Summary: Another night in the cell, another night of thing going wrong, though in the end things change.
Date: 18/9/1329
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Breanna Merrick Ignacious 

LakeTown Temple Dungeons
While the Temple itself is a rather lovely place to be, the dungeons may be someone's worst nightmare. There is a set of stairs that leads downwards towards a large room that is in the shape of a circle. The floor is dirt covered, and there is a main drain within the center of the room, cleaning down here isn't a big deal so there is a rank smell in the air that rather over powering at times. Light is supplied by oil lamps or candles, and without either there is not much in the way of light down here. Truly if someone wish to be forgotten this is a place to take them to make them feel that they are truly alone.

There is one wall that is lined with hanging rusty shackles, used to make a person stay put and not giving them a chance to sit down. Three hallways are to be found, each leading to some other type of damp darkness, or who knows what could be waiting for them. Down a short hall next to the shackle wall can be found four thick wooden doors, a barred window found within the center of each door and the only way to get into the room is with a specific key. The cells that rest behind these doors are anything but homely, shackles rests hanging from the walls in different positions, two sets hang down from the ceiling to keep a person from being able to lean back against anything if they were shackled within them. There is a small window at the very top of the cell which offers some light down into the dark and dreary room. The floor is covered in dirt and bits of straw but there is nothing else to be found.

Wed Sep 18, 1329

The night was a difficult one for Merrick to bear. It was unlikely any other Chosen save for the one that shackled him there knew where he was and so, none came to free him. His apparent brotherhood had abandoned him to suffer the night with the smoldering anger coiling like smoke through his soul. He wasn't alone, that was the only thing that made him tolerate it and keep from snapping via yelling throughout the night or something insane like. Instead, he's been enduring a silent vigil while Breanna had fallen into an uneasy sleep, often disturbed when whatever oil Ignacious put on her was chafed up against a wound if she shifted or moved. Ignacious did return at some point, between weary hours to leave them some food, scraps mostly from the left over’s upstairs. Eventually too, their wounds were attended, albeit with skeptical gazes and standoffish sentiments. Merrick fully anticipated that the elder brother would return with intentions to draw pain upon them further, but, to their surprise, he simply had them fed and mended, and then left.
Even after Ignacious left, Merrick wasn't at ease, remaining awake throughout the darkness that held quiet their cell. Lamps had been doused, leaving them in an utter darkness that could only be warmed by their hold upon one another. It remained dark. The day, the hours, became easily confused. A minute seemed longer, stretched in the endless uninterrupted shadows.
Even now, they remain in that pitch darkness, a reminder that they should hope to find their redemption and seek out the light and everything holy within it. That the night was full of terrors.

Breanna had slept as best as she could thanks to the situation they are in, and the oil upon her wrists didn't help matters. Her time asleep was anything but easy, dreams, or in this case nightmares plaguing her the moments her eyes were closed, the only thing proving she was asleep was the pattern of her breathing at times. When Ignacious returned it didn't take much too actually wake her, and the food he brought she refused to touch, she doesn't trust the man for all she knows it's poisoned. The healers are able to do what they came to do, and she never once looked at them long, her pale gaze settled on the wall as her wrists where bandaged. She never once moved far from Merrick, and once it was quiet, and thusly dark again she did her best to lean close to him once more. The darkness can play with one's head, and while Brea never feared the dark before when she was out in the forest now is a very different moment in time. While she didn't want to fall asleep again at some point she did, faint murmuring escaping her as she dreams, and from the sounds of it they are not good dreams.

The darkness lingers. It plays tricks with his mind that he really has to block out and focus on what was real. What was real is the sound of a lonesome howl, pierced and joined by a second. The two male wolves, banding together, in search of their pack mates, whom are missing. Or is that all in his head too? He gives it a shake and frowns. So far down in the depths of the Temple it would be unlikely for such howls to be heard by them. So instead, he must focus his senses to listen to Breanna's odd breathing as she suffers another nightmare, the only thing he can really do is put his arm around her further, resting his head down by her own. They will be free of this. It was all a mistake.

The howl is heard by Breanna, perhaps it's enough to help calm her as her breathing settles, or perhaps it was the face that Merrick was there leaning closer. Her eyes open slowly; pale gaze starting out into the darkness, a soft breath escapes her while she shifts to lean against him a bit more. "As much as I enjoy being close to ye Merrick, I wish it wasn't here." She murmurs out softly once everything comes back to her, where they are, what has happened, she was hoping it was a nightmare but no it was all real. Her hand lifts slowly, fingers pressing against his arm which makes the shackle rattle. It is stretched as far as he can possible get it causing strain to be press against her wrist but she deals with it. The brown wolf would indeed band with the larger silver in the search for the others, family means a lot to wolves after all. Howls at time are heard within the Temple itself as the silver she-wolf makes herself known, she is still there and still very much alive.

Merrick hears her waking up more than he sees it, listening to her murmur with a wretched despair in his heart, heard easily in the cracked voice as he responds, "I had never imagined… like this…." He shifts to, slightly, to work out the cramps in his legs, his one arm pretty well taught against the shackle, the one furthest from Breanna. He particularly went further than the chains would allow to get close to her. The chains make constant clinks and rattles with each movement that pulls or strains the links. "I am ashamed of the Brotherhood…" apologetic tones filling his voice, as his one hand squeezes her side, arm wrapped behind her, "I did not take my oaths to see innocents condemned without fair justice… Forgive me for what may happen."

The hallway begins to resonate with a now familiar sound, the walls reverberating to almost a harsh tone that mingles with the dampness gloom. CHINK CHINK CHINK CHINK…someone approaches. Someone in armor.

Breanna is quiet for a moment as she hears him, her head lifting so she may look towards him, watching even though she can't honestly see him. "I would never blame ye for such things Merrick. As for what may happen, what do ye think he will do?" She lets her hand press against his side, fingers gripping just slightly while she stays as close to him as she can. "It is not ye that should be ashamed Merrick, ye have done nothing wrong." There is a pause the sound of someone coming is caught and her form tenses there against Merrick's, she holds her breath slightly as her gaze settles on the door. Fear is the only thing that she is feeling at the moment, and she didn't plan on it to actually happen. The cell is dark so any entering will need to bring their own form of light.

The darkness is all consuming while those in find are reminded of why the light is so holy and how their decisions have landed them in the smothering shadows. It's a tactic well used, keeping prisoners lost within their own minds as the darkness creeps in to unsettle nerves. Merrick has spent the entire night awake, stretched out in his chains to reach Breanna, one arm around her, protectively. "It is hard to say… I'm coming to believe no man is predictable and the only thing we should trust is in the Four…" he frowns though even at that, in the darkness his expression just for himself, but some hint of uncertainty lingers in his tone.
Shortly, he too hears the sound of the ominous clinking armor, feeling the woman tense up against him, he sooths her, "Death is only a step toward eternal peace. Face it with me, bravely, if it comes to that and we shall be revered by the Guardians."
He falls silent then, waiting for his Brother to return.

When the chinking stops, a light appears beneath the door-frame, and soon the room is swallowed by it, as a strong oil lamp is brought in, shining hard off of the polished, reflective armor of the Brother. "Good news," he offers, moving towards the 'table', to set down the lamp. "The Mother Superior has returned, and thinks the two of you low enough threats to be housed in the infirmary until such a time as she can resolve the status of your taint," comes the informative voice of Brother Ignacious, as piously as if reciting a tenet of faith. It is, after all, the word of Tylon. "You two /are/ to be housed separately, of course, and there will be little in the way of leaving until your wound are healed and the Temple has made it decision…but it is away from the dungeon, at least." And with that, he moves to unshackle them, as though it would be a perfectly safe thing to do.

Breanna didn't mind the darkness until being locked up in this OH so lovely place, well that is to be decided still. She stays close to Merrick, resting within his grasp with ease and his touch is enough to help calm her. "I wish they would show us in another manner." This is murmured to Merrick in how they should trust the Four. She swallows a moment, her eyes closing as she is unsure what to say at first. "I won't not be brave now after all the other things we have faced with one another. If that is what is to happen then so be it. Though I will not go quietly." Really she hasn't been quiet during any of this so that shouldn't be a surprise. Her eyes open slowly, the lamp light is caught and she cringes slightly while slowly getting ue to the light. With the good news given there is a pause and she lifts her head slowly to watch Ignacious a few long moments. "How bloody nice of ye. Ye will not harm him, aye?" One thing is for sure, the look she is given the Chosen is anything but /nice/., and she wishes to make sure no more harm comes to Merrick from this. If Tylon is back hopefully this will be fixed, and quickly. She'll let him move close, not making any movement as of yet. "Where is my wolf?" Her tone is low, thin, anger slowly slipping in.

The hard light stings his eyes as the door opens, he does his best to lift his one shacked wrist to shade his eyes. It's been hours in the darkness, a whole night in fact. It'll take him a few moments for the brightness to not hurt his gaze, even if it is just from a single oil lamp. Through squinted eyes he follows the other Brother's movements, listening in some confusion and relief at the man's words. Merrick swallows down the words that want to rush out and assault Ignacious. It was as it was at feeding time, silence, unmoving and cold greetng Ignacious. Merrick now a likely pariah thanks to the whole ordeal, no thanks to the other Brother. He'll wait, eyes narrowed and suspicious of Ignacious. Untrusting of his own Brother, he says nothing and wears a deadly calm expression. Maybe he shouldn't be trusted.

"The beast is in the kennels. You can have it back when and if the Mother Superior decides," Ignacious comments, unshackling Breanna as well. "Are you fit to walk, both of you, or do I need to carry you out, hm?" he asks…there is still much tone of distrust in his voice, for now, but whatever the head priestess had to say, it has certainly calmed the big Brother much.

"She is not a beast." Breanna states with a faint tone, voice low once the shackles are undone she has half a mind to try and punch the dear brother but she does not. "Yer never touch me again." This said with a mutter while she shifts, form aching, muscles cramping and she grunts slightly as she rests on a knee, about as far as she got it seems. Sitting in one spot to long does that to a person though.

Merrick continues his vow of silence in front of his Brother, pushing up onto his feet, ignoring the cramps, the strains, the protesting limbs. Though he does massage his wrists each in turn, taking a few steps away from Breanna and Ignacious. He lets Breanna get it off her chest, her own anger. His has simmered for the whole night, he's keeping a lid on it. Finally with his back turned to Ignacious, he asks quietly, "Brother, a moment?"

"Trust me," Igancious says, perhaps ironically, "I've no wish to," he grants to Breanna, ignoring the rest. His only job here is to corral these two back up into the world of the living. When Merrick asks, though, he turns a wary eye to his compatriot. "Aye, Brother?"

Breanna shakes her head slightly and shifts to grip hold of a shackle on the wall which she uses to help get herself up and standing. Hearing Merrick her gaze turns towards him watching and looking a bit worried for a few moments. For now she is quiet, choosing to see what could be said between the two. Merrick is more level headed than herself, and hopefully that will shine through now.

"My divine soul has been tested by thy Brother," Merrick starts to mumble to himself, then aims his voice at Ignacious, "But I'm just more than a little curious how you'll go about making your amends," Merrick's eyes dart down to the oil lamp, considering the flame that has drawn him to the table like a light, "A kiss of forgiveness is thy Brother's penance." A choice made. Sudden. Abrupt, rapidly, he pivots back around and approaches Ignacious in the one-two step, quick as he can, fist drawn back and then raised in attempts to kiss his Brother - with punch. It's the young blood in him! Or that of the wild spirit of the wolf! Either way, he means to correct the wrongs of last night in a single unarmed swing.

The big knight doesn't get a hand up in time - in fact, he hardly moves at all. Merrick's first connects, and not even against metal, but squarely against Ignacious' jaw and…the jaw does not move. Poor Merrick has used /so much/ of his strength, it seems, that he has little left for vengeance. Ignacious just stares back at him, unperterbed. "Remind me to show you the proper way penance is done, soon," he replies of the kiss, and turns away again.

Breanna listens to Merrick as he speaks with Ignacious, there is a slight frown caught and she turns to face the pair better. Once the punch is thrown she is moving forward, her hand going to try and take hold of Merrick's. "Don't do this Merrick. He is not worth it…" This said with a soft murmur escaping her. She isn't sure if she could honestly stop Merrick if he wanted to try and go after Iggy, but she would try her best at the moment. This would not be for Ignacious though, it would be for Merrick.

At least he doesn't swing and miss, though the reaction is pretty much as if he had. The younger Brother steps back, having anticipated shock or … anger in the other. Something that would fuel his vengence further. Instead, the bigger man's jaw doesn't even … twitch! Merrick takes a few steps back, at the encouragement of Breanna, suddenly needing to catch wind, sucking it in hard and fast, as if he's let all his adrenaline flow into that one percise swing. Now he's recovering from it. He states flatly to the remark from Ignacious, hot headed enough to state what he was feeling: "Any time." Merrick obviously doesn't know when to back down, which is likely why he makes a great addition to the Chosen. Never surrender as they say. Never back down. Someone will be proud of him, but it's unlikely that'll be the Mother Superior.
Merrick allows Breanna to take his hand and keep him from using it again, as he might have done. Her words sinking in. "It's done," he grunts as Ignacious turns away, following behind the other man as if nothing had happened, though his knuckles will be a little red for a bit, a hurt unspoken of. His other hand will take Breanna's… and they'll follow their escort.

Breanna watches Ignacious, anger pure anger is about the only thing that could possibly be seen from the way she watches the man. She would love nothing more than to shove him down the steps they are following him up to reach the Temple once more. Her hand grips at Merrick's, a firm squeeze felt as she glances up to him. "It'll be alright…" Things have to get better now right? With everything that has happened she still feels it will happen. Or maybe she is wrong, maybe Iggy hit her in the head to hard, either way she doesn't want something crazy to happy again and certainly doesn't want to see Merrick hurt once more. She follows along to where they are being led, a bit unsure if it would truly be the infirmary or if they could be taken elsewhere. Anyone have a well they want to dump them into? She will skip that part of the tour.

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