Harpy Voice May Have Side Effects

Harpy Voice May Have Side Effects
Summary: Sir Jaren Cassomir recovers from being enthralled by a Harpy, with only one rather embarrassing complication….
Date: 28/10/2013
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Laketown - Temple Infirmary
The infirmary is a large open room with beds lining the walls. Between the beds rest small tables that range from being empty as the bed next to it to being covered with bandages, basins and countless jars of salves, and perhaps the stray memento or three for the patient it is near. Several of the beds have privacy screens that are set up around them, and other screens can be seen rest towards the back of the room with the many row of cupboards that most likely hold countless bandages and herbs, salves and teas for the healers and apothecaries that work there. Additional cupboards have been placed between every third bed or so as well.

With serving not only those of the Temple but those of Laketown and any who have been brought requesting aid, there is near always some soul being looked after or tended to within the infirmary by one of the Priests, Priestess or Acolytes of the Temple. There is but a single door that leads to and from the room, though it is wide enough for several to pass through at once, especially for those who may be carrying injured upon stretchers.


Tucked away in the far corner of the infirmary sits Sir Jaren Cassomir. He's not lying on the bed, but rather seated in a chair next to it, perusing a copy of a holy text that one of the Acolytes was kind enough to provide him with to pass the time. He doesn't look too terribly engaged in it though, frowning a bit as he looks over the text and occasionally glancing about. Not -quite- furtively, but definitely a bit on-edge, particularly for him. Every so often a male acolyte stops by to check on him, briefly speaking with him, or refilling the pitcher of water that sits on a small side-table next to the bed, but otherwise he seems to be left to his own devices. He walked around the Temple grounds a bit earlier, even pitched in with some of the rebuilding efforts where it seemed the help could be useful, but neither he nor the Mother Superior seem to think he's -quite- ready to leave just yet.

Walking into the Temple, Gauvain looks about and grunts silently to himself. It had been… A decade? Maybe even as far back as Bethany's naming that he had been even inside a Temple. Still, he found his way easy enough.

Noticing the other Knight, he makes his way through the room and grabs a stool as he goes. He plunks it down in front of Jaren and then sits down, placing his hands on his knees. He nods to the man, and looks at the book. "Ah." He says by way of understanding.

Jaren looks up over the edge of the text, brows raising a touch, before he sets the book aside carefully, taking in a deep breath and exhaling slowly, "Well then…what have you heard?" He cocks his head curiously, thankfully past the point where he's still blushing at the very memory of last night's incident.

"Harpies." Gauvain says as if that was an explanation. He shrugs a shoulder and looks the man over for signs of wounds, or bandages, or anything telling. When he finishes the quick inspection he raises an eyebrow. "I was only told you were here and Harpies were involved. Bethany heard it in the inn. She wanted to come check on you." He clears his throat once. "I…. Told her to practice her horse archery."

"Wise." Jaren notes, shaking his head slightly, "Physically, I'm completely unharmed." He scowls a bit, "I just feel like a complete fool, had a very difficult time falling asleep last night, and…" He shakes his head, "I hate feeling helpless. Useless. All I've had in the past four years is duty, honor, and discipline. Take those from me…" He wavers a hand, then shakes his head once more, "The Mother Superior…lovely woman, by the way, seems to think I should be fine in a day or two, but I cannot help but fear what happens the next time. How do you fight something that turns your own heart into a weapon against you?"

Gauvain shrugs a shoulder. "There is…" He searches himself for how he wants to say what he is going to say next. Finally he sighs. "There is very little my heart cares about anymore Jaren. My family, you, Myrana." He shrugs at the last part. "Though I'll deny the last. I have learned that you have to focus on those things, and then nothing else harms you." He gives another shrug. "Maybe… Maybe that will help against those things?"

"I would have thought so." Jaren agrees, "But everyone seems to believe there is no real defense. I…" The knight shakes his head, "I've been all but dead inside since Mishala and the child passed. Cold. Believing I would never again love so fiercely or truly. Yet this…creature…speaks but a handful of words to me and I'm ready to abandon everything for her. It felt no different. It felt -real-. Whatever faith I still have in the Four is retained only by virtue of the fact that the feeling passed upon the creature's departure." He looks digusted, whether with the creature or with himself is hard to say, "But I still feel as though I've betrayed myself. Betrayed her memory. Or worse yet that the memory now stands tainted by the ease in which such emotion was falsely engendered." He sighs heavily, shaking his head, "Ah well. I suppose it will do no good to agonize over these things endlessly. Perhaps at the very least having faced it before will better prepare me should it occur in the future, but I'll not be signing on for any ships bound for the East anytime soon, that much is certain."

Gauvain listens to Jaren and then takes a breath. He ponders the situation and then shakes his head. "I wouldn't go the East unless the Queen herself ordered me." The other knight says looking to Jaren. "That being said…." He puts a hand on the other man's shoulder. "You are my brother. In arms, and soul if not by blood. Never forget you are not alone."

"I know, and thank you for it." Jaren reaches up and clasps Gauvain's forearm briefly, offering a small smile, before his expression grows more serious, and his cheeks redden a touch, "Now the other part, which I'm sure you'll get a hearty laugh out of, but there's no sense in hiding it from you." He takes a deep breath, exhales slowly, and the tone of his voice is rueful when he speaks, "It seems that I can't help but have some rather…vivid…thoughts about virtually any moderately-attractive woman that comes within my view. To say nothing of the dreams that kept me awake half the night. The better half involving women I've barely even -met-!" His voice is more of a harsh whisper at that point, though the male acolyte that happens to be passing by tries very hard to be gracious as he clearly (but successfully) stifles any snickering at Sir Jaren's predicament.

"Jaren." Gauvian says rather seriously. "Just becuase I have not been with a woman, save the one time, does not mean I haven't had…. Wishes. Or Dreams." He clears his throat. "You are a man, fully grown. It seems to me, this winged bitch just simply reminded you of this fact and a few years of it flooding back into you had the effect of…." He shrugs a shoulder. "Well. I'm just glad I sent Bethany off riding." He nods once. "Maybe a night in the brothel will cure you of this affliction?"

"I'd not had so much as an itch since Mishala." Jaren notes, shaking his head once more, "I take your meaning, but…" He shakes his head, "I've never cared for brothels. I…" He shrugs, figuring there's little point in not being honest now, "My brother took me to one, just after I was knighted, but before I was married. Decided it was "time I became a man."" He glances away, not exactly shamefully but more in recollection, "It wasn't unpleasant. The place was clean. The girl was only a little older than I was, and pretty enough. Patient, too, though of course she was no doubt being well-compensated for it. But I saw her face for a moment when I don't think she knew I was looking, and she looked so…weary. It just…wasn't right." He mutters, "Like they're being paid to tolerate us forcing ourselves on them."

Gauvain frowns slightly before he nods once. "I can understand that thought." He says after a moment's thought. Then he shakes his head. "Regardless. Rest, read the silly book if they think it will help you." He thumps the other man in the chest and nods once. "But remember, no evil thing from the East can know your heart. That is yours alone. All they can do is trick you into thinking you don't know it."

"This? Mostly just to pass the time." Jaren indicates the book. But he looks thoughtful at Gauvain's other words, "Hm. Now that actually gives me a bit of hope, Gauvain. Thank you." Sir Jaren and Gauvain are seated over near the bed where Jaren has been convalescing, quietly conversing. Jaren hasn't exactly been idle today, however. He walked around the Temple (escorted by a male Acolyte) and even pitched in for a few hours helping with the cleaning up and reconstruction where he was able.

"This? Mostly just to pass the time." Jaren indicates the book. But he looks thoughtful at Gauvain's other words, "Hm. Now -that- actually gives me a bit of hope, Gauvain. Thank you." Sir Jaren and Gauvain are seated over near the bed where Jaren has been convalescing, quietly conversing. Jaren hasn't exactly been idle today, however. He walked around the Temple (escorted by a male Acolyte) and even pitched in for a few hours helping with the cleaning up and reconstruction where he was able.

There was a temple to not only run but be rebuilt and it did keep Tylon busy, how did she get stuck with this job again? She was spied now and again here or there through the day but it wasn't til later that she actually made her way to check up on the poor lad who'd almost ended up as harpy breeding stock. Dressed in her usual blue robes, those bands of silver upon the cuffs indicating her station amongst the priests and priestess. Slowing up a little a she draws near the pair giving them time to take notice and draw end to any thing they might not wish her to hear, a courtesy of sorts. A calm smile is offered to each,"Sir Jaren, Sir Gauvain, good afternoon to you both." Though her attention lands more upon Jaren,"I hope you are feeling a bit more yourself now. I know the effects tend to pass fairly quickly, though for some I know they can linger on for a little bit. "

Gauvain stands as they are approached, and the big knight gives the Priestess a slight bow. He remains silent and steps aside to give her and Jaren more of a speaking lane, and then raises an eyebrow in realization. He waits however to see what Jaren has to say about his…. condition.

Jaren rises to his feet as well, bowing towards the Mother Superior, "Mother Tylon." He greets, before seating himself again and after a few moments of studying the quite lovely Priestess, he glances towards Gauvain, blinking as though realizing that he'd been on the border of ogling the woman. He finds himself unable to avoid finding some fatalistic humor in the situation, simply shakes his head and laughs a touch bitterly, "I…am physically well, Mother. And my senses and faculties seem restored. Ah…perhaps a bit too strongly in some particular regards."

Neither Ignacious or Thomas are about to make the longer than proper staring truly fatalistic, so all is well. In seeming to have some level of knowledge about the particular 'condition', the borderline ogling doesn't seem to insult the priestess in any fashion. "If you had not been physically well and were capable of being healed, they would have seen you healed up prior to taking you off." Tylon notes simply in addition,"For they seek men to help propagate their lines, those particular senses are part of what they wished to have and keep heightened to serve their purposes, if you will. "

Gauvain leans in and whispers to Jaren, "Their purpose is propagation. Just helping you feel keyed in." He then leans back and clears his throat, bowing to the Mother Superior. "Mother." He says by way of greeting. "If I am intruding, I can come back another time."

"I gathered that." Jaren notes to Gauvain with a dry tone and a wisp of a humored smile, though it grows a touch uncomfortable at the thought. "She said I had a strong soul, but I don't feel like it's very strong at the moment." He shakes his head again, smiling a touch ruefully before looking back to Tylon, "Do you know how long this ah…condition might last?"

A shake of Tylon's head is given to Gauvain,"You are fine to stay if you wish, as long as Sir Jaren does not mind. " Smiling a bit as the exchange is made with the explanation of the harpies' purpose is given. "I imagine you do not, but it is not an easy thing to fight against, least as a man. And they care not when they are denied their targets. I discovered that that first hand in saving a young knight not long back, their talons are exceedingly sharp, I might add." There is a faint 'ahh' and a small nod of her head at the question,"For some it passes within a day, others it lingers for several. You are welcome to remain here if you worry about keeping your senses about you, or should you not have someone who might wish to…help with the condition, there is the Honey Suckle. I cannot speak to whether that would truly help or not though."

Gauvain just raises an eyebrow as the Priestess actually SUGGESTS a Brothel. Clearing hsi throat he says to Jaren. "Great minds brother…"

Jaren glances towards Gauvain, rolling his eyes slightly, "I'm sure the Mother's suggestion was…all-encompassing." After all, it's not like Tylon knows if he's married or not. "I fear my wife passed some years ago, and…" Jaren shrugs, "No one since." He shakes his head, glancing towards Gauvain, then back to Tylon, "I don't know that the honeysuckle is likely to do any good." He shrugs a shoulder, "It appears I'll simply have to endure."

Tylon tosses a calm smile towards Gauvain at that throat clearing, it was a practical suggestion. Really. Giving a slight nod of her head,"The suggestion is quite so." Simply nodding again as Jaren does give some explanation of his situation with womenfolk, or lack there of. "While they have appeared several times now, it hasn't been an option that has been…explored. But it may be a valid one and I would thus be remiss if I had not mentioned it. But as offered, you are welcome to remain as long as you feel a need to, as only you can judge what is…normal for you."

"While…not exactly normal for me, such feelings are not completely unknown to me, and I would not wish to take up more of your time and resources than necessary." Jaren rises to his feet, bowing towards Tylon once more, "I thank you for your counsel and your hospitality, Mother. I am confident that whatever…impulses…may occasionally intrude upon my thoughts, they will bring no harm to anyone but myself, and in that latter regard, only potential embarrassment or discomfort." He concludes, "So…unless you counsel otherwise, I will be on my way, and let you attend to far more important matters."

Gauvain stands and listens to the exchange. He nods when Jaren speaks and looks to Tylon with a slight smirk. "I'll keep him out of trouble Mother." He looks to jaren and says evenly, "Unless of course, as Sir Jaren mentioned, you think it wisest to keep him here."

Tylon gives a gentle shake of her head,"We are simply serving our purpose, please do not feel that you have been any burden upon us. And as you feel you can control any impulses or desires that might yet rise up, then I do not think you need to remain. " As discomfort and embarrassment for some don't even require need for a harpy. "And it would seem, Sir Gauvain will help you out if that otherwise proves to be the case. "

Jaren lightly elbows the other man, looking entirely innocent as he does. "Thank you again, Mother. We'll be on our way." Jaren smiles, this time with genuine warmth and gratitude, and at least no outward sign of any inappropriate thoughts that might spring to mind as he meets the Priestess' eyes. Then he turns to gather up his swordbelt and re-fasten it about his waist, gesturing for Sir Gauvain to head out of the infirmary.

Gauvain nods to Jaren by way of answer and then clears his throat to Tylon. "Mother?" He asks after a moment. "Could you bless me? It has been awhile since… It has been awhile since I have had any blessing other than that earned on the battlefield."

"You are more than welcome, Sir Jaren." Tylon offering a simple smile, and really…simple robes aren't much to cause inappropriate thoughts. Though there have been rumors. Stepping to withdrawl as the man gather's his effect but there is pause and hesitation when Gauvain voices his request, dipping her head to him. And stepping closer to the man,"Of course, I would be pleased to do so. Have you a particular thing upon your mind, or have you wish simply for a general blessing of life?"

Gauvain looking to Tylon, Gauvain says evenly, "A general if it please you Mother. I see enough battle lately, that I'm sure the Guardians have already formulated an opinion of me there."

Ahh, but simple robes allow a great deal of latitude in imagination, and there can be little denial that Tylon's countenance is fair. Still, as Gauvain makes his request, Jaren folds his hands before him and simply bows his head respectfully, eyes closing in silent reverence as he waits. He would be hard-pressed to call himself devout since his wife passed, but he would never be so rude as to disrespect the Temple and its' teachings, much less after they've been so kind and understanding of his oh-so-recent plight.

Tylon gives a small nod to Gauvain at his reponse, before speaking gently, her hand moving to lightly touch to his arm,"May the strength of Bornas be within you and His endurance see you through your days, may the winds of Altheara guide and keep you upon your path, may the courage of Ravas live within your heart and may the calm and wisdom of Stilltha be within your thoughts and actions. May the blessing of the Guardian's be upon you , Sir Gauvain, this day and the many days yet before you." A simple blessing in truth as her hand withdraws and she bows her head before stepping away. Respectful in her own right in turn and not simply forcing such upon Jaren, even if she offers to him before they depart,"May the Guardian's watch over you, Sir Jaren."

There is no scorn in Jaren's face or eyes when he inclines his head towards Tylon once more, "And you as well, Mother. I know the Temple has its' own reliable protectors, but should you or any of your brothers or sisters ever find cause to seek the shield or sword-arm of a humble Knight, please do not hesitate to seek me out."

"Your offer is appreciated, Sir Jaren, and I shall keep it in mind should the need arise. Thank you." Tylon offering another bow of her head, obviously not one of those amongst the Covenant that to much stock in their position.

Bowing his own head as the blessing is given, Gauvain listens and feels, well, blessed. He nods toward Tylon and says in that gruff voice of his, though softly, "Thank you Mother." To him nothing else need be said, and he nods toward Jaren to indicate that she have only to ask, and he would be there as well. He then heads toward the exit.

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