Down at the Docks

Down at the Docks
Summary: Another old friend and Chosen returns to Laketown, and just in time to help save a life.
Date: 22 July 2013
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Laketown - Docks
The cry of the sea birds that have made the vast lake of Eikeren their home echoes above as the small waves lap against the extensive docks that jut out into the waters. Here, the river and the marshlands meet with the ever expanding stretch of stone and wood piers and docks. Ships of all sizes, from small dinghies and local fishing vessels to large trading ships creak at their moorings, with their crew ever constantly in motion - whether it is sailors cooing drinking songs to their single-night lovers or workers and soldiers toiling with supplies and goods.

The steady stream of wagons and carts of all strange shapes and sizes head in and out of town towards the west where the broad road leads back to Laketown proper.

Mon Jul 22, 1329

Day breaks over Eikeren as the sun lifts its head up over the Eastern horizon, and already the crisp, night-time chill is fleeing before it. Many in the city — especially the docks — are already about and preparing for whatever duties lie before them, throughout the day. Sailors are already loading and unloading cargo; fishmongers lay out their produce for purchase, and men and women who have spent most of the night drinking, stagger sleepily toward their relative work-places.

Atop an old, battle-scarred, skittish mare with a shaggy brown coat rides a man dressed in the tabard and cloak of one of the Chosen — all white, but for the armor worn beneath — arriving from the West. Accompanying him is an old man sitting upon a wine-cart, bearing barrels of fine wine into the town.

The cart is showing signs of battle: broken pieces of arrows sticking out of it, and the gash of what could have been an axe marring the right hand side. The Chosen glances over his shoulder and smiles back at the old man.

"Guardians keep you, goodman," he says in a rich, deep bass. He smiles again and scratches his horse behind her ear. "Less red on the grass. Less noise in the air."

"Thankee kindly, Chosen," the old man replies in a brittle voice, nodding vigorously. "Ye… aye. Noise. Bad, eh? Don' want no 'red' on the grass neither — or…" the man gives up trying to reply further, and directs his cart past some of the dockworkers to one of the piers.

Two guards in colours of Rhadean are coolly staring at the young woman. Woman is dressed in a quite simple dress, but the fabric of the gown is much more better than simple commoners can afford. Young woman is standing very straight and her pale fingers are nipping the soft fabric of her skirt.

Her skin is very soft and smooth, shining more brightly than others. You could think, definetely noble blood is running through her veins, if not that simple dress, that coolly guards of Rhadean. She is something between noble and between commoner right now.

However, this is not important. What is important - her wild curls. These dark wild curls, which covered shoulders just of the young girl, a few weeks known as Collette Lohstren. Whispers about that girl was running around the Laketwons since the day she arrived at the festival. So, right now, these dark curls are hidding girl's face. If someone could see it, that someone would be able to see a few tears running through her cheeks. That is why sometimes, she raises her hand near cheeks.

Though more worse is her look. So cold or we should say speechless. Maybe a little bit mad. These russet eyes, who usually loved to dance from happiness right now are staring at the waves of refreshing water, while young girl is standing half of her feet on the edge and half of her feet just sways in the air. She is breathing deeply, letting her chest raise and fall down together with her swayng on the edge.

The world is stoped around her. For her.

The circus and tournament had wrapped up just the night before, and there were many that yet lingered in their beds longer than usual for having partaken a bit to liberally of the offerings. Soon enough many would be departing from Laketown, allowing the neutral port city to return to some resemblance of normal. Certainly not a guest, and not prone to sleeping in through the morning…..the Mother Superior comments to the Chosen who accompanies her,"I believe Father Byron was wanting us to see if any of the fishermen were having better luck, in addition to the regular list for today." Tylon's gaze taking in those who have come out to docks this morning, some minor notation of the Rhadean colors, a common enough sight this week and likely assuming the girl simply one of the many charges of that House.

It is another sight that draws her interest more, green eyes blinking a bit at the battered wagon, the shaggy mare. Though soon to center in upon the tabard of the Chosen. "My…another one it seems, am I truly headed for that much trouble They've sent another home to me." The priestess shakes her head before stepping in that direction and lightly calling,"Now, it seems my eyes are playing tricks on me or that is truly Brother Destrian here before me."

As the wine-merchant moves away to see that his wares are loaded onto one of the boats in dock, the rider upon the shaggy old horse smiles broadly to himself. A moment later, he turns his head a little to the side — looking in the direction of the young girl, crying. He ignores the guards almost entirely.

The man shivers involuntarily, and finds himself chewing the inside of his cheek, his arms lifting upward in a mirror-gesture of the girl's. The gloved fingers of his right hand touch the beard on his jaw, while the leather- and metal-bound stump of his left hand knocks against his cheek —

— and it surprises him.

He frowns — both at his missing hand, and then at the girl who is weeping. Next, he swings a leg deftly over his horse's head, dismounting nimbly — and turns to look at Tylon. His smile becomes a grin. Then it becomes a frown. He walks toward Tylon, whilst looking at Collette.

He smiles as if to say, I'm home.

"Little Sister," he murmurs with a wink.

Young girl, still being somewhere deep in her minds crosses her hands as she would try to hug herself and stop all these shudders running through her body. However, it does not help, Collette still trembles, even if the wind is not so cold.

She raises her one leg as she would step to the water and freezes, just until the next gust of wind, who makes her sway. Girl quickly leans at the ground with her both feet once more.

Guards of the Rhadean are not giving too much attention for the young girl They both are speaking with each other about something, a little bit angrily staring at their duty.

Collette takes another deep breath, still sticking her russet gaze at the water, and steps even more closer near the edge. "Does it hurt, when you can't breath anymore, does it hurt?" lips are whispering under girl's nose very silently and she moves even more closer near the edge.

Girl takes the deepest breath she can, qickly turns her back to the ocean and extands her hands to the sides. She closes her eyes and gives permision for the wind to carry her straight to the waves. Loudly spat can be heared and quickly wild curls, weaving as snakes, are slowly disappearing in the dark water together with the soft dress.

A warm smile comes in seeing the Chosen once again, how long had it been since they'd last seen each other? The murmur, the wink, it does earn him a quick hug from Tylon,"It has been to long, and just wait til you…." Her words falling off quite quickly as that splash comes.

Already had Tylon's attention been given in the direction of the girl with seeing Destrian's frown, noting his reactions to her. She had long ago learned to give heed to him and often movements he didn't even know he made. Green eyes widen a bit,"By the Guardians..she just." Tylon shakes her head to organanize the thoughts that tumble before setting towards the water at a run,"I forget, Brother, do you know how to swim?" Not quite waiting for an answer from him, nor the Chosen who had accompanied her out to the docks. For the Mother Superior herself is soon diving into the waves after the girl.

The horse — Destrian's old mare — goes loco. The moment the girl tosses herself into the deep waters of Shelter Lake, the horse rears back on her hindquarters, thrashing at the air with her hooves — and startling several people nearby.

But most eyes are on the rippling water where the Lohstren girl disappeared — and also on the Priestess now diving expertly into the drink after her — and on the guards who… stand there, and then start shouting for ropes.

Destrian One-Hand looks confused. He, too, is already running after Tylon to the water's edge, but his visage is contorted into a picture of perplexity. Why would anyone do such a thing? his eyes ask of the universe itself — the Guardians, too.

He shoots a sidelong — accusatory — glance at the men who were supposed to be guarding the young girl. If incredulity and anger had heat, he could burn them with it just by looking. Dockworkers are on the move, but no one is closer to the girl than Tylon — and no one is closer to Tylon than Destrian.

He tears off his cloak, sword-belt and tabard, and leaves them on the pier — then he dives in after Tylon.

Girl's fragile and tired body is taken by the hands of waves. They tickle soft pale skin, they immerse long fingers into the curls, making them heavier and heavier as the gown. The biggest wave clasps hands around the slim waist and tugs Collette into the armful, carring her away from the coast, somewhere deeper and farther. Just a small pendant for no reason is carried above by the purple band. Small pendant with the Auldholme blazon on one side and Lohstren on the other. Though, the side with the Lohstren blazon is scratched all over with something really sharp by someone really angry and full of hate. While the side with the Auldholme blazon is taking care very carefully. You can see even the images of the clouds on that side, while the purple band is trying to save that pendant.

Guards comes closer near the edge and are just looking how two Temple Folk are trying to find the body.

There are a few gasps of surprise and shock from on lookers as Tylon hits the water. Murmurs quickly coming with questions on if the Mother Superior can even swim and won't those robes once soaked just carry her straight to the bottom upon their lips. Speculation had about the girl as well, had she tripped or actually done in on purpose. How the gossips already starts. And is fuelled ever further when Tylon's robes float up and get banded about by the waves…without her in them. Some of the dockhands now peer ever more eager as speculation exists on what if anything is worn beneath them robes.

All speculation quite lost upon Tylon as she is taken in and accepted by the waves. The water quickly becoming her world, and an easier one to navigate once those robes have been peeled away. There was a reason they were always left on the shore in times past. Quietly peering through the water to find….ah-ha..there she was. The dark shape of the girl spotted Tylon cuts through the water like the devottee of Stilltha she is and hooks an arm around the girl before making towards the surface, dragging her along with.

The docks of Laketown have become a spectacle of fear, worry, confusion, curiosity, people trying to help, people getting in the way of people trying to help, and one highly distressed mare prancing on the spot.

The mare… is wonderful for crowd-control.

"What in the name of — ???" one person calls out.

A woman screams. "The Mother Superior is naked!!"

"The girl! The Lohstren girl! She threw herself in the lake!!" bellows a sailor trying to get past the guards — just to see, not to help.

"Always knew that girl was touched in the head — " another dockworker starts calling out, only to be silenced by Collette's guards, glaring at the man.

"Can you see anything??" Tylon's Chosen asks of the guards.

Only a few of the dockworkers, the Lohstren girl's guards, and Tylon's personal guard — another Chosen — are able (or willing) to reach the pier where Destrian's cloak and weapons lie on the wooden planks. A thick rope is dropped into the water by the pier's edge, and it quickly sinks down past the three folk already in the lake.

Swimming with a missing hand is not fun — as Destrian could tell anyone who is interested enough to know. Fortunately, he has had some practice and lets his legs do most of the work. His right hand grabs the rope and he pulls it toward Tylon and Collette. Offering his left arm to Tylon (to hook with hers), he gives the rope a sharp tug.

Time for those guards to be useful.

When girl's body are dragged from the water, there is no any sign, that she could be alive. She is not breathing, her skin is even more pale than usual and, of course, she is horribly cold. Moreover, these curls, which usually sticked so lively, so playfully, right now just falls on her shoulders. Just falls.

That the girl is out and thusly limp actual works in Tylon's favour in hauling her along, no struggles that could see them both drowned. The priestess takes a gasping breathe when the surface is reached, concern shot toward her cargo as no breathes seem forth coming.

There is yet uncertainty on whether the Mother Superior is actually wearing anything as she strikes out towards Destrian, to cover that bit of space before she can hook her arm into his and get pulled back in. Bets being placed amonst the dockworkers, is she naked or not, iss the girl alive or not. They will just wager on anything it seems. And it is a toss up on which is getting more action and interest.

"I can't tell is she's yet alive, but she's not breathing, Des." Worry coloring Tylon's voice as she talks to Destrian when they get pulled back in to the pier. Tylon working to get the rope around the girl to have her pulled up first.

"Wet outside, dry inside," the long-haired, one-handed Chosen replies to Tylon as he glances at the unconscious Collette. If he is bothered by the Mother Superior's lack of modesty, he shows no sign of it. "No more tears for her to shed — Look." He motions with his chin toward the guards pulling them toward the pier, then he releases Tylon once they reach the dock, and climbs first out of the water.

Destrian nods to Tylon's personal guard — and Collette's — to help the women out of the water. He, on the other hand, reaches for his cloak and holds it out with his right hand as the other Chosen retrieves Tylon's clothes from the water, and the guards help ease Collette to the ground.

Destrian looks in the direction of his horse, and lifts his left arm in a calming gesture to the mare. She settles down, although remaining on the threshold of distress. More folk from the Temple arrive (a mix of Acolytes and Covenant), and set about keeping the crowd away — while one of them brings a medicine bag to Tylon and Collette.

When Collette is placed on the ground, it takes just a few seconds, before she starts coughing. A lot of water run out from her mouth and even nose. However, girl's eyes remain closed. After a lot of coughing, Collette places her head back on the ground and she slowly, very heavily breaths. A little bit blue (from cold and fingers of the death) lips are mumbling something under her nose. Though, it is imposible to hear or understand anything. However, it is clearly seen how eyes of the young girl are runing behind her eyelids. They look afraid. Very afraid. Cheeks of the yooung girl becomes even more wet, than ater the water. Likely, it's tears, who are starting to ripple through girl's cheeks. "Augustus…" just one word mare clearly leaves her throat "Augustus…" and girl starts struggling,as she would be attacked or something. Her fingers tries to reach something, what had to be on her neck. She rolls on the ground and mumbles, sometimes screaming /that/ word. Pale skin gets some warmth. Too much warmth.

With a life on the line it just seems modesty is not the first priority in Tylon's mind, she is a trained healer and priestess. A soul can't be saved if the person is dead! A nod goes to Destrian,"Tears do have a way ending." before Tylon looks up at the guards, who are finally doing something. And the other Chosen who is a bit distressed, and likely going to have to suffer swimming lessons as soon as Sister Alyona hears about this.

Without the billow soaked robes to weight her down, Tylon is soon clamouring out of the water and it is then clear that she has /something/ on. But as it is only a simple linen shift and quite soaked, there are soon a few wolf whistles and cat calls from some of the sailors further on down the dock. And there is the exchanging of coin amongst those who had wagered on the matter. Oh the disappointed looks when Tylon's hand snags the cloak and swings it over her shoulders.

With Tylon safely out of the water the other Chosen does run to snag the wayward robes from the water as Tylon is quickly at the girls side. A feel for a pulse as she already works to turn the girl on her side and just in time as the coughing starts and the water comes back out. "There, there….get that all back out. Not a fish after all," comes the gentle murmur from Tylon. Though with the coolness to the woman, Tylon does make a few of the sailors day as the cloak is soon being settled upon Collette. "Shuush…you're safe now. " Gentle tones coming to try and calm the obviously terrified girl. The name that is screamed soon draws a bit of recognition to Tylon's expression. Murmuring softly,"Poor dear….it'll be alright." With others from the Temple arriving that medical bag, Tylon is soon slipping something from it. A small vile that is quickly uncorked and the bit of liquid administered to the girl, a thing that'll calm..or just rightly knock her out.

"Get her to the Temple, straight to the infirmary, and you," A hand motioning to one of the younger Acolytes,"run ahead to make sure they have plenty to dry her off with and a change of clothes for her." Calm and cool eyes fall upon the girl's two guards,"And never worry, you may follow along, just don't get underfoot or I'll have you turned out in a thrice."

The wolf-whistles at Tylon… confuse Destrian.

And bother him.

"Why…?" he wonders aloud, his words accompanied by the frown on his brow. A glance from him and at least some of the whistlers fall silent. The Chosen's hair is plastered to his face and neck, and water runs in rivulets down his cheeks, dripping from his nose, and getting in his eyes. He gives his head a firm shake — sending droplets flying about. Thusly dripping wet, he buckles on his weapons, picks up his tabard — and holds it out to Tylon.

Crouching down beside the unconscious Collette, he scoops his left arm beneath her neck, and uses his right to lift her firmly up in his grasp — and he strides toward the crowd, forcing them to part before him.

His horse, still skittish — her ears pricked forward and her attention on Collette, as well as the townsfolk — falls in behind him. He looks at Tylon. "Who is she?" he asks.

And why would someone do this? he wonders privately, although the confusion he feels is evident in his features. He looks at the girl's face. "Gray…" he murmurs, not quite referring to her pallor, though he might as well, given its color. He sniffs, nostrils flaring, his eyes studying Collette's features as one who does not understand what he is seeing.

His leather armor creaked and squelches with every step; it is a good thing the Temple is not far away.

One of the other Chosen, an unfamiliar face to Destrian, give him a look at what he wonders outloud. Before muttering something about how the man must be blind. How much attention Tylon herself has given to well the attention she is drawing remains an unknown as she simply tends to the now unconscious girl. A few more checks before she is satisfied for the moment and rises back to her feet. Her own hair plastered to her face and neck, that shift plastered to her body that is near always hidden away under the volumes of material in her robes….and some on the pier are now certain that it is a crying shame. Some sailors are just thanking the Guardians for the sight and the dreams they'll now be having. So very unrespectful! Least some addition modesty is managed as Tylon slips the tabard on with a soft murmur,"Thank you, Brother."

Shifting back towards Collette and helping steady the girl as Destrian scoops her up. Walking with him and keeping an eye on the girl, barefeet leaving wet prints in her wake,"She was Lady Collette Lohstren….now she is just Collette…yet in love with a Northern Lord, an impossible match." Shaking her head a little,"I can understand her pain, but from what the rumors say many stupid things have been done." A statement that bring s an eye roll from the Rhaedan guards, one even smirks.

Tylon lightly places her hand on Destrian's arm in hearing the murmur, a faint flicker of a smile in seeing little has changed of her old friend. Quietly does she murmur, hoping to clear some of the confusion she can see in him,"She has lost hope…a wish for something great, a touch of it had…and then it seems to be gone and so does her world. She ended up in a place where she could not see beyond the walls of the room she was in, could not think of the light and fresh air beyond. Even if knowing they were yet there. Sense truly becomes lost to one in such a state, there is only the despair and pain, the missing of what seems lost." Tylon gives a small shake of her head, a drifting of her hand to brush away a bit of water that yet drips from her hair towards her eyes.

As Chosen and Mother Superior — and those accompanying them — reach the Temple, Destrian snorts through his nostrils in derision. Two more priestesses meet them just outside in the street, approaching Tylon and silently watching Collette and the man carrying her.

"Nobles and their… words," he remarks with a frown, referring to the girl's former title and family name. Wetting his lips with his tongue — and tasting lake-water — he sighs. "Take a word and kill her soul — men should not be able to do this. They make too much noise — it hurts my ears." His lips curls and suddenly a shiver runs through his whole body, be it from the cold water or his attitude to the nobility of Eikeren.

Destrian's horse remains outside the Temple entrance — no one (for now) appears willing enough to approach the horse on their own… especially since the mare tries to bite the first Acolyte who walks too close to her.

One of the Priests — a devotee of Silltha — turns toward Tylon as they finally enter the Temple. "Mother Superior," the Priest (a man in his forties) says with respect. "The Infirmary has been prepared; water is hot, and there are also spare blankets and a change of clothes for the young girl, as well as the two of you." He shakes his head in shock at the sight of the unconscious Collette. "For the love of Silltha — so young…" He looks back at Tylon.

"Praise the Four that you were there!"

A quiet sigh slips from the generally calm woman,"You know how the nobles and many others hold to word, there is no meaning to their lives without them. Even if we know they are just words and are nothing without the meaning and deeds to give them true existence." Shaking her head a little bit at the situation. "I would agree, they should not be able to. Nor should one offer another such power over them, for that is for the Guardians alone. Yet we both know this is how it is and it is why we are here and serve. If only to save one soul at a time. To quiet the noise a little when we can, Brother."

Inclining her head respectfully to the Priest as the Temple is entered,"Thank you, Father." Noting to Destrian,"Let us get her settled and then we can see to ourselves, it'll due neither of us good to catch ill ourselves." Her green eyes go back toward the Priest,"Have some set to watch over her, rest is what her body needs right now. But her mind and heart will need much more when she wakes, I fear Ravas has touched her deeply and she fails to listen to any of the wisdom that Stilltha has offered."

Gently helping see Collette eased down and out of the wet clothes, only those most needed about for that and for the sake of the young girl's modesty and honor. Once settled and the girl's guards appropriately accommodated, Tylon does go to finally get herself dry and into proper robes again. And in there Destrian is given a mild nudge to see to his horse and word on what room is open for him to take and see to himself. Knowing to well the man is likely to see to the animal first.

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