Gustav Sollinger
Alan Rickman
Alan Rickman as Gustav Sollinger
Full Name: Gustav Sollinger
Byname: None
Age: 28 (Date of Birth: January 27th)
Kingdom: Taniford
House: House Sollinger
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Noble-son
Place of Birth: Sollinger
Father: N/A
Mother: N/A
Siblings: None?
Spouse: None
Children: None

Character Description

You see a tall man, wearing an eyepatch. His face is draped by oynx hair, which curls slightly about his eyes, and is no longer than his neckline. His nose is sharp, and his eyes - or at least the one you can see - is a deep forest green, and often half squinted to give a deeply peering, scrutinizing look. His lips are still youthfully tight, but not often given to smiling - though when it is, it is most often in some small smirk of half smile. To think of this man as attractive might speak more of the mindset of the viewer than any artistic objectivity.

His frame is quite powerful, however. Broad shoulders and a toned musculature, though nothing gargantuan or out of the ordinary for a knight, does lend to the image of a fighting man, at least when he stands to full height. When not, on particularly bad days, he leans on a cane.


When one thinks of the Sollingers, one may think of the glorious trident, spectacular naval might, the deadly clashes with corsairs, and the bountiful harvest of the sea. One rarely thinks of the lumber necessary to build the ships, but there is one small branch of the House that typically remains out of the spotlight, quietly milling and preparing the wood for their kin's great conquests - and it is from this stock that Gustav Sollinger hails from.

Though the lumber gathering and milling operation is small, it is always manned by at least one small family of Sollingers to oversee the correct production. While the dozen handfuls or so of tireless underlings hack away at the great trees, their Sollinger overseers scout the woods and mark the threes worthy of cutting - and so even at a young age, little Gustav became very well versed in the art of woodmilling - picking the right tree, properly overseeing its hewing (and even having a hand at it himself as he grew older), and knowing in what was it should be refined to best serve the shipwrights.

But the woods were not always all trees, all the time. A strange event transpired one afternoon that would change Gustav's life forever - he and his father happened across a small, 4 year old girl - whom they would come to realize was the Princess Fayre Taniford, lost in the woods. The woodsmen-Sollingers promptly took action to return her to her home, and unbeknownst to Gustav, was blessed with a prized reward: when he came of age to be a squire proper, one of the Blue Guard would take young Gustav on for training. Though Gustav was meant to be his father's successor in the wood, such an illustrious chance at knighthood was not to be passed up - and he had other sons, besides. And so it was that when the proper age was reached, little Gustav left the wood for the courtly world.

Gustav had not been without education, even out in the wilderness, and had an intense fascination with the printed word. Though he excelled at his combat training, he made his biggest splash among his squire compatriots, refining their own lessons that grew dull as their combat skills grew sharper…and though he did not learn overmuch from this himself, it set the stage for one of his later passions in life.

Over the years, young Gustav grew bolder, his wit keener, and his hands faster. Among his fellow squires he had been impressive; among his fellow knights, he was an adept. Though young Sollinger never challenged his mentor knight for the Blue Cloak even as the latter grew ever older, he continued to impress the Blue Guard - so much so that on his death bed, he willed his cloak - and the magnificent ring of office that comes with it - to his former squire. And, at 20, Gustav was a member of the Blue.

While he was not quite a peerless warrior, Gustav more than had his uses. His keen senses rarely missed much, lending to his reputation for excellent perception, and he was no slouch with his horsemanship either. He had and trained a squire or two of his own, and there his true skill at teaching really excelled - he had a knack for advisement and mentoring. Never quite certain whether he would spend the rest of his life at court, or return home to take over the family duties, he studied the knowledge and arts of heraldry and administration in equal measure. The art of warcraft followed naturally thereafter, the Corsairs always in his mind - and by the age of 26, he would have his chance at them, though not to his liking.

The tedium of the Blue Guard requires the escort of royals - and on one such quest along the coastline, the royal party to whom Gustav had been stationed came under attack by those Gustav had harbored an intense hatred for for most of his adult life. The corsairs came, and, when the option to hold them off whilst the others escaped presented itself, Gustav seized the chance.
The Sollinger knight fared better, perhaps, than most. He had studied well the reports of corsair attacks, and thought he knew their game - but books and life are two separate worlds, and one man against many is almost always doomed. Gustav's sword skewered two corsairs and lent heavy gashes to some four more, but the survivors roped him down within several minutes. It served as enough of a distraction for the royals to get away, but at the loss of their promising Blue Guardsman - who, upon his capture, promptly swallowed his ring (sweat laden and blood spattered as it was) for safekeeping.
What followed was the most agonizing labor of Gustav's life - survival in the corsair fighting pits. Few can say they survived, and those that can bought their freedom with the blood of many innocent lives, or else escaped…sometimes both. There was no glory-ridden victory for Gustav, no great key to his shackles won through sweat and valor and survival instinct - he and a few others simply managed to free themselves of their makeshift cages one night, and slipped off into the night - which is just as well for the Sollinger scion.

No longer in any condition to fight, the disgraced knight lost the use of an eye, and tore a great many muscles that would continue to haunt him for the rest of his life, while fighting just to keep breathing in those pits. Physically, he retained much his strength, but had not the ability to use it - his honed skill with swords, bludgeons, polearms, and his ability to properly joust were all permanently damaged, be it through the loss of depth perception or some maimed muscle.
From there, the ragged former Blue Guard made his way back to court to give his report. Unable to save the cloak, the ring at least was kept safe (though in a terribly uncomfortable fashion) and while Gustav was no longer able to serve as a member of his illustrious institution, he retained the honor of his service by surviving to present the queen with the ring he had tended to throughout his trials.
Though his trial was over, Gustav did not have the heart to return home. Instead, he remained behind in court, filling the time he used to practice his martial skills by picking up such instruments as the lyra, and waiting for an opportunity to present itself to make himself useful again at the service of House Taniford…


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