Princess Fayre Taniford
Abby Lee Kershaw
Abby Lee Kershaw as Fayre Taniford
Full Name: Fayre Taniford
Byname: Wil o' th' Wisp
Age: 17
Kingdom: Taniford
House: Taniford
Title/Profession: Her Royal Highness, Princess Fayre Taniford
Position: Crown Princess of Taniford and heiress to the throne
Place of Birth: The Summer Citadel
Father: King Greggen Varghem
Mother: Queen Regina Taniford
Siblings: Prince Darrin Taniford, Prince Samwell Taniford, Princess Aylanora Taniford (d)
Spouse: unwed
Children: none


Born in the midst of the Corsair wars, Fayre was nevertheless exposed to but little danger during her early life. She's bright and inquisitive, with a wanderlust often at odds with her station. She's known to be an adept rider with a fondness to go very fast, and she's considered quite good with a bow for her age. She had a deep fondness for what her governesses called 'fancy', fairytales (though she was drawn to the dark kind), mystery, and the idea of exploration.
Unfortunately not many months before her 17th birthday, her world was drastically changed when Kerilyn, the Harpy of the North, seduced her brother Darrin and with him killed her older sister. Fayre found herself in the midst of a diabolical plot that ended with an early declaration of her adulthood and taking the place of her dead sister as Voice of the Queen and Heiress.

Immediate Family

The Royal Tanifords, Duke Pawel

Physical Features

She is slender and willowy in a way, a young female and not yet a woman, at least in how she looks just yet. At the moment she seems stuck in her stage where many her age reach, long armed, slender almost thin form, yet there is something that just under the surface showing that once a bit older she will indeed be a sight upon the eyes of others.

Dark gold, almost honey like in color is her hair, which flows down past her shoulders and has the slightest bit of wave across it, normally worn in a braid to keep out of her way. If eyes are a window to one's soul then hers could be like windows, they are a bright intense royal blue that even with the hardship's she has seen still hold a childlike curiosity to them. Her lips are slender in shape, yet slightly full in form, nose slender while her cheekbones are high, and her chin is smooth. A faint bit of tan rests across some of her skin showing she's spent some time outside, though with it fading it has been a while.

Her manner of dress is always elegant, be it a gown, every day sort of dress, or something more down to earth like riding gear. At the moment she has on a rather lovely pale blue dress that has silver trim across the edges, the sleeves are long almost billowing and are often held off the ground when she walks. The edge of the gown itself is hemmed up just enough so it doesn't drag across the ground. It has a rather lovely bodice that gives her willowy form a smoother almost hourglass like shape.


Passion for the esoteric, wanderlust

On the Grid

Known Associates

Regina Regina Taniford : Mommy dearest… Being the Queen of Taniford is of course an important job. Fayre was the fouth child, the spare as it were and she didn't always get to spend time with her parents. Now that things have changed, and that Fayre is the Heir of Taniford the two have been spending a bit more time with one another.
Greggen Greggen Varghem : Just like her mother Fayre didn't and still hasn't spent a lot of time with her father. Even now she tends to be shuffled among different members of the family for lessons and more lessons. Though she takes it all in stride knowing it is a must.
Samwell Samwell Taniford : If anyone may know how she feels it would be her brother. Someone she always looked up to as a child, and someone she still looks up to now. Fayre will always be at her brother's back, they only have one another left now with two siblings gone, one dead and one the cause of it.
Aylanoral Aylanora Taniford (d) : The reason Fayre is now the Heir of Taniford lies in the fact that her elder sister Aylanora was murdered. The spare child Fayre was then in need to fill in her spot so to speak. Fayre regrets not getting to know her sister better, always having her head in fairy tales while her sister was busy with lessons. If Fayre knew then what she knew now things may have been very different between the two. In the end she misses her sister dearly.
Darrin Darrin Taniford : Traitor, murderer, her once brother the cause of their own sisters death. She doesn't think of Darrin, and when she does it brings her nothing but sadness that the family was torn apart because of him.

Recent Logs

Recent Memoirs


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