Princess Guinevere Rhaedan
Natalie Dormer
Natalie Dormer as Guinevere Rhaedan Nee Riedel
Full Name: Guinevere Rhaedan Nee Riedel
Byname: N/A
Age: 19
Kingdom: Rhaedan
House: House Rhaedan
Title/Profession: Princess
Position: Princess
Place of Birth: Rhaedan
Father: {$father}
Mother: {$mother}
Siblings: {$siblings}
Spouse: {$spouse}
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The Duke and Duchess of Brivey Keep were blessed not once, but three times with the gift of a child. The first being of noteworthy importance to most, as he was named heir of all that was and all that was to come of Bivery. The second was also a son, one just as loved as the first, but held different responsibilities. Though he was not the heir, he was still provided with enough responsibility to make him feel needed. The last child, the only daughter of the Duke and Duchess, was the most precious to both of them. Being the only girl, the Duke and Duchess both had plans and expectations of this little one.

The Duke idolized his daughter. Guinevere Riedel was going to do great things, she was going to have a future, she was going to have everything she wanted and more. The Duke was going to see that it was true. It didnt take long fore Guinevere to realize this. It made her love her Father the most. She knew he only wanted what was best for her and she had a deep-set love for life and all that it had to offer. Having two Brothers only made her curious mind even more so. She wanted to learn the same things they did. With a plea, her Father conceded to allowing her to learn some of the things that her Brothers were learning. Just on a small scale. Guinevere learned to, ride a horse, the proper way to hold a sword and defend herself, even to Joust. It allowed bonding to be allowed to interact with her Brothers and play with them. The Brothers and sister bond was not one that could easily be broken. The two Brothers both loved her and protected her in a way only Brothers could.

There was little that the Duchess could say when it came to Guinevere's allowance by her Father. However, she made sure that she learned all the ways of a proper Lady /before/ she should be allowed to go out and run off like a boy. Guinevere was taught the basics and the necessities. Sowing, painting, singing, instruments, how to run a house hold, how to entertain guests, the write words to say and the delicate way a lady should act in public. The Duchess was determined to never allow her daughter to become too masculine. The instructions that held Guinevere's interest the most, was the lessons of the matter of healing and care with the assistance of wounds. The thought of helping a dying or ailing person or child warmed her heart. No matter what Guinevere did, however, the Duchess always saw room for improvement somewhere. She was after all her only daughter and it would only reflect badly on her, if Guinevere acted out of proper etiquette befitting a Duke and Duchess daughter. Not to mention the promised betrothed to the Crown Prince himself, Prince Jerric.

The arrangement of marriage to Prince Jerric had been decided well before Guinevere even knew what that meant. It was part of her Father's idea of taking care of her and seeing that she was always knowing she would be ok. It would also secure his place and responsibilities to the Prince and kingdom that they served. It was not love at first sight, it was more tolerate at first sight. At the young age of the betrothal, Guinevere still saw the prince as an equal, as a playmate. By the time she reached her teens, it was far different. She knew he was intended for her and she hardly wanted anything to do with him. There were other boys! Time passed and she came to terms with the fact that it was her fate to marry the Prince. The Duchess had made it abundantly clear that there was no going back on the Dukes word and the Guinevere would now have to live up to the responsibilities that was left on her shoulders to fulfill.

Guinevere understood responsibilities, family loyalty and Kingdom pride. She would do as she had to, but that did not mean that it was what she desired most in the world. As was expected of her, she spent as much time as possible with the Prince, trying to make a connection. Knowing full well that her need to at least bear him in the same room with her was needed in order to bare him children and heirs for the throne.

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This beautiful young woman stands five feet and six inches tall. Long brown hair shapes this lady's heart-shaped face, cascading down her back like a river in a flow of wavy curls down to her waist, curling at the ends into large, round ringlets. Her skin is smooth, a creamy white that has a hint of a sun-kissed honey hue. Violet color eyes are striking in comparison to her dark hair and white skin. Pink lips purse naturally into a full lipped and appear in a natural pouting sort of way.
The curves of her body are sign of good breeding and careful consideration in upkeep, a way a woman's body should. From the roundness of her hips, the slender slope of her waist and the fullness of her bust she is every bit an ideal shape. A dress the color of a deep ruby velvet is cut in a courtly fashion and drapes her womanly form in the most flattering of ways. Black lace and freshwater pearls are trimmed around the square neckline, as delicate, golden embroidery graces the bodice in the form of her house sigil, the ram. The elbows have been slashed fashionably, exposing a black colored undergarment. A long gold chain wraps around her neck and hangs down her midsection. Her delicate yet callused hands hold but one ring, sitting daintily on her right index finger is the sigil of her house, a golden double ram on a circular disk.


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