Derek Jacobi
Derek Jacobi as Gabriel Thorn
Full Name: Gabriel Thorn
Byname: Gabe
Age: 50
Kingdom: Taniford
House: Lohstren
Title/Profession: Master
Position: Tutor
Place of Birth: Estermarch
Father: Geofram Thorn (d)
Mother: Dancelle Thorn (d)
Siblings: N/A
Spouse: Lyra Thorn (d)
Children: N/A



Gabriel Thorn is well known - for his knowledge, his keen eye and keen mind, his status as a Commoner who rose to become the tutor to the noble-born children of House Lohstren. He is a book-maker by trade, and sought out for his hand-crafted scrolls and tomes. He was born in Estermarch, and raised there. His favourite pupil is Collette, whom he loves as a daughter, and his favourite pastime is writing.

Immediate Family

Geofram Thorn - Father (deceased).
Dancelle Thorn - Mother (deceased).
Lyra Thorn - Wife (deceased).

Character Features

Physical Features

Gabriel is a middle-aged man of average height and build, slightly overweight, with a pale complexion and hands that have seen a lot of fine work. He has ink-stains on his hands, as well as callouses from too much writing. He has a round, moon-shaped face with keen, intelligent and yet kindly, blue eyes, and short, sandy-blond hair on his that that is streaked through with silver. He appears to be either in his late forties or early fifties.

He dresses simply, in earthen-hued tunics with boots on his feet, a belt around his waist (supporting several pouches) and a satchel over his shoulder. He wears a long, billowing russet-hued cloak around his neck, and often carries a walking stick in his hand. He often smells of parchment, leather and ink.



Knowledge is Power — Gabriel believes very strongly in the power of knowledge, wisdom and understanding. He abhors violence and bloodshed, but understands it to a point. He is not a power-hungry man, but he does believe that knowledge can and does lead to it. He is committed to preserving the knowledge of the Old Ways (the religion of the March).
Eyes of a Hawk — The only thing keener than Gabriel's eyes is his mind, and he is known for his keen perception. It is difficult to lie successfully to him.
Salt of the Earth — Whatever his knowledge, Gabriel is a simple man and he appreciates the simple things in life. He is also a good man, kindly, thoughtful and sincere. He abhors lying. He is an old soul, and a gentle one at that.
Eidetic Memory — Gabriel has the kind of memory that recalls just about anything he sees or hears. It works mostly with words, written words.
Word-Smith — A small point of pride with Gabriel. He believes in the power of words, and prefers them to weapons. Indeed, he thinks of words AS weapons.
Father-Figure — Unable to have children himself, Gabriel dotes upon his students, especially the Lohstren children. He sees Collette as the daughter he never had.

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