Festival of Altheara : Horse Racing

Festival of Altheara : Horse Racing
Summary: A bit of horse racing to start off the Festival of Altheara, though it seems things get far more lively amongst the noblity.
Date: 19/August/2013
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Laketown - Open Field
The tournament field is expansive and properly flattened to accommodate the events. The center is dominated by the list, deliniated by a series of wooden markers. To one side is a special dais for the highest sovereigns and their guests - the berfrois - where nobles and royals sit above the rest to view the events. To the left of the dais is a small circular station ringed with a single-rail fence where the melee events are hosted. Far off to the right a series of archery targets spaced at various intervals allow for archery competitions. Beyond all of this the field has been cleared for the various pavilions of those competing.

The single packed dirt road leads back eastward toward Laketown.

Mon Aug 19, 1329

With the last days of summer winding down and the first day of fall but days away, it was time for the Festival of Altheara. The tournament field had been decorated in accordance with change of the seasons and the winds that brought it, festive ribbons of reds, oranges, yellows and browns along with the violet often used to represent the Guardian. The stands had been freshly cleaned for the days event, and there were a smattering of vendors walking amongst the spectators hocking their various treats and drinks to those who had interest in partaking in such. And as most events sponsored by the Temple of Four, many a Chosen, Priest and Priestess could be found mixed into the crowds. And Chosen were seen stationed about to ensure order was kept this day.

The Temple Priestess of Laketown was certainly about as the festivities began to come together to get under way. The blue robed woman standing near another woman with dark hair in simple robes of violet. "Priestess Jeslyn, You've done wonders as always. I know I need not worry when you take up these tasks. Not long then, yes?"

Thomas stands a bit a part form Tylon, but his eyes constantly flit to the Temple Priestess. And when they do he just smiles. But back to the younger Chosen he turns and nods, "Yes, yes, but you just don't ride out to the country for a lark. And along the river? Have you not heard of the raids by the Corsairs?" Really, these new Chosen will end up dead or worse.

Arriving with Prada, Xander accepts the small token she offers him and ties it around his wrist before he pays the young Lady a light kiss on the cheek. "Just more practice, I reckon." he drawls before he catches Prada's hand in his and gives it a squeeze, his finger brushing across the ring he wears for a moment. "Just keep cheering." he winks and turns the caramel colored chestnut to go join where the racers are assembling at.

"Be easy with my horse Xander. My horse." Prada calls as the man turns to leave. The lady then makes her way to the stands to find a seat to watch and wait. She seems in a cheeful mood for once yet she speaks to none present. A bit perhaps preoccupied in thought.

"Keep telling yourself that, Prada." Xander says casually as he leads the mare away. "Like me, he is not so easily owned." he comments with a wink as he leads the horse over. "Man, look at all the northerners. " he murmurs to himself with a slight whistle. A two fingered salute is tossed Thomas-ward. "I look forward to taking my place back as the sharpshooter of the kingdom tomorrow." he says with a good-natured grin.

As the last of the straggling spectators and racers seemed to arrive, Tylon gave a nod to the Priestess of Altheara, a smile given towards Thomas before she steps upon the box for such purposes of speechifying from. Waiting for some of the chatter to die down before her voices carries out over the gathered crowds,"Welcome one and all to the start of our celebration of Altheara and her winds that bring the change of seasons, the signal that harvest time will soon come and the celebrations of them. Today we come to witness the fine speed of the fine horses of the realms and their riders, let us all be certain to cheer them on and give rememberance to Altheara herself. And without keeping you any further, I hand this over to our racing coordinator, Priestess Jeslyn." Giving a wave to the othe rpriestess with her before a clapping of her hands, a retreat from the box.

Stepping upon the box, the simple Priestess of Altheara takes up the spot. Her voice soft but carried by the winds themselves to the far reaches of the grounds,"Again welcome one and all. We have many fine competitors today along with their riders. Some of the finest, and to get us started, our first race will be between Sir Xander Lohstren and Lady Victricia Riedel! Riders please report to the starting line!"

Festivals were nothing if not an excuse to indulge a little. Rakel had done just that - late finding her way to to the racing grounds for an excursion to buy a little marzipan horse and rider to the theme of the day's events. She holds the candy light in her fingers while she picks her way through crowds, smiling over the silly little thing like she were six and it were the most awesome doll evar. She doesn't take to the stands, as she probably should, but slips up to the rail near the finishing line, about the time that Tylon passes things off to Jeslyn to announce the first race.

Thomas catches the salute and smiles, bowing his head "And you shall have that chance, good Sir. If the Guardians smile upon you that day," he says to Xander. As he is about to say more, Tylon steps up on the box and begins, so he turns and listens, though perhaps his gaze upon her cuts out the words she does say. He motions to one of the Acolytes who brings over his big war horse, not one of those fast and fancy beasts, this is the same horse that has carried him mile upon mile across both Kingdoms. He pats the nuzzle of the horse, reaches in a small pouch at his side and gives it a chunk of carrot. As Tylon steps down and his name is not called, he leads the black horse to where she stands and leans his head "And what do you have for me to carry on this race?" He asks, smiling.

"You're not beating me this time, Victricia," Sammel grumbled playfully from where he stood side by side with his fresh made wife. "I'll have my revenge, alright, and it'll be sweet and just." With a crinkle to his eyes he looked towards the priestess as she summoned up the first participants. One of which happened to be his wife. "But I -do- hope you beat that Southern bastard proper." So said, the tall blonde knight of House Riedel picked up Victricia's hand, and put it against his mouth for a quick knightly kiss of favor and good luck. A jerk of his head summoned his wife's horse, and he would do the duty of helping her up himself.

"See you in a bit, Prada." Xander says with a devil-may-care grin as he trots the horse on out as he casts a grin towards Jeslyn. "You forgot the Master of Disaster, the Sword-Swingenest, Bow-Shootingest, most Rooting-Tooting Carousing Knight this side of Shelter Lake." he comments with a wink. "Ah, Lady Victricia, good to see that Lord Sammel ain't been riding you hard enough to make you not to want to ride anymore!" he teases unabashedly as he tries to keep the newlywed off of her game as he settles his mount into position.

"But you deserve to be beat," Vi murmured, watching Sammel with a playful glimmer in her eyes. "At least once a day, just to keep your ego from swelling out of proportion," ever so helpfully advised, before she watched him capture her hand and smiled over the kiss. "All the favor I shall need, I suppose." And she just had to draw the Southerner, didn't she? And then, the lady, with his aid, swung up into her seat and the sound of her laugher swelled with Xander's remark. "Riding me hard? How lazy your Southern women must be, in the North, tis the Lady who rides. And Sir Knight," that smile was unquestionably wicked, "We ride hard." Now, to see that her mount was settled into position.

"Ah, naw, we're firm believers in the share and share alike program, but hey, my cousin would know all about how hard those Northern Noble women ride." Xander offers yet another one of those Kharnas-can-kiss-my-ass smiles as he chuckles easily.

"Share and share alike, is -that- why you have so many unfaithful women beneath your roofs?" Vi countered, tongue and cheek without missing a beat. "I had wondered. Thank you, that explains how they've gotten such loose…tongues."

Sammel threw his head back and laughed at Victricia's commend, eyes twinkling and his lips pealed back in a wide white-toothed grin. He gave her one last clap on the leg once she was boosted up, then pulled back to spectate. His posture was casual, arms folding over his chest as he waited for the race to start.

"Oh no, last I heard, it's your Princesses that double as the caverns of Bornas." Xander just seems fine with the banter, "Heard a man falls in there, it takes an oxen team of twelve to pull them out." Again, so casual, just not a damn care in the world. Assured of himself, at least.

At that, Vi threw her head back and laughed, loud and carefree and easy and dipped her head in commendation. "Well said, Sir. Well said. For that alone I ought to buy you a round, when we're through." Wait what? Wasn't that? Naw, Vi had a vicious streak and Xander just touched upon a piece of it. "Though I did hear they found your Prince at the bottom of it."

With the first pair of riders lined up and having more than a fine time of 'friendly' competative banter, Priestess Jeslyn looks between the two as she states,"Riders, are you ready? " Waiting for an affirmative from both before she raises her arms,"Then on the count of three……Three…two…one…..Go!!!" Her arms falling with the Go to signal the start.

"Piece of the Prince, and half of your army, was what I heard." Xander grins. "I'll gladly accept that drink, though. Just make sure that you don't add anything that you know would want you to take advantage of me, since you know, you're just now married, and guardians know, you're already unsatisified." He wiggles a pinkie finger suggestively, right until the announced start of the race, then goes quiet as he keeps his eyes on the track. "Let's do it to it." He says, listening to the Priestess countdown, and then with a loud, "HYAH!" he spurs the horse, kicking the Lohstren mare out of the start point.

<FS3> Victricia rolls Horsemanship: Good Success.

"They needed somewhere warm to hide, stuck as they were beneath the shadow of your frigid queen! Does the Blue Guard draw straws, to see who's left cleaning her cobwebs?" Vi had barely managed a wink, before Xander's pinky wiggling had her positively roaring with laughter, so much that it took her a moment to notice the priestess was counting down. At two, she tuned and on the go, she dug in her heels with a loud "GEEUP!" to the mare and tucked her body in low to its neck.

<FS3> Xander rolls Horsemanship: Good Success.

The two of them take off, the banter forgotten for a moment. While Victricia gets the early jump, Xander spurs his horse on and catches up. Rising up in the saddle, he crouches, putting the mare through his paces as they near the next turn.

Rakel had been busy pinching off bits of the marzipan rider's head to snack on and pass the time while waiting out the banter between the riders. When they were counted down, and lunged off the line, her attention turned back up. She didn't whoop and hollar, but she's wide-eyed and fidgety watching the horses tear down the track, bouncing lightly on her toes.

<FS3> Victricia rolls Horsemanship: Good Success.
<FS3> Xander rolls Horsemanship: Good Success.

If the Temple Priestess noticed she was being looked over like a new filly up on the auction block while she'd been giving her little opening remarks, Tylon makes no sign of it while she gives her fellow priestess proper respect and attention during the start of the event before making that final withdrawl into the rest of the spectators. Giving a warm smile towards Thomas when he approaches her leading his own horse yet. "You wish something more to carry for the race?" Some light tease in her voice as her eyes briefly touch to the pendant once given, but her hands already slip to draw a blue ribbon that was twined about the belts of her robes. Offering it over to him,"May Altheara be with you and see you ride swiftly, Brother." Her eye briefly catching the race that seems to be neck and neck so far.

"Do you linger behind overmuch, Sir Xander, my lord husband is like to think that you're enjoying the view. Surely you don't fancy a beating twice in one day?" Vi taunts and there, he's matched pace beside her. Once more laughter blooms and her grin, as she glances for a moment in his direction is crooked and inviting. "So the gentlemen fancies himself an equal, does he?" Though it's not a question that she waits on an answer for, instead digging in her heels.

Sammel's merry expression had earned an edge of temper somewhere through the banter between his wife and the southern knight. He still smiled, but it was one as sharp as a knife's edge. Something in the way he brushed his hand against ram's head pommel of his bastard sword said he wouldn't have minded putting it to use. None the less, he didn't. He just watched, head cocked silghtly to the side, until the horses were unleashed. Then nonchalance fled, the knight roaring with the crowd to cheer on Victricia to victory.

"Oh, I was just wondering if they used your rear as a roadblock on the bridge." Xander says with a chuckle of pure amusement as he casts a grin towards Victricia for only a moment as the two keep pace, nearing the finish line. "But seeing as you already have your prize, and I am still waiting to earn mine, perhaps I should let you finish riding hard and finding the remainder of your satisfaction with your horse that your husband cannot provide?" A grin at that.

Taking the ribbon with a grin "I am sure that my horse can carry me and anything else I wish. Though I am no certain how well he will do against these faster horses." Tucking the ribbon through his armor so that is may flutter over his shoulder he bends down and gives a quick peck on the cheek "And that's for you," Thomas says before turning to watch the start of the race. While the horses thunder off, the hooves striking the earth is felt, he watches "Very evenly matched," he notes as his free hand rubs the nose of his ride. As the blessing is heard over the thunder he smiles "And with that I am surely to do well, Tylon."

<FS3> Victricia rolls Horsemanship: Good Success.
<FS3> Xander rolls Horsemanship: Success.

Letting up on his reins for a moment, Xander trots his horse through the finish line. "Have fun stroking your Lord's bruised ego.. and other bits!" the knight calls out to Victricia. He wiggles that pinkie again, and salutes. "Excellent race." And with that, he leads the horse over to where Prada is. "Hey. Wanna go for a ride and chatter, or hang out here and watch the rest of this mess?"

A smile is given to Thomas as he gives that quick peck to her cheek, Tylon leaning and murmuring something softly to him before her eyes take in the final moments of the race,"It does seem a close one."

Tylon whispers to Thomas

The race is called as it goes,"A quick start off the line by Sir Xander, but Lady Victricia stays with him. And look likes we've got quite the race folks! Not an inch of ground being given up by either of them!" And so it seems til the end as the announces,"And down to the last, folks, but seems that the staying power just wasn't there for Sir Xander and Lady Victricia is our winner and will advance to the finals."

Priestess Jeslyn glances at her sheet before calling,"Our next race is between Sir Sammel Riedel and our own Brother Thomas Marbry! Please take your marks at the starting line gentlemen!"

"And here I had heard it was your ego," Vi countered in sing-song, nary a sign of offense to be found on her face. Good fun, had in good humor even as the finish line came into view. "Such a gracious knight," Vi murmurs, letting the mare fade into a canter as they settle beyond the finish line. "And thank you, for the race," called after him, before the lady raised her voice to the crowd, "A gracious knight, everyone! He puts the pleasure of the north, before the needs of the south." And then, she ambles back towards Sammel, in time to catch him before his own race.

"As if the Northern Nobles don't pleasure each other enough!" Xander says with a grin. "Madame Breac must be so proud." the knight comments. Straight out of the gate.

Rakel takes a step back from the dust cloud that follows Victricia and Xander across the finish line. There is a satisfied smile to see Vi take the race. When the next race was called, Rakel moved further down the track, closer toward the more clustered bodies near the start.

Everything called between the racers during the pursuit had been lost in the wind before it ever reached Sammel, but he did catch the exchange there after the victor had been announced. A glare of dislike flashed in Xander's direction. "Fucking disrespectful cur," he muttered under his breath with annoyance. He sneered, though as Victricia reached him he transformed it into a congratulatory grin. "You were magnificent, my Lady. I guess being light as a feather has its advantages at times." He chuckled, then made to get up onto his own horse so he could approach the starting line.

"Well done!" the Chosen exclaims as the two ride across the finish line. "That was very close." Thomas smiles to Tylon before he gets up on his horse. Moving to the starting line he look over to Sir Sammel. He bows his head "May the Guardians grant you favor, sir," then he looks at the horse that the man rides and smiles "I already feel at a disadvantage." He pats the old war horse and settles in the saddle. A quick prayer is mumbled before he takes up the reigns tighter with in his fists, waiting for the start.

Once the next pair of riders have lined up, Priestess Jeslyn looks between the two as she states,"Riders, are you ready? " And added smile to Brother Thomas as she waits for an affirmative from both before she raises her arms as before,"Then on the count of three……Three…two…one…..Go!!!" Her arms falling with the Go to signal the start of the race.

<FS3> Thomas rolls Horsemanship: Good Success.
<FS3> Sammel rolls Horsemanship: Success.

"Is that the best you can come up with Lord Sammel? Wow. No wonder your wife is unsatisified. She has a quick tongue. Yours is apparently fat and slow, like the sloth or the wallowing pig. Here, let me help you. Try something like, 'How dare you disrespect my King, you shallow, misbegotten loss of placenta from your mother's womb.'. Or, mayhaps, 'You have less worth to my wife than the monthly rags that she discards from the windows.' Or maybe, 'I'm sorry that my prick is so small that it can satisify only a field mouse's twat, never the cavernous open of the Princess Caverns'. And then buy her a nice dinner afterwards." Xander offers casually, working Sammel's nerve just for the race. "Have a good race! Good luck!" A grin and he glances to Prada to wait for her to state her wants.

The banter of the pair neither impresses Prada nor entertains her, nothing she hasnt heard before. In fact the lady seems a bit bored and tired as she moves from the stands to take the horse from Xander. "No more so than your foul mouthed wife Sir." is all the Southern lady offers to Samell with a shrug, her chin going up as she leads the horse away, "Laketown if you please Sir Xander or home. Unless of course there is need to stay longer so you can take pity on yet another Northerner." she continues with a light laugh.

No sooner had the word "Go" been shouted Thomas had put his heels to the big horse. The mighty hooves beat the ground into submission and dirt flies out behind them. He doesn't look for the Lord of the North, his attention focused on the next turn, and only that.

Taking Prada's hand, Xander helps her on board. "To Laketown. I figured that Thomas is going to end up winning. The Guardians blessed him or something." he shrugs his shoulders, and snaps the reins so that the horse leads the couple out.

With the starting of the next race, Tylon's gaze is drawn briefly from the start to see a few of the Chosen tensing up as they do quite keep up with the 'banter' that goes on between the Southern and Norther nobles. Tasked with keeping the peace over the Temple's events, they keep ready to interveen if needed, relaxing marginally when Sir Sammel reports to the starting line. In watching the signs, Tylon just gives a faint shake of her head, but trusting well in the Chosen's abilities, her attention goes back to the race just in time to see the start and the lead that Thomas manages to start with,"Go Brother Thomas!"

"I prefer action over words. To which end: We will settle this matter to the death by means of swords. But first, I must ride! Until then." Cheerful was Sammel all of a sudden, brigth gleam in his eyes, a cold twist to his lips. His head swung in Tomas' direction. "Good luck to you as well, Brother." And so they were off! He must have gotten somewhat distracted (at least that was how he would explain it to himself) because he immediately fell behind. Growling, he leaned forward and made his best to catch up.

<FS3> Sammel rolls Horsemanship: Success.
<FS3> Thomas rolls Horsemanship: Good Success.

Victricia just…stared. From Xander, who had openly and rather loudly, insulted Sammel, to Sammel, who plainfaced challenged the man to the death. And they'd come for horse races. By the Gods!

The next turn is up, Thomas nears it and turns the war horse with practiced ease before he leans forward again and digs his heels into the flanks of the beast. The mighty horse answers as it has always done, ears pinned back, nostrils flared, it is as if the rider and the horse are one. One that comes from long days together, one that comes from being in battle together. Only as they turn does he give a glance to the Riedel before his attention is turned back to the finish line.

Hunched over his horse, he drove it forward with quiet growls that never got loud enough to carry over the din of thundering hoofs. His expression was one of absolute focus, as he tried to employ whatever skill he had to coax his mount into further speed. It wasn't doing much good. For every length of track covered, he fell further and further behind. Even if he was, perhaps, still soemwhat int he game.

<FS3> Sammel rolls Horsemanship: Great Success.

"How interesting," Rakel murmurs to herself watching everything go down around her, from race to challenges. Her feet carry her on, to pass Vi, and offer her a congratulatory, "Well run," on her way back out to the festival at large.

<FS3> Thomas rolls Horsemanship: Great Success.

"Straight off the line, Brother Thomas gets the lead!" The races calling coming once the horses are off the line,"and that lead is lengthened as they round that corner to head on back! Can Sir Sammel back up the distance?" The question that hangs on the air as the final length is taken by the riders, answered when the finish line is crossed,"A good push by Sir Sammel ther ein the end, but not quite enough and it is Brother Thomas that advances on to the finals!

Along the end track, Sammel managed to get finally into the proper rythm, making one last desperate charge for victory. It wasn't enough, especially when Thomas quite obviously had a fifth gear to work with himself. With a grunt of dissatisfied failure he let his horse slow down to a walk. "A good race, Brother. You're a worthy victor. I wish you further good luck." His head dipped slightly in a gesture of respect towards the Chosen who had defeated him on the track.

Brushing a hand down the length of Gilly's mane, Vi watched the race, though in truth, she didn't have her mind on it. Instead it was somewhere else entirely, though she did manage a hearty cheer when he gave that last push and then offered a respectful clap for the victor.

They cross the finish line, Thomas not that far ahead, really. He slows the big horse and bows once again "And to you, good Sir, a well run race." He brings the beast to a stop near Tylon and dismounts, the rider and the horse breathing hard. A hand goes to the ribbon "The Guardians and the ribbon seemed to have blessed me that round," he says with a smile.

A cheer goes up from Tylon as Thomas does cross the line first, a bit of a grin to see him finish first. The priestess shifting back to watch as the horses slow and Priestess Jeslyn steps up once again.

The Priestess of Altheara calls,"And for the final race, we have Lady Victricia and Brother Thomas. Riders, please make your way to the starting line again."

Tylon does give Thomas a smile when he stops near her,"It does seem so, Brother Thomas." Her eyes flickering towards the Altheran Priestess,"I shall pray that they yet aid you in the finals, Brother."

"I suppose it's a sign I should attend Temple more often," Sammel said, gregarious in victory for once. As Victricia was called up once more to partake in the race, he made sure to cross paths with her on the way, leaning out of the saddle to press a light kiss against her cheek. "He's a good one. But I'll figure your luck's always better."
Then his eyes went to the crowd, searching, searching, and finding no sign of the knight who had insulted him in public, and whom he had challanged. He frowned.

With a cluck of her tongue to the fiesty little mare that Vi sat astride, the lady guided her mount first not to the finish line, but to her husband, where she reached out and laid a hand against his cheek as he leaned. Her head turned in the last minute, so that it was his lips she caught instead. Chaste, for all that it was public as could be, "We'll see if it's with me today," and then, onwards to the starting line. That she was racing a man of faith, wasn't beyond her in irony. It was the Other who held her homage.

Shocked at not even getting a rest before Thomas is called once again to the start, he looks to Tylon. He nods "I shall need it I fear, she is a good rider." He swings up into the saddle once again, slowly walking his horse to the line, both trying to catch their breath and thus stalling for a bit. He sees the Lady Victricia and bows his head "And may the Guardians grant you Favor, Lady Riedel," he says, formally and using her new title.

"Good luck to you as well, Chosen," Vi offered, with a gracious dip of her head in Thomas' direction; her smile kind and her quips backed away. Honestly, Sammel calling for a challenge to the death had rather soured her mood and put a dampener on her festive mood. Nevermind the dark cloud it cast on her future. Men.

Additional time is given for the riders to line up with Thomas having just finished the last race. But with the final pair of riders have lined up and given a few moments to settle in, Priestess Jeslyn looks between the two as she states,"Riders, are you ready? " To both she offers,"Good luck and swiftness to both of you," as she waits for an affirmative from both. When both are ready, she raises her arms once more,"Then on the count of three……Three…two…one…..Go!!!" The priestess' arms falling once again to signal the start.

<FS3> Victricia rolls Horsemanship: Good Success.
<FS3> Thomas rolls Horsemanship: Great Success.
<FS3> Victricia rolls Horsemanship: Good Success.
<FS3> Victricia rolls Horsemanship: Good Success.
<FS3> Thomas rolls Horsemanship: Success.
<FS3> Thomas rolls Horsemanship: Good Success.
<FS3> Victricia rolls Horsemanship: Success.
<FS3> Thomas rolls Horsemanship: Failure.
<FS3> Victricia rolls Horsemanship: Success.
<FS3> Victricia rolls Horsemanship: Success.
<FS3> Thomas rolls Horsemanship: Good Success.
<FS3> Thomas rolls Horsemanship: Failure.

Merrick has been there for the better part of the event, though a solid silent sentry for his part to play. Not everyone can be a man upon a horse charging down a track, some have to keep to their duty and watch the crowds, make sure that no one is going to threaten the order of the festival or break Temple law. Either way, his eyes aren't on the horses charging by, but rather the people, trying to determine where a challenge came from or a threat. He shifts in his stance and does another circuit, slow purposeful strides, sharp gaze ever watchful from underneath his helm.

The first race, who could tell who won? They were set up again, both Thomas and his horse at the starting line getting their breath. His horse, built for strenght, not racing, paws at the ground. "One more time, old friend," he whispers to the ear of the horse. Sitting up he looks to Victricia and nods "Well done, Lady Riedel. Well done. I guess it is another race?" And they are off, it is perhaps to much to ask of the war horse, he can go for days, ride into battle, but this, flat out running and carrying Thomas in all his Chosen armor is to much it would seem. Sure they were close, neck and neck till the end and that is where the faster horse won, not by much, but won none the less. As he slows the horse he looks over to the Lady "And the Guardians were with you, My Lady. Well done and congratulations. It was a fine and fair race."

"And they are off folks, neck and neck! Well matched these two!" The calling of the race occuring once more as it proceeds," not an inch given at all. Round they'll go again folks!" A brief breather given, but surely not long enough for either before they go again,"Still well match…but oh, oh…looks like some ground being lost….and there we go folks…And our winner of the horse race is Lady Victricia with second place going to Brother Thomas! Good showing to all our horses and riders this day. Time for them all to catch a breather and everyone to enjoy the refreshments about, and a reminder that all the event prices will be awarded during the Festival of Kites just prior to the crowning of this years Queen of Love and Beauty.""

"By the Guardians, Victricia. Is there any horse race you -dont- win?" Sammel asked with laughing bafflement, cheer returned to the knight by the sight of his wife winning the race. Even if echoes of the earlier exchanges still lingered in his eyes. They had a darker and meaner cast than usual, and his fingers kept stroking the ram's head pommel of his sword. "We'll have to celebrate! Perhaps take a walk through the Merchant Quarter and see if there isn't anything that catches your eye, and leaves you with something tangiable to remember today by?"

Light, is the lady and as she'd told the Southerner, hard is how she rides, while the mare seems simply gleeful simply to be given the chance to stretch its legs and run. It's a game, isn't it? Not entirely so for Vi, there was something almost grim about her mindset, even if she'd done her best to keep her expression light. "I suppose it is, Chosen Thomas and then a cold stream for both of our mounts, I am sure." Offered, before she sank her heels in at the second running. Her hair was an all out mess, by the time they'd rode to a stop with the winner, by a small margin, falling to her graces. Though Thomas managed at the end to court her laughter and she dipped her head in his direction with a smile, "They were, yes." And they were many and One. "Thank you for the pleasure!" Before she set off, bouncing towards her husband and a servant to take her mount and cool her down.
"I've Kharnas own luck," Vi answered him with a wink, sliding down at his side. "And a handsome man, to call mine. But a walk would be lovely and soo, if I'm honest, would a cold tankard of ale."

With the need for yet another race needed, Tylon does murmur an added little prayer, the words quite lost to the thundering of hooves and cheering of the crowds. Watching with great attention, a cheer or three in there for Thomas, though she moves quickly to greet him near the finish line. "Splendid showing, Brother Thomas. Poor Maccus has earned more than his share of carrots I dare say after all of that." The Temple Priestess offering a slight incline of her head to Victricia,"Congratulation, Lady Victricia, a fine race."

Thomas slides down from the horse and pats the neck with a slap. He turns, smiling, "It was a fine race, Tylon. And you are right," he looks to the horse "Maccus has earned them." An acolyte comes and takes the horse from Thomas as the Chosen dusts him self off, for the last bit he was in Victricia's. "But we did well and by the graces of the Guardians it was a good race." But wait, did he hear right, for they are not that far apart, he turns his head and looks to Victricia for a moment before turning back to the Priestess, a bit of a cloud upon his expression.

"Cold ale it is, then," Sammel promised Victricia as he caught her arm and folded it over his own. With that he started to guide her out and away from the field, to give her what he had promised. And perhaps to brood over how to seek proper redress from other matters. Just not right now. It was the young Lady's moment to shine.

There is a slight cant of Tylon's head to have heard the same as her Chosen,"Certainly I mise heard you, Lady Victricia, that it was Altheara's luck with you this day, no?" A calmly laid reminder of just which Guardian was being celebrated, even if the rather poorly manner mentioning of the Fifth at a Temple event just seemed to fit well with the crass bantering and trashing the nobles had partaken of. But it was one thing to do that amongst theselves, another when the Guardians were being brought into it. A hand having lightly having settled upon Thomas' arm as she spoke.

"Indeed," Vi replied agreeing that she'd been misheard, with a smile and turned the full bulk of her attention to her husband, as if the matter were settled as she continued to walk away. It was a mantra in her head, the awareness that one might not debate with religious figures in public, regardless of what she thought and Vi thought…a lot. Most of which revolved around the example the leaders of the temple set to all the women who looked up to the woman in power, bedding a man and living with him outside of marriage. Nope nope nope. Walk away. So Vi did, because Sam had promised ale.

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