Festival of Altheara : Festival of Kites

Festival of Altheara : Festival of Kites
Summary: With the Festival of Altheara wrapping up, and kites being flown the peace and festivities are disrupted by a pack of thieves who turn out to be much, much more.
Date: 23/August/2013
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Laketown - Open Field
The tournament field is expansive and properly flattened to accommodate the events. The center is dominated by the list, deliniated by a series of wooden markers. To one side is a special dais for the highest sovereigns and their guests - the berfrois - where nobles and royals sit above the rest to view the events. To the left of the dais is a small circular station ringed with a single-rail fence where the melee events are hosted. Far off to the right a series of archery targets spaced at various intervals allow for archery competitions. Beyond all of this the field has been cleared for the various pavilions of those competing.
The single packed dirt road leads back eastward toward Laketown.
Fri Aug 23, 1329

With the Festival of Altheara continuing on, the final day of celebration having arrived to usher out that last day of summer. The field remains yet decorated for the festivities, the grounds kept clean by the Temple as today's vendors continue to offer up their usual offers of food and drink, trinkets with symbols of Altheara upon them and for today, kites for those who have not recalled to bring their own.

Today the stands are relatively empty, save for the occasional family or group taking a moment to fix up a kite or chug an ale as some tidbit of food is shared. Most are upon the field with kites with varying lengths of tails, some yet working upon fastening their prayers to create ever longer tails to eventually flutter into the sky in hopes of delivering them to Altheara.

Breanna hadn't fully thought about joining in the kite festival, the archery one was more up her alley but she has a bum shoulder so that left her unable to attended such things. She is at the moment actually looking over the kites that are to be found, she has one though it is nothing as fancy as the ones here. Crudely made but will most likely do the job. So perhaps she did give it some thought, and really why not offer up a bit of something? Her hair is pulled back save for a few curls that fall across her face, jacket in place of her normal cloak, clothing simple, tunic and breeches and boots. Yes even on her shoulder rests her bow and quiver. The kite is tucked lightly under her arm, the color hunter green with the form of a red hawk across the center of it along with small symbol of Altheara even seen across it., the tail of the kit is rolled up neatly so not to get torn off.

The vendors with the ale and mead may well have shut down early for the stock lost to Johan's coin. He still has a couple of skins hanging from his belt and a drinking horn in his hand. By the Four, he's really cut loose this festival. But by Monday next, he'd be back to work. Probably. But tonight? He's following after Byrony toward the kite field, 'serenading' her in his slightly off key, baritone, less quiet than the gruff smoked voice usually lays… "The portions of a woman that appeal to Man's depravity, are fashioned with considerable care; And what at first appears to be a common little cavity…Is really an elaborate affair…" He pauses though, as they reach the kites, looking up with a boyish grin, and points his (drinking) horn to the sky. "Lookit there. Kites." He has that look about him, looking up at the kites. Like he could fly the hell out of those kites. Up comes the drinking horn, draining quickly. Those kites wouldn't know what hit 'em.

Yup. That's her man. Bryony appears unable to decide whether to be amused or mortified. She goes with a bit of both. A lopsided grin curves her lips, mirth sparkling in her eyes. She shakes her head as he offers up his little ditty, her cheeks crimson in color and threatening to go darker. One dark eyebrow lifts as she glances up at him and then at the kites. "They are," the woman agrees. "Did you sleep last night? I own I have seen you drain a barrel and not be so… affected." It is not given with a lecturing tone. "Do you remember how to do this? Pick whichever one you like… Do I need to write the prayers?"

Moving through the grounds along side one of the Chosen, Tylon comments,"It seems another good number have come today. I would hope that in all the cities they are blessed to see so many come to give observance and respect to Altheara. Though it is time to get things moving. " The priestess giving a smile to the Chosen before stepping away, one of the small cloth kites held by her as she steps to address those gathered.

"I welcome you all once again to the Festival of Altheara! As we enjoy the last trappings of summer this day and seek to welcome the days of fall and the harvests soon come, let us give thanks to Altheara as her winds usher the passing of the seasons. And before we make to send our kites aloft to deliver our prayers to her, let us take a moment to recognize the winners of this years festival event." As Tylon calls out the names, runners head out to each and deliver a medallion on to them,"For swiftness of speed in the horse racing, first place went to Lady Victricia and second place went to Brother Thomas. "

"I woke in the hay in the storage room of the forge, trousers regretably in place. I would assume by waking, I slept, but I do not recall getting there," Johan admits to Byrony as he bumps shoulder to her. He starts to say more, but there is a Tylon there and he quiets to pay mind to the High Priests and her welcome. He does murmur, between lines, more hushed to Bryony, "You might need to write them for me."

Breanna glances up slightly at the voice that calls out to start the festival, or well end it, either way it works. She brushes her hands off a bit and turns wandering over to where the others are and goes about listening to all that is being said. The kite is still tucked under her arm. A curious glance is sent around and she lifts her head a touch as she catches sight of Johan and catches some things that are said. She smirks a moment and shakes her head with amusement before she looks off once more.

One of the Chosen present doesn't particularly involve himself in the kites nor the prayer writing thus far, standing at a vantage point on the perimeter to observe the populace. Merrick's not exactly alone either, having arrived quietly with a silver wolf at his heel. The large male wolf looks fresh from the wild, yet, the animal is obedient, showing no signs of aggression as he sits at the Brother's foot. The Chosen hismelf is wearing his surcoat proudly, stretched across the typical armour seen of most who serve the faith. His one hand is absently resting on the hilt of his sword, the other straight at his side.

Bryony's eyes lift to the heavens as her coloring deepens and one hand reaches up to brush at the leaves that dangle from one of the ends of her torc. "I know this day is for Altheara. Forgive me," the woman pleads of the sky softly. "But I fear it is Bornas that I will need this day…" The healer gives the smith another grin and a shake of her head. "Your behavior today may determine whether or not you are going to have a very large headache tomorrow," she teases before choosing a kite for them while the priestess speaks and then whispering to Johan.

Bryony whispers to Johan.

"Aside, aside!" Father Ravos Althearin shuffles through the crowds, unafraid to displace small children and their parents as he makes his way toward the Mother Superior's dais. Of course it help that a Brivey Chosen, come along for the trip to Laketown, follows but a half step behind. "Out of the way, step aside. Make room!"

As Tylon finshes her statements and commences the honors for the kite portion of the ceremonies, the young priest straddles up beside her. "Mother Superior," he barely chokes out the words as he falls deep into a bow. "Your Mothership! It is such an honor to see you in attendance at the Festival of Altheara." Ravos rises with a flourish, his dark curls swirling over his giant, green eyes. "I have personally seen to it that much kite fabric has come it's way here from Brivey - PERSONALLY. The bolts, I oversaw them bound and kitted myself. I knew the people would need the materials for fine kites, honoring the Lord Guardian Altheara. I knew it."

A rich smile covers his boyish face. He speaks as if addressing a champion knight. His hero. The Mother Superior. "My namesake. Did you know?" Father Althearin clears his throat. "Ravos Althearin. I was name after our Lord Altheara. So this event has special meaning in my heart, your Motherness."

A mild pause coming for whatever applause may come for the two before Tylon continues on," And for keen sight and accuracy in the archery contest, by a very narrow margin, first place went to Brother Thomas, with second place having gone to a mysterious Red Knight, whom has generously asked that his winning go towards charity. Congratulations to them all!"

As the final rumblings of cheering wind down, Tylon again speaks,"And without further ado, let the winds of Altheara carry our kites into the sky!" Upon her words a series of kites behind her take to the air at the hands of many an acolytes and Priestess Jeslyn. Soon additional acolytes and Covenant personal are wandering throuhg the crowds to aid those having trouble with their kites.

As she steps down from she is greeted by such..energy and the calm woman gives a slight blink before inclining her head to the priest. "That was quite thoughtful of you, Father Ravos. I am certain the people and our Guardian Altheara are quite appreciative of your efforts for this day." A gentle smile comes at the man's enthusiasium just seems to be boundless,"I am glad to hear that there is special meaning to you this day as ther eis for many of us. Have you prepared your own kite and the prayers for it?" Her hands slightly lifting the small and simple cloth kite as is tradition.

Breanna turns slightly at the voice from behind her, a rather pushy voice and that and she merely peers at Ravos before shifting to make room for him and getting slightly bumped along the way. A faint murmur of a mutter escaping her but that is it. She rolls her eyes before shaking her head and sends her gaze back to Tylon as the rest is spoken. Kites! Yes she has that one still under her arm, though she has also caught sight of Merrick and his furry friend. For a moment she pauses and she lifts a hand to wave towards him none the less.

Johan might have been one of those people Ravos bumped aside, or, he might have finally drunk enough to put a weave in his step and tripped a bit when he put his head down to recieve the whisper in his ear. He does stumble a half step, one way or the other. After listening to Bryony, he looks minorly bewildered, and 'whispers' in return, "Love? That is vague, yea? I was going to send up that you might be carried to me proper, marry me, and be my wife." After a thoughtful pause, he asks, "Or is that too long to fit on the tail?" When he lifts his head, to take a thoughtful pull at his ale, he notes a couple familiar faces in Breanna and Merrick, and gives passing greeting nods in their directions.

Merrick's attention turns from the healer whispering toward a gentlemen, to the dramatic and most amusing arrival of a Brivey Priest. Merrick doesn't so much display anything other than a tight smirk and a studious gaze that would relate his mirth for the flourish created by the said Priest. That one seems just a little entertaining, though for his duty, he remains posted where he is, nodding his head to those who wander by with more prayers to add to the tails of kites.
Yet, there is a child near by him that wanders up with a forelorn expression, trying to hoist his kite in the air and not quite getting it up there. Merrick does leave his post for this, stepping a few paces forward to kneel down toward the youthful lad of ten, murmuring to the lad to encourage him and then eventually help him as the kite is hoisted higher in the air, the lad sent running to get some air up under it. Once it's airborne, the lad grins and points toward it, as it goes higher with every breath of wind underneath. Merrick smiles to the boy, nodding, "She's reading your prayers now, with every breath of wind." He catches sight of Breanna and sends her a lifted hand in greeting, watching as the lad starts to run about him to further the kite higher and higher. "Woah, don't tangle it around me now-" he quickly stoops to avoid thus, seeing Johan's greeting, thusly returning it with a nod - but a long stare toward the ale. Disapproving? Perhaps.

Bryony reaches out with her free hand to try to stop Johan from tripping. It's not that she's ignoring people. She just has her hands a little full at the moment. His answer sends her back to crimson and she looks about to see just how many overheard that bit. A small smile is given to all and she quickly looks again to the smith. "I do not think it too long," she murmurs softly, embarassed but pleased nonetheless. "Perhaps there is even enough room to mention something about the forge or your family… Why not pray for a resolution to the conflict between the kingdoms, health and happiness for those we love and… and perhaps we should wait on the other… You know… until tomorrow. I do not think a day will make a difference."

Ravos' thin, pale hands clap furiously for the Mother Superior. "Excellent, Mother Superior. As eloquent as you are gifted by The Four." The young priest makes it his plan to follow her in matching strides wherever she should step. His heart beats so swiftly he worries it might just fly from his chest.

"I've honestly been so busy preparing the Brivey for my absence, and the kites for the townsfolk, and with the strangest thing happened at the temple today - - there was a Mother who came in, her robes, covered in filth. She could barely speak. I sent the acolytes to mind her, and then I was side tracked. But - - "

Ravos circles himself, looking left and right for a spare kite. "Bet there should - - " A small child drifts past and for half a second he's tempted to grab the kite from the striplings hands and present it to the Mother Superior. "There should be one around here somewhere Mother Superior. But, I DO know my prayers by heart, regardless of the kite."

Wet palms pat against the preists green robes as he searches for something immaterial. "There should be one around here. I know I had extras." In sheer excitement Ravos Althearin shouts over the crowds. "HAS ANYONE SEEN A PREISTLY KITE, BLACK WITH GOLD GILDING, OF SUCH IMMACULATE GLORY AND CONCEPTION THAT IT COULD SURELY DRAW ALTHEARA HERSELF FROM THE HEAVENS TO GIVE IT WINGS!?"


There has yet to a festival or even a wedding that Cafell has shown up on time to. The priestess taking the time to bath and change clothing is fashionably late. But, she is dressed in a nice neatly pressed robe. Her long brown hair has been brushed until it shines and it has been intricately braided and bound up. She is quietly sneaking in and once she enters she looks around and finds the food first as her stomach rumbles loudly. She makes a beeline for it her long lanky legs have no issue with getting her there quickly. But Father Ravos shouting about a Kite as her looking in his direction.

Breanna chuckles softly as she watches as the boy runs around Merrick a few times nearly tangling him up. That could be a problem. "Don't trip up there." She offers with an amused tone while she takes the few steps on towards where he happens to be. Her gaze turns to the boy that is now running off with his kite in the air. She does catch sight of Johan and offers a slight wave back towards him. There is a pause and she blinks a few times as she peers at Ravos and looks clearly unsure what to say or do for that matter and thus she stands there for a moment in awe so to speak.

"You are most kind, Father Ravos," comes the gentle tones from the Mother Superior. Easy steps carrying her amongst those present. A smile and nod occasionally going to a few familiar faces, thoug she does given the priest from Brivey a fair bit of her focus as he remains near her.

An eyebrow raises slightly as the mention of the priestess, a smile slowly forms,"Ah, that does sound like Mother Cafell, I knew she had go out on rounds once again. I was not quite certain if she had headed north or south this time. Sometimes she is simply called and gone as the Guardians need her to be. I am certain the acolytes in Brivey looked after her just fine." The woman giving a small nod,"I do imagine you do know them by heart, Father. However, as you recall, the nature of the kites is to carry the prayers within their tails up into the winds of Altheara."

Tylon's green eyes do give a bit of a blink when he takes to shouting over the crowd as he does. With the distraction of losing his kite, Tylon does give pause to look about at what else goes on with the many gathered.

From the direction of town, distant yet but yet able to be heard by those nearest are the sounds of metal clashing upon metal. Distant shouts accompanying and intersparsed within.

<FS3> Merrick rolls Perception: Success.

Merrick cracks a grin for Father Ravos, "I like him-" he says in the ear of Breanna, watching the eccentric Priest demand a kite that was built strictly for his priestly prayers. Merrick's eyes are on the swivel for the said kite though, peering up toward the heavens and wondering if it was already up there amongst the rest. Without seeing the gilded kite that is called upon, he's about to ask Breanna something, going so far as to murmur, "Have you—" and whatever else drops off to a sudden silence as his eyes flicker at something unseen. Whatever it is, it's troubling, some noise in the distance perhaps. He turns about, eyes scanning the horizon and the crowds…

Johan snorts quietly at Bryony and assures her, "I pray for those things from the Four every morning." Tis true. He visis the temple, every morning - when he's not recovering from a holidy binge drinking - and spends some half hour there in devout reflection and prayer. "I would ask… There, there is one." Johan doesn't think twice as to /why/ the immaculate glorious black and gold kite is there, untouched. He just walks up to it and takes the quill, dips it, and begins to write across the tail…of some very particular kite it would seem. "I will not be dissuaded," is mumbled Bryony's way. Only half of his prayer makes it to the tail though, before he dips his quill again, and pauses there, brow furrowed. He looks about, but no, he is not in his forge. He is not so drunk as that.

<FS3> Ravos rolls Perception: Embarassing Failure.
<FS3> Johan rolls Perception: Good Success.
<FS3> Breanna rolls Perception: Good Success.

Bryony softens a bit as Johan begins writing his prayer, unabke to keep the smile from her lips. She is just starting to add her own prayers to her kite when Ravos's shouting cuts through. Hazel eyes dart about, wide and wondering as she searches for this oh so holy of holiest kites, her own blue and green one dangling from her fingers. Her gaze wanders back to her smith and then widens, lips parting. "oh no… Oh… Johan… Johan, I think you have the mother's kite…"

Breanna chuckles softly as she hears Merrick. "Aye… He seems to be a bit on the amusing side." This said with an amused tone at the thought while she watches Ravos a few moments still listening in so to speak. Her kite is still tucked under her arm. "Have I what?…" There is a pause and she tilts her head to glance around slightly. "What.. Was that?" This is questioned to Merrick with a soft tone. There is something indeed that caught her attention but just to make sure might as well as Merrick as well.

"By Bornas' Mane!!" Ravos says with a heavy sigh. After going in circles twice, then thrice, he finally tires himself out. Hair dangles over his face like wrinkled curtains, and stick the sides of his red cheeks. "Oh no - -" he mumbles something about humiliating himself before the Mother Superior and goes on to groan about the loss of his kite. "AN OMEN!"

Stepping back from Mother Superior Tylon he holds one hand over his heart and the other at his forehead. In the most dramatic posturing he could strike he pauses and stops his eyes on Breanna.

"…?" She seems to stare at him. But all he can do is stare back, caught in an instance of sheer unpreparedness. "It's an omen!" He says the words, as if directly to her. As if pleading for help. "No?"

Merrick looks across toward the others in the area, namely, he's looking for his Brothers and Sisters, seeing if any of the other Chosen have picked up on the sounds that are distant. To Breanna, all subject matters but what they heard are irrelevant, "I thought it sounded…" his hand twitches down to his hilt, making a soft whistle to gain the attention of the silver wolf companion of his, some say that it's a gift of Bornas to have the creature at his side. Either way, the silver wolf trots on over, ears perked and head tilted, listening to the sounds that seem ominous at least. "What'd you hear?" The hilt of his sword is eased out of his scabbard, ready to come to action if needed.

The sounds grow closer, the sounds of metal clashing likely to be familiar for many of those who are battle hardens…sword striking sword. And the shouts and partial shouts that accompany the sound of fighting.

"Stop them!"


"….in the name of the Temple!"

"Stop, thieves!!"

Continuing to make her way to the Vendor Cafell finds the food. Politely she takes a piece of fruit to nibble and she pays for it, soon she is waiting. She is just about to take a bite, when the noise causes her to stop. She then puts the fruit in her belt pouch for later. Stepping away from the vendor she moves and she steps back and quietly watches and waits to see what happens.

There is no mistaking it now, Merrick is forming up into a defensive posture. There are women, children, Priests and Priestess' here, he can't simply leave them unless commanded to do so. He looks rather willing to hold a defensive line should the attackers… or perhaps those who are fleeing, come their way. "No trees to climb up this time," he says as an aside to Breanna, stepping forward, drawing out his blade instinctively, a metalic ring of it freeing from it's sheath being heard amongst the din. To the general area around him, "PROTECT THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN. GET THEM BACK!" The other Chosen no doubt sensing what he is and preparing for a skirmish.

Breanna swallows slightly as she hears the cling and clang of swords. "Swords.." She's not actually fought with them before but she knows the sound. At the comment from Merrick she smirks a tad and nods. "So it seems.." Her bow is pulled from her shoulder and she is busy pulling the string tighter while her gaze flicks over the area to see from truly which way the attackers are indeed coming it would seem.

Johan's half finished prayer remains there on the tail - with the incriminating name of one Mistress Bryony Fearn in case the Gods weren't sure just who he was speaking of - while he straightens up. His drinking horn is tucked to his belt while he moves closer to Bryony, one callused hand reaching out for her arm while he looks to the sound of the clashing. His other hand reaches to pull to pull one of his trusty hefty axes from where they hang at his belt. "Stay on the other side of me - Help with the lil'uns." As Merrick has belted out. Johan gives a shake to his head and moves forward a few steps, reaffirming his grip on his axe, trying to get the low fog to clear.

Bryony is surprised when the shouting starts ringing out and even moreso when she's suddenly grabbed. Worry covers her features but she's not stupid enough to argue. "Be. Careful. Don't do anything stupid…" She watches him move off and starts searching for where she can help out. Spying a 'lil'un' off on their own, the healer goes to play mother duck and try to get the girl to follow her to safety.

"Theives?" Father Ravos Althearin comes to his senses immediately. It all makes sense now. Thieves who steal prayers! Undoubtedly the work of that calamitous fiend Kharnas. How utterly wicked, how vile, how w- - - "What!?"

A large beast bounds into the open fields, and soon after the sounds of violence erupt along the premises. "Is this omen my kite spoke of?" Ravos mumbles softly just under breath. "It is," he nods assured. "I have FORETOLD the omens and read this oncoming cataclysm. Blessed be The Four, I knew this day would come, you have awakened in me something divine!"

All around men draw swords off the lists, dawn armor and prepare for the battle at end. Wolves aside, and kites be damned to the realm of shadows, now is the time to LEAD these people.

Ravos scrambles atop the dais, just far enough away from the melee, but close enough to be heard as he ministers at the top of his lungs.

"Eikerens! A cataclysm does befall us nigh, but we are not afraid. We have Altheara's protection!!"

Quickly smashing his palms together the young priest begins to pray - loudly. "Guardians that watch over our mortal realm, sires of the race of men, keep us now in your favor and grant us this day over our enemies. Smite them until they be smote, and thus smitten they shall be!"

As ever, when the sounds and shouts of danger come along, the need to see people to safety, Tylon is ushering them along only to go back into the melee to usher more people along towards the sides, to the direction of percieved safety.

But those feeling, see the crowd and actively head towards them, a distraction as they actively take to hacking and shooting at those gathered for the festival. They seeming to be a group of five dressed in dark grey, three have sword and two carry bows. Their pursures are Chosen, some who would be recognized as those left behind to watch over the temple.

<COMBAT> Thief1 attacks Johan with Broadsword - Moderate wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Thief5 attacks Johan with Hunting Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Thief3 attacks Johan with Broadsword - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Thief4 attacks Tylon with Hunting Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Thief2 attacks Cafell with Broadsword - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Tylon passes.
<COMBAT> Merrick attacks Thief5 with Broadsword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Johan attacks Thief2 with Bludgeon - Serious wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Cafell attacks Thief1 with Sparring but Thief1 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Bryony passes.
<COMBAT> Breanna attacks Thief3 with Broadsword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Tylon has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Breanna has changed weapons to longbow.

Johan doesn't pay much mind to what is coming after him. He is paying attention to what is trying to get past the line of armed and able. He lifts an arm that usually would have a shield on it to try and guard against one hit - just to eat a gash to his hand, and turn into a sword to his chest while dodging another. It fuels the rage though, the power that he brings the cleaving blade of his axe down on the theif getting past, thunking in hard enough to have to really jerk to pull it free again.

Cafell wishes she had Lonnie with her, especially at this time. Her eyes are wide she takes a deep breath as the thieves enter and seeing Jon surround, she finds herself at a lost and then there is mother superior there. With a shake of her head she goes to kick the thief with the broadsword in the back of the legs. But, as she does this another comes at her with broadsword and she goes down like a rock. After this she is so getting armour.

Merrick was trying to get over to Johan, seeing that three of them were headed his way, though with the people screaming suddenly to flee the dangers of those charging into the field, he has no choice but to attack the one that comes barreling at him. Grimacing, he assumes the order has been given to defend the lives of the people with the other Chosen chasing them down… With an actual growl in his throat, Merrick lashes out at the thief lining up a shot at Johan with a longbow, charging him and striking in a fierce downward blow that at least knocks the theif off his aim, as the man's arrow misses the target! Merrick immediately goes in for another swing, trying to subdue the thief before he can try to help and aid the others.

Breanna mutters out as she goes about pulling the arrow from her quiver and shifts while she looks to watch the ones that are attacking. Three against one doesn't make good odds to her! So she takes mark, bow lifting and arrow is knocked. Holding her bow still will be a bit of a problem with her still healing shoulder, still she isn't one to not try. With the arrow ready she waits for a moment, and once able let's the arrow fly… The arrow misses the bad guys and thunks down out of the sight. Well that was /not/ what she was expecting.

Somewhere in the mix is a silver wolf, snarling and nipping at the feet of another thief, perhaps the fourth, causing the man's aim to be untrue as well!

Bryony grabs up the child as the fighting begins and ushers her to safety, running as fast as her feet will carry her. Hazel eyes are turned towards the battle, looking for one in particular. The healer flinches with each contact made, as if she could feel the hits herself. She places the child into the hands of those hiding as well. "If there is one fleet enough, we must send for the apothecaries of the guild. We'll need supplies," she instructs before turning her full focus to the battle unfolding before her.

As the gang of thieves running headlong into the crowd, their aim does seem to just get on through, to cause chaos and distraction, rather then actually stay and fight head on with any of them. Aiming to perhaps lose the Chosen that already tail after them, Chosen who yet shout,"Stop, they ransacked the Mother Superior's office!!"

The last shout does rather get Tylon's attention, a battle hardened healer, she is more mindful of saving bodies along with souls. And perhaps is the distraction that helps her avoid that arrow that went flyig on by.

Ravos notes the ferocity of this calamity. "Fight on, stewards of justice. Be brave and stalwart. The Four are with you now and forever." Off in the distance Chosen collide with the enemy and join the fray. One of their chosen numbers stays behind to defend the women and children, an unknown hero and defender of the Faithful. "Fight on, I say. May Bornas grant you strength, Brother!"

<COMBAT> Thief3 attacks Johan with Broadsword - Light wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Thief5 attacks Johan with Hunting Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Thief2 attacks Breanna with Broadsword but Breanna DODGES!
<COMBAT> Thief1 attacks Tylon with Broadsword - Light wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Thief4 passes.
<COMBAT> Tylon passes.
<COMBAT> Merrick tries to subdue Thief5 but fails.
<COMBAT> Johan attacks Thief2 with Bludgeon - ARMOR on Left Hand stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Cafell attacks Thief1 with Sparring - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Bryony passes.
<COMBAT> Breanna passes.
<COMBAT> Tylon has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Cafell will pass this turn.
<COMBAT> Bryony will pass this turn.

The agile thief had sprung up from underneath his first strike, causing Merrick's second to miss and fail at threatening the man into submission. The choices in the field are clear… Fight on and attack the one target, or defend the women and children. He watches as the thief tries another shot at Johan once he's out of range of Merrick's broadsword. Yet, there's something more important going on than taking out that one particular target. Tylon and Breanna are being attacked… and Cafell!! He stares in horror at the sight of her slumped on the ground. "Bornas guide my sword!" He roars and takes off after the sword wielding men, trying to get after the one that attacks Tylon first and foremost.

Johan doesn't really notice the arrows whizzing past him, sinking in the ground around his feet. His attention is more for the thief that had put such a hurting on Cafell, and those immediately around him. He takes more precaution to guard himself, to an extent, but he's still swinging that weighted blade, momentum carring the back end back toward the thief he had cleaved into to a grazing that uselessly grazes off the thief's armor with a colorful swearing beneath the smith's breath.

Bryony notes the slumped body of Cafell and mutters a curse under her breath. A steadying inhale is taken and then exhaled and then the woman is running back out onto the field to do what she was trained to do. Gathering her skirts, she finds her knees beside the fallen woman. "Alright… It's going to be alright," she begins assuring automatically as she starts looking the woman over. One hand is tearing at her own skirts to try to get her hands on a quick bandage or cloth. "Where does it hurt?" she jests feebly.

<COMBAT> Thief4 passes.
<COMBAT> Thief5 attacks Merrick with Hunting Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Thief3 attacks Johan with Broadsword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Thief2 attacks Breanna with Broadsword - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Thief1 attacks Tylon with Broadsword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Tylon passes.
<COMBAT> Merrick attacks Thief1 with Broadsword - Moderate wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Johan attacks Thief2 with Bludgeon - Light wound to Left Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Cafell passes.
<COMBAT> Bryony passes.
<COMBAT> Breanna passes.
<COMBAT> Tylon has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Thief2 has been KO'd!

Breanna catches sight of Cafell falling and turns back around to have an attacker swinging a weapon at her. She shifts to the side barely dodging the swinging weapon and hisses out at the thought. "Ass…" The rest is left to the wind while she swings out with her bow to try and slam it across the attackers form. There isn't time for her to pull an arrow especially at how close they are at the moment. Though she doesn't carry through fully and turns to move towards Bryony and Cafell is while pulling another arrow out as she goes.

Bryony drops down beside Cafell, and the Johan jumps over the both of them in chasing down the thief that has turned on Breanna. Don't let it be said he isn't stubborn and single minded. And drunk. If he werne't drunk, he might notice the Mother Superior falling under attack and re-evalutate his priorities. But there is blood on his blade as he swings it out ahead of him, trying to clip the back of the thief's leg…and it works! Lookit that. Johan did a Thing. When the thief goes down, Johan stops over him and puts a heavy foot down on the man's back. He lays the edge of the blade to the man's forehead, as a reminder, and then he waits, leaning on the haft of the axe, blood running down the thing from his own hand. His other hand clutches his chest, while he tries to steady his breathing, slow it, and bleed less from the wound beneath the rings and leather of his jerkin.

When Bryony reaches Cafell and she starts to look her over she will notice the Mother is pale and sweaty and her eyes are closed. There is a dark stain of red on her good, yes good robes that are now going to the rag pile. The stain is expanding and the robes themselves have a nice gash that goes across the chest and it is deep, bone deep.

An arrow soars toward Merrick's head, but at the last moment as luck has it or perhaps skill, he ducks and it whizzes on by him as he continues to charge and press forward toward the bastard attacking Tylon! "MOTHER!!!" He growls out, leaping over kites as he makes it over toward her side, not in time to prevent the bastard from attacking her again, but enough to slam his sword down into the guy's left arm, enough to stun the attacker. "COME ON!!!!" He steps powerfully toward the attackers, threatening with his sword point, "COME AT ME YOU SON OF KHARNAS!" There's no way that he's backing down now, the blood from the two attacks he landed spurted across his bracers and breastplate. He moves in to continue the attack.

Arrows flying by are easy enough to ignore, but actually getting hit by swords is a whole different sotry and Tylon certainly takes notice of that with a yelp! But perhaps to the theif's surprise it doesn't quite sink into her like it should for one just wearing robes, but hits the jerkin worn beneathe. Tylon still grimances at the hits, soon trying to distance herself from the fight as well. Though giving a thankful smile to the Chosen that does end up at her side, murmuring,"Thank You,' to him.

The thieves themselves have continued to press through, occasionally tangled up by those chosing to fight, or the need to swing a sword into someone and cause chaos. When one of them actually falls, that seems to energize their efforts to extract themselves. And it seems Merrick is perhaps not far off base for the one that leads them out shouts,"For Kharnas!!! We will prevail! This is nothing!!" The quartet that have made it through take to running as far and fast as they can, seeking to continue their escape. Though there is that one, laying crumpled upon the ground, out like a light.

Breanna in her steps over to try and guard Bryony and Cafell, catches sight of the thief that is coming towards her? Wait she didn't sign up for that! She just wanted to fly a bloody kite! She lifts her bow, arrow knocked but the distance is too close the shot never gets shot and she is struck from a swing from the attacker before Johan is there to save the day so to speak. There is a grunt of pain and she shifts to the side in order to try and avoid another hit, the arrow she has is broken but luckily her bow didn't take the hit. Her hand moving to grasp at her new wound and she hisses out faintly, an cursing under her breath as well. Well this is not what she pictured when she came to fly a kite…

Another curse is uttered as she gets a better look. It's a religious festival which, at leasat, means there are plenty of priests and priestesses around. Add to that, it's in Laketown. Between the healers guild and the followers of Stilltha, there should be a little extra help out on the field. She calls out for assistance and then lowers her head to the woman's chest, listening for sounds of air. Grabbing her knife, she cuts away the cloth of the robe surrounding the wound and starts giving instruction to her 'helper'. "We have to seal it up for now. Pick her up just a bit and let me get this around her." 'This' is the part of her skirt she was cutting off. "Johan?" The tone is almost singsong, knowing him to be within earshot. "Are you getting lightheaded?"

As the battle wanes, Ravas can clearly see that the Mother Superior has sustained wounds. "Kharnas by damned to Shadows!" Althearin can't contain himself. His hands release the prayer protecting the people and ball into fists. With a grand leap, he launches from the dais and runs over toward his Lady.

"Heathens and Laymen aside! ASIIIIIIIDE" The young priest howls into the winds as he races on. The small purse strung at his side opens as nimble fingers reach in to pluck fine and foul smelling herbs procured for just sort a vile occasion. Damn Kharnas, that the occasion would have to be now, and the intended would be the Mother Superior.

Reaching her he quickly looks over her person, attempting to evaluate the wounds. "Speak to me Mother Superior. It's Ravos, Ravos Althearin from Brivey. Are you with us!?" His fingers open vials and unwrap packets of dried powders and crushed greens. "I'm going to ease our pain."

Merrick means to continue the attack, although their rally cry has him blink in disbelief and a sudden hot anger causes him to pursue when the quartet are running. "COWARDS!" He is seething with his rage, whistling sharply to get his wolf's attention. There's a quick command given and it sets the wolf off in a blur, pursuing after those monsters of Kharnas. Merrick isn't far behind, along with a few other Chosen who have felt the same injustice of the hour strike home to their hearts and souls. "AFTER THEM!" Merrick demands with a lifted sword…

There is a fog about him. The thieves have broken through, and the one that remains, the one that knows anything, is under his foot. So Johan wills tand there, foot on the coward, now that no one else is swinging on him. Byrony's voice reaches him, but it is on a delay. He doesn't answer at first, not for a few more beats, but eventually he does call back, "See to the priestess," with no answer as to how he fares. Priorities.

Ribs shift and move and Cafell's breathing remains labored and shallow. She is out of the count and is at the mercy of Bryony, but it is a blessing. The helper nods and helps Bryony with the bandage.

Bryony glances over her shoulder when she doesn't hear anything from him right away. If there were time, she'd be amused by his stance. "If you sit on him, he won't go anywhere," she offers helpfully, waiting for Cafell to complete her exhale before tying the knot on the bandage. "This won't hold for long. Who do we have that can get her to the guild or the temple?" Her gaze shifts in the direction of town, wishing desperately for a supply train. Where's a kite when you need one?

Things seem to settle with the theives breaking through, least in the way that there are not the sounds of active battle only the groans of pain and for some, relief to have seen something pass that should have never been. And there are of course, plenty of crying children. Priests and Pirestess, Acolytes of Stilltha are quick to aid in the tending of wounds, many of the others to easing and calming enrves. Cups of wine soon making the rounds to aid with this, even a few dare to get kites airborn again.

Tylon herself, injured but yet amonst the awake and living does blink a little when that Brivey priest comes howling down upon her like a winter gale upon Shelter Lake. "Clam, Father…I will be fine…It's not like they were harpies," oh no don't even ask,"save those for Mother Cafell, I think she is in more need than I or most others." The Mother Superior already making ehr way over to see how things far with the crumpled priestess.

IN hearing and seeing the wolf after them, it adds a bit more fire to the thieves of Kharnas that are trying to escape away. The slowest of them does seem out of luck when the wolf manages to catch up to him, trying to fend it off some with his bow and screaming something about being eaten alive.

And the one who had fallen, stay quite crumpled and bleeding underneath Johan's mighty foot!

Breanna huffs softly while glancing after the ones that run after the fleeing ones. She pulls her bow over her shoulder and grumbles softly to herself. A soft breath escapes her while she looks to Bryony and then Cafell. "I don't know if I can carry her all the way. Give me a hand with her perhaps?" While her wound bleeds she'll be able to deal with it later, Cafell is in more need at the moment.

"If I sit on him…" Pause, to breathe. "…I might kill him. He's more wounded than me." Pause, to think. "We need a healer for him…" Because he surely knows something, and Johan had burried his axe in him pretty far. It wouldn't do for him to die on them. When it seemed he still wasn't going anywhere though, Johan did at least take a couple half staggered steps back and collapses back to sit. He drops the axe, and starts to peel off of his jerkin, slow and careful.

Ravos Althearin tears his gaze away from the Mother Superior to look upon the wounded form of Mother Cafell. The color leaves his face. "I, I cannot help such injuries with mere roots, Holy Mother." The priest grips his purse tightly, squeezing all the hope in the world into the small pouch. "The most I could do is see to it that she sleeps undisturbed and painlessly, while she recovers."

The young priests clears his threat of heart ache and steps toward the fallen priestess. "But too much medicine, and it may slow the healing. Tis a dangerous gambit to play Holy Mother, but I shall do the best I can." Ravos kneels over the woman and begins his work. "Stilltha, help me."

There is a shake of her head at Ravos, a hand placed to his shoulder before he gets to far along, a young lad with a pouch of herbs. "Do not fret, Father Ravos, this is my realm and I can see to her as I have before. I have tended to many upon the fields of battle, and see far worse. Perhaps you could aid with some of the lesser wounded, or in getting some of the children calmed?"

Even if there is blood from her minor wounds, Tylon does seek to see to Cafell, she knows well enough that much blood is never good. A nod going to Bryony who already tends to her and a hand beckons a handful of Chosen,"They can help see her to the Temple, if you think she is stable enough to be moved." trusting enough in the other's knowledge and skill.

As Johan escapes the jerkin, he immediately regrets it. The linen shirt he wears under it reveals the blood much more readily and that was not what he wanted Byrony seeing and worrying over. He grits his teeth as he finds his way back up to his feet, hefting up his blooded axe in one hand and armor in the other. Once one healer or another attends to the fallen thief, Johan is on his way to try to escape the field, to seek out a healer for him, at the guild if none stopped him before.

Bows aren't as useful in close range! Especially matched against the speed of swift footed animal whose intent is clear from the beared teeth and flattened ears. Trained to tackle, or disarm, the silver wolf launches itself at the archer thief, fangs bearing in on any part of the man that teeth can grab and hold, even thrash as wolves are known to do! It's the momentum of the heavy fenwolf sized animal that brings the thief crashing to the ground, rolling and trying to squirm away from those sharp teeth that often try to get at the fleshy part of the thief's neck.
Merrick comes in time to ensure that the wolf does -not- eat the man alive. There's no love for the man of Kharnas. What happens out of sight is known between the Chosen and the thief at that point, as the other Chosen come running in to help. Their sense of justice will take place…
A group of Chosen do come back into sight, with a trust up criminal amongst them… Bound and gagged, the man is going to be hauled off for further questioning no doubt. Merrick comes along behind them, his wolf at his side. At least they got one that's not going to die if sat upon? Though if anyone were to look close, the thief might be wearing a bruise or two on his face.

"We'll be needing to lay her out to carry her. She needs to remain still," Bryony explains. Again the knife is hacking at the hem of her clothing, cutting at another length of cloth. As Ravos joins in to help, she arches a brow, uncertain of the man. Tylong slips in, though, and all is well. "We need to keep pressure here," she explains, directing his attention to where she presses. "And if you would see about getting some makeshift bed to carry her on, we can get her to the temple or guild more quickly." Once she's certain that someone has a hand where it needs to be, she hastens to her feet and hurries to her smith. Along the way, she cannot help herself. "Mother, how are you fari-Johan Grimson! Just what do you think you are doing?!?" she demands.

Breanna takes in a slight breath as she watches Ravos work, she glances to Cafell a frown seen and she turns her head slightly. She swallows a moment and then glances to her hand that is still pressed against her bleeding wound, bloody heck that is rather stinging at the moment now that she is starting to calm down somewhat. "I'll get something to carry her on." She might have to string something together but it's possible. With the ones tending to Cafell she is moving off to search for something for a make shift stretcher. She doesn't catch sight of Merrick and the others coming back but she only hopes there alright.

Trembling hands struggle for strength in such trying times. Father Althearin is no stranger to death, he's precided over several funerals, and has seen many fall ill and die in their beds, but this is the first - - - the first time he's seen it on the fields in Eikeren. The first time he's seen wounds of war inflicted on the followers of the True Faith. "What has the world come to Mother Superior?"

Ravos closes his eyes, locking the tears behind green windows sealed shut. "I'll see to the others. I trust you to Mother Cafell's care." With a pivot he turns away. A brisk walk moves his wet cheeks quickly from the view of the others. All he leaves behind is a tiny utterance, "there's nothing in my power that can be done for her now." And Ravos is away, off tending to the others.

Johan lifts his head when his name is called like his mother might call it. He swings his head about, noting the holy folk around the thoroughly wounded Priest, then looks back more fully to Byrony. "I am going to get a drink," he tells her with a crooked lopsided grin. He holds his jerkin up, in the curve of his good arm, like it might mask the gash. (It doesn't.) Then there is steady drip off his fingers. "I can walk. Leave the healers here to the ones who can't. I can carry myself to the hall."

The other Chosen, higher in command perhaps, or more senior to Merrick, are the ones that haul the subdued thief off to the Temple - hopefully they have some sort of dungeon or containment room for the time being until something can be done about this injustice! Inquisition? Yes, that's probably coming. For Merrick, he watches the group around Cafell, though he cannot do anything about her injuries. He is not adept at healing. Instead, after a scritch given to his sidekick, he moves after Ravos, "Father—" he calls out, winded, a little out of breath, but still standing, "Is there anything that I can do?"

There is much screaming from the archer, cause even if the wolf really isn't eating him alive, he certainly thinks so every time those teeth sink into him! That bow used to try and beat the animal off with out an inch of luck with that. And any relief that is had when Merrick shows up and calls the animal off….well seems to be shourt lived. Whatever comes to pass, certainly not a tale the man will be telling anytime soon.

The one who fell, is seen to by actolyes, blood stopped before Chosen are seen hauling that sorry sack on off towards the Temple, no doubt to be locked away until he can be questioned along with the other brought down by Merrick and his wolf.

Green eyes gentle watch the young priest, how easy the young have had it. Not to have had to learn upon the fields of battle, to see the war raged with the Coriars. "It is an ever chaning world, Father Ravos. Peace is trying to make it's hold, and there are those who would fight against that as so witnessed this day. " A nod is given to Ravos as he starts to pivot away, turning herself to aid with getting Cafell moved along,a makeshift strecher being seen to, there are enough 'old hats' around to see it done, shields and kites certainly pressed into service with the aid of Breanna.
Long distance to Bryony: Tylon snickers.

A sigh is given at the answer from the smith. "No." The hem of her skirt is a bit shorter than it was before now that the priestess is wearing it, made noticeable as she walks towards Johan. She's going to have to get another new dress. "No. Let me see how bad it is first. Humor me?" she requests as she nears him, trying to keep too much worry from her face.

Breanna has no problem finding things to make the makeshift stretcher, and once she has the last bit tied down she is carrying it back to where Cafell is and kneeling down once there. A glance is sent o the ones around her and she catches sight of Merrick returning with grim as well. At least they seem alright. She clears her throat slightly before looking to Cafell and once getting some help will then attempt to move onto said stretcher slowly to not aggravate her wounds.

Ravos looks up. He tends to a child covered in bruises; the poor dear tripped and fell when the melee broke out. A small job, yes, but it's all the priest can do to help. "Yes, take an account of the maimed and injured. See to it that every last man, woman and child caught in this frightful mess makes it to the Laketown temple."

The priest helps the boy to his feet so that he can follow after the Chosen. Ravos doesn't even have a moment of doubt, not a second of hesitation that his will won't be obeyed in this. But then he pauses - - - "Wait."

Father Althearin stares Merrick in the face. "I saw you in the battle. Very brave. Very, very brave. What is your name, Chosen?"

Johan sighs when Bryony presses him to stop there. He does, of course, turning torward her, but he starts to bargain. He starts to say, "Tell me you wi-" before that cuts off short. He shakes his head a bit as he sets his axe down beside his feet, to lean against his leg. "Alright." Which says enough there, that he doesn't stick to his guns with the pushy little healer. He watches the second thief brought in with a satisfied grin. That made two.

A murmur of,"Thank you,' goes to Breanna as she adds with getting the stretcher made and aidding in getting the injured priesttess onto it. Tylon gives a small nod to some of the Chosen as they take up the duty of carrying the woman, a task it seems they have done before, even if not for Cafell for they manage to lift and carry in time at a slow and steady rate, though some sense of urgency to their steps as Tylon walks along with, keeping an eye upon Cafell and the wound.

As for herself, there seems to be an Acolyte that is fretting along side Tylon trying to get a bandage upon the Mother Superiors own wounds, some fretting murmur about Brother Thomas and Lt Sister Alyona. To which Tylon just shakes the poor thing off for now. She'll no doubt be hearing about this later. But Cafeel needs tending to first and then there is need to see just how ransacked the Temple, her office is…She hadn't miss hearing that, just priorities.

Blood seeps through bandage, Cafell's eyes are closed and she is still pale. Her still rattles in her chest and is shallow. Her lips are blood less and sweat still covers her cool brow.

Merrick gives Father Althearin a quick honourary salute, a sign of the faithful and the devoted indeed. Sweat trickles down his face from underneath his helm, part of the honourific clad armor the Chosen wear in public, pratical and visibly appealing. Straightening, he answers, "Brother Wulfgard, Merrick Wulfgard." The faithful at his side, the silver wolf lets his tongue loll out as his mouth is open and he's slightly panting, though there is no sign of the wild beast that ripped ever so willingly into the thief they bagged and tagged. "It is my duty Father and I failed to protect the Mother's accordingly…" There is a hint of shame in his eyes for not being able to keep the swords away from the women, "I will stand in your judgement for my inabilities to keep the faithful from harm." Him and every other Chosen on the field! He kneels in front of the Father, bowing his head solemnly.

"Tell you I… what?" the dark haired healer prompts as she begins taking inventory. She winces at sight of the wound on his chest. "It isn't terrible. It isn't good, but… Let me at least put bandages on you and we will find a horse to take back into town, yes?" It's as much of a compromise as she's going to get. Time to rid herself of more skirt, it would seem. "At this rate, I am going to be naked before we ever set foot into the city."

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