Healers cannot heal thyself

Healers cannot heal thyself
Summary: Wounded in a chance encounter with bandits, Savaric & Talia call for help and Krea answers.
Date: 11/May/2013
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Elk Room
Over the stone fireplace against the far wall, an incredibly large head of a twelve-point elk has been mounted against a heavy oak base. The antlers are large and thick at the base, twisting and spreading outward until they nearly reach either wall. Below, a heavy green hearth rug provides comfortable standing, surrounded by a low table and two green wingback chairs. An oversized poster bed against the left wall bears a thick green coverlet and several overstuffed pillows. On the right, a heavy oak bureau and washstand with a basin and ewer offer the basic amenities for overnight guests. The only door in the room leads out into the foyer.
Sun May 12, 1329

As a accomplished and well trained healer in her own right, Talia is well aware of that which needs to be done in order to treat her wounds and - though Savaric is wounded as well - she has plenty of medicines in the leather satchel she normally carries. First thing first, remove the bolt, clean the wound, stop the bleeding. Once her bleeding is stopped she can work on Savaric's wounds. They'd stripped the bed, set water to boiling over the small fire in their room and she'd had him lay out everything that they'll need. As loathe as she is to ruin a perfectly good vest, she'd had Savaric cut away the vest around her wound and the thin tunic she'd worn beneath, scrubbed her hands, had him do the same, cleaned the area around the wound before she'd declared them ready.

"Alright," she says, her voice quiet and as calm as possible, "when you pull the bolt out the bleeding is going to increase. We need to let the blood do it's work, the blood flow will help flush the wound site." She is pale at this point, her words carefully phrased and has one hand pressed to her chest, holding the bolt steady where it's pierced her breast. "Once it's out, you're going to use the wash we made, it'll help slow the bleeding and clean the wound. I'll know then if we need to do stitches. I think we'll need to," she warns him in advance, having likely already said this. "Are you ready?"

The ranger is used only to emergency medicine, not full treatments like the one his wife is walking him through at the moment. Savaric's frown is dark as he works on removing the vest and tunic, having seen her nude enough times before for it not to be an option. Having been treated first, the man is watching her worriedly. "It will hurt." he does not bother to lie as he pulls out a strap of leather. "Bite this." he says quietly to her as his hand moves after he's cleaned up his hands and carefully wraps his fingers around the bolt to look down at the wound and then back into her eyes, facing her evenly. "Ready." And without any warning, he just yanks the bolt from her breast, the backing out causing some minor tearing of her flesh as he pulls it away as quickly as he can and tosses it aside as the blood wells to fill the void left by the shot.

<FS3> Talia rolls Body: Failure.

Talia accepts the offered bit of leather, biting down on it and offering him her best attempt at a smile before she exhales through her nose and gives that subtle nod to indicate she's as ready as she's going to be, knowing the look in his eyes and getting that bare half second of warning. Her eyes close, not - really terribly not - wanting to see him draw the bolt from her breast and the sound of pain she makes is not very well muffled by the leather that her teeth sink into it. For a moment her eyelids flutter and she slumps back against the pillows stacked behind her, the sharp lance of pain through her chest, combined with blood loss, had been just enough to send her from being carefully braced to sliding under the edge of passing out. Or, in more common vernacular, fainting. It's only a moment, however, no more than half a minute really before her eyelids start to move again.

When Talia passes out, Savaric frowns as he moves to make sure she's cradled by the pillows as he goes to work. He allows the wound to bleed for a couple of moments before he starts to wash out the wound and pack the area with the herbs she had prepared. The foul smell causes his nose to wrinkle, but he knows it's best for the woman as he works on you, his expression one of concern and worry, and a touch of guilt at causing the situation that led to your wounds despite his own injuries.

By the time her eyes are open again, the sharp smell of the herbs bringing her around as much as the faint not being deep enough to keep her under. The small sounds of pain she is making as she comes around, before she actually comes around, stop once she snaps around fully. Her eyes open, close, then open again, fighting the instinct to arch or try to get away from the pain, the pain however isn't something she can get away from so she - instead - reaches for his arm and curls her hand tightly for a moment. "How deep?" she asks, her voice thin, looking down to see his hands working to clean the puncture wound and pack the area with herbs for a moment as she waits for her hands to stop trembling.

Savaric holds up his pinkie and folds it halfway. "Armor stopped most of it. Hit in bad area. Will leave scar. Possible dimple." the ranger says and moves to finish binding the wound, taking up the bandaging to wrap it tightly around your chest and presses the breasts down so they do not move much while she is moving.

Wounded earlier in the day while tracking bandits, Savaric and his wife Talia had returned to their room at the Inn and prepared as much as they could for the work that would need to be done. They'd assembled a number of astringent washes, heavy on the alcohol and herbs to help clean their wounds. They'd asked the inn keeper to send out word for any healer, local, who would be willing to help to come to their room. With the bed stripped, so as to not ruin the bedding on the bed, both she and Savaric had done the prep work. With water boiling over the small fire in their room and she'd had him lay out everything that they'll need including her finest set of curved needles and suture thread. As loathe as she is to ruin a perfectly good vest, she'd had Savaric cut away the vest around her wound and the thin tunic she'd worn beneath, scrubbed her hands, had him do the same, cleaned the area around the wound before she'd declared them ready. The bold had gone through her armor into her chest, puncturing the side of one breast, bleeding steadily until Savaric had pulled the bolt free and cleaned the area around the puncture. Talia had fainted for a brief spell, coming around again once he'd finished cleaning the wound, but the wound, almost as long as the tip of one of Savaric's fingers, hadn't stopped bleeding even when pressure had been applied.
Talia tightens her hold on his arm, "To deep," she says in a thin voice. "It won't stop bleeding. It'll need to be stitched. Just give me a moment," she says softly, eyes closing again. "I'll keep pressure on, see again if the inn keeper can send for a healer?" she'd asked, her skin very pale now.

"Stay. Stay awake. I will have healer summoned." Savaric pulls away from his wife as he moves to the door and yells for the innkeeper to send forth a healer as soon as possible before he moves to return to his wife's side. "I can treat with herbs, but do not have full experience." he growls, his expression unhappy as he works to try to ease his wife's pain, eyes studying hers cautiously. "Keep talking to me. Show me you are awake."

Manly knock on the door and door is opened widely. A young girl, not older than eighteen summers stands in the doorway. She coolly observes the room. A muddy bag and buckler shield rests on her shoulder. Quite good learnern belt gathers her dirty shirt around the waist. It looks like she will shear off through her incredibly slim waist as a thin twig of aspen. However, her strong legs tighten in a dusty black leathern throusers and firm hands with a few scars, and the huge scar, denuded by the neckline, shows her strenght and maybe a little bit wild lifestyle. In the scabbard near her belt rests a dirk, also, you can see a handle of the dagger, sticking out of her shoe with high bootleg.
Her tress wavy hair covers girl's shoulders. Her plump cheeks are grubby and her rosebud lips are chapped. Green as a fresh grass eyes finally catch the sight of wound. "People shouts in the street about healer in need…." drawls the young girl and steps inside the room.

Talia jumps, startled, as the sound of knocking on the door makes her eyes open again. The small jump of movement startles a sound of pain from her, that sound of pain cut off in a hiss of breath as she closes her eyes again. The drawl of the voice makes her eyes open once more and she gives a nod, "Can't.. do the stitches myself," she explains, shuddering again, chills running through her - more from blood loss than anything else. "Have you skill," her breath drawn again, "with needle?"

"You are healer?" Savaric asks, remembering seeing the grubby whelp on the streets just a few days ago, his expression severe as he looks her up and down. With his own top off, his abdomen is wrapped in bandages, and a large bruise has blossomed along his left side on his rib cage. "Wash. Will not have you smearing dirt in wife's wounds."

"Woman, my mother was Ylva of Brivey! She gave me all her knowledge!" she states quite proudly as they must know who was Ylva, if they are from here, because actually, she was very well known healer of this town, but she died from depression or madness after her husband was brutally killed.

The young girl tosses her shield and bag in the corner of the room and paces near the bowl with water. However, before starting to wash, she glances at the man, she already met "Oh, you are the one, who was fighting with…" Krea frowns a little bit taking some time to examine the wounded one "Another readhead girl!" She steeps her hands in the water and starts brushing them from all the mud. "I am much better with my dirk… But you haven't got another choice. It is me, or your wife will have to stitch herslef." When she finishes washing she comes closer to the pair and sticks her intent look to the wound "Yes, I saw much worse. Much worse. Give me a needle, some alcohol and thread, and… What herbals do you have?" Her voice is very calm.

Talia jumps, again, when the girl tosses her shield and bag into the corner of the room, her eyes opening again as she tracks the progress of … "We haven't met," she offers as she watches the girl clean her hands. "I'm Talia, and the bear of a man there is my husband, Savaric," she says before giving a slow nod and listing the herbs and compounds she's already directed the making of, the suture thread - really strong thread - that is soaking in a cup of distilled wine and the needle that's been purified over open flame before it too was soaked in alcohol. "We're as ready as we can be," she explains, her words spaced with small breaths as she braces herself for what will be a measure of discomfort she will not find entertaining.

Savaric grunts at the girl. "We met. Briefly. When brat of redhead whore said she wanted coin to deliver message." he says bluntly as he moves to sit and hold Talia's hand. apparently accepting the idea that Krea is there only option at the moment.

Krea takes a few moments to examine herbs and compounds. She frowns a little bit and shakes her head slightly. However, she does not say a word. Her moves a very calm, slow and careful. She takes some alcohol and rubs her hands with it, before taking a thread and needle. "So, Talia, yes? It will hurt for you, I guess…" Krea shrugs "Or maybe you want to drink some alcohol while I am working? I heard people do not feel pain then… I never tried it myself." Krea shrugs once more, while threads a needle. "My secret is I do not feel pain," the young lady grins and glances at the man "Try to talk with her, do not let her close eyes," she warns and leans near the woman, making a first stitch very carefully.

"No," Talia says, clearly, firmly, "no drinking while you're working on me. My eyes will remain open and," she reaches for Savaric, "I will hold still."

"Not like childbirth. Easier." Savaric chuckles. Not like they'd know, since they never had children. At least not yet. "I do not talk. She knows this. Will hold still. I will make sure she holds on, you work. Tend to her."

"As you wish… As you wish…" Krea drawls and concentrates on her work. She very carefully takes a stitch after stitch. She works quite good. It looks like that she has a good experiance on such things, even if she did not had more than ten patient in her life.

"So, Talia is a healer too, yes?" she guesses, seeing all these medical stuff around, which she never had actually. The young girl usually uses much more simple equipment quite successfully. "So, I believe she knows what to do after I stitch the wound. However, if you want, I can make a visit and bring some really good compounds of herbs. I did not saw one in here. My mother threated me with that one." She is in the middle of the wound now. "If my wounds healed from that and left just scars, you should be left without any scars after that, actually," Krea grins.

Making a few more stitches she curiously glances at the woman "So, how you get this one?" and she turns to the man, showing him, that she waits answer from him, but unsurprisingly her eyes comes back near the wound. Her own hands now are stained with warm blood. "Can you soak the rag in alcohol. I need to clean a little bit around the wound, to see better."

<FS3> Talia rolls Body: Failure.

"A crossbow bolt," Talia answers before Krea begins to stitch the wound closed. The first pass of the needle is all it takes and Talia's eyelids flutter closed over her eyes - again - and she's out.

"We were ambushed by bandits." Savaric says as his wife faints dead away again, and he gives a long-suffering sigh. After dipping the rag in alcohol, he passes it over to Krea. "Hurry and finish closing the wound while she is unconscious. So there will be no other problems." he says with a nod of his head.

Krea takes the rag and cleans around the wound. A few more stitches are made. "Yes, yes, but after that would be very good to get some really refreshing compress for her. Also, I will need one very very clean band, to muffle up the wound with some herbs." Once more Krea concentrates on the wound. Stitch, stitch, stitch… It takes some time, but not too much and the wound is finally closed. Krea cleans up the wound with alcohol again. When she looks around. Her eyes catches an empty bowl. She takes it and fulfils with alcohol. After that she carefully chooses some herbs from all what the wounded healer has and puts them in the alcohol. "You have five minutes to find a compress and a clean bands." she says for the man.

"Wife is healer." Savaric says, rising from his seat and goes to their packs. It only takes a couple of minutes before the ranger returns with supplies as he hands them off to Krea. "Here."

<FS3> Talia rolls Body: Success.

Talia's eyes are opening again but only now that the hard work is actually done, and done with her unconscious for the most part - well, for the whole part, in fact, of all the stitching. She makes a small sound of discomfort as that last stitch is placed and struggles to focus on Krea and then Savaric. She looks down at the neat line of stitches, "Wow, I fainted," she says quietly, baffled by this news as much by.. "ow," says and NOT quietly.

Krea takes a compress and soaks it in the refreshing water. She puts it on Talia's forehead. "It will help for your head! Yes yes, even the healers, who nows all the wounds, faints," she chuckles from the healers surprised tone about fainting.

Krea takes out the herbs from alcohol and puts it on the wound. "It makes the healing process faster and maybe it helps from the after-effect. After that Krea takes a few clean bands and muffles up the wound covered with herbs. "Done!" Krea shrugs and turns to the bowl with water to wash her hands. Her look slips to her dirty linen shirts. A new spot appeard of the blood of Talia. Krea just sighs and goes to take her stuff from the corner. She puts a shield and bag on her shoulder and lets her hand to rest on her dirk.

Krea glances at the pair "So…" she drawls "Change the compress for awhile. It will be good for her not to get into trouble for awhile. So, do you need me to come and check her later?"

"I will leave that question to wife." Savaric says as he digs around in his pack. While he has no money to pay for the services the healer provides, he withdraws a very well made blanket of rabbit fur and a fresh new shirt and offers it to Krea in payment.

Talia holds one hand against the compress on her forehead and the other holds the bandage that's covering up the herbs that are covering the stitches that are holding the wound together. "I think… I think I'll keep an eye on it," she answers after a moment, looking a good deal pale around the edges. "If you are going to be in town for some time, we may call upon you again," she says and lowers the hand holding the compress against her forehead and offers it to Krea. "Thank you for your help."

Krea watches for a moment to the blanket and shirts, which are offered to her. She grins from ear to ear "Thank you, I will take these shirt! Mine are quite old, but full of precious recollections," the young girl chuckles and takes the shirt to put them in the bag. While doing it she explains "I will not take the blanket, though. My bag is too small for it and I will not have where to use it." After that she turns to the woman "Oooh… Maybe I will stick around for a few more days. But I am not sure where the wind will blow me," she chuckles once more and her eyes slips to healers hand "Compress," she just reminds "Save your energy to heal." After that she turns to the man "You should protect your wife better, man!" she just states and leaves the room.

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