Ray Stevenson
Ray Stevenson as Duncan Thatcher
Full Name: Duncan Thatcher
Byname: None
Age: 35
Kingdom: Guild
House: Metalsmith's Guild
Title/Profession: Master Metalsmith
Position: Armorsmith
Place of Birth: Near Laketown
Father: Donnel Thatcher (Deceased)
Mother: Arleen Thatcher (Deceased)
Siblings: Ryne Thatcher
Spouse: None
Children: None


Duncan Thatcher is an established and well-respected Armorsmith in Laketown. He's known for excellent work, a gregarious manner, and a pronounced limp.

Immediate Family

Ryne Thatcher (NPC) — Brother, A roof thatcher that lives on the outskirts of Laketown with his wife and three children.

Character Features

Physical Features

Duncan Thatcher is a tall man, with broad shoulders and a lean but heavily-muscled build. He has short, dark hair that is cut quite short, and bright blue eyes that often carry a glimmer of warmth and cheer, though occasionally those emotions can shift to something considerably less friendly when provoked. He has a healthy bit of stubble on his chin that betrays a good bit of grey hair amongst it even if it hasn't so much touched that which rests atop his head. His features are rugged and well-worn from years spent toiling at the forge, but not particularly unpleasant to look upon. While Duncan moves with a great deal of energy, he has a pronounced limp in his left leg, which gives him an odd gait as he moves, slowing him down a bit despite outwardly seeming the picture of good health.

Duncan is often dressed for work, with a pair of thick leggings and sturdy boots, and a heavy leather apron draped over his upper body to protect him somewhat from the fires of the forge. A thick pair of leather gloves covers his hands, as well, and occasionally a true oddity can be spotted on his head: A pair of smoked-lens goggles that shield his eyes from the brightness of white-hot metal. A belt that holds several useful tools for his craft is cinched around his waist, but otherwise his arms are bare, though a sleeveless tunic of some sort can be glimpsed beneath the leather apron.


Bum Leg - Duncan walks with a pronounced limp (often with the aid of a cane). It doesn't seem to affect his work, but he stands out in a crowd and he doesn't get around too quickly.
Cheerful - Very little seems to get Duncan down for long. It's rare to see him without a smile or a kind word for folks around him.
Strong Constitution - Duncan never seems to get sick, or when he does, it tends to be very mild compared to others. He also has a "cast iron stomach" even if he of course prefers finer food.

On the Grid

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