To serve or be served?

To serve or be served?
Summary: A fine day in which Chosen Thomas and Priestess Tylon first meet one another and start to become acquainted. It takes a little bit for Mother Tylon to get Brother Thomas to relax, but then she just does not seem to be acting entirely like the other Priests and Priestesses he has come across when she insists upon personally seeing him served refreshment. By the time they part, it is decided that Brother Thomas will remain around the Laketown Temple to assist Mother Tylon as needed.
Date: 11 Apr 2013
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Temple of the Four, Laketown
Like all temples of the Four, this one is a slightly stretched diamond in structure with lofty cathedral ceilings that let natural light shine in and illuminate this sacred place. It is accessed by a graceful archway on each of the four straight walls, emphasizing that neither direction holds prescedence over the other. Many of the craftsmen of Laketown have come together to carve, engrave, and accent this wonderous temple.

At each of the four corners of the temple are the altars of the Four. The northern corner belongs to Bornas the Mountain God crafted from hard ivory. There is an offering dish that is often filled with handfuls of earth, leaves, or seeds. Directly opposite of him in the south is the handsome and youthful statue of Ravas the Fire God carved from petrified crimson wood, and his offering bowl often contains hearth ash or bits of tinder. To Ravas's left in the western corner is the old and wise Stilltha crafted from polished blue marble; river stones and water occupy her offering bowl, including the occasional fishbone. Last, but not least, opposite of Stilltha in the east is the young Altheara chisled to life from the heart of a hard blackwood. In her bowl is held bird feathers and bones, as well as small carved flutes and chimes.

Thu Apr 11, 1329

The city temple has the usual assortment of people coming and going, offerings and prayers made to the Guardian who might grant them the requested boon or aid. Or seeking the counsel of one of the priest or priestesses who tend to the Temple. Rising from a position within the western corner, a slender woman dressed in robes of blue turns to depart from the area after a final word with the young woman she had been settled to. A bow of her head to the carved depiction of Stilltha and Tylon is stepping back towards the center of the temple.

The last of his prayers said, Thomas stands in front of Bornas and straightens his tunic and sword. He turns just as the Priestess moves from the woman she had been speaking and watches her cross the temple. Sharp eyes watch her movement and those in the temple as a whole. Not wishing to interrupt her in during her duties. Once Thomas sees that no one else approaches the Priestess he moves in her direction. Once close enough to maintain the soft voices that seem associated with a Temple he bows his head deeply and keeps it so while his greeting comes just above a whisper "Mother, may the Four be with you."

If observed for a time, it is highly likely to be noticed that when feet poke out from under her robes within her smooth steps, it is truly that which are seen. Feet. Not slippers, but bare little toes. A soft murmur is imparted to a person here or there as Tylon passes them along her path. Pausing upon seeing the Chosen heading her way, robes settling into place as green eyes calmly take in the man as his head bows. Soft words come in response,"And with you, Brother. May I be of aid to you this day?"

After she speaks, Thomas raises his head and lets his gaze linger for a time "I have been on the road, Mother, for some time. Just recently have I arrived in Laketown. I am Brother Thomas," he says as a hand is placed on his chest "As always, I am at your service if the need arises." He smiles that easy natural smile of his "As for any want I may have it would be just for your blessing." He gives the Temple a look see before his eyes fall back to the Priestess "I see that even here in Laketown the faithful still come to the temple to see aid and comfort. Though it is a fancier temple than some I have visited of late."

A faint incline of her head occurs as Tylon gives a gentle smile,"Then I would welcome you to Laketown and our humble Temple, Brother Thomas. I am Mother Tylon. My our temple be as much your home in your time here as it is to me. My blessing is yours now and always, Brother Thomas. " Eyes drift briefly to the rest of the Temple a he calls attention to it. "Yes, they do. We see thoe of the city faithfully, and often the many who travel through and are only here briefly. " The nearby docks does serve as a source of fresh and repeat travelers to the area. "With so many, the Temple has been able to reflect their faithfulness." A hand gives an absent brushing to the side of her robe, smoothing out wrinkle. "If you are recently arrived, would you care to refreh yourself after your travels? I beleive there are some fresh rolls yet, unless Aria ha gotten to them." Tylon's words yet coming softly, a long engrained ability.

As Tylon speaks Thomas's attention does not waiver. "Mother Tylon, it is my good fortune to meet you." He clasps his hands behind his back as she continues "It is good to hear that the temple is so robust. I fear that in some of the outlying hamlets the Priest there struggle in keeping the faithful wanting to return." There is a hint of sadness that flickers over his features as he mentions it. "Many still, to this day, call on the Old One. But still the Priests and Priestess do the best they can." He nods with a smile "That sounds wonderful. But who is this Aria and why would he or she have taken them?"

There is a touch of sadness that comes to Tylon's features in listening to that which he has seen at the outter hamlets,"It is the sad way of things, I fear. But they, and we, can only trive to do the best in how we have been called to serve and continue to offer what guidence to them, and keep them within our prayers that they might find their way to the proper path." A gentle motion of Tylon's hand motions for him to turn as she does,"Come, our areas are this way. Aria is one our charges here, a delightful young girl. Full of energy but alas with a weakness for Father Byron's fresh breads, she sometimes will sneak back around for the extras after everyone has parted." Barely a noise made by her feet as she show the way along to the back rooms that serve as home to those of the Temple.

Just a simple nod of his head as Tylon speaks of doing their best. "They are in my prayers, constantly, Mother Tylon," he says. As he walks beside the Priestess he listens with that smile of his. Even a chuckle escapes him "I should like to meet this Aria. For I too have a weakness for such baked goods," Thomas confesses. As they enter the back rooms and even though they are with in the Temple he always keeps a wary eye on the doors and the next corner. Old habits are hard to break even in the safe confines of the Temple. "How long have you been in the service her? Have you always been from Laketown?"

A gentle laugh slips from Tylon,"Then I shall have to ensure that you and she are introduced, if you are to be with us for a time, Brother Thomas." Easily showing the way, it is her home after all. A calmness about her, even when she laughs. Her voice rise just a touch once the safety of the back rooms are reached, a turn of her hand,"This way to the kitchen area. I have to admit, Father Byron does do a fine job with the baking. Would you prefer tea or wine?" Stepping along to the pantry after motioning to the seating for him to make himself comfortable once the area is reached. "And I do believe you are in luck, there is a basketfull yet of the fresh ones."

There is a pause to Thomas as he looks from the chair that is offered and the Priestess "Mother," comes his voice. Tentatively. But he says no more only moves to stand beside the chair. Still there is an air of uncertainty about him for a time till at last he sits. Ramrod straight, hands resting on his knees "Um, tea. Yes Tea would be fine." A forced chuckle "Forgive me mother, I am not used to being served so by one of your stature." He gives a bit of a shrug and the look that rests on his face may show that he is uncertain of what to do.

A glance is given back in his direction at the tentative sound in his voice and there i a smile that comes to see how ramrod straight he sits. "I do fear that being outside of regular meal hours you are stuck with me, alas. " Making an easy joke out of it, and not seeming the least put out about the task she has taken up. "I promise, you are allowed to relax, Brother. There is not need to look like one of the young lad late to class and certain he will go unnoticed by sitting just perfectly."

Drifting back with a basket and a plate, Tylon sets them before him. The cloth that cover is pulled back to reveal rolls within and the fine aroma that comes with them, freshly baked. "There looks to be a couple of the minced meat ones, depending on how hungry you are. Those there," pointing to a few denser looking ones near the bottom.

Thomas laughs, a deep gut laugh. "Is it that obvious, Mother?" he asks at last. Trying to relax and it seems to be taking more effort to do so than the way he was sitting. One leg crosses over the other, then switch. He rests a hand and arm on the table but it quickly is removed. At last he looks up as Tylon brings the basket. Again he laughs "Old habits /are/ hard to break, Mother Tylon." But the smell of the breads and the indication of the minced meat ones. A hand darts out, but is just as quickly withdrawn "After you, Mother Tylon."

A gentle smile is given to him,"You did seem a bit…stiff. " Returning to questions voiced earlier that she'd not yet addressed,"I've been here for as far as I can recall really. I was once one of the orphans tended to, and thus I became an Acolyte the soonest they would let me." Perhaps way he seems relaxed enough in the place to wander about barefootted, it truly is her home. Anothing smile flickers easily to see his hand dart out and back,"Thank you, Brother Thomas." Accepting his mannered request and selecting one of the smaller rolls from the basket and settling it to a plate across.

Though she doesn't settle just yet, but it allows him to proceed in picking his own out. The purpose for her continue movement is easy enough to decern as she retrieves some cups, a steaming pot and a few other odds and ends for the serving of tea before heading back to join him.

"I must apologize, Mother Tylon. It has been a long time since I have been in a proper temple. While the Four can be found where ever the heart searches, still…" Thomas looks at his surroundings before he turns back to watch Tylon. He listens to her story and nods "so then you are at home both with the Four and in this place." When she gives her thanks he nods his head then takes a matching roll as she had. It is placed on the small plate and he waits for the tea. "My mother and father are both Chosen. As is my sister. I was sent to Taniford for a good time. But the past few years I have been on the road, serving the Priests and Priestess where I may."

"There is no need to apologize, Brother. Sometimes the Four do caue us to travel far and wide, and when we return home to a proper Temple it is more a dream then real for we have come so used to sparser surroundings, less to work with. It can take some time to adjust." The priestess speaking as if she does know something of this herself. The cups are set down, on before him, as well as a small bottle of cream, tiny basket of sugar cubes and then she is pouring the tea as she continues to wait on him nearly like some tavern server. The carmel liquid that i poured seems to carry a bit of a cinnamon and clover note to it, just faintly.

"A very dedicated family you have come from to have served the Four so long. And it sounds as if you have answered your call of faith well in traveling so much. Though," finally actually sitting, a hand smoothing out her robe as she does so,"sometimes we do in turn need to make sure our Chosen are well tended to." Tylon giving him a bit of a smile with that.

Thomas says little as she speaks about being back in a proper Temple and so he just nods. "Once outside of Noye I came to a temple, little more than a roof of thatch, dirt floor yet the Priest there and his following were some of the most dedicated." As he speaks his eyes grow distance for a time till he returns to the here and now. "My family has served as a chosen as far back as I know. It was how my mother and father met," he continues as he fixes his tea. Sugar, a splash of cream followed by a sip. A smile grows and he nods his head "Much better than what I have fixed myself. I thank you Mother." He chuckles "It is I who server you, Mother. YOu need not serve me. It is the path I have chosen and each day I give thanks to the Four for giving me the talents to do so." A bite of the roll is washed down with another sip of the tea. He seems to think for a time "Perhaps if needed I may spend some time here in Laketown. That is if you wish it, Mother Tylon."

A bit of cream is added to her own tea as she listens to him speak about the hovel that server as a Temple. It brings a pleased smile, noting softly,"Sometimes when we have so litte, we do see how much we truly have and give greater thanks for it." A smile settles on Tylon's lips as he speaks about his family,"A fine way to meet, to have such a shared purpose and thus understanding of each other. The Four shall surely see the same for you when the time is right."

A slight bow of her head occurs to the compliment,"Thank you, I do find the blend comforting. Far better than some of the watery blends some try to pass off as tea." Tylon gives another of her gentle smiles,"I know I need not, Brother. But I am a Healer, I fear it is in my nature to ensure other are seen after. It is also a way for me to give thanks for the service you and the other Chosen do for us in seeing us safe here and when we travel. As the Four give you such abilities, so in turn do the Four gift you to us and I do feel it is best we take care of such gifts lest they be taken from us." A bit of roll is pinched off to save Tylon's lower lip from the slight bitting it was getting for a moment. Finally coming to say,"If it would not keep you from your travels, I do think it might be wise for you to be around for awhile. I have noticed an uptick in some of the higher noblity these past days, and have over heard on many occasion the talk of duels. Some extra hands to keep the peace may be prudent should tensions get out of control."

With the cup half way to his lips, Thomas's head slightly tilts as he listens. A few blinks of his eyes before he takes the paused sip and sets the cup down. "Your words, Mother Tylon. I thank you for them. I have not heard such spoken by a Priest or Priestess before." He seems a bit puzzled then bows his head "Mother Tylon, I am at your service and yours to command as you wish of me." Relief seems to wash over him and that same easy smile returns "I have searched out for one such as yourself. If you shall have me and the commander of the Chosen here allows it, I shall be honored to be your servant." His head remains high, and for once he seems to be truly relaxed.

His response to her view of things does bring a incline of her headin acknowledgement,"I cannot deny that all do not see it that way. After all, many do often take that which they have been gifted for granted until it is to late. " A simple matter of wisdom it seems, in her mind. Tylon's fingers work a few more pieces from the roll for her to partake of as the conversation continues between them. The offer that comes doe cause a slight blink, Tylon taking a moment to study him with with those calm moss-green eyes. A nod does come in the end,"I would wish it, Brother Thomas. I do not believe the commander shall find issue with the request." One of her gentle smiles occurs,"As Healer, I do travel some to see to those who need my own abilities and gift, it would be pleasant to have one who does not mind the travel to accompany me when it is required."

Thomas smiles and does bow his head "I thank you again, Mother Tylon." He takes a sip of his tea "I do not know, are there rooms available here? I have not met the commander of the Chapter here and thus have no quarters. When she speaks of traveling he chuckles "At least give me time for a bath and give my horse a rest before we hit the road?" Just lays thick in his words and fails to cover up that he would leave immediately should she require it. But that is the life of a Chosen. For the few that travel down that path.

"There are some free rooms yet, so there should not be issue in finding you quarters. I shall give word to the Commander that such is my wish and to expect to hear from you before the day is out." No doubt, a word from a priestess should speed things along. Tylon laughs softly with a shake of her head,"I promise, plenty of time for you to have a bath, and for both you and your horse to both have some rest before the road must be travelled. I need not travel this week," unless the Four require otherwise. "Least not beyond the city, mostly outside the Temple, I go to the clinic to aid the Apothecary there as I can. But I thank you for your willingness, Brother. " Understanding well his willingness to go right then if asked, the life of the dedicated.

Careful to not break the cup, Thomas takes it and his plate to the sink and lays it there to be washed. He turns, his head titled that way he does when thinking, then bows "Then as soon as I settle in I am at your service, Mother Tylon." As he turns to leave he looks back and smiles "I think that the Four sure had directed me here, this day to find you in the Temple and for this arrangement to be made. For that I am thankful. In my evening prayers you shall be. If you require anything from me, I am sure you can ask for directions to find me." Of course the last is said in jest as this is where she had grown up.

Gathering up her own cup and plate in time, Tylon slips to carry her thing along as well. Giving a bow of her head,"I would agree, Brother Thomas, it would seem the Four have brought you here this day. I shall give them thanks in my evening prayers for this." A smile comes from her at his closing jest,"I am certain I shall be able to find someone to direct me to you should I have need. The Blessing of the Four upon you til then, Brother." Managing to carry the jest on before giving the parting words. The priestess seeing about cleaning up the remaining items before going on about her own duties.

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