Fashion of Eikeren

The Temple

Priests & Priestesses

The fashion of the Temple of Four is pretty simple, all of them generally wear robes. The robes are well made and crafted from fine fabrics. While the style of the robes vary from person to person the basic coloring of them does not.

Acolytes are typically in a white robe with the symbol of the Temple of Four on the back. They are given white robes to symbolize that they are as of yet unwritten and preparing to follow their Guardian of choice.

Priests tend towards robes of coloring that they feel honor their chosen Guardian. This is a sign of their devotion to their Guardian. The Temple Priests have a similar coloring except their robes tend to be blended with silver, a sign of their rank.

The High Priests tend towards royal purple robes with a tall cap (think pope cap), the greatest symbol of their devotion to the Guardians. On the back of them is the symbol for the Temple of Four.

The Chosen




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