Lady Elenore Taniford
Summer Glau
Summer Glau as Elenore Taniford
Full Name: Elenore Taniford
Byname: NA
Age: 22
Kingdom: Taniford
House: Taniford
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Lady - Artist - Heir - Lyam's Muse
Place of Birth: Taniford
Father: Davil Taniford
Mother: Vy Taniford
Siblings: Brothers - Jurin and Keric
Spouse: Lord Lyam Varghem
Children: NA



Lady Elenore Taniford is a distant cousin to the ruling member of House Taniford. Only daughter to Lord Davil and Lady Vy, she is expected to one day take over in the running of the lands entrusted to her mother, the Barony of Freiston. A little odd by some rights, her parents have kept her close to home for much of her life and only reluctantly have they allowed her to venture further to see to duties and appearances of the family and House.

Immediate Family

Lady Vy - Mother

Lord Davil - Father

Lord Jurin - Oldest Brother.

Lord Keric - Middle brother.


Physical Features

Trusses of brown hair so dark that they are nearly black hang loose and aid to frame the smoothly sculpted features of the young woman. Dark brown eyes look out upon the world about her with the quiet study and occasional wonderment. While she is not what one would call a stunning beauty, she does have a pleasant look about her and moves with an elegant gracefulness that gives her a bit of an ethereal air.

She wears a dress of a deep green color with embroidered accents in silver along her sleeves and the edge of her skirt. The dress does appear to be finely tailored, fitting perfectly to the lithe form of the young woman. Flowing effortlessly over her subtle curves to the silver belt that hangs at a slightly jaunty angle at her hips. The skirts of the dress flow loosely from there to a point jut an inch or so above the ground. A simple silver necklace with an opal teardrop shaped pendant is worn with a few silver rings upon her fingers. In addition, there is the occasional glint of silver upon her left wrist.


Reluctant Savant
Lightening Calculator
Forgets to Eat

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