Drinking and Dancing

Drinking and Dancing
Summary: Drinking, dancing and a northerner in a sea of blue.
Date: 19/April/1329
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The Blue Duck Inn
The Blue Duck Inn is where all of the real business in Laketown take place. An imposing edifice of stone and wood, the tall stone fireplace rises high above the ceiling above, decorated with the banners of the three Guilds and other prominent merchant-dynasties and local nobles that hold sway over Laketown. It is a lively if subdued place, a bard or a small instrument troupe always on hand and fine wine, rather than some cheap ale or grog, the preferred drink of the crowd. The ornate bar with a long marble top holds fine liquors and other odd bottles to satisfy the most discerning Rhaedan lord or Taniford lady, as well as accomdate the eclectic fads of Laketown proper. The staff is a full compliment of waitresses, hostesses, bartenders, and other staff constantly in motion, much like the town it inhabits.

The rooms of the Inn are at the Upstairs landing, a more intimate Common Room for the Blue Duck Inn's more distinguished guests. An ornate door leads to the world outside to Laketown.

Apr 19, 1329

Kerianne carefully settles into the spot near the fire, offering a smile of thanks to Roltoff, "I'll have some stew then. It's sweet of you to buy me dinner." she adds. "How are you doing today?" she questions lightly.

There is a smile from Roltoff at the question. "better Acolyte Kerianne, and a lot warmer now too. " though he doesn't seem to go into that part of it, as he takes a sip of rum, and slides the plate with the hot bread and cheese and apple slices over your way.

The serving waitress comes by a bit later with a steaming hot bowl of beef stew for Kerianne as well as her drink plus another loaf of bread and platter of assorted cheeses.

The sound of a lute travels through the air. A long, sweet chord, with a dramatic tint as it lasts. A finger slips, caressing slowly each string, tearing out what would be easily the saddest of whispers.

And with the little hint of a song, two figures enter the inn.

Walking first, a young knight with the distinctive blue cloak of those elite fighters who protect the southern royalty, in clear contrast to her fiery red hair, Marla gives inspecting looks to the gathered nobles and small folk. Her silver armor is quickly noticed by some, but as quickly it is dismissed by the people who only wants to eat and drink. And following her, very closely, the source of the music can be spotted. A beautiful lute made of the finest of woods, held by the youngest of Taniford Princes. A royal blue robe and a smile are his attire, much simpler than what he uses most of the time.

Kerianne gives a little shake of her head, "Just stew is fine for me." Kerianne isn't that big of a woman. The bread and cheese she gets is nudged towards Roltoff to have. It's hard to say if she'll even finish the bowl of stew. Towards the music she looks and smiles faintly to Marla and Samwell at their arrival.

Looking back over her shoulder Marla smiles at her charge and gives a roll of her eyes, "Really your highness? I feel like a serenaded fool." The young woman says with a flick of her hair back behind her shoulder before she raises a hand to the server who obviously knows the woman because Marla is given a nod of her head before wine and cups are being pulled out.

Roltoff looks at Kerianne and smiles softly and nods. "I think you'll enjoy it, I'm finding it full of unique flavors. " as he then looks up at the music and smiles softly, though possibly more towards the woman rather than the prince who seems to follow in behind. Should they look in their direction, Roltoff warmly waves them over. Though weather or not they wish to join them is still unknown..

Samwell snorts, "A serenaded fool? You would be impressed to know how many would die for one of my serenades." a quick laugh is offered. "Well, or maybe not. But still." the subsequent grin is interrupted as he recognizes two familiar faces. "Can we join you?" he says when they are at enough distance to be heard. "Kerianne." he smiles and nods, "Roltoff." a similar greeting is given.

"Good day." Kerianne greets Samwell in response. At his question to join Keri looks to Roltoff for him to decide. It is his table, after all. At the talk of serenading her head tilts and she says woefully, "No one serenades me." Probably because she is an acolyte and can't be woo'ed.

"Oh I am sure I would be." Marla's eyes roll again though the playful smile on her face gives her annoyance with the prince away as faked. Spotting the two Samwell greets she gives the acolyte a smile and the swordsman an almost cold glare, "Hello." She says simply then chuckles to Kerianne, "Be glad for that, his lute music may sound sweet but after a time…" She lets the sentence hang.

Grinning from ear to ear Roltoff points to the few empty seat and nods. "please as it means I can stop waving my arm so that I can use it to continue eating. " He says with a warm smile for the prince and even brighter one for Marla. "I'd recommend the stew if you don’t mind. IT's quite good. " as he then tears off another chunk of bread and cheese and bites into it.

Kerianne laughs faintly to Marla and scoots over to offer the other woman a spot beside her. "I think I could get use to it. You should hear how some of the acolyte in Brivey played and sang. You'd think they were strangling a cat or something." Then to Samwell, "And how are you? Are you feeling better than yesterday?" Back to Roltoff she looks again and inquires with a sweet smile to him, "Are you buying these two dinner and drinks too?" Who can say no to an acolyte?

"After a time it gets only better." Samwell concludes the Blue Guard's sentence. "I am not sure of how good, or frowned upon can it be to serenade an acolyte, sadly." he says rather playfully, taking seat and glancing on the table. "You use your arm to eat. I have heard it is a good practice, even better over some wine. Do we need more?" he asks to Roltoff, then moving his gaze to the ones in the table. "I am feeling better, thank you for asking, Kerianne." the Prince smiles, letting his lute softly on the table. "How are you tonight? And oh-" the dark eyes move again to the sell sword, "Are you inviting us? How sweet of you." Who can say no to a Prince?

Roltoff begins to answer that question of Keri's and then looks at Samwell and then closes his mouth with an audible snap. He lowers his head. "I’m in such trouble…" as he looks at The prince and Marla, before glancing over at Keri.. "ya know they could out bid us both without blinking right. " he then says to Samwell and Marla. "fine but its stew, as anything more than stew … and rum.. " as he specifically looks to the prince "will place me in sever debt with this inn. "

Despite Roltoff's warm greeting the Blue Guard doesn't seem to warm up to him not even giving the man a smile but instead turns her attentions to Kerianne for the moment, "Oh I use to work down at an orphanage with some other acolyte volunteers and I agree, strangled cats." She jests with a wry grin and then the wine arrives she wordlessly asked for before and she curtly says to Roltoff, "I've got this and am not hungry but thank you." Samwell does receive another grin though as her oddly colored eyes swim with mirth, "Be nice your highness and pony up." She jokes then her cheeks flush at her presumptuous words.

The stairs at the back of the Inn creak and shift as the Lady Victricia ascends them with her hands gathering her skirts. A far more suitable dress to her station ensconces her form and that steel circlet that helps hold back her now dry hair which is let loose and free down her back. A finger lifts to run over one side of the torque she wears. Its ends are in the likeness of Ravas. She hovers from going to the bar to giving a study of those occupants taking part of libation and food. There is a figure that stands as he notices her, setting aside his mug and moving to intercept. "My lady, come join the table, I will get you something to drink." That is when Roltoff is noticed and she smiles, "No, no, I think I shall sit over here." With that the rather bold blonde covers the distance to the table.

"I'm glad. I've been concerned." Though, she does give a laugh to the comment on her being serenaded, "It'd be interesting to find out." she says. When Roltoff does what she wants the young acolyte beams at him, "You're such a sweet man." she assures him. Maybe the smile she gives him makes the declining of his pockets of gold a little bit worth it. Marla turns her attention back to Marla and laughs, "Some have beautiful voices and playing.. it's just not many." Victricia's joining of the table earns her a warm smile from the slip of an acolyte but still no greeting otherwise, she doesn't know the woman's name and all.

The Prince's eyes, always so bright and alive, dance as torches of black fire, framed by the most entertained of smiles. They fix in sell sword, and then in his trusted sword, Marla, and a grin or two can escape the mysterious man. "Alright, but only because you asked it nicely." he jests, when it could not be the case, or some would say. "I will pay, but only if we get the finest of red wines. No more rum tonight. And," his gaze slips to the acolyte, "Of course it would be interesting.

The last flash of black fire fades as a newcomer approaches. "Good night." he greets with a nod. "My name is Samwell Taniford."

Roltoff shakes his head. "Sweet, if so then I'll be living of me for a while as what few coppers I have are gone into one lavish stew party " he grins softly and glances up as the approach of Lady Vi is known. "uh…no!" he mutters hopefully to himself as he stands. "Well I see you're not in disguise now Lady Vi.. " as he grins, "Though I’m equally glad were also nowhere near any size body of water. " then looks to the princes and says. "Your highness I was merely teasing you, of course you can have wine, even if My funds are severely limited I’m sure I can spot a glass, maybe two. " he says before sitting down once more.

The approach of another lady gets Marla to arch a delicate eyebrow as she assesses the woman for danger, always on duty despite the setting, "Yes join us." She finally says politely then hearing the lady stands quickly to offer the noble her seat and bows from the waist, her commoner ways still ingrained despite her should time in the prestigious guards.

As Roltoff stands, Victricia dips her head forward in acknowledgement to him. Her smile grows just a little more. A mirthful laugh precedes her words for him, "Roltoff, we have only to bide our time. The lake is not far and I shall not repeat my mistake again." This is said with great amusement, a wry edge to her smile taking hold before Samwell names himself. At the mention of Taniford one brow arches up, her smile remaining before she lowers, grasping at her dress so she may curtsey properly to the royal, "Your highness, it is my pleasure and honor. I am Lady Victricia Auldholme." This is offered and she looks to the other women at the table. "I would be glad to make your acquaintance." A glance is sent to Roltoff and she lifts her hand, "I offered to pay for your drink for your swim earlier, let me extend the offer to high highness and the ladies at this table as well." She looks to a server and lifts her hand, "Come come…libations!" The offer of Marla's seat for her causes Victricia to hesitate. "Certainly, Roltoff would not mind fetching another chair. Thank you….?" She does move to take the seat though.

Kerianne laughs lightly at Samwell's words, "I will await with baited breath to see if you try." she tells him. Then to Roltoff, "You're a kind man." Victricia gets another smile from the acolyte but she falls silent now, letting everyone sort out the seating.

Roltoff nods softly as he relinquishes his seat and cross's the inn for another one, so that he can sit down. Even as the table seems to shrink with the abundance of people. Roltoff slides the several loaves of bread around so that everyone can partake even as he digs into his stew, figuring if his mouth is filled he can’t get into any deeper water.

"Oh yes Sir Marla Mentros of the blue guard my lady, a pleasure and I apologize for my lack of introductions." The red head says with another bow before gesturing towards her seat again and taking the seat from Roltoff without a word she places it conveniently next to her charge the prince and sits down again. Reaching forward to pour herself some wine from what was delivered earlier the young woman just looks a touch awkward now in this crowd as her eyes roam over towards a table with an obvious dice game being started.

"Lady Victricia, it is my pleasure." Samwell greets, looking curiously as the conversation unfolds. "I had offered myself to invite you all, my lady, and you will be invited too. But I thank you for your offering, it is very kind." his tone is gentle and calmed. Then, a nod is offered at Marla's actions, and he can't hide a smile that escapes him at the acolyte's words. "Of course." he says as his hand indicates the innkeeper to come close. "Bring us your best red wine, please."

"Quite alright, Sir Marla," lowering herself down into the seat that Marla vacated on her behalf, Victricia smiles at Samwell, "You are too kind as well your highness, but I do owe the sell sword a meal and drink. If not repaid to night, it will be soon." That is a promise directed to Roltoff himself. The Lady will not forget you… Whether that is good or bad is another thing. But it is Kerianne that holds her attention and sobers the vivacious young Lady of Auldholme. "It is always my pleasure to share a table with one of the acolytes." She touches the torque with the likeness of Ravas lightly with a dip of her head. There is a deep respect in that moment. "I have seen many Tanifords and Rhaedans alike around Laketown as of late, perhaps shaking off the winter."

Inclining her head to the lady Marla merely nods now then runs a hand through her left free for once fiery hair before leaning back in her chair, having more the demeanor of a man as she sips at her wine. Finally taking her eyes off the other table of gamblers the Blue Guard bites her bottom lip, "So who's paying, not me I hope?" She chuckles at her own joke and shifts in her seat a little.

Upwards to Victricia Kerianne smiles, her eyes drifting to the torque a moment, "Ah, Ravas." She inclines her head to the noblewoman and adds, "I'm Acolyte Kerianne Ravin." Despite her light teasing of Roltoff about buying for everyone she says, "I'm fine paying for my own meal." which sits before her barely touched as of yet.

Roltoff looks to Keri and shake his head "I offered it cause I wanted too, not cause I felt I must, I’m not devoid of all manors. " as he looks to Vi briefly and grins. "though at times I’m sure that some people question that. "

"I am confused as well, everybody is so eager to pay." the Taniford Prince jests at the Blue Guard. "I will pay it all. Remember I ordered this wonderful wine," conveniently enough, the innkeeper brings the fine bottle and more cups, "And I didn't want to say it but," he clears his throat and fakes a solemn voice, "I am a Prince, 'My Highness', a Taniford, and so on. And I have a Blue Guard here to help me be more, let's say it," a new flash of his deep gaze takes place, "Persuasive."

And so, with a laugh, the Knight of the Citadel fills a cup for himself and takes a long drink.

Victricia nods her head to Kerianne, "An honor, Acolyte Ravin." Her voice fades, looking to the meal before the young woman and then lifts a brow as the Prince adopts the solemn voice and demands to pay for all and sundry. "If that is settled then, your highness, I will not question your will. But I will bother you for a cup of wine, if you are sharing as well as buying." A light tease and she lifts her chin, hesitating as a server passes and grasping at a cup from a tray, upturning it behind her and shaking it out before setting it on the table and pushing it towards him with a finger. "One must sometimes provide for themselves." Her gaze lifts to Roltoff, wry humor still tingling her voice.

Winking to the prince Marla touches her sword's hilt lightly drumming her fingers across the wrapped leather. She chuckles though and shakes her head leaning back again in her chair before bringing the cup of wine to her lips again. Taking a longer pull from the liquid she finally says, "Just let his highness pay and be done with the bickering. I am quite sure Roltoff here would love to have another meal with you my lady and perhaps teach him some manners and patience while you are at it" The lady however agrees and Marla turns to the boy giving him an unexpected grin.

Roltoff gives a look at Marla and has raised eyebrows when doing so. "my manners are quite fine, Sir Marla. " even as he grabs his own cup….. of rum and takes a swallow of it. "it’s when people tend to hide who they are that things get a bit confusing."

Kerianne takes a couple more bites of her stew, managing to bring it to mostly empty. Upwards she stands and half bows to everyone, "I need to return to Temple now." A wink is given to Samwell, "I'll be awaiting you serenading." With a flurry of robes the slight acolyte darts off to tend to her duties.

"Ha" Samwell says to the Auldholme lady with a wide grin, taking the cup slowly and, just heartbeats later, filling it with the new achieved wine. "My lady." he nods before handing her the cup. "Not many northerners can say a Taniford Prince filled them a glass." his almost black eyes fix in hers for a moment. "But not many have asked for it, so I must give you the credit you deserve." the black fire moves away as his hand is empty one more time.

At the conversation between Marla and Roltoff, only a chuckle is offered, discreet enough, and quickly hidden behind a sip, which lasts long enough to see the departing acolyte. "Of course. And have a good night, Kerianne."

Marla bites her lip giving Roltoff a most innocent look with an added bat of her eyelashes before taking another sip of wine, "You are hot headed and don't hesitate to think when there is danger. All I need to know of your manner." She says to the young man with a shrug and quickly turns her attention away from the sell sword to bid farewell to the acolyte then tsk towards Samwell, "Be careful there your highness, ya don't wanna be pissing off the religious folks." She lectures with a grin the wine obviously going to the guards head.

A nod to Samwell and Victricia gives him a rueful smile. "I must be bold if I want something, yes?" There is perhaps more to her tone before she looks past him to Marla and she laughs, "We tried already…well the manners that is. Sadly, even I cannot help him." She moves her hand in a way to say Roltoff might be a lost cause. She sips at her wine and hmmms pleasantly before she watches Kerianne rise and she dips her head to the acolyte, "Be well." Eyes watch the other woman go before settling back on the Taniford Prince. "Does it bother you that a northerner shares your table?"

Roltoff looks up at Marla and can’t help but grin softly "eh it’s not as bad as all that. I'm sure that with the proper motivation I'd improve greatly. " as he takes a smaller sip, yet keeps his eyes on the blue Guard (Marla), only to briefly wave good night to the acolyte. He then glances at Vi and arches a brow. "Yet one would think someone with manors would at least let the person they were talking to know exactly who they were, and in the end perhaps not try and oh.. make them look for loose change at the bottom of the lake. " and all the while he is grinning his eyes twinkle with mischief. He then looks at Marla and grins. "hot headed sure, but sometimes that is a good thing in the right places I mean. "

"I would not have given you wine if I didn't want to share your company in our table, my lady." Samwell smiles and examines the content of his own glass with unexplainable concentration. "Northerner or no." he drums to it a few times before watching her again, still with a smile in his face. "I hope you like it."

Gentle as ever, the most courteous of nods is even offered.

"Also, I see you are a good friend of our good Roltoff. And—" to the words of the Blue Guard, he just laughs friendly. "Do not worry, Sir Marla. Nothing will happen." he sips.

Lowering her eyes at the prince Marla gives him an appraising look before saying, "Alright your highness." A wrinkle of her nose before grinning to the lady and giving her a nod, "Oh yes he seems to be a lost cause." Though Roltoff's own words argue this and Marla's eyebrow raises to the sell sword, "The proper motivation?" She chuckles and leans forward teasingly biting her lip, "I'm sure you'll find it somewhere boy but I'm not that impressed yet."

When the Prince meets her gaze, Victricia watches him with a glint in her warm brown eyes from over her cup. She sips at it and then lowers it slowly to nod her head to him. "Yes, the wine is more than pleasant. I must admit surprise at your unexpected good taste.." The smiles are courteous, perhaps amiable even before she sips at the wine again.

A glance is given towards Rotloff and she laughs faintly, "Yes, of course. We know each other well and I am not certain how knowing who I am and what happened to be linked at all." She reminds the sell sword and downing more of her wine, she holds out her glass to the Prince once more. "And here I was hoping to dance…"

Roltoff looks to Marla and grins, "and here I'd have hoped after learning my name Sir Marla you'd at least call me by it, as its twice now I've had someone call me boy, the first only 'cause she didn't know my name, the latter .." he shrugs as he sips his rum, as he looks to Vi and then back to Marla. "well I’m sure that anytime you wish to be impressed , you let me know " as he grins warmly and then says to Vi.. " Now I’m not sure who that dance invitation was directed too but if his highness will permit me to give it a try I'd be delighted to dance with you, only be warned I’m not skilled and so your feet might suffer some causalities"

"Oh, you dance, my lady?" the Prince sips more. "Let me tell you, I share your surprise at your 'unexpected' good election of activities. As a musician," a hand gestures the fine lute on the table, "I can say I'm not the best dancer, but not the worse either." finally, a laugh cannot be contained anymore and escapes the Taniford. "That said, Roltoff will give you a finer show of skills, performance, and execution." the grin moves from the couple to the Blue Guard for an instant.

The door to the inn opens and a Lohstren arrives, indeed another Taniford and this one has noble bearings with the way he holds himself, his attire, and the blade at his hip. Another follows him, wearing hardened leathers along with Lohstren colors, the pair sharing some quiet words. As he speaks to his guard, Eldrick's gaze slowly sweeps the room, noting those who are present though the Prince gets a longer look, a slight surprise appearing. With a brief word, he dismisses his guard for the night, letting the other man choose his own activities.

As her glass goes on ignored, the quip back causes her brown eyes to sparkle, a sharpness to them as she looks over the Prince. Setting her glass down, unattended, she cannot help but give the Taniford Prince a rueful look. "I thought I heard the acolyte say you serenade. Perhaps, after I dance with the sell sword we can perhaps exchange songs." Pushing herself up gracefully to stand, the Lady pushes her hair behind her ear and waits, holding out her hand for Rotloff to take, a tilt of her head and arch of a brow.

Roltoff grins softly as he stands and moves around the chairs to take Vi's hand. "I did warn you, My skills at dance are non-existent. " as he lets her show him where to place his hands so that he doesn't oops and has to have her lead but he's ok with that. too.

"Ah dancing something I do actually enjoy." The Blue Guard says unexpectedly and then the entrance of a noble and his guards catches Marla's attention and she looks to the prince flicking her head in the new man's direction to subtly show her charge. Chuckling lightly the armored woman looks down at herself, "Not exactly dressed for that type of dancing am I your highness?" She jests focusing away from the sell sword now and back to the prince.

The sound of the glass unattended to the table, is a good reminder and explanation of the northerner lady's attitude. But the Taniford knight can't help it and smiles again. And as Victricia turns her back to dance, and not before, her cup is unexpectedly refilled.

"Sir Edrick" Samwell greets warmly the newcomer, inviting him to take seat with them with a gesture. But his attention is taken by the Blue Guard. "You are skilled enough to dance with an armor." he smiles friendly. "Do you want to?"

One hand is allowed at her hip and the other to her hand and her's to his shoulder. That is until the move to join the others and the simple dance is attended to with great ease and grace of the Lady. She smiles to Rotloff. "Come now, you do rather well," certainly her feet are safe it would seem and as the positions change, she helps him only briefly before they slowly step a circle together, opposite hands to their backs and the inside ones touching between them near shoulder height before breaking away and turning. They come together again. "And here I thought I would be left without someone to dance. I feel quite out numbered."

Now the scene that Eldrick is watching gets a bit more interesting as a woman who appears to have a more noble bearing is rising in the company of one that is of common birth, a simple sell sword. An amused smirk appears but soon enough, the Lohstren's attention returns to the Prince, his feet taking him closer to the other man, as well as the Blue Guard that is his protection. The greeting from Samwell is returned with a bow from Eldrick, "Good evening, Highness."

A shake of her head and Marla nervously runs a hand back through her red locks, a hint of a blush touching her pale skin. "I thank you for your kindness your highness but I best be not breaking any of your toe." She smiles then and rises to her feet to bow from the waist to the unknown noble, "Good evening my lord." She greets herself politely and her eyes flit in the direction of the couple dancing but she doesn't say anything, quickly turning her attentions back to Eldrick and Samwell.

Roltoff tries his best to not reveal just how often he's glancing down at his own feet to make sure that he's not stepping on Lady Vi's poor toes, So the dancing on his part is a bit rocky but he's doing his best. " Your kind to say that, but I feel like I’m a giant trying to avoid stepping on something small and delicate. " he says with an uneasy smile. "the last thing I need is to get in trouble for inadvertently stomping down on your toes. "

As the pair moves and turns his gaze snaps up to look at Marla and gives her a small smile, even as he has this look of 'oh god please don't let me mess this up' as he dances with Lady Victricia.

A respectful nod is offered to the Lothstren, and a quick laugh to Marla. Then, the Prince's gaze move to the sell sword, and to the Blue Guard again, with a mostly entertained smile. And, with the grace of someone raised in the royal family, but the lightness and eagerness of just a young knight, Samwell raises to his feet, extending courteously a hand to the lady in blue cloak. "Do I have to repeat the 'I'm a Prince, My Highness, a Taniford, and so on' speech?"

A respectful nod of his head is offered by Eldrick to the Blue Guard knight along with a verbal greeting as well, "Sir." The interplay between Prince and his knight is yet another amusing exchange that the Lohstren Heir witnesses, the night turning out to be an interesting one. "His Highness has a point, Sir, if it helps, just think of it as sword play, just without the sword. Nimble and light on your feet and you'll do fine." The noble knight's trip to his room is momentarily delayed by those present and now he also thirsts for a cup of strong wine as well.

Watching Roltoff's gaze follow to Marla, there is a coy smile and the Lady speaks in low tones to him, "Interested in the Sir?" Her eyes flicker over towards the table, noting the newest arrival and unable to place him she offers a nod and then focuses back on her partner. She moves, though the dancing is not as fluid and that may be because Roltoff is obviously distracted by the woman knight.

Leaning in to whisper in the prince's ear a moment Marla bites her lip before looking back to the noble, "Sir would you care for wine or something different?" The mention of sword play gives away the man's knighthood rather easily to Marla, the youngest Blue guard and sword master. She looks to Samwell again with a questioning smile to the prince and flicks her head urging the slightly younger man in the direction of Eldrick, one of his nobles and not a commoner risen to apparent prestige.

Roltoff looks at Vi for a moment and shakes his head, though unconvincingly. "what no… not at all. " *near stumble* "What would make you say something like that. " but his inability to keep his feet steady nor his gaze could probably be seen by a blind man. Though he does say in more quiet tones "eh don't even think she notices me, and who can blame her, high position, pay and lots of prestige. " he has to skip a bit in the dance routine just to keep up for a second and not mash Victricia's toes. "I’m dreadfully sorry M'lady but I did warn you my skill is severely lacking."

After the Blue Guard whispers in the Prince's ear, he can't contain a new laugh. With a last smile at Marla, and barely managing himself to stop it, he proceeds to sit again and fill a cup for Eldrick. "Sir, it seems we were not persuasive enough, but this is the finest wine this inn offers. I hope you like it. And, somehow, I hope she does too." the dark gaze moves a moment to see the northerner lady and the sell sword.

A sigh and soft tut from Vi and she stares up at Rotloff a moment, shaking her head and glancing to Marla and the Prince. As they nearly mash together, she chortles, letting a distinctive laugh that carries over the music. The Auldholme lady gives the sell sword a genuine smile. "How do you know lest you ask? I think you better before my poor feet suffer such atrocities at the behest of your boots." There is a tilt of her head and she places her hand at his shoulder and gives it a squeeze. "Fortune favors the bold, Rotloff. Pray to Ravas…" It is obviously a theme for her, that silver torque in the guardian's likeness. She dances still, careful and slow until she says, "Perhaps it is better we try wine until your head clears…" Not that drinking will help.

When the Prince pours him a cup, Eldrick looks surprised once more but doesn't stop the other man from doing as he wishes, though it slightly embarrasses the noble knight. "Thank you, Highness, you are most kind." Joining Samwell at the table, the Lohstren takes a seat and lifts the cup, raising it to the Prince in thanks before taking a long sip of the cup, the taste certainly exquisite. "I guess the Blue Guard are a very stubborn bunch, Highness, though that can be a very good trait in their line of work." A grin flashed in Marla's direction as well.

The Lohstren's gaze does shift back to the pair that is dancing, intrigued to see how well they are doing, his eyes picking up the skill or lack thereof between the two. He does take note of the nod from Victricia, returning one in kind.

Taking Vi's statement for an excuse to step away with further endangering her feet Roltoff smiles softly and steps back but not before collecting both of Vi's hands and kissing them. "I do thank you for the lesson M'lady and I’m dreadfully sorry for any damages I may have caused but I don’t think a drink of wine now or later will greatly improve my skills. " he then looks to The prince and the other gentleman and adds, "perhaps one of them would like to continue." as he adds a warm smile, before walking over to the table and giving the prince a light bow. "Your Highness I beg your leave, it’s getting late and I really should be getting to bed. I thank you for the fine company and good spirits you purchased. " he says, while reaching down to get his cup and quickly quaff the last of his rum.

He looks to Marla and gives her a small curt bow as well. "Sir Marla, It was a pleasure to meet you again and perhaps the next time we meet I'll manage to impress you a bit more than I currently have. " and as he is about to leave he turns his gaze upon the new arrival and gives him a slight nod "Sir, have a pleasant evening, I’m sorry that I didn't get to meet you more properly, Though I’m Roltoff Demort. " he gives Eldrick a small bow as well just as curtsy and heads for the front door and to his bed where ever he can find one. (apologizes if he skipped someone’s pose but I really must get to bed.)

Sliding back down into her seat the knight nods her head to Roltoff as he takes his leave and then picks up her glass but finds it empty. Looking to Eldrick at his words the woman chuckles softly, "We can be I'm told Sir, though I have not been a Blue Guard long enough to know one way or the other." She shrugs her slender but armored shoulders and looks to the forgotten lady, "Did the boy hurt your feet that badly he had to run my lady?"

"Oh, I am sure, Sir Eldrick." the Knight of the Citadel grins and takes a long drink, leaning in his chair to get more comfortable. To the sell sword, he nods gently and offers an appropriate farewell, resting his gaze on the now filled cup of the north lady.

"Then they had a good eye when they selected you, Sir." Eldrick says with an easy smile for the Blue Guard before bringing the cup of quality wine to his lips and takes another long sip, the goblet more than half empty. When the sell sword shares his respectful words of departure, the Lohstren gives the other man a brief nod, then watches as the Prince fills yet another cup for the lady that was courageously dancing.

The empty cups as the nobles and the guard finish their wine seems to signal an end to the night of attempted dancing and mingling. The Blue Guard and her charge Prince Samwell bid quick far wells as Marla's stance changes to on guard once again, entering the street.

After draining the rest of the cup of wine and putting the empty vessel on the table, Eldrick rises to his feet when the Prince and his accompanying knight does. Bowing once more to Samwell, the Lohstren says while he watches the Taniford make his departure, "It was an honor, Highness." Once they depart, the Lohstren knight turns for his original destination, his room.

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