Harsh Reality

Harsh Reality
Summary: Lady Prada Varghem visits the Temple infirmary to learn if rumors of Collette's attempted suicide are true
Date: 22 July 2013
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Temple Infirmary
The infirmary is a large open room with beds lining the walls. Between the beds rest small tables that range from being empty as the bed next to it to being covered with bandages, basins and countless jars of salves, and perhaps the stray memento or three for the patient it is near. Several of the beds have privacy screens that are set up around them, and other screens can be seen rest towards the back of the room with the many row of cupboards that most likely hold countless bandages and herbs, salves and teas for the healers and apothecaries that work there. Additional cupboards have been placed between every third bed or so as well.
July 22, 1329

Small white clouds are playing in the blueness together with a warm breeze. Sun is tickling leaves of old trees, letting them laugh so lively. This is just a perfect day to spent it outside. Of course, most of the people understands it and for this reason many people runs to one side and to another in the streets. Razzle-dazzle raises like a smoke and finds a small gap between window and the sill to enter the Temple Infirmary.
There are just a few people inside. They can't laugh and can't spend their time in the yard. There is that guy, who lost his leg. And there is that child, who get ill. But also, there are these curls. These wild curls, which are now resting on the pillow.
Young girl lies on the bed with her closed eyes, however, fingers very slowly are dancing on the edge of the bed. So, likely, she is not sleeping. Right now she looks much more calmly, than when she was draged out of the water.
There is a chair close to her bed, as there are many herbs and cup of warm tea on the table next to the girl. However, she is just lieing with closed eyes.

Through the entry way comes another and as her usual wont Prada ignores the healers glances of frustration at her arrival. Word is all about Laketown of Lady Collette's actions and the Varghem maiden has to come to see if rumor is true. Booted footsteps lead her to Collettes bed, a single finger lifted and those wild curls brushed aside, "Tell me Collette, what in the name of the guardians where you attempting to prove with that stunt?" A thumb is drawn to her finger and she lifts a curl shaking it lightly, "Perhaps you were attempting to prove your curls would keep you afloat?" and the curl is dropped back to the pillow as she seats herself.

A heavy sigh forsakes parted lips and she reaches upward to rub her temples, "Thing not turning out quite as you expected? Happens. Happens often. We live, we learn, we lose, and we start again my friend. What we do not do is throw ourselves in the closest river.

Collette slowly opens one eye. And just later, when the curl is free again from the touch, she opens the second one. "Oh, it's you…" drawls the young girl with a slightly hoarse voice. "I am not sure I need your lectures…" and Collette turns away from the lady. Now she lies on her left side. Fingers are whirling these curls "You can go to my cousin. And you both may go and report everything for my family…" and Collette starts sobbing. Likely, she is still too sensitive after the stress "Weren't you two, who told them? Huh?" voice is trembling "They were my family. First of all, they had to think I was kidnaped. Second, they could thing, everything was done against my will, some kind of poison where used, some kind of dark thing, maybe something, what was used by Darrin and his wife. Magic or how to call it. Or maybe I was just mad. They had to have week of thinking… But it took one day for them, to make sure that I am just a traitor?" Mistress sniffs "Someone had to say them everything… And just youu two knew it…" Collette flinches "You can go away. As you said, thing not turning out quite as I expected. Happens. Happens often. But after the second time or the third - I will be lucky."

Prada smirks, she laughs, and she leans forward, "Tell me Collette should I be impressed or intimidated with your words? Should I perhaps wear a party hat for the pity party you are throwing yourself. I'm not entirely certain what you are attempting with this, yet again, temper tantrum of yours. What I am entirely certain of is its time to grow up. Dark magic? Poision. This is life, not a fairy tale. How long do you think your family would have gone without figuring out where you were? Not to mention what does your desire to hide the truth from them tell Sir Augustus? Is he not man enough? Your love not deep enough to betray even family for him?"

Leaning back the lady examines her nails with a bored expression, "As for who told them? You did. I have yet to say a word about you to them. Nor has Xander. It was the letters you left for Dalyros that told them all they needed to know. In fact I hid your horse so they would assume you were riding or returning home. It is also a fact it was only once the horse was discovered Xander told them he was uncertain where you were. So blame who you want. You knew what they would do when the learned the truth be it a day later or a month."

Collette remains lieing for quiet a long time. Not saying any words. She was just breathing. Just breathing. The wilder gust of wind opens the window more, just then Collette turns back to Prada. Young girl is quite angry "So, you came here to make fun of me? I don't need this too…" just drawls and adds "Everyone already are making fun of me. So, just go and have fun with the love of your life. Be happy. And thanks… For… Whatever…" Collette sits in her bed and starts drinking the tea. A little bit cold tea.

"Make fun of you? I am not one to make fun of anyone. I simply state the truth, cruel as it may be. Truth being in this case, you knew what you were risking. Truth. Your family is not ignorant, letting them believe you were kidnapped would only have added to their anger because of the additional worry /you/ placed upon them in allowing them to believe you had kidnapped. You knew they would learn the truth and what would happen then. Letter or no. Spoken from another matters not. In the end your actions would be known and the same outcome would seen. In truth this is not about what anyone but you did and are continuing to do."

Looking around with a growing expression of frustration Prada turns her brilliant blue eyes back at Collette, "You were willing to risk all you were given in life because of your love of a man. What did or did not happen, who told whom what doesnt matter. It is that love that matters. Sir Augustus risks losing his own family, do you see him throwing himself in a river? Nay you do not. For you are enough for him. He needs not titles, land, nor family only you. But can we say the same of you? You attempted to take the one thing in this world that truly matters to him and yet you profess this deep rooted love for him. Explain to me how one willing hurts the one they deeply love?"

Collette slowly puts the cup on the table and covers her eyes "I was…" she starts sobbing again "Each person I meet… They all are saying that if I trully love Augustus, I will leave him… They say, that I put him in danger. That I was selfish. That I need to disappear from his life… If I love him…" Collette grabs her own neck, as she would like to touch something "Where is it?!" He eyes widen and she starts looking for something. "Where is it?!" She looks on the table, under the bed, in the bed
"I lost it…" even bigger sobbing may be heared "Prince of the north said, that I will never get a chance to marry Augustus… We will be able to marry just… just if he will become the same commoner as me. And… I would take away from him everything he has… All this beautiful life. He would be disowned and he would be called traitor too!" Collette raises her red eyes to Prada's "Do you think, if I love him, I would still let him become the same traitor? Just to get him killed? When you are a traitor, you are not save even being a commoner…" Collette shakes her head "My heart is beating just to love him. But I can't love him. And he is… He wil never love nayone else, while I am around. So, I must be gone… Just… Just that he could be happy… I love him… Just him… Just him…" *crying*

There is a disturbance that would rival the gods themselves in epic combat as The temple chosen and a few priest and priestess are yelling and bellowing back at them is One very Irate Nobleman. What can be heard next is .. " Hold them off me while Go find her, so help me if she's not bandaged from head to toe and in deep pain for the trouble she's put me in I'll tan her sorry hide.. " The door to the Infirmary is pushed open and backpeddling is a young acolye, then shortly following the young man is one very upset Augustus " Where in the seven hells is she… " as he starts to examine the room inch by inch as he seems to be searching for one person on peticular.

"Nobles tend to believe the guardians bless them above the commoner. I find this to be possibly the most horrifying lie ever. They are given the blessing of loving another for love alone. We trick something out of ourselves as nobles. Become beholden to titles and land, when it should be the one we are with we are beholden to." Turning at the sound of Sir Augustus's voice Prada waves a hand before turning back to Collette, "Should he not be given the right to decide which is more important to him? Do you love him so little you cannot see past your own need for titles to the truth? Do you doubt his love you so deeply you believe he would be happy with a title and land and if that means losing you? I for one believe the man could be happy living is a dirt shack if you were by his side. Yet your words and actions bring me to to wonder if you believe the same. How can doubt so deeply and still claim to love him enough to marry?"

Still not reacting at the man, who etered, Collette angrily shouts "You do not understand! You love the one with who you can be together! YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND!" tears are running like rivers through her cheeks "My love to him can bring death to him. You have no idea, how different is commoner and commoner called traitor! I don't care about titles, land and money. But he won't be just disowned. They won't let him just go. They will say he is a traitor. And we both be traitors in the North and in the South. They will just kill us, just because we loved!"

Girl immerses her head to the blanket and muffled sound can be heared "Now I now how that Darrin and his wife felt… One was from the south and one was from the north. But they both have armies to defend their lifes. I can't think about idea, that my beloved Augustus can die… So… I am just… As everybody tells… He will be kept alive if I will be gone… I put him in danger. I am talkinga bout the danger, not about titles or lands… But you will never udnerstand it. NEVER! Cause you are still a pretty little lady with all your needs approved, even love…"

After a careful search of the room his eyes catch the wave of Lady prada and then to the woman she's speaking too as he storms over there. As the Acolyte try's to prevent him, two of his guards manually lift the poor boy up and escort him out of the infrimary. He stops on the other side of prada facing down at collette. "So you twit you cant even follow something as easy as play servant let Jerric cool his bloody heels so that we can be together. NO! you have to go and try and kill yourself over what some idiots prattle tells you. "He loosk torn between wanting to ream out collette further and just smoother her with kiss's "By the GODS! woman do you have any Idea how much you scared the life out of me, when I got word up in Malgrave! I nearly killed two horses getting here, and you know how lousy a rider I am."

He looks to prada and can't help but grin as she too speaks plain to his love and has some measure of relief in her doing so. For now he doesn't move an inch as he still struggles to say more to her but is trying to reign in his temper.

"Mellow dramatic much?" Prada asks Sir Augustus with a wave of her hand toward Collette, "If you were married all ready I would say the mellow drama might be good in the bed chamber. In life however it is not." Pushing back her chair the lady walks to window and leans to look out, "Do you really believe killing yourself will help him? What does he gain from that? Loss of his lady love to begin with. Not a plus. People will still continue to talk about him and this mess. His reputation forever questioned. Again not an addition to any life. So that leaves him with land and titles. Good think he has someone with such a deep seeded love to protect him." the lady chuckles to herself as she turns back rolling her eyes.

"Is this the fate you will hand him out of your love? Mocked forever, broken of soul? Or do you stand with him and prove them all wrong? If you were a man I would tell you to grow some balls Collette. Stop sniveling like a school girl in love and be a woman of strength."

"And we will always be… I will always be a servant to Jerric and… And you will be somewhere… You call it… You call it being together?" Her eyes are raisen to the man. Girl chews on her lips, trying to stop these stupid tears from running. Though, it is impossible. Collette's russet gaze is full of shame and full of honest love for the man. It is obvious, that if she could, she would fall into his armful. A peek at lady Prada is given. However, quickly Collette is staring back at the lord "Everyone is just shouting at me… Everyone hates me… Nobody believes me… I have just these two shadows behind my back and… and the only thing I had… To remind you was… Your pendant, which you gave to me. But I even lost it. It drowned."

Collette's hand slowly raises, to touch the hand of Augustus. She peeks at the Prada once more, but can't hold herself. Collette leans in her bed closer to Augustus and clasps her hands around him. She looks like a child, who cuddles up to his father. She looks like a servant, who begs forgiveness from his lord. She looks like a mad woman, who is madly in love with the man. She obviously finds father, lord and love in this man. Now her tears are falling on his shoulder. But she still keeps peeking at the woman, though, not telling her a word. Maybe just thinking about what she just said. It is hard for the 18 years old girl, who was always treated as the baby, to grow up suddenly. It is hard… Collette mumbles "I am sorry… I am sorry, my love, my light, I am sorry…"

Augustus let out a long held sigh and then looks to Prada and laughs you think.. " then step out side and look at my poor mount. If he's not already collapesed due to my poor riding skills. I think I carried him more than he I… " he drops to a knee and takes up collettes hands gently not knowing how badly burned they might be and kiss's them. "The locket can be replaced you silly woman. You on the other hand can not. " his tones softer than before as he looks to collette and he casts a glance up to prada "I thank thee lady prada for your aid in trying to knock some sense in to this one, Though I think at times she be as stubborn as her horses." he grins softly to remove any sting from it. "Tis why I love her so and am trying to get it so that Jerric will see reason. Not an easy task to say the least. "

"Bloody hells." Prada comments as her own hand steals upward to a pendent of her own, "Ill get it myself under one condition Collette. You must stop running from your Sir Augustus. Run to him." she tells the woman as she walks toward the door, kicking a boot to one side of the infirmary and the other toward healer, "When I return with the bloody pendent, put it on proudly and stand at his side." With her final words the door bangs open and the lady leaves.

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