Escape From the Rain

Escape From the Rain
Summary: With a bit of rain coming down, it seems the Temple of Four in Laketown makes for a convenient place for people to seek shelter.
Date: 2 August 2013
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Laketown - Temple of the Four
Like all temples of the Four, this one is a slightly stretched diamond in structure with lofty cathedral ceilings that let natural light shine in and illuminate this sacred place. It is accessed by a graceful archway on each of the four straight walls, emphasizing that neither direction holds prescedence over the other. Many of the craftsmen of Laketown have come together to carve, engrave, and accent this wonderous temple.

At each of the four corners of the temple are the altars of the Four. The northern corner belongs to Bornas the Mountain God crafted from hard ivory. There is an offering dish that is often filled with handfuls of earth, leaves, or seeds. Directly opposite of him in the south is the handsome and youthful statue of Ravas the Fire God carved from petrified crimson wood, and his offering bowl often contains hearth ash or bits of tinder. To Ravas's left in the western corner is the old and wise Stilltha crafted from polished blue marble; river stones and water occupy her offering bowl, including the occasional fishbone. Last, but not least, opposite of Stilltha in the east is the young Altheara chisled to life from the heart of a hard blackwood. In her bowl is held bird feathers and bones, as well as small carved flutes and chimes.

Fri Aug 02, 1329

Oliaf has come in out of the hot muggy rain, as he makes his way over to the alter of Bornas. IF for no other reason Oliaf looks clean of stone dust as the rain was good for at least something, Granted there are wet foot prints on the temple floor but hey it gives the acolytes something to do right. The large man kneels before the alter and prays, even add in a bit of finely huen marble into the offering plate for good measure.

With her evening prayers wrapping up, it is actually from the alter of Bornas that Tylon is rising from this evening. Granted, as the temple priestess, the woman is seen at all the Guardian's alters at times, even if Stilltha's most often. A gentle smile going to Oliaf as she notes him coming to kneel himself at that alter. Though she does withdraw those steps to allow him to offer up the prayers he came to give along with his offering.

Thomas darts from the rain, his sword carried in one hand and the training armor glistens with rivulets. "By the Guardians," he says as he pushes his wet hair from his eyes. Small puddles begin to form around his feet "Came out of no where," he mutters to the younger Acolyte that seems to be relieved that the rain had come. "Thank you for the lessons, Brother Thomas, I shall see to the armor first thing, right after I dry off that is."

Oliaf remains for quite a spell it seems before rising up and turning to the mother superior and then Thomas. "Greetings. " he says with a low but warm voice. "Tis a bit wet out there is it not." as he gives a wide grin to Thomas.

The arrival of Thomas does draw Tylon's attention, her hand unconsciously drifting up to the new pendant worn. Only a brief glances dances upon the Acolyte before green eyes settle upon the Chosen, the way the rivulets of water dance over his armor, along his face. And oh the thoughts that rise, a battle between wanting to drag him to their room to get him out of the wet things….surely only so he doesn't catch cold, or to drag him back outside to some secluded corner of the garden to….how Tylon sighs as she glance back towards Bornas alter, that was not the answer she was hoping from for her prayers.

A look goes to Ravas' alter, that particular Guardian seeming to be trying to reclaim Stilltha's priestess these days. Another look going Thomas' way before Tylon's thoughts are dully interrupted by Oliaf now that his prayers have found their own end, perhaps he'll have better luck in getting in seeming them answered in the way he hoped. A smile is offered to the man with a slight incline of her head,"Good day, Master Oliaf. It does look like it has gotten a bit wet out there, but it is good in helping things grow a bit, yes?"

As the Acolyte scurries off, glad to no longer be training with Thomas, the Chosen turns and nods his head to the man "May the Four guide you," he greets. The hand has finished brushing the worse of the hair from his face "It is indeed wet. I hadn't even realized it was approaching." Then to Tylon he turns and smiles, "Mother Superior, are you feeling well?" Though he asks he just grins.

Oliaf grins "Aye I know, got a prebath on the way over here." he chuckles and catches sight of the mother superior as she looks at Thomas and his grin grows. He moves over to tylon and gently places a hand on her shoulder "tis good to see thee in such a state Dear one.. " he then steps back and says. "Been too long it has sense I last did me prayers so thought I'd best get to'm before before something unwelcome happens."

A soft breathe is drawn slowly as Tylon does just watch Thomas a moment or three longer. "Yes, Brother Thomas, I am feeling well enough, just a bit to much restless energy it seems today. " Though that hand upon her shoulder does cause Tylon to pull her eyes away from Thomas, perhaps for the best really. "It's taking some…getting used to," is all Tylon comments on the matter. Giving a simple nod to Oliaf,"It is better yet, if you don't wait so long between giving them. Sometimes just a quick pause when seeing to the things of the day can be just the thing."

As Thomas is about to say more, that knowing smile of his turned to Tylon another Acolyte comes up "Brother Thomas, Lieutenant Alyona wants you. Said something about the Acolyte's reports." The Chosen sighs, shakes his head before nodding "Tell her I am on the way," Not much more to say, he never did finish those for one reason or another. "With your leave," he says and turns to head to the offices.

Out of the rain, scrubbing water from her short hair, comes Esther. She pays the appropriate obeisances to the altars of the Four in turn, evidently hedging her bets, and then steps to the side to let the departing Brother make his way elsewhere. As her eyes slowly accustom to the light she looks with mild curiosity at the other worshipers.

Oliaf watches as the chosen gets pulled away and smiles, "well mother superior. It must be nice to have such a strong and dedicated man such as him by your side. " as he gives her a knowing smile. "I have seen many a lass take a long hard look at that one as I walked by, surely you are blessed."

There is a small incline of Tylon's head to Thomas as he gets called away, a gentle,"Of course, Brother," Never mind that those green eyes of hers track his entire departure. Lingering upon the door way he went through for a second or two before she sighs, some stray thought about the gardens and rain running through her mind again. Giving a shake ot her head as she tries to clear it from her mind.

Offering a smile to Oliaf,"The Guardians did certainly bless me in bring his path to run with mine. It is quite nice to have a Chosen, a man like him by my side. I had not expected to have such a thing." A gentle incline of her head offered towards Esther in seeing the woman taking refuge from the rain and lingering after her prayers were given up to the Guardians.

Esther pays proper respects to Tylon. "Mother Superior," she murmurs politely. "Master Oliaf." The big mason gets just the ghost of a smile. "Beg pardon. I do not wish to intrude…"

Oliaf looks to Esther and smiles. "there is nothing to beg mistress Esther, how are you this fine wet day?" he grins

"There is no intrusion, so nothing to forgive as Master Oliaf points out, Mistress Esther," Tylon offering a gentle smile to the woman. A flickering glance sent back to that door as Oliaf sees to inquiring after the woman's day. She forces herself to concentrate upon the moment as she draws her attention back to the pair,"The weather does rather seem to have encouraged a few to come in today."

"I am fine, Master Oliaf, thank you for asking. And it is but a little summer rain," Esther replies lightly. At the comment from Tylon she smiles a little wider than before. "I am not sure if the Mother Superior is suggesting that I am a fair-weather worshiper or that I am a foul-weather worshiper," she adds innocently, giving Tylon another obeisance. Laughter sparkles in her eyes as she studies Oliaf; she would not presume to look directly at Tylon with that amusement in her gaze.

Oliaf Chuckles softly and shrugs "Some times Mistress they can be on in the same. " he quips, "though at least I've been given a spring bath in a mannor of speaking." he grins impishly.

"I am quite certain you are an even-weather worshiper, Mistress," comes Tylon's soft reply. A gentle smile coming as she adds,"However, our mutual friend here, has admitted it was only the rain that reminded him of how long it had been since he last stopped to see after his prayers."

"It has been a while, Mother," Esther admits with a rueful smile. "I have been busy with my work…not that that blessing is any excuse. And you, Master Oliaf, how has cutting stone treated you of late?"

Oliaf grunts. "Well if you don't mind being constantly coated in dust. " as he gives a warm smile and his eyes sparkle " tis a good thing that circus is gone as Me workers are finally getting to work instead of sluffing off. "

"Quite true, it is not, since it would be a good reason to give thanks. As it is good to remember to thank Them for what we do have, and not just remember Them when we hope for Their aid." Tylon adding with a soft smile and light tease,"Or in need of a dry place to escape to." A slight shake of her head comes,"Now Master Oliaf, you know a bit of fun is always needed in our lives, the circus was only here for a short bit of time after all."

Esther accepts the mild-mannered chiding from Mother Tylon with good grace. "I did not manage to see the circus. The tavern was busy with circus-goers, and so I had to learn of its charms second-hand. Was there really a knife-thrower that could set blades around a girl on a spinning wheel without harming her?"

Oliaf scoffs a bit at the mother but good naturedly. "With all due Mother superior I dont mind a bit of laxiness from time to time but not when there is a quota to be met. Tis hard enough when a few take off but when you have nearly half yer work force go on the lamb just to see some gimmics well that seriously hurts production, I hand to work even longer hours just to bridge the gap and we still nearly didn't make our quota." he looks to Esther. " I can imagine, I wasn't able to get in on a few days to get some brew. Had to settle for the inn's, and its not nearly as good. "

"I do not deny that, Master Oliaf. And I do not claim to know what all must go into the needs of your work. I fear though, there are always those who end up working harder to make up for shortfalls of those who slack off. However, I would think that knowing such an attraction was coming to town, one would also be able to predict that the men's interests in work would be straying a fair bit, yes?" Tylon gives a gentle not to Esther,"I do believe I saw a advert for that attraction, though I admit I did not see it myself. "

Esther sighs, deprived yet again of hearing even second hand of the marvelous knife-thrower. She brushes fingers through her hair once more to shed the last few droplets of water that still adhere, and offers with a mischievous smile, "Master Oliaf, if you would point out your workers to me, I will ensure they are reminded of their duties when they enter the Drunken Clam."

Oliaf grins as he bows. "tis not a matter anymore as I've made sure those who didn't request the time of and yet went are now doing extra work to make up for what they slacked off. Dispilin must be ensured and fair to all and I know my lads, and lass's work hard and play hard but they must know when its ok to do one without affecting the other. " He looks to Tylon and adds "I shall endeavor to frequent the temple more as I do miss seeing such a lovely lady in robes. " his eyes twinkle again as he teases the beloved mother superior.

A soft laugh comes as Tylon shakes her head at Oliaf,"I do fear you've been listening to far to much of the gossip down near the docks with talk like that, Master Oliaf." Go for one swim to pull someone out of the water, and you just never live it down. A small nod occurs,"Discipline is important, even our Acolytes are given lesson to ensure they understand it well enough. " her gaze shifting to Esther,"Surely they can be noted by all the dust they are covered in, as i assume they are like Master Oliaf here, forever covered in the stuff."

"Some of them are indeed covered in dust, Mother Superior," Esther agrees, "but some actually wash themselves before they call into our establishment." And she's looking at Oliaf, grinning and teasing.

Oliaf says. "of course we bathe.. " a short pause.."well most of the time. " he grins, as he is able to give as good as he gets. "Though in a tavern filled with people how would one really know the difference" he laughs and looks to Tylon. "Dear lady I wasn't referring to that at all but now that /you/ mentioned it I bet its a grand story to hear. " and should Tylon allow Oliaf will bend his head and grace Tylon's cheek with a gentle chaste kiss. "As always dear one you are a joy to spend time with, I'm truly grateful to have you here at this temple overseeing it."

A look of mock surprise comes to Tylon's features at Esther's comment,"Truly? I was given to believe that they all wait for the rain to clear away the dust, preferring to be covered in the fine offerings of Bornas." The Mother Superior happily adding into the tease. Tylon gives a slight shake of her head,"Not so much grand as sad, rightly. Least the reason for it, I'm sure the dock folk don't focus upon that bit of it at all." Indeed, the woman has heard plenty of what the dock workers and sailors have focused on. Tylon does offer a light smiles,"You honor me, Master Oliaf, as I am only seeing to the work and duties that the Guardians have called me to. "

Esther dips her head politely. "Thank you for talking, Mother, and you too, Master Oliaf. But I must return, lest my superiors wonder why I dally. I think the rain is easing." And she heads towards the doors.

Oliaf cocks his head. "really, is the tavern that empty that this old mason could get a decent draft?" he asks Esther, "Or do I still have to drink what they serve at the inn.?"

Tylon inclines her head to Esther,"It has been a pleasure, Mistress, may the Guardians watch over you." A incline of her head as well to Oliaf,"And to you as well Master Oliaf." Drifting away as the matter of heading to the tavern takes over the conversation. The Mother Superior's eyes returning to the direction her Chosen departed earlier and soon heading that way herself. Just how she manages to keep to a calm even pace might be a true mystery.

"May the Guardians watch over you too, Mother," Esther smiles as she walks swiftly out into what is left of the rain.

Oliaf bows to Tylon as he makes his exit.

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