Evander Taniford


A dreamer as a child, who devoted a great amount of his time in the study of various natural sciences, Evander wasn't so much of an ignored child, as he was simply and isolated ones with odd interests. This allowed him a slightly jaded, yet sarcastic sense of humor, tending to deal with hostility with a wise-ass remark or dry wit. Astronomy was the biggest one of his passions, which caused him to spend a majority of his time stargazing, which then turned to invention and other sciences. But with the war raging, he to set aside these hobbies as his major time sink and dedicate himself to his training as a Knight, something he excelled at. Eventually he found himself on the front lines of the conflict, combating Corsairs where they appeared until one particular battle left him the sole survivor and on death's door. It was Lady Nimue Sollinger who had been in the area and found him, nursing him back to health. The pair struck up a long-lasting friendship after that, which eventually turned to love and finally marriage. While he may not be the greatest politician ever, he however supportive of his wife's duties at Countess and does what he can to keep work from overwhelming her. This has as well given him more free to again pursue his more academic interests.

"The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent."

Carl Sagan

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