Going Shopping

Going Shoppping
Summary: Sir Deidra and Prince Samwell visit the Merchant's Quarter of Wolveshire, where the Taniford seizes the opportunity to offer her a very special wedding present.
Date: 14/09/2013 and 15/09/2013
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Merchant's Row, Wolveshire
This avenue is broader than most in town, providing ample room for the merchants that pass through year-round. In the center of the road is a tall, large building which serves a place for people to set up a table or stall for the day. Two curved staircases flank the building's facade and lead up to a columned portico and a large double-door entrance. The building is composed mostly of wood fit at even intervals with arching, latticed windows.

The rest of the thoroughfare is cluttered with some of the more established shops. The largest of these is the Golden Crown Inn which is surrounded by smaller merchants. The road ends in front of the large communal building, and the only way out is to head back into the main square.

September 14th, 1329

For this morning Prince Samwell has dismissed all his Blue Guards, giving them leave to do whatever they please. Except one. He's 'ordered' Deidra to keep him company and join him for a walk into the heart of Wolveshire for some reason. He looks immaculate as always, though there's a hint of grumpyness in his eyes, which he is trying his best to conceal behind a smile.

Walking beside Prince Samwell is Sir Deidra, whose usually so sour mien has taken on a more amiable expression during those past weeks. While she seems to be aware of her Commander's almost hidden grumpy state she so far chooses not to inquire about it. She wears her plate armor and the blue cloak that comes with it of course. As they pass the Tailor's Shop she seems to hesitate for a moment before she continues with a light shrug. "My prince.", she finally says as they are forced to pause for a moment as a group of nobles cross their path. "Is there a special reason why you wanted me to accompany you here?"

"Should there be?", Samwell asks lightly, having followed her look to the tailor shop. He keeps her dangling for a few more minutes, apparently busy studying the goods at a market stall - mostly leather trinkets, belts, satchels, simple shoes and so on - before he finally turns back to her with a smile. "Deidra, you know how much I value you and your service to me. You know that if you asked me to fetch the stars from the skies and string them into a necklace for you to wear at your wedding, I would do so. But perhaps there are other things you might like for your wedding? Cloth for a dress, ribbons, velvet shoes… whatever you would like, please buy it. The princely purse is at your command today."

"Um. That is very kind of you, my Prince, but not necessary.", Deidra replies looking a touch uncomfortable as she brushes a strand of dark brown hair that has escaped that leather band back behind her ear. "I do not wear jewelry, nor do I… wear dresses, Commander sir." She pauses, her gaze moving to the Tailor's shop again. "Although… I fear I must wear one to the wedding."

Samwell looks aghast. "Of course you will wear a dress to your wedding! And jewelry. And if you do not choose yourself, I will choose for you… risk that at your peril.", he jokes lightly (though it may not even be a joke!). Seeing her look towards the tailor shop again, he smirks. "Come on then! My deputy will look fabulous on her great day!" He starts walking towards the shop, knowing that she really hasn't got a choice but to follow him … inside the shop.

"Choose for me…?", Deidra echoes, looking slightly intimidated or even worried at the prospect. But then the Taniford Prince is already entering the shop and she must hurry to keep up with him. "The thing is, Commander sir, I feel awkward in dresses. I haven't worn one in ages. Everyone will stare at me and I will feel so awkward." Her steely green eyes glance about the place when they enter, still not believing she is actually doing this.

"Well, then you better make sure you have it ready before the wedding, so you can practise walking in it without tripping over its hem.", Samwell winks, but turns his attention to the shopkeeper, whose eyes threaten to pop out of their sockets when he recognizes the noble visitor. "Your Highness…!", he gasps and bows so deeply, his nose almost brushes the floor. "What a honour! How can I be of service?" His eyes drift to his female companion, but realizing she's not noble, he just nods to her in greeting.

"Please show us some of your finest cloth… the lady here needs a dress. A wedding dress.", he elaborates, "Something to match her fine green eyes perhaps?" "Of course, of course…" The shopkeeper yells through an open door for assistance, then begins dragging some bales of cloth out to spread them on the table. "If only I had known…", he murmurs to himself.

Deidra returns the nod to the shop keeper. "Master Tailor." Then her gaze flits to Samwell as he asks to be shown some samples of cloth. "Maybe not the finest, your Highness. I am of common birth, and the 'finest cloth' might not be appropriate…?", she remarks a bit hesitantly perhaps, before she turns her attention to the shop keeper. "The wedding is in a week, Master. I am not sure there is enough time… Maybe you have some leftovers, some dress that has not been picked up?"

Samwell frowns. "Do you want the court to think I've stinted on my most trustworthy deputy?", he asks Deidra, "It will be the finest and it will be made to measure. I'm sure, it can be done, Master?" The tailor hurries to nod. "Of course, certainly, Your Highness!", he assures him and Deidra, bowing again. By now his wife and a teenage daughter have appeared as well and while the daughter is busy making goo-goo eyes at the appearance of a veritable prince in their humble abode, the wife immediately takes over, picking a fine green velvet cloth with golden thread around the neck. "This will go well with your complexion, Mylady.", she offers, not sure how to address the woman, "Or would you rather something fresh and lively…?" She picks another one of lighter cotton, a pretty very light shade of pink. "This goes well with some floral embroidery…?"

"Made to measure?" Deidra's gaze flits down at her armor, and she frowns a little. "Well, um, sure, your Highness, Commander sir." The wife and the daughter are greeted with another nod. Her green eyes linger on that green velvet for a moment, then she stares at the lighter sample of light pink and shakes vehemently shakes her head. "No pink, please. I abhor the colour!" Her gaze flits to Samwell again and Deidra bites her lip, realizing he is dead serious about this. Then that first sample gets another glance. "I… do like the colour, but maybe without that gold? That really is too much, Commander sir."

Samwell seems to have developed selective deafness, for he doesn't seem to hear that last remark. "Yes, I think this is more becoming for her.", he agrees with the green, "Pink is more something for my sister. "Can you cut it so, that the gold will also appear around the sleeves… I believe that will round it off nicely… as will some emeralds set in gold…" He touches the velvet to assure himself of the quality and the wife nods. "We can add a light gossamer veil with some green and gold thread too… a bride needs a veil, so the groom can lift it and kiss her.", she winks at Deidra.

Her steely green eyes seem to pop out of her head, as Deidra notices Samwell is ignoring her objections. "So… gold then," she sighs, shaking her head a touch. "But.. emeralds, Commander sir?" Then, at the remark about the veil, the Blue Guard turns her head to face the poor woman and give her the coldest stare she is capable of. "No. Veil. Please."

The woman seems baffled and looks to Sam for help. He shrugs, but perhaps he does know where the limit is. "No veil then. Perhaps some golden-green thread for the hair.", he suggests, "A matching ribbon?" "It can be found.", the woman promises, then looks at Deidra again, surveying her getup. "Mylady, if you could just take all these things off, so I can take your measurements?", she asks, then elbows the daughter. "Don't stand there gawping, get the measuring tape!" The girl blushes hotly and bustles off. Soon she's back with the tape though. Sam meanwhile chuckles. "I won't look.", he promises Deidra with a wink.

Deidra seems placated as soon as the threat of a veil is turned away so easily. The proposed ribbon does not meet with any objections but a nod with an apologetic smile. "Certainly, a ribbon will be in order I think." Then at the request to get rid of her armor the Blue Guard blushes, her gaze moving from the woman to her husband the shopkeeper until it comes to rest upon Samwell. "I do hope so." she mutters, her cheeks flushed a little. Some weeks ago she wouldn't have bothered but now… she is to marry. Maybe that prospect does strange things with a woman's mind. And so she removes the plate armor, one piece at a time, loosening the leather straps with a slightly annoyed expression. A questioning look is shot towards the wife of the tailor and then she continues with the padding, a deep sigh escaping her lips. She wears a shirt underneath, long enough to cover most of her thighs, and now she shoots a slightly glaring glance in Prince Samwell's direction to make sure he really does not look at her.

Prince Samwell is definitely not looking. He's finally noticed the daughter's interest in him and has begun to chat her up a little. Innocently of course. But he does like a girl's admiring eyes upon him. So it's left to the tailor's wife to take the measurements and call them out to her husband, who's also not looking but sitting nearby to write them down. It all takes a few minutes in which Deidra is basically being handled like a dummy until her measurements are all taken.

Deidra needs a lot of composure to not explode. Luckily for the tailor it is his wife that takes the measurements and not himself, or he would have caught himself at least two hard slaps to his face. She seems to be relieved when the woman is done with her work, and hurries to redon her padding and then the armor. "Guardians. What do I have to go through to get properly married…?" is muttered under the Blue Guard's breath, while she fininshes adjusting the last leather straps. But when her gaze finds Samwell and the girl her anger seems to have dissipated already. "Well, now, my prince. Be careful not to provoke the tailor, or he will ruin that dress you have ordered.", she remarks with a smirk.

Samwell just looks amused, perhaps not even getting at what she's hinting at. The girl does blush though and slink into the background. The prince clears his throat. "Very well then, when can you bring it to the castle for her to try on and make adjustments if necessary?" "Within two sunrises, Your Highness.", the tailor assures him, then they make their goodbyes and depart.

It is still morning, albeit already a later hour when Prince Samwell Taniford and the Deputy Commander of the Blue Guard emerge from the tailor shop, as it seems they spent longer inside than they had planned. Deidra usually so sour mien is looking different though, bewilderment and a certain joy gleaming in those steely green eyes of hers. Still. Her armor glints a little as it reflects some of the sun light, when she turns her face towards the prince, raising a brow. "I… am most grateful, my prince. I fear Roltoff will not know it is me, when he sees me in that dress. So… back to the castle, Commander sir? Now that we are done with everything?" Surely there can't be more to shop for, her slightly anxious gaze seems to suggest.

Sam looks bemused at that. "You wish to walk barefoot to the altar, Deidra?", he asks, "Your hair hanging open like that of a little girl?" No, obviously they are not yet done. But he seems to know where he's going, walking towards the end of the thoroughfare with quick strides, pleased to see merchants and customers making sure to get out of the princely way. Finally, almost at the end of the lane, he reaches a shop with an open front, where some simple leather shoes are laid out for customers to inspect, closed shoes with or without heels and an assortment of sandals.

Oh dear. Shoes! Having mostly worn leather boots all her life, Deidra cannot help but shudder. "I thought…", she starts, before she shakes her head, noticing Samwell's determined look that is mirrored in his confident steps. No. She probably will not be allowed to wear those boots underneath the dress, as nobody would see them anyway. So, what else can she do really but to hurry after him with a sigh. Coming to a halt beside her Commander the Blue Guard casts a glance about the assorted shoes. "Is that really necessary, my prince? We could just pick the cheapest pair over there," she points to a pair if plain sandals. "Noone will see them anyway, with that dress covering everything…"

"Unless you have feet that usually go with a size of a man way over six foot height I don't think those will fit you.", Samwell comments dryly, watching the shoemaker hurriedly putting his work aside to get to his feet and bow deeply to his royal surprise visitor. Once the niceties are done, the prince explains: "The lady here needs a pair of fine shoes to go with a wedding dress. I was thinking soft calfskin that moulds to her feet and a sturdy sole." "Certainly, Your Highness. Mylady. Please take a seat…" He points to two chairs and bustles off to fetch a few things.

"I can defeat any man over six feet, easily my prince. Why could I not wear his shoes?", comes the faint objection from the Blue Guard, before she sees her words being ignored again. Biting her lower lip, Deidra hesitates before she inclines her head and acknowledges the superior knowledge of her prince in these things. And so she follows the shoemakers invitation to sit down without any objections, already preparing to remove those boots as some measurements surely will be necessary.

Indeed they are. As with her body earlier, now her feet are carefully measured in length, width, height and so on. The contour is carefully drawn upon a wooden block with chalk, too. "It is rather urgent, my good man.", Samwell remarks when the work is done and the measurements have been noted, "Could you have them ready within three days? I'll make it worth your while." "Yes of course, Your Highness, certainly!", the shoemaker hastens to assure them both with a smile, "I have fine calfskin right here, I will immediately begin this afternoon!"

Deidra stares at Samwell while she puts those boots back on. This time the measuring was not as awkward as at the tailor's, but still… "I am overwhelmed, my prince. This will be the first time I walk around in /that fancy/ clothes. Not that I think I deserve it. But I wonder, where by the Guardians did you get all that knowledge about clothes and shoes from?"

"How often do you think I've sat and had new measurements taken as I was growing up?", Samwell replies with a soft smile, "And of course you deserve it. You would deserve more, if only you'd let me." He says goodbye to the shoemaker and waits for Deidra to put her shoes back on, before he steps out. "Come, one more stop for the day…"

"What now? Aren't we already done with everything?", Deidra protests, albeit not that vehemently. Slipping into her boots rather quickly, she already offers Samwell a smile. "You will come to the feast, won't you, Commander sir? To see me in all that splendour?" But then her prince is already off again, and she needs to hurry to catch up with him. "At Laketown? On the Open Field? There will be food and drink aplenty, and music and dancing." Then her steely green eyes look around as she inquires: "Where are we going, Commander sir? What is missing? I thought everything was perfect already."

"I wouldn't want to miss it.", Samwell promises her with a smile, "I wish I could walk you down the aisle, but I'm sure you have entrusted your father with this important commission?" It's half an assumption, but half a question. They zig-zag through a maze of stalls until they reach one where a female haberdasher is offering her goods, several beautiful and expensive ribbons have been laid out, as well as small baskets with different buttons and needles. The woman hurries to curtsey when she recognizes the prince, but apparently they know each other as she asks: "What can I do for you today, your Highness?" "The lady here needs some lovely ribbons for her hair and a matching belt for the waist… something that matches her eyes and a dress of the same green coloring… with some gold and silver perhaps?", he suggests.

Deidra's eyes flit downward at the question, and she shakes her head, while some of the cheerful expression leaves her mien. "No… my parents will not attend. The ceremony will be a minimal affair, just Roltoff, Mother Tylon and I." But then they have arrived at the next stand, and her attention shifts to the various ribbons in all kinds and colours. "Oh, Commander sir, green will be just fine," she comments, her eyes a bit restless as they flit from a ribbon in a glowing orange colour to a hair needle in the shape of a snake.

"Oh, but that cannot be!", Samwell gasps, when she describes the rather short guest list. While he mentally ponders his engagements for the day to see how much time he'll have to spare, the haberdasher is quick to note Deidra's interest in the orange ribbon. "It would be a fascinating contrast to a green dress, Ma'am.", she points out eagerly, "Here's a finer version even…" She produces another ribbon, orange, gold and some dark green, creating an image of autumn leaves in a golden October sun. "Marvellous!", Sam agrees immediately.

"Why not?", Deidra replies, a smile now tugging at her lips as her gaze returns to Samwell. "It will be just the two of us, offering our prayers to the Guardians." Then as she sees her glance towards the orange ribbon was taken seriously, her cheeks become rosy at first, but then, at the final proposition she nods, impressed with the autumnal ribbon. "Very well then." But then the Blue Guard turns to Samwell again, another moment of hesitation preceding her question, her green eyes not leaving the prince as she watches his reaction: "I will keep my quarters at Wolveshire, of course. But I'd like to have a week off, my prince. After the wedding. After that I promise I will return more eager to serve you and your House than ever before."

"And not exhausted?", Sam asks with a playful wink, apparently absolutely fine with that request for time off. The haberdasher has produced yet another measurement tape and steps around the stall to slide it around Deidra's waist, armor and all, then studies her head and hair carefully for a moment. "It will be ready in a day or two.", she promises, "I'll have the girl bring it up to the castle, Your Highness." "Thank you, Mel.", the prince replies with a smile, then looks at Deidra. "Is there anything else you'd like to go with the ribbon? You will probably need something that keeps the ribbon in place in your hair…?" Here the prince is at a loss for the first time. Female hair, a mystery to him.

The first playful question is answered with a light smirk, but nothing more. Deidra looks surprised at the other inquiry though. "Um. I usually only use leather bands as this one… But I think, some needles are used for such things, are they not?" Her gaze seeks support and help from the haberdasher, while this woman is still busy making notes about the belt.

"We have some very nice needles, Ma'am.", the woman points out, eager to make another sale. She produces a little box containing some nice hairneedles with a silver or gold finish, some straight, some wavy, one even a little row of tiny stars. "How beautiful!", Sam commments on the last one. "Four are usually enough to fix it in place.", the woman explains, "Two really pretty ones up here -" She points at her own temples, "Two plainer ones down here -" She points to a spot behind her ears.

Deidra inspects those hairneedles in that box most attentively, even taking one or the other out to have a closer look. Still. That last one catches her attention as well, and after hearing Samwell's approval she points to that one with a shy smile. "This here then, and another pretty one similar to it? And two plainer ones." Her finger points to a pair of wavy needles. She watches as the woman shows where to be place them and nods finally, rolling her eyes a bit. "Certainly, that doesn't look too hard." She might be hoping for a bit of assistance from her colleagues, nonetheless.

"Of course, Ma'am, a very beautiful choice.", the woman agrees and goes to find the twin to the starry one, before picking out two plain ones as well. "Would you like to take them now or have them delivered with the belt and hair ribbons?", she asks curiously. Sam grins and begins fishing coins from his purse. "We'll take them now, so she can practise doing her hair until the big day, right Deidra?", he winks at his deputy.

"Certainly, my prince. A bit of practice won't hurt…", Deidra agrees, her gaze still lingering on those hair needles as if they were daggers that aimed to maim her. "I prefer other weapons, though. But… as the occasion demands it…" She nods, before she glances towards that purse a bit awkwardly again. "Thank you, my prince.", she remarks after pondering for a long moment whether to refuse his charity. A warm smile of gratitude conquers her mien as she offers him a bow. "But that is now all, I suppose? I don't know if I can take more of your generosity, Commander sir."

Samwell ponders for a moment. "Let's see… we have a dress, shoes, hair… I believe we are quite set for today, Deidra.", he agrees, "Consider it my wedding gift to a dear friend and trusted companion. Shall we return to the castle now or would you like some ale to revive yourself after the ordeal of shopping?", he grins.

"Some ale would be fine, Commander sir," Deidra admits with a smile, relief as she hears Samwell's assessment that they have anything showing in her sparkling green eyes. "And thank you. What a wonderful wedding gift indeed, and I suspect, Roltoff will be also very grateful, if not even more." As she mentions her betrothed, Deidra's cheeks start to colour again, just a touch, turning them a rosy pink. "So, where to?" she inquires, following Samwell to whatever inn he may have had in mind.

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