Summary: Lady Rakel tracks down Collette after a conversation with Amira, and has a curious conversation with her.
Date: 29/08/2013
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Rakel Collette 

Laketown - Stables
Stables, it holds horses and tack.
Thu Aug 29, 1329

There are many things that Rakel is not very good at. She cannot cook to save her life, and if she dances anything quick, she finds herself almost immediately on the sidelines. What she is very good at though, is finding people, and learning things. It had not taken much asking around Brivey to learn Collette was not there, and not much more in Laketown to narrow things down. Upon spotting the familiar guards at the stable doors, Rakel wagered that perhaps, the mark of her game was inside. As it happened, Rakel's own horse was inside as well, which made for a convenient excuse for the northern lady to make her arrival. "Boesa," she calls out as she walks in, a little sing song and quietly. A light walker in dappled gray lifts its head with a nickering sound in response.

Here come these wild serpentine raven-black curls. They playfully are swaying in the air with the each step of the young girl.
Where the girl goes, whisper floats after, created by the sharp tongues of passerbies. Riders, walkers, workers - everyone tosses a glance on the girl and have what to say.

However, the girl is obviously used to this. Or maybe she is just tired to look around all these people around. Pale skin is more pale than usually. Her waist is even more slim than it used to be. Or maybe girl just knows, that there can't be friends around, why to give apleasure for others to looking at them?

A huge contrast to her skin is the simple black dress. These type of dresses are sually seen on the commoners, but on this young girl, this gown looks more fancy. Likely, because in all the stance, in the way how chin is raised, how elegantly the girl turns her head or waves with her hands - everything, shows the nobility in her blood.

Girl is followed by two Rhadean guards straight to the end of the stables, where raven-black wild beast is standing. The beast, which is known as Arrow. The fastest and the most crazy stud, which raises fear for the stable boys from the times, when he was used to be ridden by the lady Collette. However, even if his rider now is Mistress, she is the same beloved master. Lohstren grow up toe to toe with their mares or studs and they become one creature. That is why the Arrow snorts cheerfully and shakes his manes, when Collette touches animal's neck gently and whispers something to him.

Rakel lingers back for a time, at the stall door Boesa hangs his head over. Compared to Arrow, Boesa is a perfect gentleman. A child could ride him with ease. He is probably gelded and is getting into his middling years. Rakel strokes the velvet of the horse's nose and just observes Collette, her guard, and her horse with the easy excuse of the wild beast drawing some attention. After those few moments, however, Rakel leaves Boesa's stall and takes a few steps after Collette. Rakel looks every bit the nobility. Her clothes, while not overly opulent, are rich and full. Her hair probably took her lady in waiting an hour to manage. Then there is the gold, and the silver on her tongue when she murmurs behind, "That is a magnificent specimen," regarding Collette's stud. "You brought him up with you from the South? I do not believe we raise the like of his match north of the borders."

When Collette hears a voice, behind her back, she straightens even more, frowning slightly and more firmly squeezing a few manes of the stud between her fingers. Girl does not turn to the voice at first. She just places a peck on the Arrow's nose.

Just then girl's russet gaze finds the woman, who is speaking with her. "Before a boy can be considered a man, or a girl considered a woman, they must journey into the wilds of the March to capture a foal from the wild horse herds that still run about the alpines. Once the foal is captured, it is taken back to the settlement to be integrated into the tamed herds. The foal often becomes the horse of the one who captures it," proudly explains young girl "He was my catch. Everyone were speaking, that I caught the beast so similar to myself. We, Lohstren, grow up with our animals. We become one body and if we are separated from them… It is incomprehensible pain for our hearts: my and my stud…" Collette pats her stud and when she remembers. Amber gaze fulfills with sorrow. She remembers being not the baby of the family anymore. She remembers that her family renounced her. Girl quickly grabs the fabric of her dress, raising it a little bit to offer a respectful curtsy "I am sorry, my lady…" curious glance is fixed on the woman, who dared to come to speak with the one called "traitor" in rumors, waiting for the name a few moments, but then girl adds, remembering that the commoner should introduce herself first "Mistress Collette Lohstren…"

Rakel listens to the lore and tale that Collette relates with a quiet curiosity. She absorbs it, nodding slightly toward the end of the tale. "Then no, we certainly do not raise anything nearly so dramatic- " When Collette introduces herself, Rakel gestures her up out of the curtsy. "I am Lady Rakel Rhaedan," she introduces of herself. "A cousin to the princes and princesses," she explains further of her exact position in the web of northern nobles; niece of the King, close to the royalty, and yet, nowhere nearly so important. She steps closer, but keeps just beyond arm's length of any breathing body, human or otherwise. "I suppose, with your story, it would be silly to ask why you keep the lonely company of guards and a horse, hearing how close you are to your horse. And your name. I have heard your name whispered." Rakel folds her hands in front of her, giving her a moment to consider the guards. "Is your neck in such danger?"

"Pleasure to meet you, my lady. Your cousin was very generous for me, giving me a job and two guards. Moreover, he was very kind for my belo…" girl stops for a moment, frowns slightly and considers the woman in front of her. Russet gaze slips through woman's hair, on her shoulders, jumps even on her feet and raises back to her orbs. Just then Collette speaks again "A pleasure to meet you, my lady," girl repeats and cuddles up to her stud, more closely, taking a few careful steps back from the stranger. Yes, she is still stranger. Name does not mean anything. "We all are in danger, my lady, all the time. The world is dangerous place…" Collette continues curiously examining the lady, but becomes slightly less talkative.

When Collette because more cautious with her, Rakel smiles a little more genuinely, warmly even. "That is good," she murmurs quietly, dipping her head in a short nod. "Be careful, wild darling, we are all in danger." While Collette steps back, Rakel stays in place. Unmoving. She lightly wets her lips before speaking again, voice naturally low but falling lower still so that it didn't escape immediate ears. "Do you have any friends at all? Someone who might keep you company while navigating your new home? Anyone who might be searching for you, or worrying for you? I cannot believe that nothing has come with you."

"Of course, I have and everyone knows him. Lord Augustus Auldholme. The man, who promised to marry me, fight for our love and happiness," again, proudly, maybe even slightly haughty, answers Collette, but slightly warm smile is given back to the lady Rakel. Though, just slightly, because young girl is not used to trust people easily. "Also, lord Augustus' servant master…," but girl bites her lip again, forbidding for the name to get freedom. "My lady, why are you so interested in my situation, if I may ask?"

Rakel lifts her hand, palm up and fingers loose. "Forgive me. I am a curious mouse, and you are a novel addition to the world, aren't you?" She takes a step closer, without much mind for the guard. She seems to give the horse more regard as a guard than the actual guards, but then the Rhaedan guards had probably long since become a part of the background to the older Rhaedan woman. "I was in Brivey, just yesterday, and I heard a voice speak in worry for you. That they could not find you. It seems to me that you are not so difficult to find, and that you do not speak of that voice at all as a friend…So I wonder if there is not something amiss."

"My lady, it is hard to know who is your friend and who is not, if you do not see that person for quite a long time. Friends usually find each other easily. Moreover, in my situation… I do believe you found me without any problems," chuckles Collette before the curious question "Who are you speaking about, if I may know?" another chuckles leaves girl's throat.

Rakel nods slowly along with her. It was indeed hard to know. "It is even harder for me to know who is your friend, and who is not. It leaves me with a quandary, to send word to the little bird, that I have met you here in Laketown…or to let it do its own footwork." Rakel palms her hands together in a thoughtful way, and looks back toward her horse. Like the horse might give her some lead as to what to do. When Rakel looks back to Collette, she decides, "I will say this. Someone would very much like to see you, and expresses worry. If you would like to keep your trail - as obvious as it is - secret, I will be your friend and keep it secret. If you would like me to quell the worries fretted over your sake, I might do that as well. "

"My lady, if a person wants to find me, that person shouldn't look for me through others. I am very easily found here, in the Laketown or in the Brivey, where I work. You just can offer for the secret person to look for me there or here and see if I am alright in his or hers own eyes, if that person cares about me. I would be very excited to meet that friend. We all are in the need of friends at such times, my lady," girl's corners of the lips smiles more warmly "Thank you for bringing me good news. It is always nice to know, that there is someone, who cares about me. Moreover, you brought some curiosity. It always cheers!" giggles girl and now turns to her stud, starting to prepare her saddle.

Again, Rakel is quiet a time, reading Collette's reactions, the tiny micro expressions as much as she listens to her words. She nods just once, and promises, "It is not often I am allowed to bring good news. I will send word to the Princess directly then. Where should I tell her you work?" Glancing to the saddling, she asks, "Are you returning to Brivey tonight?"

Collette curiously raises a brow and turns her quite surprised expression at the lady "You said princess???" Girl starts laughing and repeats a question a few more times: "You said princess, really? That person is the princess? Princess Amira, I believe?!" Collette takes a few more minutes to giggle, while surprised amber gaze examines lady Rakel even more curiously "You say, she cares about me? Is worried? Oh, tell the princess I am eager to meet her! I have two days left. Free days. I have some things to do in the Laketown. Like Temple visiting and similar. But when I will be back to Brivey. If she wants to take a ride to Laketown, we can meet here. This was the place, where we first met," nods Collette and for some reason,she just takes a scratch of her curly head and decides to put the saddle back, leaving the Arrow without ride today. Feeling that, wild beast snorts in disappointment and immerses his knows to the girl's locks, making her chuckle.

The giggles and happy looks are taken in with a new warm smile. "Yes. That one," she assures when Collette picks out the correct Princess. "I believe she will be in Brivey, at least until Prince Jerric's wedding. Perhaps you will see her there, if not before. I will write, that you are returning to Brivey in a few days." There is finality in her tone. Decisive. "It was lovely to meet you, Mistress Lohstren. I am sure we will speak again before long." Just as there was certainty in her tone, there is the same in her movements. The meeting is over. She has done what she came to do, said what she came to see, and with little more than those departing words and a small dip of her head, the Rhaedan lady turns to go. Her gown shuffles quietly as she makes her way out, one hand reaching out to brush Boesa's nose in passing, but otherwise completely reserved to her own space. Only a few beats later, Collette is left with her horse, her guards, and her good news.

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