kept up to speed on this and of course, any other plans dealing with my protection." Offering a smile to Katarina, amusement in the priestess own eyes as Thomas opts to go silent. Probably a very wise thing.

"Yes, I am aware. That is why I did veto the one idea, and to reward Sister Alyona for her plans and ideas, I am ensuring that she is promoted." Tylon just smiles a little, for Katarina may recall Tylon's dear friend and Chosen…who would entirely not be happy about being promoted. "Your words do raise an interesting point, I had not perhaps considered my body quite as a weapon. Though I could see as well that such actions could be defensive as well as offensive. It is knowledge worth knowing, and I shall pray that Guardians do guide me to have such trust in myself and the wisdom when to use or not use the knowledge gained from you, and in time Sister Alyona and Brother Thomas. "

"Yes Mother Superior, I shall see to it right away." But there is a hint of a smile on Thomas as an idea springs forward. Hearing the tactics that Katarina explains Thomas says "That is not the Chosen way. We do not fight in subterfuge nor behind falsehoods." He takes a deep breath and then looks to the two "But Mother Superior is not a Chosen so I would say it is well with in her rights to fight so." But clearly Thomas doesn't like the idea.

Katarina levels a long look at Thomas, "Then you have yet to learn how to fall back to advance in another line of defense, nor have possibly never had to command men to retreat so that the vanguard of your defenses could close in so that you could then, in turn, about face and crush your enemy by surrounding them on all sides until they are all dead," she says in a voice that is quietly calm. "The days of standing to, on a field of battle, and lining up, man to man, linking shields, and marching to mutual death is over. You win, Brother, by winning. If our Mother Superior needs to fall back, let some enemy grand stand for a bit, then step close enough for her to use a small blade to shove it into his side and kick herself free, then pray to the gods that she is calm enough in her head to give herself that opening. You're a knight, and if you aren't, you speak like one. But I am a knight, and I have spent more than half my life in mud, in blood, on one field after another, in one battle after another, and many of those first years while pregnant or nursing, so you will simply have to trust me when I say that sometimes the best defense is to let your enemy think he HAS you, then close in for the killing blow. Because it was the only way to win."

An eyebrow rises just a touch to see Thomas actually smile, Tylon can only wonder at the slight change in the Chosen. It becoming Tylon's to fall silent as she listens to Thomas engage on the matter of what is or is not an approved methodology for battle for a Chosen, and his clear displeasure about Katarina's suggested battle tactics. The Mother Superior eventually speaking up after Katarina has spoken up on the matter. "Brother Thomas, while the Westmarks tactics are not view entirely favrourably by many," to say the least," it is by their ways that the Corsiars were sent into retreat. While they may not be methods you would use or would see used by the Temple, they are still valid and worth understanding. It is through learning and understanding that we gain strength and wisdom, often insight into things we could not see before. " There is a quiet smile given to him,"Though do recall, Brother, I have promised to stay that bit behind to allow you and the Chosen to be the targets. " There is also a faint look that indicates they will of course talk more upon this matter later.

As calm as he can Thomas meets Katarina's eyes. "My oath forbids me to do as you say." he then begins "I will never strike an unarmed opponent, I will not taunt an opponent, I will pay respect to a worthy opponent, when an opponent yields I shall stop the fight, I will never retreat unless the enemy out numbers me 3 to one and then only when ordered and I shall never faultier in the face of my own death." The words roll off as easily as his other oaths, he knows them by heart and soul." He turns to Tylon and nods "I understand that but it still goes against my oaths and beliefs, Mother Superior." Again he smiles and nods "Yes, you have agreed. I shall remember that." Then back to Katarina "While I grant you that your ways are effective, though not proper, I know that for nearly 300 years the kingdoms and vassals have always wanted the Chosen on their side of the fight. The reason is because of their oaths."

"Proper is as proper does, and proper lets young men like you die every day," Katarina replies with another measured nod. "It was fight the way that lose not just our land, but our homes, have our people put to the knife or the arrow or any other creative means of death. It was this way or watch our people starve, fighting a war that we had no chance of winning. No help from the crown," her voice is clipped, "save for what men I brought with me, save for what reinforcements my father and brother could spare. The crown had no resources to spend in our part of the kingdom. So we fought the only way that worked, the only way that would win. You have oaths, and they are to your beliefs, and in turn, also to the kingdom, to the crown. My oath is to the men and women fighting beside me, their children, the hungry pinched faces that were grimy with mud and soil, the hungry children that died as much from starvation and cold, to the children who did not make it," her voice is careful her, for she lost her own daughter as well, "to those who survived the plagues, the sickness, the fires, the retreats and being forced out of their own homes again and again. My oath demanded of me that we find a new way to fight. If you think that this surrendered my honor, you are wrong."

That Thomas can so easily speak the creed of the Chosen is no surprise to Tylon. The priestess simply listening for a time as the sides are outlined by each, honor and faith, practically and nessisity. Amongst so many other things, and many valid points to each. But speak she does in time,"There is a place and time for each, there is reason why there are Chosen and why not all are Chosen. Why some of us are called to other purposes. The Guardians call us to where They have need of us. Sometimes it is to send to stubborn Chosen in order to herd a most stubborn cat. And yet other times, it is to those who are not bound to the Oaths to see to a war that Chosen can only aid with, and aid they did. And will again should it need to be." Giving a small shake of her head, a hand settling to Kat's arm to give a small squeeze,"Do not forget you are not the only one here who experienced such horroed, even if not eh same honors. That the Guardians guided one to ensure that the first of your children survived. We might not always care for what befalls, for there is yet the Fifth who's hand is in this world. We must remember what we do have. And that each of us has our place and purpose, a different wisdom that has been shared with them, a different oath and honor to go with it. A respect for answering their call is something yet to be given."

Listening to the words form Tylon, Thomas can only nod. That is till the fifth is mentioned and there comes a shudder to him as the memories of the fight with Darrin occurred. "The Fifth is closer than may would like to know," he says softly.

"Living with death as a companion is not a life I would have seen for myself," Katarina says after a moment of silence. "As a knight, I did not think of it, when I was a child. Death was something to fight, death was the enemy, the ultimate victor. I did not understand that death was going to be a constant companion, a quiet, and old, friend whose shadow touches my steps, walks with me in the dark hours of the night, that it no longer is something to rail against. Nor something to simply accept, mind," a glimpse of a smile forms on her face, a nod toward Thomas and another to Tylon, "what we do, what any of us do, is what we were meant to do. Ultimately."

A small nod is given to Thomas,"And many who would know the truth of it turn a blind eye and squabble over the diversions that have been given over to that purpose. Emotion over rides wisdom for many right now. And we /both/ have our part to play in this, Brother." Tylon's gaze resting on him for several moments, a hint there was something more to be said, but remains unspoken as she does pull her gaze from him.

"Katarina, death is never a thing to rail against, to fight against. Death is never an enemy, an enemy is something tha can be feared and hated. Death is simply something that is, just as we would breathe. To know it is there is to accept the wisdom that it is a part of our lives, which does not mean we should ever think to rush and embrace it. Ultimately we will walk and welcome death, when it is our time and place."

"Living with death as a companion is not a life I would have seen for myself," Katarina says after a moment of silence. "As a knight, I did not think of it, when I was a child. Death was something to fight, death was the enemy, the ultimate victor. I did not understand that death was going to be a constant companion, a quiet, and old, friend whose shadow touches my steps, walks with me in the dark hours of the night, that it no longer is something to rail against. Nor something to simply accept, mind," a glimpse of a smile forms on her face, a nod toward Thomas and another to Tylon, "what we do, what any of us do, is what we were meant to do. Ultimately." <r>

A smile spreads across Thomas's features "Welcome to the ranks of the Chosen, Lady Katarina. We are tought that death is our companion. He is always there, patiently waiting. I can't tell you how many times I have heard a chose speak to their old friend."
Nodding to Tylon "Again you speak wise Mother Superior. We all have our part to play and I for one do not judge the actions of others against the Oaths I hold dear, I just weigh those actions as I understand the will of the Four..

Katarina rises to her feet, dusting her hands off against her knees as she bows to Tylon and Thomas, "I must away," she says with a glimpse of a smile. "Thank you for letting me enjoy the quiet of your garden," she says as she straightens. "Will you two take dinner with us some night this week?" she wonders.

Rsing to her feet as well when Katarina moves to depart, a gentle bow of her head given,"It would be a delight to have dinner with you and Paule. Please do give Paule my regards, and the guardian's go with you, Baroness."

Thomas gets a gentle smile,"Just do remember my part is not to be hiden away under a bed, simply because it makes it easier for me to be protected, Brother."

As the Baroness leaves Thomas bows his head "It would be my pleasure, My Lady." he says and moves to the side of Tylon. As she reminds him he just smiles. There is only one of them now. "Now why would I hide you under the bed when you said about sharing it, Mother Superior?"

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