Helper Guide

Helpers The true life blood of the Staff Organization.

Helpers will be selected from players to provide assistance to the game. Be it to answer questions on the NEWBIE channel, assist in Houses receiving attention when needed, filling in the ranks of player run TPs when asked (even up to creating a temp character to be beat up upon - as an example). In general Helpers are just that, Helpers in all aspects of the game. They will have intimate knowledge of Theme and the systems we employ. They will also bring to the attention of Admin and if need be the Wizards any problems that may be occurring. Helpers will be very active players, they will always be on the lookout to generate RP. To be a Helper on Game of Kings will require a very active player and one that is inclusive, thinking and have the players needs always to the fore front.

A few guidelines to being a Helper on Game of Kings:

  • Must be active - Helpers must be active to be of help on the game. Obviously. Not only will they be helping the newbie through CharGen they will also be helping the newbie once he/she hits the grid. They will help an existing house or group if they see one is struggling. They will always be on the look-out to find players and generate RP.
  • Must have intimate knowledge of the Theme and the setting on Game of Kings
  • In helping a Newbie through CharGen a Helper will not try to recruit for any one Kingdom, House or Guild. They will always look to find what the player is wanting and how that fits into the theme and game play.
  • Once the Newbie hits the grid a Helper will provide assistance in getting the newbie involved in the game as soon as it is possible.
  • More to come
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