Hasty Introductions

Hasty Introductions
Summary: Road Companions Breanna and Merrick are hastily introduced to Cafell, while under attack!
Date: 16/August/2013
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Rhaedan Wilderness - Winding Path
The path twists and turns as it winds among the evergreens, following ever so closely the meandering bank. Just beyond sight of the current bridge, the remains of a much older construction lay in partial ruin across the breadth of the river. Water swirls about massive, cracked stone pillars, and enough of the crossing has crumbled into the water over time so as to render the bridge impassable. The overgrown trail bifurcates near the bridge with one heading toward the river while the other follows a curve in the landscape aimed deeper into the woods. Just above the canopy, the tops of three towers are visible against the sky.
Heading north leads to the ruins while following the path downward takes one to the river's edge. Eastward, the path returns to the Oldstone Bridge.
August 16 1329

The morning is cool as the sun finally breaks through the thick fog that has saturated the forest and surrounding river banks for the better part of the early hours, making dawn come with a chill. The dampness is a sure cause to the inability to seek proper rest in amongst the evergreens, at least, it appears that there had been some attempt that night as the remains of a fire can be seen with weak puffs of smoke adding to the condensation. There's signs off a trail path that a night was spent, satchels, a pair of bed rolls, the usual amount of debris left by a small party settling in for the night. At this particular time however, it seems no amount of kindling will keep the damp wood from smoking and giving away their location, so no further fuel has been added for a morning feast, as would hopefully be the norm for any wary traveller. Merrick is therefore attending his armor, checking it over, wiping it down, and crawling back into it. One doesn't sleep with the stuff on, if one can avoid it. His surcoat is neatly folded and settled on a log nearby, the symbol upended so passersby couldn't immediately take note of it. His eyes lift toward where Breanna is, then back down to his arm braces, scrubbing the bit of dirt off of them that had gathered there from the morning prior.

With first glance Breanna is not around, though she most likely did not venture far. Her things are still there, bedroll already rolled up and tucked within the few things she had set down from the night before. The pair of wolves that travel with her are also there, the silver female curled up asleep while the brown male is there eyeing Merrick while he works, his right shoulder crusted over with dry blood from the wound he received the night before. It takes a few moments more before Breanna does return, a large golden tan horse following behind her, it's long white feathers damp proving the horse must have went to find water. The ranger herself is carrying a pair of water skins filled with water most likely. A glance is sent towards Merrick and she lifts her head a touch. "Morning." Is offered with a friendly tone. She wasn't too sure if he would still be there when she returned to the little campsite or not.

Ever faithful that the Guardians wouldn't have led him astray or into his end just yet, Merrick had indeed stayed the night, as it appears for his bed roll and possessions are settled beside him. He stays even still, absently tending to his methodical and yet mundane routine of cladding himself in armor. Some, like the padding underneath, was worn to bed, but the harder pieces were set aside for an attempt at a better sleep than with. His own companion, the silver wolf, has crept away in the early hours before the dawn, perhaps not entirely secure in the company of the other two wolves. He doesn't seem worried, not even thoughtful of where the creature was. Blue eyes lift from his bracers, buckling them up as he nods, "And to you, good morrow." He clamps the one on and swings his arm a little to test the hold of the buckles. Satisfied he moves onto the greaves, pulling them from where they rested up against the log he's perched on, "I'm impressed your mount stays so near, with the wolves about." He, unlike her, fails to have such a … luxury. Although it was likely offered to him before he left from Rhaedan, the outcome is that he goes by foot to Laketown.

Down the beaten path and through the woods there is the rhythmic sound of horse's hooves pounding against the earth. The pace is not hurried and it sounds like they are moving at a sedate walk. Soon through the trees a rider wearing a wide brimmed straw hat on a very large bay horse can be seen. The horse would appear to be a draft cross and behind the horse being ponied is mule burdened with packs. A few wisps of the fog seem to curl around the rider, horse and mule. A breeze picks up and the trees seem to murmur. The rider brings her horse to a halt and tilts its head to the side as if listening to something. The rider then ties the mule to the horses saddle as a bow that is unstrung is taken from its back. String the bow and pulling an arrow from a quiver the rider moves forward getting closer to the camp.

Breanna doesn't have to worry about such gear, at least not at the moment, she has her own items that are used to help when in the middle of work though they are tucked neatly away with her things. At the moment she has on a short sleeved tunic, a long sleeved shirt under it, leather breeches and boots. Her hair is left down as if she had to go searching for that horse of hers when she noticed it had wandered off. "She grew up around wolves, she trusts them. Perhaps a bit more then she should." The large horse whinnies out faintly before going about pulling up some grass and works on chewing away upon it. Bre sends a slight glance to the waterskin before holding it out and wiggling it slightly. "If ye be thirsty, have some water here to offer." She's not that use to actually having someone else around, so this is a tad awkward to her at the moment. At the moment she might not be picking up on the fact that there is someone else around, but her brown wolf is up and moving slowly forward, past Merrick and towards the edge of the camp, his ears flick forward, tail lashing before a low rumbling of a growl escapes him. He heard the movement of hooves, and this is the warning to the ones behind him. Breanna pauses and glances up slightly. "Expecting friends?" Her tone is low as this is questioned, the waterskins dropped as she moves to grab hold of her bow, wary, her? Never.. Ever.. Well maybe a bit.

"At least she won't throw you off if attacked by them," which to him, is a good advantage to have on horseback. The man regards her mount for a moment, though certainly not with envy, just, a certain amount of study before his gaze swings to the offered water. He waves it off with a hand, a dignified gesture, "I have my own supply. You keep that for your own travels. I'm nearing the end of mine." After all, Lakestown wasn't too far off from this point. As for the sound of horse hooves in the distance, it could be confused with those of Breanna's mount. It is a hard thing to pick up the rhythmic sound when one so sharp and crisp is at hand. The evergreens do mask much of the noise in the forest, the rush of the river tends to hide the rest. A perceptive mind would have to decipher the distant from the nearby, to discover there was another visitor afoot. Today, in these conditions, it is unlikely that it’s the humans that would be the first to notice - the ear flick of Breanna's mount and the alert of a growl from Breanna's wolves would be all the indication that Merrick needs to be quick about the remaining pieces of his armor. There was no opportunity now to mask the last of the smoke billowing up - they did have need of it during the chilly night after all. What is done, is done, and who comes, does come. Rising smoothly from his seat, brushing his hands off, he says a quick prayer, "May the faithful be ever guided by the wisdom of the Four and in this hour, what is.. shall be ever regarded as the decision of the Four. Bornas give me strength." Then to Breanna, there's a light smirk, an indication with a quick shake of his head that he wasn't anticipating anyone on the road. It could be a scout from the Rhaedan army, or perhaps those southern folk were up to again in their ploys to snatch and grab and kill. His hand steadies on his hilt of his broadsword, but he makes no move other than to pop the hilt up out so it's ready to slide free from the scabbard. "Perhaps a tree for you, archer?" A better vantage point indeed that, his suggestion made quickly.

The wind shifts and the trees continue to murmur. The rider turns its head again and soon there is the sound of feathers back side humming through the trees. The wind shifts and the arrow goes astray barely missing the rider. The bow is held in one hand and the arrow is lost, the rider silently cues the horse into a canter and the mule has little choice but to follow. Another arrow is sent flying feather backside humming again. Wisps of fog try to reach out toward the horse and rider. The rider continues canter the horse through the trees trying to keep an eye out for low branches, roots and other obstacles. They are getting closer to the camp.

"True, but if I'm not with her and she meets ones that would feel differently about her it could pose a problem." Breanna offers with a soft tone at the thought. "My travels are only to the nearby town for the moment so I don't have that much further to go." Looking for work has brought her here it seems. The brown wolf move forward, slipping away from the camp and heading out to try and see whom or what might be out there that is getting closer towards the camp. Breanna slips quiet after her comments, quiver is pulled over her shoulder along with her bow before a quick nod is caught and she is off moving towards a tree that is good for just such a vantage point. It takes her a few moments to be a dozen feet from the ground, one crouched upon a branch her bow is slipped off her shoulder, arrow pulled and knocked as her pale gaze flicks over the area to try and see whom is coming. The sound of a flying arrow is caught, a sound she knows rather well and she doesn't see where the arrow came or even went from. "Careful…" Is sent down to Merrick, hopefully he'll understand that to some degree as she lifts her bow slightly as she catches some movement a good ways off.

Fortified, Merrick looks on toward the sound of a horse drawing near, easily pin pointed now as the sounds close in around them, directing him to look toward the lingering fog in hopes to see a figure to assess the level of threat. He has yet to pull his sword free of scabbard, though his fingers tighten around the banded hilt, palm biting into the material as instincts tell him to free it and an oath keeps it still. The hand of the Four shall not strike unless guided by the blessings of a Temple priest or priestess. Warring emotions make him stand fast, unsure of yet what or whom is approaching and at what urgency or purpose. Satisfied that the archer takes a post up in the branches of an evergreen, he remains unimposing in the open, undaunted and in a neutral position of caution. "The fifth likes to chase after the lambs that got away…" he mutters, taking a deep breath as his eyes focus on the point that the thumping of hooves is coming from. He failed to put on his surcoat, not granted enough time, so one can only hope he doesn't lose their protection on this foggy morning. His eyes lift toward Breanna, nodding at her word of concern, before he bellows out toward the incoming rider, "HAIL!" His free arm lifts, "In The Name of The Four, Rider Hail!" As in, he's trying to get the rider to confirm the intent of riding toward the camp and get the rider to announce themselves.

The rider does not stop but tries to go around the camp, trying to keep whatever it is after it away from the camp when in the name of the four is heard. Another arrow is flying over the rider's head. The wind seems to pick up and the trees almost sound angry. The horse and mule continue to canter at the riders bidding. Another arrow from another direction and the wind whips around them and the rider has no choice but to veer back towards the camp.

There is now a shout. "Get the spy." The scent of unwashed man is strong to those with sensitive noses. Four scouts on foot move now toward the camp and they have short swords and their short bows. They are dressed in greens and browns and they move carefully. One with eagle eyes catches sight of movement in the tree and takes aim at Breanna. The arrow goes straight and true towards the woman.

The others move towards Merrick. One with a bow and one with sword. Breanna continues to watch, there is movement for sure picked up and there is the sight of the horse and rider coming into view. There are arrows zipping around everywhere and she grumbles at the sight, this is not a good thing. The movement of the four scouts moving towards the camp is caught, and everything pretty much will start going downhill from there. "Four are coming." Is hissed down to Merrick, the colors are picked up, hunters..? Though something seems a bit fishy here to say the least. Another arrow zips by but instead of hitting nothing it catches the Ranger squarely in her shoulder, at the point where shoulder and collar bone meet in fact. A half yelp escapes her, one hand used to grip hold of the branch so she doesn't go falling out of the tree. With a grunt of pain escaping her she shifts, back pushed into the tree and her body twists to follow the follows the four moving towards Merrick. Her bow is lowered just a touch and her arrow flies towards the one with a bow hoping to hit him and give Merrick a chance to deal with the one with a sword. Wherever the brown wolf slipped off too he is back, and is actually running towards the sword carrying man that is on his way towards Merrick. A might snarl escaping him, jaws open and fangs bare, if the wolf gets close enough one can bet he will be leaping towards the sword carrying scout's form making to bite down upon the man's arm that has hold of the sword. Pissed off wolfie.

Four against one? Hrm, those odds are not in his favour, especially since he hasn't even drawn a weapon and he has two bearing down on him with a bow and a sword. He has little time to decide though in action, the rider does get a quick glance and apparently the rider has no intention on fighting, but rather to flee. The men that shout about a spy are of no concern. The game of kings is not for the temple Chosen to dabble in, or so he believes. A spy for one nation could be considered a hero in another. The colors of the men give no indication of to whom they serve or to whom they fight for and to whom they may be tracking. Such things are beyond him at this moment, as his eyes lift toward the tree tops in time to see an arrow find Breanna. This stirs in him the righteousness of protection of the weak, "GO NO FURTHER! What is the meaning of this unjustified attack?" Merrick hasn't moved, though he does keep an eye on those approaching him, "I am Brother Wulfgard and I pray that you will put down your arms." His silver wolf is out there, heckles raised but staying back. Only if the scouts continue to approach him do they face threat of a mauling. Yet, somehow he figures this may indeed come to blows. A metallic ring can be heard as in a rush he draws out his broadsword, grunting as he watches Breanna's wolf go for one of the scouts, "Bornas has blessed me with many wild friends…" he holds his sword defensively, commandingly, "Lay down your arms."

The rider had veered back towards the camp the large horses hooves pounding. The wind is dancing around them the trees angry sounding and they creak and sway. Now at that camp the rider brings her now lathered horse to a halt as she uses her seat, the mule follows. The rider's voice is quiet and stuttering and panicked all at the same time. "LLeave them be, Ii wwill go, I havvee a wrrite of ppassage." She manages to get out. The wind seems to howl now and her voice is all but lost and holds tightly on to her bow.

As the wolf's teeth sink into the sword man's arm he screams. With his other hand he starts to try and fight the wolf by punching the wolf. Then there were three. When Breanna shoots her arrow from her bow the air seems to hold its breath and the wind goes still as the arrow hums almost merrily as it sinks deeply into the man. The man had not even a chance to react. Two are left now. One sneers at the offer to put down his weapons. “So you can report to your liege." He spits on the ground.

Breanna hears the yelling from Merrick down below, she catches sight of what is going on while working on pulling free another arrow from her quiver. It'll take a lot of effort to get another arrow lined up but she is determined to do it. Her left shoulder is where the arrow got her, bit deep as well, blood stains her tunic. Yet she manages to keep herself mostly upright, hunched slightly upon the branch while she eyes the scouts through narrowed eyes and gritted teeth. So she may have fired that arrow a bit quickly, but hey thoughts are out the door when she gets hit with an arrow. The brown wolf takes the hit to the face and bounces back, head lowered, hackles raised while his bloody jaws part, another snarl escaping him. "HOLD!" Is heard from Breanna in the tree, and the brown wolf shifts in his stance and is soon at Merrick's other side, guarding as it were. "If ye don't put down yer damn weapons I'm going ta kill ye on the spot." Her voice wavers slightly, pain clearly picked up as she speaks; though she most likely just killed his buddy so what she said should hold some truth.

"I have none, save for the Four," Merrick responds calmly, his sword point lifted but not necessarily moving to attack either of the two, as if rooted by something larger than this squabble here. The stuttering rider doesn't even distract him from the threat of the two, deciding to go forward at the one as he fails to disarm as per requested. It is now up to Merrick to do that for him, so he repeats with each step forward pronouncing his demand, "Put. Down. Your. Weapons." The fact that a wolf is there to guide him on one side and then seconded by a silver wolf (as large as the Fenwolves) on the second side, suggests he wasn't trying to deceive the men that had attacked here first. It's Breanna's remarks that have him add with a grim tone, "If I were you, I wouldn't think twice. You're now…outnumbered…" He points to the brown wolf at his side and the Fenwolf sized silver one that appears growling a few feet and behind them, teeth showing, snarled lips curled back, ears flattened, and eyes wild with aggression. He waits, giving them another chance…

The three men remaining put their weapons, one is cradling his now mangled arm. The rider still has not dismounted. "TThe thhree of you are bbreaking the ppeace and breaking ttemple law, this will not be taken liightly. The Guardians are not ppleased with your actions this day." As she speaks her voice gets stronger. Then she dismounts. Her horse paws the ground and her mule fidgets.

Breanna swallows slightly as she watches the ones down below, her shoulder aches with pain and her fingers tremble as she works on keeping a tight grip of her bow. It's taking a good amount of effort to even keep the bow up and in place to fire another arrow upon one of the scouts but she isn't about to give up that quickly. Once the three have put their weapons down she then relaxes enough to lower her bow, the arrow falls to the ground as she's unable to keep a good grip on both of them. "Bastards…" Is grumbled out along with a fair share more of curse words in the process. The brown wolf at Merrick's side stays put, hackles raised, bloody fangs bare as he is still on defensive mode it would seem.

The words of the Temple speak strongly from the rider that was being pursued by these men, which earns a wide eyed look from Merrick as he realizes that these men nearly killed one of the faithful, as none other would claim the Temple law has been broken here. Enraged with the insult upon the woman behind him and the woman up in the tree, he steps forward now with a heated gaze, his sword pointed at the head of the trio, the one that called out about Cafell being a spy, "You should be thankful I cannot spill your blood without cause to do so." The point of his blade threatens, "Kneel and tell of whom do you serve?" His harshness is evident, the coldness in his tone chilling, kicking their weapons out of reach as best he can.

"Ppeace they yyielded when they put their weapons down." Cafell says to them all. "Set them free and to remind their master we are neutral." She shakes her head. "Go back and remember we carry wrrits of passaged, we are the of the guardians."

"Mother, we did not know." One of them stammers.

Frowning Cafell nods. She then looks to the others. "II ddid not mean to bring harm." She looks over to where the arrows have fallen and the blood wolf. Her sea/green eyes are wide. Her gaze falls back onto the arrows and then back to Merrick. "Aare all okay?"

Breanna listens from her perch, a glance offered to her shoulder where the arrow still remains. Climbing down from the tree is going to be rather interesting now. She leans back slightly and sighs quietly. Her bow is soon dropped from the tree where it hits upon the ground, the quiver of arrows takes a few moment before she is able to slip if free, hissings and muttering escaping her all the time that she has to move her hurt shoulder, though soon enough the quiver of arrows falls to the ground as well. She's anything save okay but she is not about to comment on how she is.

Yield. Yes, he knows of that. It is his oath never to strike a man who’s yielded, nor to strike first if he can avoid it without a drawn blade. Though it takes self-control to reign in his anger for their assault on the women, turning away from them with a grunt, slamming his sword back into the scabbard, clearly vexed where he wasn't before. Before, it was a rider on a horse escaping armed men, now it was different, they had tried to end the life of a woman of faith. Taking a few steps back, he growls underneath his breath, though it is no place of his to taunt the defeated let alone lecture them if Cafell has already forbidden it and called for their release.

So then, his concerns return to Breanna, who was up in a tree and wounded with one of their arrows. Though he doesn't know how badly, just that he heard her pain. He jogs toward the base of the tree and strains his eyes up, barely avoiding being hit by the bow and the quiver. "Breanna?" Concern flushes his voice, to which he calls back to Cafell, "My companion has taken injury!" He looks up, calling up to her, "Where are you hit?"

"Let us see what we can do." Cafells voice is quiet and calm. "I have a healing supplies and herbs with my pack mule." She moves towards her pack mule to get what is needed the horse and the mule's sides are still heaving. From the pack she takes a satchel. They are covered in a thick lather. "Cccan you please walk the beasts to cool them?" She asks Merrick. She then asks him and hopefully the companion who is hidden. "May I help you and tend to those wounds?" Her voice remains as it was before. In her hand he carries a satchel.

The men now have their head bowed. She casts a glance over at them and then she looks to Merrick and then back to the men. Her attention is completely then drawn back to Breanna.
Breanna is still in the tree, her gear though is indeed fallen. As for the question from Merrick she tilts her head slightly to peer down at him while her hand grips at the branch. "Shoulder, mostly…" The arrow is indeed in her shoulder though in the area where collarbone and shoulder meets which makes it harder to move to some degree. At the talk of help from the women that is now vouching for the attackers makes her smirk slightly. "Who in the bloody hell is she?" She questions with a faint tone, mad? Just a bit, but then she does have an arrow stuck in her so that could very well be the reason for her anger.

Horses?! Walk the horses while his road companion is stuck up a tree? He glances back at Cafell, "I beg your pardon sister, but it seems to me I'll be needing to climb up a tree before I can help your beasts." He is already shrugging off the heavier components to his armor, greaves, braces, breast plate. The men on the ground are glared at, as this was their fault, before he starts scrambling up the tree, leaping at the first hand hold before grunting his way up, as if he's done so thousands of times. Branch by branch, he ascends, "Stay there then Breanna," he tells her, as if she has a choice in the matter. A branch creaks underneath his weight, but for now the evergreen holds.

Once at her height, head popping up from a branch underneath her, "Suppose this wasn't such a great idea after all." He smirks, looking down at the woman, answering Breanna in a quieter tone, "She's a Sister of the Temple, priestess probably, at least, that's what the priestesses usually do, tell us to go walk the horses." He winks at Breanna, steadying himself with a good grip on the tree, feet on different branches, "Here, grab my arm and climb onto my back…"

"It is Mother not Sister." Cafell reminds him, then she points out. "I can get her from the tree." She stands over six feet. She just grows quiet then and shakes her head. She then looks at the men. "If you need tending I will tend to you if you do not then you should leave while you can.” As you can see I am not a spy." She then looks over to where Merrick has disappeared.

Breanna isn't going anywhere, only way she could honestly get down would be to drop down and that would lead to more pain, and possibly something being broken. Which she wants to avoid at the moment! Her pale gaze settles upon Merrick as she watches him climb his way up the tree, which she has to admit is a little amusing. "Any other day it would have been a great idea." She does tend to be up a good many trees when she is hunting. Merrick can clearly see the arrow lodged rather deep from the looks of it within her left shoulder. "Aye, I do imagine them lots might do that." She's quiet for a moment as she hears Cafell. "I rather he got me down." Cafell can take it any way she might like but she trusts Merrick at the moment. At the talk of her climbing onto his back she just looks at him, a brow slightly lifted but she nods a moment. Her right hand reaches out, fingers felt gripping at his arm and she takes in a quick breath before moving forward and rather awkwardly climbs upon his back. A hiss of pain escaping her as her hurt shoulder moves.

"I reckon it might have been, but alas, the Guardians brought us fine friends today," his remarks hold the anger upon them, righteous anger, demanding some form of punishment that Cafell does not give. Not even a donation to the Temple or some order for them to work their error off. Such is! Then, her correction up to him, which indeed, proves the point that yes, she was not another of the Chosen, but in fact, a priestess. "Sorry Mother," he calls down, perhaps twice sorry for the disobedience.

Now, spotting the injury, he nods encouragement to Breanna, "I can't carry you down any other way…" knowing that her climb to his back isn't going to be painless. Once there, he starts to move them downward, slowly, sluggishly, carefully. Each footstep needs to be just where the weight can distribute the best without breaking limbs of the evergreen. Thankfully the evergreen was green and not dead. It holds. "Hold tight with your good arm Bre," he grunts out, working them down until his foot touches the earth. Only then, does he kneel and allow Breanna a safe return to the ground and Cafell to take over in her healing arts.

From the expression on her face she is not one who takes offense easily. Cafell also has no issues with the silence that seems to grow around her. She look to them men on the floor they gather their wits and their weapons and they take off at a run. She then moves towards the wounded woman. She pulls out a tincture of iris root first and she washes her hands in it first. Next she examines the wound first. To see how deep the wound is and what exactly the damage is. She works quickly and with practice.

Is she not ignoring Merrick at the moment, instead she is just focused.

Breanna lets her right arm half curl around Merrick's neck, the only way she can really position herself so the arrow in her shoulder doesn't hit against him in the climb down. Painless it is not, even movement is felt and she grunts faintly, fingers gripping at his shirt in some attempt to keep her quiet. She's normally good with pain, though the arrow is proving to cause her plenty of it at the moment. "The Guardians could have kept the ones with the arrows away." This is grumbled out at the thought of the 'fine' friends. Once firm ground is heard and felt she leans back slowly, right hand moving to rest against Merrick's shoulder until she can get her feet under her enough and she is standing. A glare is quickly sent towards the men that caused the whole mess. "Bloody bastards the lot of ye are." She doesn't care if there from some temple or not. Again, it is all the arrows fault none of this is her. Well maybe a small amount may be her attitude. With the men skittering off like rats the Ranger turns to look at Cafell and lifts her head a touch once she comes to offer her aid. The arrow is deep, her tunic has gotten somewhat bloody from it. "Ye ever deal with arrow wounds?"

Merrick rises from his knees as soon as he feels Breanna taking a few steps back from him, turning his attention toward her and murmuring, "Take a seat Breanna," encouraging her to do so, that Cafell would be able to attend her. It's then that he gathers his armor, once again buckling on the greaves and braces, but keeping the breast plate off - too much a hassle to get that back on at the moment. Seeing that Cafell will have his … friend? … in good hands, makes all the difference. He then… moves to the horses, to do the prior bidding.

"I am a temple healer and priestess, I have seen worse." Cafell says in a quiet voice. "The key is to get it out and to keep it from turning septic." She explains. "The key is for me to ease you into sleep and then pull the weapon out of you. Once that is done we will pack it and control the bleeding. "I do not think the arrows are barbed. If they are not that will work in our favor." She explains.

She looks over her shoulder at Merrick. "I thank you kindly good sir." She offers him a bow of her head. She then pulls out a small bottle as her attention is drawn back to Breanna. "Just a sip, it will help ease you into sleep and deaden the pain, or if you do not want it I need you to be still and bite down on something as I pull the arrow out."

Breanna casts a slight glance towards Merrick watching him go to tend to the horse, for a moment she is quiet before she turns her attention back to Cafell. She'll wait a few moments before shifting and settles down so she is siting, leaning back upon the tree she had just been up in. Her pale gaze flicks back to the Cafell whom is eyed a few moments. "Sleep?" Is questioned with a surprised tone, she makes a slight face at the thought. "I rather not." Is murmured out faintly, she doesn't know this person, priestess or not she doesn't want to be left like that. "Ye pull it out and I won't move." This said after a moment of thought and she reaches out with her right hand and grips hold of one of the arrows from her quiver. Her wolves have hunkered down next to the large tawny gold horse off to the side, though the wolves are eyeing what all is going on with their 'alpha' at the moment.

The man looks over his shoulder as he takes the reins of the Mother's horse and the mule with the other, keeping each to either side of him, walking in as large as circles as the clearing can offer him. He remembers that his surcoat is not on, though does not take the time to correct her, assumptions being that she knows who he is by his earlier declarations during battle. Either way, he nods and continues to walk the beasts, sometimes bringing them close enough so he can keep an eye on what's going on. He's concerned, clearly. His own wolf, gone, perhaps tracking the men for him, perhaps not. It's hard to say, the beast was half wild after all, a ghost of the forests.

"Fforgive me I do not know your name Sir." Cafell calls to him. "I nneed your help. Can you hold her still?" from her pouch she pulls out a thick piece of leather for her to bite into. "Chomp down on this my child, I will use balm of winter green to help numb the outer edges of the wound a little bit." She tells her and she waits for his response.

Breanna eyes Cafell slightly a moment. "I will keep still." There is a slight pause thought and she casts a glance towards Merrick before her attention is back upon Cafell and a faint breath escapes her. She is used to doing things on her own, not having to count on others for such help, though right now she does not have a choice in the matter. "Very well." Is murmured out, she lifts her hand to take hold of the bit of leather and goes about biting down onto it. Now waiting for the rest to come, it won't be easy that is for certain and she is already expecting it.

The man does hear her request now, quickly throwing the reins of the horse over a branch, to keep it there, the mule given a quick lash to the horse, to prevent the mule from going too far. With wolves about, either may still flee at any given opportunity. Still, the man hurries on over, nodding his head, "Brother Wulfgard Mother, Merrick Wulfgard, of Rhaedan." He is quick with his response, kneeling down beside Breanna, offering a hand to her if she wishes it, the other will hold to the good shoulder.

"I need you to put an arm around her shoulders but from behind to keep her steady and to keep her seated upright as I take this out." Cafell nods her head. "Thank you brother, Brother Lonnie took ill." she tells him.

Looking to Breanna she goes to take the supplies she will need, the balm is placed on the edge of the wound sight, to numb it just a little bit. Then quickly she moves to pull out the arrow. As soon as the arrow is pulled out she will start to control the bleeding.

Breanna is true to her word about not moving, even with the fact that someone is about to pull an arrow out from her shoulder. Her pale gaze flicks to Merrick once he is there, she is quiet while her hand lifts to take hold of his and she presses back against the tree more. At the touch to her shoulder with the balm she closes her eyes tightly and bites down on that bit of leather. Once the arrow's shift is taken hold of a muffled grunt of pain escapes her and she grips down against Merrick's hand for a few moments until the arrow is indeed pulled out. The wound does bleed, a half muffled whimper like sound escaping her at the feeling, thought she is soon able to relax a bit.

Merrick moves in position as asked to do, as much as he can, encouraging Breanna with a quiet smile, "The Four smile on you after all," he tells her quietly, though in ear shot of Cafell due to their closeness. Of course, none of this would be necessary had those scouts kept to their orders of neutrality. Yet, to have the rider be of the Covenant was truly a blessing, for it could've been someone else without the knowledge of the healing arts. His hand is there for her to squeeze, through the pain and the pull. He nods at Cafell once the arrow has been removed, ensuring that the tip is intact with a quick observation of it as the woman frees it from flesh. Then to Breanna, he squeezes his hand back, "You did great."

Controlling the bleeding is the hardest part with puncture wounds, but it will help clean it. Next Cafell goes to flush out the wound. Once this is done she packs a bandage into place with something called shepherds purse. Looking at both them she nods. "I can help you break camp chosen and you two can ride to laketown or another place where she can rest.."

Breanna is quiet for a few moments, the throbbing pain in her shoulder keeping her that way it might seem. Once those few moments have passed she spits out that bit of leather. "Suppose better late than never is a good thing at times." Her voice is a bit amused filled though she is clearly in pain, and yet dealing with it rather well. She's dealt with pain before, which could be a reason behind why she is dealing with it so well at the moment. At the squeeze to her hand she offers one back to Merrick's, her head leaning back to rest against the tree while her eyes close. "I have my moments of doing things great like that." Teasing tone picked up once again. She soon slips quiet once her shoulder is tended to once more, she lets her hand rest within Merrick's a bit longer before letting go of it. "I can help with things." Sort of, one-handed would get things done /so/ quickly. Though she isn't really trying to get up at the moment either, perhaps rethinking that idea.

To Cafell, he nods, "Our roads were taking us south to Laketown, I to report to the chapter therein and Breanna to trade." His attention turns down to the woman, smiling at the fact that she's able to hold onto humor at a time like this. Certainly needed. "They bring aid when you least expect it," such as bringing a Priestess and a Chosen into her world. He'll help her rise to her feet if and when she's ready to do so, "You'll help by getting up on your horse and staying mounted. Let us do the rest."

Breaking up camp is not too difficult, since most of it was packed and ready to go at first light before the wayward party rode through the camp. Breanna's belongings simply need to be tied to her mount, which Merrick and Cafell can assist with. His own supplies are carried upon his back, not so grand or knightly, but the man hasn't a mount of his own - nor one supplied to him since these times are tough. Either way, he'll walk in front of Breanna's mount, taking the reins and guiding it along, while shouldering his own gear. They make for Laketown, a good long ride from here, but one that they're able to make before dusk descends.

Mounted again Cafell offers him a bow and then she moves to mount her own horse. "Be they well and may you heal well and quickly." She tells them. "Tell them I am safe when you get to Lake town, I am Cafell." She offers him a bow of her head. She then looks to Breanna. "Check her while you travel and if she gets feverish stop and rest. May you heal my dear." She says to the woman.

Breanna isn't going to argue the fact now, she'll just do as told. Amazing how things work out like that! As for Merrick and his things she'll offer to let her horse carry them as there is no need he should have to shoulder it along the trip there. Luckily her horse already had its saddle on, just needed to add the other things threat was off, her pair of wolves move to take lead along the path as well. Breanna glances over to Cafell, a nod is seen. "I plan on it. Good travels to ye."

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