Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks
Summary: Having missed her birthday party, Prince Stefan stops by the temple to ensure the gifts were received and Temple Priestess Tylon gives thanks to the Prince for having thought of her.
Date: 1 August 2013
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Laketown - Temple Gardens
A simple stone path leads out into the garden of the Temple of Four. Several trees offer shade along with small stone benches for people to rest and enjoy the peace and fresh air of the garden. Though by far the offerings are more practical with the many herbs and vegetable patches that exist within the flowers and bushes that exist. A close look by one knowledgeable in the area, would notice that most of the flower and bushes themselves have purpose beyond scenery. Near the back of the garden is a small orchard with various fruit bearing trees : apple, pear, peach, and cherry.

Of the many paths that branch out in the garden, one can be seen leading over to an area that has been setup for the purpose of weapons and combat training for the Chosen of the Temple. Targets and practice dummies are arranged in several places along with open spaces for those more inclined for working in pairs.

Thu Aug 01, 1329

As the mid-day passes, activity about the temple slows with the meal passed and a break had by those who serve the Guardians. And for Tylon a break from the latest rounds of paperwork along with her usual duties in the infirmary. When asked after, one was directed along to the Temple gardens to find the Mother Superior.

Setting upon a bench along the far path, Tylon sips from a cup of tea as eyes watch some of the butterflies that flutter between the flowers. Bare toes peek out from beneath her robes, curling lazily into the grass.

Having been directed to the temple garden, after asking for Tylon, is of course the northern prince, Stefan. Coming along alone, for once, Stefan smiles and offers a bow of his head to the priestess, "Mother superior. A pleasure to see you, seemingly alive and well even. Apologies for missing your party, celebrating your age." He says and comes closer, grinning a bit.

Looking up when the voice addresses her, Tylon offers a gentle smile along with a bow of her head,"Prince Stefan, a pleasure as always. I am quite well, and there is now need to apologize, I which understand how duty calls. Mine are perhaps different than your own, but they all an understanding to yet be had."

A hand gently motions to the bench,"Come and sit a moment, Your Highness," a bit of mirth coming as Tylon continues," Or should I be calling you My Favorite Prince, as you note said? I admit, I was surprised that you thought to send gifts in your absence. "

Stefan smiles and nods, "Thank you. I still thought I would come and congratulate you in person." He says, moving to join her on the bench. Grinning a bit. "Well, am I not?" He asks and winks. "Well, I thought it was the kind thing to do. Did you like them?"

A soft laugh comes as Tylon gives a gentle shake of her head,"You are of course, though admittedly, I probably also know you the best in having spent more time with you than the others. And…ah…I was going to say you were the only who sent a gift, but there was one from Prince Jerric by proxy, I however suspect he does not have a clue he sent it, or if he does, what gift he gave." Giving a smile and seeming to find it more amusing then anything. Nodding her head a little,"Yes, I did. I am quite enjoying the books, when I have time to indulge in them. And the necklace was most lovely. " Leaning and giving a quick kiss to his cheek,"Thank you, truly, for the gifts."

Stefan chuckles and nods, "PErhaps so. My brother is kept quite busy. Though I mean, since you are one of few priestesses I've met I thought it would be nice to be kind to you." He says and grins. "That is good." He offers and smiles. Which widens with her kiss. "Awww, such a sweet gesture." He teases her lightly.

"It is a good policy really, you never know when such kindness can pay off. After all, I am a healer as well, we can be handy friends to have, I hear." Tylon smiles a the tease and gives her own little wink,"I have heard some enjoy a small token such as that in addition to words. And as my favorite prince, surely, you would warrent such, no?"

Stefan smiles and nods. "Indeed. I thought I'd rather have you as a friend rather than an enemy." He says and chuckles. Nodding about it being warrented. "Indeed. Still sweet." He tells her and snickers. "So, not been too busy since last time I hope?"

Tylon smiles softly,"I would like to think I have few enemies, friends are by far better to have." Nodding a touch,"Not to busy, things have been settling back down since the festival though tensions yet run high. A thing I imagine you understand well enough. What is it you have been up to, I would have thought you to have returned homewards like so many others?"

Stefan smiles and nods. "That is good. And I can imagine the high tension. I am soon to return to my brother's side again. But I wanted to come by and see you for a moment." As for what he has been up to, he shrugs. "This and that. Been keeping busy with work." He admits and smiles. "But as I said, returning to Jerric's side soon."

Tylon nods,"It has never been an easy place to be, here in Laketown, we become a focus for the tensions at times." A gentle smile comes," I am glad you did, it is good to see you and to be able to thank you in person for the gifts. Though I am sure your brother will be glad to have you back at his side."

"I supposse that is true. Although tensions run high everywhere I think." He tells her with a small smile. Nodding a bit about his brother, perhaps figuring how the conversation might go. "Well, I am glad you enjoyed them all.." He offers about gifts, kissing her cheek in return. "Call that a third gift." He teases and winks.

"It is true, here though…sometimes it can be worse. Afterall most other places do not chance the mixing of those from north and south as often as we do. " Nor their armies! A soft smile is given by Tylon,"I quite did." Blinking slightly as he kisses her cheek in return,"That one as well, now it is you being sweet."

Stefan nods and chuckles, "True enough." He says about the tension. "I am good at lowering tension most of the time." He says and chuckles. Grinning about being sweet, "Now how would you know that? You haven't tasted me." He teases with a big and amused grin.

"I do have to admit you do not seem to carry and bring with you the tension many others do. Some I think thrive upon it." A light smile coming," Though lowering it can be for the better…even enjoyable." Tylon cants her head slightly as her greens eyes study him a bit,"True, I have not…thought truly, my Prince is being a bold flirt with me today. Next thing you'll be offering a taste for me to find out. Certainly a ploy to find out if I am as sweet as you called me earlier."

Stefan chuckles and shrugs. "I don't see why I should be tense. It's much more fun to be relaxed." Laughng a bit as she calls him a flirt. As well as her own words, grinning a bit. "Perhaps. But can you tell me you don't enjoy a friendly flirting?" He says and grins. Gently nudging her with his shoulder.

Tylon laughs with a shake of her head,"No, I cannot I mind it any. It is a thing to enjoy. There are not many who remember I am a woman as well as a priestess, or at least few brave enough to be such a friendly flirt."

Stefan grins and nods, "See? I think you even enjoy it more than you let on." He says and chuckles, winking then. "I almost figure such after that statement about a ploy to see how sweet you are." He teases and grins. Shaking his head though. "I am quite glad that you are well and that you enjoyed the gifts."

"It is possible," comes Tylon simple response as she gives a grin herself. "Though I do think you enjoy it just as much, being such a flirt and knowing your teases are enjoyed in turn." Giving a soft smile,"I did enjoy them, and I am glad you stopped in to see me."

Stefan grins and nods, "True enough." He says and studies her a bit. "I think if I continue to flirt they'll really think it would be my child." He teases and chuckles. "I am glad that you did. Since I never got a dance with the birthday girl might I be able to offer it now?"

Tylon chuckles,"It is a risk for certain, though I think they have let that particular bit of gossip fade. Least for now. " Tylon gives a slight incline of her head at the request,"You mya, though I yet warn you, your toes might not be so lucky as the last time."

Stefan grins and winks. "What's the fun without a bit of danger?" He asks and chuckles. Rising to his feet and offering his hand to her. "Want to dance here or somewhere else? Most fitting for a priestess of Stilthas might be in the water though." He says and winks.

Slipping to her feet as her hand slides into the one her offers her, Tylon smiles,"More fitting, but then it is a bit more like swimming. But that is for an entirely different time. Here would be fine, unless you desire true music and not the whispers of the Guardians?"

Stefan chuckles and shrugs. "Low water then we can enjoy the dance quite a bit." He says and grins. "It is fine here." He assures her with a grin. Taking her up to start a slow dance. "You're quite the nice priestess." He tells her.

"A dance for another time perhaps, it sounds as you have enjoyed such before. " Her hand settling to his shoulder as her hand remains within his as the slow dance is begun. Tylon smiles gently,"You say that almost as if you expected to find me otherwise. We priestess can be as different as princes can be….Though I am glad you find me nice," adding with a tease with her own wink," and sweet."

Stefan chuckles and shrugs. "I might though I might also just have good imagination." He suggests with a wide grin. Moving with her. Shrugging a bit. Grinning a bit as she goes on. "Apologies for this then." He says as he gently kisses her cheek and then a gentle nibble to her ear. "Yup, sweet." He says and chuckles amused. "Was just checking. Sorry if it was rude." He says, certain no one would see it though, as he is just dancing with her after all.

"Equally possible, though surely it is such talk that has built that reputation that was spoken of once before." With the slowness of the dance, Tylon does move easily enough within it. An questioning eyebrow rising a little when he speaks of an apology. Though her eyes blink and there is a faint shiver when he nibbles on her ear, and there is a slight hesitation within the movement of the dance. Recovering from her surprise quickly enough, murmuring,"Good to know you find me sweet as was spoken. Some would say it rude, others would call it overly bold. Though I think I cannot find to much fault for having teased so in return."

Stefan smiles and nods, moving with her. Chuckling and shrugging a bit. "Well, good then. I would not want to be too rude." He says and winks. Continuing to dance but now at least behaving more properly. Just slowly dancing.

"Ah, but you do not mind to be a little rude? " lightly teasing him. Tylon' stepping easily enough within the slow dance, the occurs to the simple sounds of the garden. "Though you should know you are lucky I am a priestess of Stilltha and not of Ravas. "

Stefan grins, "Oh, what would you do to me if you were of Ravas?" He asks lightly. Grinning a bit. Slowly spinning her around.

"If I were of Ravas, one way or another we would not still be dancing here yet," begins Tylon. Giving a smile before she continues,"depending on the mood that stirred, it could have gone poorly you with a red mark to your cheek and seen out by Chosen," smirking just a little,"or it could have gone quite the other way, with you dragged of to chambers and shown the true passion of a Ravas."

Stefan grins at her, shrugging a bit. "Hmm, that sounds interestng. What might one of Stilthas offer instead?" He asks with a grin. Watching her curiously. Running his hand through his hair. Then continuing the dance.

"The Ravas are always interesting, though there is risk as noted depending on the mood that strikes them." Tylon gives a small shrug,"That is a good question, we are far more calm and even. It is possible to draw such emotion from one of Stilltha, it just takes more…and perhaps the right person to break through the calm surface to find it." Tylon watching as his hand goes through his hair and their dances continues. "Though perhaps such boldness should get something, it seems it could be a let down otherwise, or perhaps it is pleasing enough I did not flee?"

Stefan grins and nods. "I suppose that makes sense." As for her last he does raise his brows. "I would indeed enjoy something in return." He says with a wink.

"Of course, though……hmmmmm," Tylon faintly studying him a moment before she leans as if perhaps to whisper something as the dance continues. But her lips instead taking to a gentle nibbling upon his ear, just the faintest flicker of her tongue felt before she draws back. Placing a quick and tender kiss to the side of his mouth as she winks. Noting,"It has been good to see you, my Prince, but I fear my own duties require I return to them. May the Guardians go with you as you return to your brother, and keep you safe til next we meet." Giving a wink as she moves to depart with a small bow of her head.

Stefan grins and nods at her playing. "Well good then. It has been good to see you as well." He says and still has a grin on his lips. The kiss having of course been returned. "Thank you and until next time." He says and grins at the wink. Turning

to leave as well.

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