Gauvain Tarris
Sean Bean
Sean Bean as Gauvain Tarris
Full Name: Gauvain Tarris
Byname: N/A
Age: 36
Kingdom: Taniford
House: Tarris
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Knight
Place of Birth: Griffon Point, Taniford
Father: Dougal Tarris (Deceased)
Mother: Felicity Tarris
Siblings: Talina Fairmount (Married away), Caterina Tarris
Spouse: None
Children: Bethany Ashdown (Bastard born, but recognized. Currently his Squire, Age 16)


Gauvain of House Tarris is a vassel to the Lohstrem House in the kingdom of Taniford. Born just a few years before the Corsair war, he was old enough to Squire for his Lord Father during the begining of the war, and then fight beside him as first a Squire and then a Knight in his own right as well. Toward the end of his career in teh war he made the mistake of choosing a Maiden over his comrades, and missed out on a battle that saw the destruction of his unit. He went home in disgrace, and discovered that the Maiden had given birth to a Bastard Daughter by the name of Bethany. Currently she follows him around, and he allows the young one to squire for him, as the two fo them search for a way to regain honor.


(Gauvain's Squire and Daughter, Bethany Ashdown)

Immediate Family

Felicty Tarris (Mother 54)
Talina Fairmount (Sister, Younger 33)
Caterina Tarris (Sister, Youngest 18)
Bethany Ashdown (Daughter 16)

Character Features

Large knight who rides a large Black Warhorse named Strider that is incredibly bad tempered, but also incredibly intelligent

Physical Features

Standing just over six feet, the man before you is well build and has a hard look about him. Vibrant green eyes look out upon the world in a way that says this is a man that is not used to smiling, and lines near the eyes show that many hours and days have been spent beneath a visored helm. His long Auburn hair falls to just past his shoulders and is tied into a neat and orderly tail by a black leather braided cord. Just beneath the eyes a thin black line with barbs have been tattooed, making the rare occassion when he smiles make him appear to be scowling.


Likes Alcohol
Has a bad tempered Warhorse, and he wouldn't have it any other way.
Enjoys military Tactics.
Enjoys battle.
Does not enjoy Jousting, but does so at the behest of his Daughter.
Can not tell his daughter no.

Family Tree


On the Grid

Known Associates

Samwell Samwell Taniford : He is the prince. Gauvain is a man of loyalty, and Samwell is the Prince. Nuff said.
Marla Marla Mentros : The woman has an ability to hold her tongue when it is clear she wants to murder. There might be something to the woman being the head of the Elite Knights, but I need to see her in battle.
Bethany Bethany Ashdown (NPC) : Though base born, she is my Daughter. Stubborn and fierce, she has a kind heart and a playfulness that is impressive.
Jaren Jaren Cassomir : A fellow Knight, and friend who fought beside me in the Corsair War, it is good to see the man again. I hope the years have been kinder to him, than I. Now that I have my arms again, perhaps we will fight beside each other again.

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Recent Memoirs


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