The Econ system

Still under construction, stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. Because of this we just encourage players to RP having pay and money to buy things.

The Pay Scale - Or what do I make a week?

100cp = 1sp, 100sp = 1gp


Title Tier Pay
Mister Tier 1 25cp
Mistress Tier 1 25cp
Apprentice Tier 2 100cp
Apprentice Healer Tier 2 100cp
Service Master Tier 2 100cp
Service Mistress Tier 2 100cp
Journeyman Crafter Tier 3 250cp
Journeyman Healer Tier 3 250cp
Sir Knight Tier 3 250cp
Steward Tier 4 350cp
Master Crafter Tier 4 350cp
Master Healer Tier 4 350cp
Guildmaster Tier 6 625cp
Guildmistress Tier 6 625cp
  • Apprentices must be affiliated with a Guild.
  • Service Master and Service Mistress must be affiliated with a House.
  • Crafters must be affliliated with a Guild.
  • Guildmaster/Guildmistress will run the Guild.


Title Tier Pay
Sir/Lord Tier 3 250cp
Lady Tier 3 250cp
*Heir Tier 4 350cp
*Heiress Tier 4 350cp
Baron Tier 5 500cp
Baroness Tier 5 500cp
Count Tier 6 625cp
Countess Tier 6 625cp
Count-Palatine Tier 7 750cp
Countess-Palantine Tier 7 750cp
Duke Tier 8 825cp
Dutchess Tier 8 825cp
  • Heir/Heiress pay tier is subject to variation based upon the pay rank of the position they are heir to.
  • The pay outlines for the noble houses are subject to variation based on the overall financial stability of the house each noble belongs to.


Title Tier Pay
Prince Tier 7 750cp
Princess Tier 7 750cp
Crown Prince Tier 8 825cp
Crown Princess Tier 8 825cp
Consort to King Tier 9 900cp
Consort to Queen Tier 9 900cp
King Tier 10 1000cp
Queen Tier 10 1000cp


Title Tier Pay
Acolyte Tier 1 25cp
Chosen Tier 3 250cp
Priest Tier 3 250cp
Priestess Tier 3 250cp
Lieutenant Chosen Tier 4 350cp
Captain Chosen Tier 5 500cp
Temple Priest Tier 6 625cp
Temple Priestess Tier 6 625cp
Commander Chosen Tier 7 750cp
High Priest Tier 8 825cp
High Priestess Tier 8 825cp
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