Hearts and Horses

Hearts and Horses
Summary: Lord Lyam and Lady Collette discuss horses, affairs of the heart, and their expected roles.
Date: 02/May/2013
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This rather large room is where the horses of those living and visiting the castle are housed. The stalls are roomy with food and water available for the comfort of each animal. Rooms built off of the back wall hold shelves full of tack and miscellaneous equipment and supplies. Stablehands are on duty at all time to tend to the beasts.

A pair of wooden double-doors exit out into the main courtyard.

02 May 1329

Lyam apparently is an early rise and shiner. In the stables, Lyam is working on brushing out his horse, a hum in his voice as he tends to the black gelding, feeding him an apple while he works.
Raven-black stallion stands on his back legs angrily roaring. Two stable boys grab his reins. One of them starts mumbling "Again… He is crazy animal. How she can ride him?" The older one tries to calm the horse with a juicy apple "Easy, boy, easy…" However, the horse just gives incredulous look at the fruit and withdraws from two strangers, still roaring, but now he is on his four legs. Arrow shakes his head and manes looks like playing with the wind. The older one sighs "Maybe she is crazy as her horse… Go find her…" The younger boy quickly steps in the direction of exit, but doors open and the young lady shows up.

She is a tall woman in a tight black leathern trousers and jerkin. These fine clothes emphasises her strong body. The neckline is quite wide, but there is no any pendant, just a pale skin. The young woman covers her shoulders with a burgundy cloak, which is decorated with a brilliant fur of her hunting plunder. Wild curls sticks this way and that, giving her a playful and even mischievious look. Next to her stands a guard in his silver armor and burgundy cloak with the blazon of house of Lohstren.

Stableboys respectfully bow "My lady. You are on time…" Collette chuckles and quite calmly comes closer near her stallion "Arrow," she whispers and takes his reins. At that second stud stands up haughtily. The youngest daughter of Lohstren clasps her hands around his neck and starts whispering something in Arrow's ear. Stableboys walks away, mumbling something for each other. Obviously, they just continue their conversation about similarity between Collette and her horse.

As the roaring stallion upsets his gelding, Lyam gives just the slightest hint of a frown, soothing words escaping his lips as the youngest of the Vargham lords gives his horse an affectionate pat. "Shh, Cobalt." he offers quietly, his voice carrying the warm tenor of a man that has spent years around the stables and training the horses. Once he's sure his own gelding is calmed, he steps out of his stable and is still carrying half an apple. It is in time to see the young Lady enter in her leaters and cloak. As the stableboys offer bows to the Lady of Lohstren, Lord Lyam instead offers a warm and brilliant smile.

"A stallion with a spirit and beauty as wild as his rider's. I should have not expected anything less. Good morn, Lady Collette." he offers with a cheerful tone to his voice as he approaches the rider and her chosen mount. "Were you planning on putting him through his paces this morning? I would be honored to accompany you." No offer to sketch her with the horse is made - in fact, he doesn't even have his sketchpad with him at the moment.

While she is wild and mischevious, he is usual calm and poised and warm self, the young man seeming to be very unphased by the wildness of the horse or the woman as he steps forward and offers the half apple. "If I may get acquainted with your mount?" he asks with familiarity born of time spent around Collette.

"My Lord," Collette offers a warm smile and bows her head to the man. Her hand still pats the stud. "You can try to acquaint with him. But… Usually, he does not let anybody to come close," Collette chuckles "Even my parents wanted to take him away. They said, that this animal has some problems, but… Well, they didn't. The Budding is budding. I chose this lovely creature!" Her eyes slips back to Arrow with so much love… However, she raises her brow and turns to the man with an apple "I am sorry, maybe you don't know, but there is a tradition in my family. Before a boy can be considered a man, or a girl considered a woman, they must journey into the wilds of the March to capture a foal from the wild horse herds that still run about the alpines. The foal often becomes the horse of the one who captures it," Collette explains and withdraws from her stallion, giving an amused smile to Lyam.

She curiously follows both, horse and artist, hoping to see an interesting show, when her Arrow will show his emotions again. When Collette withdraws, horse turns his dark eyes to her, as he would bag her to come back, but he cautiously glances at the stranger too.

While two boys try to get to know each other, Collette continues her talk, but in much more silent voice "Of course, I planned to go for a ride. I would be honoured to see your stud and to spend my day in such talented artist company!"

<FS3> Lyam rolls Horsemanship: Failure.

"Oh, my, what such an interesting tradition!" Lyam is indeed impressed as he looks over the lovely young woman that was so strong in capturing a wild spirit and taming it as her own. "You did well in capturing one that is such a match in your spirit and beauty, my lady." he offers to her as he turns his attention to Arrow. He doesn't show any fear, instead he simply unbuttons his sleeves and rolls them up a little. The young man looks Arrow in the eyes and says soothingly. "Hello, Arrow. I am Lyam. My mount is Cobalt." Knowing that his gelding's scent will still be hanging on him.

Offering the apple to stallion is perhaps the mistake he makes, however. Smelling his gelding upon it, Arrow rejects the offering, instead there's a hard push against the young man, knocking him backwards on his ass, causing Lyam to make a little pained noise. The stablehands turn to come attend to the fragile young man - as does his own guard, but Lyam raises his hand. "No no, it's quite fine." he manages, rubbing his shoulder a little.

"Apparently.." he says with a small laugh and a self-depreciating smile. "No matter how I may soothe it's mistress, the wildness of her mount may be entirely too much for me to handle. Perhaps I should try again." A mischevious smile is shot towards Collette, and he adds. "Ah good. Then I will have Cobalt prepared with his tack and saddle." he says, a hand lifting to his shoulder to rub at it, before he moves to brush off his hay covered rump.

When Arrow pushes the young man, Collette quickly comes back to him. Her hand, fondling his manes, calms down the stallion. The young lady glances at Lyam "Is everything good?" She frowns, seeing how the young lord rubs his shoulder "Is it hurt? Do you need to see a healer?" She looks a little bit worried and ashamed by her horse. Collette turns to Arrow "One day you will destroy stables and my brother will not give me money to pay for it. What we will do then?" soft laugh leaves her throat.

The young lady starts preparing her raven-black stud for the ride. However, she still is watching at Lyam. "Can you ride after this? I am still worried about your shoulder… I am sorry about Arrow. I guess your Cobalt is more lordly and has more manners, than my tameless creature." Collette tries to saddle up the horse, who now stands haughtily, but with excitement in his eyes "So, we will meet outside? And… I will have a serious talk with him later.

"Yes, my shoulder is fine." Lyam fibs, feeling the bruise already spreading on his skin, but for now he's willing to set that aside for an embarassed smile. "I'm flattered by your concern, my lady. I believe your Arrow just wants to make sure I do not attempt to get too close to you." he winks at her as he moves to his feet fully and finishes looking himself over.

When Collette glances over, he offers her a warm smile. "Yes, I will meet you outside of the stables." he promises her, as he shakes his head. "There is no reason to fault your mount for protecting you, my Lady. It is a very admirable trait." When she looks away, he turns and is unable to hide a pained wince as he sets his hand on his shoulder again. His guard notices the look and pulls out a small packet to offer the stubborn young Lord.

Eyeing it for a moment, he sighs and picks out a little willow root to chew on. "Thank you, Hammel." he comments to his silent sentinel as he goes to finish preparing Cobalt for his ride.

Collette watches the young lord making his way to his stud. She still looks worried about his shoulder. But Arrow gently tickles her neck with his nose. He roars playfully, asking some attention from his rider. The youngest daughter of Lohstren just shouts for Lyam, before he reaches his stallion "If Arrow remains so too protective about me, nobody will ever get too close to me. That doesn't sound as an adorable future!" lady chuckles and blushes a little bit. She takes reins of the horse and makes her way outside, Arrow follows in a slow pace.

While the young woman was talking with Lyam, her guard already took his sorrel horse and waits outside for her to show up. When Collette reaches the fresh air, her stud rars joyfully and the young lady jumps in the saddle. Her amber look stares at stable's door, waiting for Cobalt to show up. Her gaze is still worried and it looks like she hesitates about the Dukes brother's possibility to ride today.

"Well, the man that is able to tame both woman and horse will be blessed indeed!" Lyam calls out over his good shoulder as he moves to Cobalt. "Okay, we're just going on a lovely trot today." he tells his horse as he moves to mount up, and draws in a little breath as he settles in to the saddle and his left shoulder continues to be favoured.

Leading the gentle gelding out - it's clear the horse was chosen for it's gentle swauve in it's treatment of it's rider. The horse trots up to Arrow and Collette and the younges Vargham smiles warmly. "What type of future is it that you are hoping for, My Lady?" he asks casually. "I would love to hear your ideas. I have resigned myself that my brother will choose my spouse for me for the good of the Duchy. And that is not so bad. I am glad to do my part to assist in any way I can."

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Main Courtyard
The main courtyard is relatively large and open, and the ground is cobbled to avoid an excess of mud and dust. When entering from the gatehouse, one can follow the wall along the right toward a small well-tower that houses the freshwater source for those living in the keep. To the left of the gatehouse, a long two-story building houses the stables, the barracks, and the infirmary in three distinct but connected sections. Hidden in the corner created by the main keep's stairs and the adjacent curtain wall, the cobbles give way to hard-packed dirt that serves as a training area for the castle's guards. The smithy stands directly to the right of the practice arena.

Between the barracks and the main keep, a gently sloping walkway connects the main grounds with the garden courtyard. To the left of the gatehouse's main entrance a wide stair leads into the keep.

02 May 1329

Arrow in a slow pace goes next to the Cobalt. However, black stallion lets his look slip through the surrounding lively as Collette does it too. "Quite a nice weather!" she states and concentrates her amber eyes to Lyam's stud for a moment "An amazing creature. As I thought… Elegant as you, my lord," Collette winks to the rider.

Sorrel horse with the Lohstren guard follows two young riders, intently staring at their moves. It looks like, that the guard is afraid, that Arrow can do something crazy. However, Collette feels very comfortable. She clenches reins just with one hand. Another one fondles manes of her beloved animal.

"But you are an artist…" she chuckles "Why you don't want to fall in love and wed the young girl, who would be your inspiration. You both could live a life full of passion and…" Collette sighs quite dreamily. Just for a few heartbeats she remains silent, staring at the passerbies.

"I wanted to say," she interrupts uncomfortable silence "I do not believe, that your heart will be happy with your brothers decision. Yes it is important to assist for your family, but if he makes a bad decision. It may kill your artistical soul…" Collette turns her look to stallions black manes. The playful wind makes a mess of her dark locks. It hides her eyes from the young lord. So, he can not see how shadow flashes in her amber eyes.

"My future?" she asks silently "I dream like all the ladies," Collette chuckles unnaturally "My father will find me a husband. He will be rich, handsome and even intellectual. The marriage will give me and my family some glory," Collette sits proudly in the saddle. However, her voice is soft, maybe a little bit sad or disappointed, but she tries to keep it cheerful. For this reason everything sounds quite strange "But it would be nice him to be a little bit similar to me. I would like to spend a lot of time with him and… I do not like sharing… But usually men… Well… They do what they want. However, I am not allowed to dream about my future too much," she chuckles and adds, trying to change the subject, because she already said too much and it gives some heat to her cheeks "Where we are rididng?"

Lyam looks truly touched for a moment by the young woman's words, but his smile blossoms a new. "How are we so different, then?" he asks her with a warmth to his voice as he leads his stud along, near Arrow and Collette, but not too close. It is to allow them to talk without yelling, but to give them privacy as they do so. "My brother is a good man." he says, quick to defend the Duke. "He would not do anything towards me that would not be in the best interests of all." he responds, a glance towards the lovely young Lady and her mount.

"One of my favorite sketchings I have done is a young man wooing a young woman at the fountains. The sketch just came to life in my hands as I did it. Him presenting her with his token, her smile so brilliant and surprised. Who wouldn't dream of that kind of love?" the young artist inquires.

"As far as my soul being killed by a bad decision? That is what the courtship period is for, Lady Collette." he says firmly, sure of his thoughts on the matter as they ride. "After all, you are introduced to this person that is to be your spouse and you are to give your all to them, no matter what. I plan to, when it is my time, to spend every opprotunity to the lady I am promised to spend every chance I can get to learn what she likes, what she dreams, what she desires, and do all I can to fufil her every wish and want." The smile he wears is bemused and mischevious. "Is that not the very definition of being an artist? To be able to capture the essence of what you are presented with and find the true beauty and emotion that lies within? That is my belief after all. In the meantime, yes, we can dream as much as we want about spouses and love and the hopes that my heart is taken with a wild and mischevious woman that will always keep my spirts and soul afloat."

The glance he gives over to Collette turns sympathetic. "The man that finally has your hand you will be more than happy to bring glory to. And he should be honoured to have such a precious gift handed to him." he explains gently. "And if he cannot be satisfied with just you, then.." he shrugs his shoulders. "Perhaps then he would not be worthy of such a wonderful and beautiful creature as yourself." The subject change and her expression are caught upon and he smiles anew. "Shall we visit the fields we met at the other day while you were hunting, my Lady?"

Collette thoughtfully stares at the small, but fluffy white cloud in the blueness of the sky. Her stallion trots haughtily, making commoners jealously stare at his brilliant hide. One really young common boy in his linen clothes even stumbles on a rock, while his eyes full of fascinating childish dreams to replace riders, followed the young skittish woman and the young gallant man.

When he finishes his story, Collette finaly glances at him, as she did it after she saw his sketch of her near the fountain. The young Lohstren again admires her companion "You talk as beautiful as you sketch," her soft voice ripples in the fresh air "I am not an artist. I am afraid of saying something that can ruine your story," Collette chuckles and pats Arrow "Now I understand that you see a challenge as a knight of the brush in your future… or I should say in the duty of the noble. That is somehow…inspiring," Collette nods and a gust of wind tickles her reddish cheek with a tiny lock.

"You are…" the young lady turns her gaze to the frigile woman with a young girl in her arms. The child waves with his teeny hands to the pair. That makes Collette smile and wave back, but mother of the girl all frightened grabs her child hands "Stop it!" and she bows for the pair on horses "My Lord," she says in a shivery voice and quickly adds "My lady." This makes the smile fade, but Collette can go back to the conversation.

"You are very kind, honouring me with such compliments… Your wife will be happy with you I am sure. You will know how to make her feel special," Collette runs with her fingers through the manes of raven-black stallion. He quite joyfully roars. It sounds like laugh. "And I think your idea is wonderful. I really would like to go back to that place. The woods are incredibly nice in this time. We could listen some music of the best bards, which have wings and hides in old trees."

Most of the commoners in town know of the young Lord known for his relaxed attitude and his bare feet, though he does wear boots as he rides with Collette. At the young woman and her child, Lyam actually rears his horse to a halt. "Pardon me for a moment, my Lady?" he begs off and pauses for a moment for a short conversation. There is discussion of her child and his health, of hers and her health and family. Finally, Lyam fishes out a few coins and lowers them down to press into the mother's hands with a gentle smile. "Make sure that you take care of your family, miss." he offers to her quietly, a confident smile brightening his face as he turns his horse and trots to catch back up with Collette.

"I see it much as you did with Arrow." Lyam explains as he falls back in step with Collette, his gelding keeping pace with her stallion. "You did not know what you would find when you were released to find your mount. And when you did, he was wild, untamed. Unacceptable. You molded him, guided him. You showed a strong hand and a strong heart as you made it so that you acted no longer as a woman and a stallion, but as a team. Marriage, even ours, as political as it is - is very similar. You will be introduced to your mate, and you may not be pleased at first, but you learn." he shrugs his shoulders, a small wince as he forgot about that right shoulder of his.

"And in time, you will mould him and he will shape you into something that you will both find mutually acceptable, that will bear fruit and glory and honor, and if you are fortunate, you will learn to love the person that you are placed with. I can only hope the same. I know my brother will do as well as he can by me, even if he is still working on his own heart." There's a sigh at that. "I do worry for him so." he admits. "The Duke was in love with his wife, and I fear he tries much too hard to recapture that magic he once wielded so easily." he explains, a salute to the guards as they bow to them as they approach the gates.

"Good morning, gentlemen!" Lyam calls out in good spirits. "How fares the riding today."

"All clear, my Lord, you and the Lady have an uneventful ride!" Though as the two ages of the youths and the smiles and glances they are passing back and forth are noticed, there is a hint of a knowing smirk to his smile.

If Lyam noticed the glance, he doesn't let it on, the young dreamer and poet glancing up at the morning sky. "We should have packed a picnic if we were going to attempt to make a day of it."

Approaching the gates from the side of the town, Pawel is followed by a few guards now. He looks a bit relaxed as he walks along, smiling a bit to himself. But he doesn't say much to anyone at the moment.

Collette watches the young lord, while he is showing his kind heart to commoners. That makes a warm smile grow in the young girl's pale face. "That is so nice of you," she comments, when Lyam catches her "I believe your people adore you and…" However, Collette has to remain silent once more. She listens how perfectly the young lord chooses his words. Though she takes a slant to the left, to the right, forward and even looks back to her guard. "Wonderful said!" Collette releases reins and claps for the young lord "It is quite similar, but I always thought that it is easier to work in a team with horses, than with people," she starts laughing so lively, that she quickly grabs reins again, fearing to fall.

The ray of sun runs through her bright smile, when they reaches the Gatehouse. She politely waits, while the young Lord talks with guards. After that she pats her stallion to go farther through the Gates. "I believe, everything will be good with your brother. If you will guide him with your magical words, thoughts and wisdome. Also…"

Seeing the Duke comming closer, Collette gently bites her lip as she said something wrong or even improper. She turns her eyes to manes of her stallion and remains silent.

"The people adore my family, I hope. It is our place to guide them and show them the way. I am proud to be part of it, and when I am finally given my purpose in marriage, I hope to share some of that same kindness with whatever family I shall end up a part of." Lyam says with a resolute smile and wisdom that belies his age. As she starts to laugh, his smile blossoms brighter than any wildflower, utterly charmed to bring such a beautiful sound to life. "It is possibly easier, yes. But I have always had a way with words. My mother says that she fed me too much honey to cure my coughs as a babe and it has given me a sweet and sticky tongue that attracts the right words at the right time." He chuckles himself at that.

As they exit the Gatehouse, there's the subject of their discussion, and Lyam's smile turns fond for his older brother. He doesn't have that pale parlor to his skin today. He looks bright and ruddy, probably in no short order due to the young woman that he has found himself in the company of. Reining in Cobalt, Lyam bows his head low. "Good morning, Your Grace." he greets his brother formally at first and then with that gentle smile that's reserved for family. "Out for an early walk, brother mine? Anything interesting that your eyes might have found today?" he asks, a tease in his voice.

Pawel smiles as he spots the people present, offering them both a nod and a smile now. "Lady Collette, I hope you are well today," he greets the Lohstren, offering her a smile now, before he turns to his brother. "Lyam. You look to be well today, brother." At the question, he offers a brief smile. "Always good with an early walk. And you might say that my eyes have found something interesting today, yes." Not saying anything about what that might be, though. "Going for an early morning ride?" he asks the two of them now.

"So, this is the reason!" Collette chuckles "Maybe I will have to start eating honey and maybe when I will be old, I will have a honey tongue too?" The young lady laughs once more and lively pets her animal. When the Duke addresses her, she bows to the man "Thank you your Grace, I am well and I am happy to see you well too," the Lohstren lady slows down her stallion and lets two brothers to have a talk.

Lyam bounces a little in the saddle, always excited to see his oldest brother smile. It is such a rare thing to find anymore. "Playing coy with me, Your Grace? I shall have to tell our siblings that you are hiding things from me. Our combined might will get the information I seek." There's a laugh he tries to pass off as a muhahaha, but it really fails and turns into more of a light-hearted chuckle. At the Duke's question, the young man's smile cheers. "Aye, Your Grace. Her horse is no friend of mine, I am hoping that if I spend enough time around Arrow, perhaps he will learn that I am mean him no ill-will." Amusement touches the corners of Lyam's eyes making them sparkle for a second as he turns his attention to Collette.

"You are sweet enough, my Lady. Wild Honey would be flattered to consider itself as untamed and sweet as you are." he compliments sincerely. "And age will only bring yet more beauty into your life, Lady Collette. You do not need a sweet tongue when you speak with such sincerety and honesty that you cannot help but to sway those that listen to your line of thinking."

"Hey, I should be allowed to have a few secrets, dear brother," Pawel remarks a bit lightly. "Besides, some things are not for everyone to know, after all." Looking between the two of them once more, he's unable to hold back a grin as he listens. "See, that's why you are the poet, Lyam." Sounding a bit amused now.

The only thing, what Collette can do after such compliments, is to hide her blush, leaning near her stallion and clasping her hands around his neck. "Thank you again, my lord," she whispers and tries to steal some comfort from Arrow, who stands very calm and watches other horses around him. However, cherry cheeks remains, but the young girl dares to lean back and staring at the Duke utters "Your grace, Your brother is so talented and…talented…" Collette bites her lip once more and frowns a little bit, understanding, that she sounds quite silly. Maybe, knowing, how embarrassed his rider feels, Arrow, without any reason, stands on his back legs while playfully roaring. Collette grabs reins firmly "Hist!" she shouts, but the animal starts running, not caring about people around. Luckily everyone catches to retreat on time.

The Lohstren guard shouts "My lady!" and speeds his sorrel stud. However, Arrow is so fast, that just leaves huge clouds of dust behind and it is really hard to follow.

When the wind scatters all the dust, Collette shows up comming back. You can hear how jovially she is laughing. Though, people around looks a little bit scared. Everything happened so fast, that even the guard's horse made just a few springs along. "My lady," he sounds worried, when Collette gets back to the company. "I am so sorry," she quite loudly says, if she would like to apologise for everyone around, but her amber look slips to the young lord "Your sweet words make not just young ladies blush, my lord… It looks like I tuged my beloved stud's mane too strongly, while I was… Well, it doesn't matter. But, maybe should we continue our ride? Maybe your brother will join us?" Collette glances at the Duke.

"I cannot help that I was easier to train than the rest of my siblings." Lyam retorts with that easy and amused smile as he adjusts his hands to hold his reins a little tighter, Colbat trying to trot on him a little. There's a comforting pat given to the side of the gelding's neck as he chuckles. "And I am only the poet because the scholars found me to be a rather captive audience." Which is true, since he was bedridden for most of his early life, and there was no escape for the young man so yes, he got trained alot.

As Collette suddenly bolts off with the horse and rider riding wild, there's a momentary panic that overtakes the youngest Vargham - not just for Collette's safety, but those of the subjects that may be in the way of the swift horse. At first, Lyam considers pursuit, but when she starts to slow and then return, the young man shows a very fresh look of relief and seems to relax visibly in his saddle. "It seems I should.. rein in my tongue." the young Lord offers, an ashamed smile lighting his cheeks as they darken with the redness of worry as he glances towards Collette and swallows. "Many apologies, my Lady." he offers quietly, glancing towards the ground.

As Collette invites the Duke along, Lyam offers up another smile, apparently relieved finally. "If His Grace would wish to join us, he may, of course." And now he defaults to his brother, falling quiet and allowing the older brother to work his charms, if he wishes.

Blinking a bit as he sees how Collette's horse heads off, Pawel lets out a bit of a breath as he sees that the rider and horse is okay now. Glancing between the two, he pauses for a few moments, offering them both a smile. "That sounds like a good idea. Just let me get my horse readied," he offers, with a quiet smile now.

"Oh, no need to apologize," Collette shakes her head at the young Lord "It just me… I was a little bit nervous and tuged the mane, while I was whirling it around my fingers," she explains and turns her ashamed look down "Everything ended well… Nobody is hurt," she looks around to make sure she is right.

She is right. After that Collette chuckles "Oh, I remember one of my hunting trips," her sparkling eyes glints in the sun "Arrow was frightened. I am not sure why. So, he started to run. I couldn't control him. Finally, when the horse stopped, I understood that I am lost, actually. Nobody found me the whole day. However, I found home after a long night alone in the woods. But that was one of the most interesting days in my life," Collette becomes thoughtful for a moment. It looks like she comes back to that day in her minds and also she just waits the Duke. However, she quickly wakes up from her precious recollections and sticks her sparkling eyes to the young artist.

"I would like to hear what you saw during that time. I imagine that it would make a really interesting story." Lyam says with a small smile. As the Duke leaves to gets his horse set up, the young man watches after him for a moment, he lets out a little breath. "And not just what you saw, but what you percieved you saw. I think that when emotions are running high, we see things in our mind that could be more magic than anything we could conjure up when calm." he comments to Collette.

"My brother is a good man. While I may be the soul of the family, he is very much the heart of the pack. He loves his people. He respects and loves his family. He's an excellent Duke and has done very well in taking care of the Duchy in the abscence of our father." he admits with a smile. "Much better than I ever would have. I am sure that he will find a woman that can temper and match his warmth and help temper his severity." As quick as he went to spinning his honey for Collette, he now simply sells his brother towards the young Lady, his expression falling back to his hands. "I am so very proud of him."

Nodding a little to the others, Pawel heads into the stables now, to get his horse ready. He also sends someone inside the main keep on some kind of errand.

Colletet chuckles. "My lord, the only things, I am good at, from the art is needlework, dancing and writing. However, I do not have… Well, I was just excited and did not see anything, what can be amusing for your heart." she winks to the young lord and continues with a mischief smile "You have artistical imagination. I believe you saw much more incredible things around you in the day and in the night. That is why, I would be honoured to know more about you and your past, if you let me," Collette grins from ear to ear.

However, when Lyam starts talking about his brother, smile fades. Collette starts weaving in the saddle as a little snake. Her eyes starts runing around, trying to see something more exciting. Though, the young woman does not forget manners, she politely listens and nods. But it is really hard to hide boredom. "I believe," when Lyam finishes she quite happily utters, hoping this theme will be finished "I belive, that your brother is…" she tries to find the best word, staring at the clouds, but there is nothing written above. She gently scratches her head and starts whirling her curl. "good person. Yes, he is good and this is nice," she extends her hands to show around, to emphasises, that she is talking about lands. But it is really hard for her to say something more. So, she grins playfully and concentrates her eyes to the young lord "So, will you tell me some stories about yourself?"

Collette blushes a little bit, when the young lord shows his interest to her writings. "Well… I would like to show you. However, just my tutor saw my writings. I am not very comfortable to show it for someone else. Even my parents and other siblings did not get a change to glance at it. But maybe some day… Or… someday, I will change my mind," she politely explains and chuckles. Collette looks around to see if the Duke still not coming. Not seeing him around she lively grins and gets her eyes back to Lyam "But I would love to have a dance with you!" Collette winks.

When he starts talking about the today's event, the young lady quite worried asks "Oh, my lord, you want to go to train? Why you did not say that? I am disturbing you, I am so sorry," she smiles shyly and adds "I am sure, you will be very good. If your eyes are as much accurate as your tongue," this comparison makes the young girl laugh. "However, I will save a place for you. I will be honoured to sit beside you. So, maybe we should go back and we will meet at the event? I do not want to bother you. We can continue our riding next day," very warm smile is given and she turns her stallion to go back.

"I will share my sketchbook in return?" Lyam suggests with a chuckle. "Though that is not much of a trade, I am not scared of my art." he admits with a little laugh as he nods his head. "I will look forward to at least making you laugh with my lack of skills at archery. I would ask for your favor, but I would not want you to be utterly embarassed at my lack of skill, instead amused." he stays with a brilliant grin. "I have good eyes - aim, not so much. And I did not mind at all spending time with you." Leaning over, he whispers conspiratorly, "To be honest, I only entered because my brother threatened me with many many noogies if I did not sign up for at least one event on our home turf."

It's about this time that Pawel comes back from the stables, on horseback now. Followed by two guards, also mounted. It's also that time when the person that Pawel sent into the keep returns with a small basket that's handed to one of the guards. "So, everyone ready then?" Pawel asks to both Collette and his brother, offering them a smile now.

Collette giggles at the whisper "Your brother did right!" she quite loudly states. "The tourney is not about wining. The tourney is about fun!" Collette's eyes are full of excitement "For this reason, every lady is always happy to give a favour for a man and it doesn't matter he will win or not. She will be just happy, that someone believed, that she can bring luck to him and the lady will be honoured to see her ribbon on the man." She sticks her curious eyes to the young lord and remains silent. However, you can see some kind of encouragement in her look. However, the Duke comes and takes her attention "Oh," she gasps a little bit disappointed, but offers a polite smile "We were talking about the archery event and as I understood, your brother wants to go so have some training before it… But I am not sure…" and her amber eyes comes back to the young artist.

"I was just saying, Your Grace, that I should practice my archery so I only look like I'm trying to be a fool tonight." Lyam says with a laugh and an amused smile. As Collette encourages him so, there's a blink at Collette and it takes a few moments for the young man to realize exactly what it is that the Lady is encouraging him to partake in. "I will see you this evening, my Lady.." he starts to say and then pauses. "I.. suppose.." he chews on his lip, apparently nervous all of the sudden. Talking to people is easy and fun. Actually.. personally involved?

"…Lady Collette, I would be blessed and honoured if you would provide me with your favour for the archery tournament this evening?" he asks her finally and folds his hands over each other in the stirrup. "That is, if it is not already promised to someone that is going to do so much better than I." There's a chuckle at that. "I am only participating for the fun of it." A grin is cast to the Duke. No noogies for him!

"Ah, yes, you are participating, aren't you?" Pawel offers to Lyam, before he adds, "I'm glad to hear it. It will be good for you, I believe." Smiling a little as he listens to the others, unable to hold back a smile as he hears his brother ask for the favour now. Keepint quiet as he listens.

Collette softly laughs, seeing how nervous the young man is. Maybe she sees it as a revenge for all the time she was blushing from his compliments. "Nobody has my favour for this event," She unties her new quite long and soft burgundy band from her wrist. It is embroidered with the golden thread. You can see her family blazon on it - two golden studs. "So, I will be honoured to have what to support in the archery field!" and she winks to the young man, extending the band, with the same encouragement and playfulness in her eyes.

"Only under penalty of physical harm." Lyam says with a warm and full chuckle. The young man's eyes alight as Collette actually accepts and offers him the favor, and the young Varghem lord accepts it with a reverent smile and look towards Collette. "I thank you deeply. I will do my best to honor you, my Lady. And at least try not to finish in last now." Now there's extra pressure on him, oh noes! With a brilliant smile, he reaches to the band and accepts it, his hand brushing with the lady's for a moment and causes a blush to color his cheeks momentarily. "I look forward to seeing you tonight, Lady Collette." he offers quietly and honestly before he wraps the fragrant band around his own wrist and turns Cobalt back towards the stables. "If I best your score, Your Grace, I totally want uh… uh.. I'll think of something." he chuckles anew and rides off.

"Well, besting my score would be easy, since I'm sitting this one out," Pawel comments, before he adds, "But I'm sure we will come up with a reward anyway, dear brother." Offering a bit of a smile, he watches as Lyam heads back towards the stables, before he looks to Collette. "It was quite nice of you to let him have your favor," he offers, with a smile.

"See you soon!" Collette waves for the young artist and glances at the Duke "Why shouldn't I? He is very gallant young man and I trust my favour is in the right hands." Collette chuckles and follows Lyam with her amber look. "Though…" she starts slowly "I am sorry, Your Grace, but I think I need to go back, to prepare for the event too. Not so much time left. You don't want that the lady, who gave a favour for your brother, would look like… I don't know… Some… Well… Not awesome!" finally she finishes and starts laughing. She pats her horse and he haughtily trots back to the stables. But before that the young lady offers a smile to the Duke "Have a good day!"

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