Hiding Your Hand

Hiding Your Hand
Summary: The southern Queen and Marla discuss the recent events at the Closing Feast and Marla's further duties
Date: 21/07/2013
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Regina Marla 

Taniford Pavilian
A big tent!
Jul 21, 1329

Sitting alone in the Tanniford pavailion after a long and irritating day Queen Regina reclines in a chair clearly made for Royalty. Her pristine dress of Tanniford blue has been replaced with with a simple ruffled white blouse and brown trousers. Over which she has placed once again her armor. She patiently a sword over her knee working on the edge with her own hands. "Ignorant fool a boy child believed he could best a Queen." she comments with a soft chuckle as she contines to work the edge to an ever increasing razor sharp blade.

Sir Marla of the Blue Guard has been at the Citadel, or so they say, who knows where the sellsword turned royal guard really has been. For now she steps into the Taniford pavilion and overhearing Regina's words a small chuckle passes the red headed woman's lips. "Your majesty." She says as she bows from the waist and looks to the queen but waits to rise, "Best a queen, maybe he could if you talk of the title his sister has given herself, but my queen impossible." She compliments as a smirk touches her lips.

"It would seem Sir Marla there is more truth than lie to rumors of them all. It took little to set Jerric in a steaming roar in public. Amira was of course seen giving her favor to yet another man. Stefan per usual made mo appearance. Most like holed up some brothel." Regina laughs to herself at the thought of Jerric storming from the gathering and waves a hand toward a chair for Marla. "We have them exactly where I wanted them. They will remove the troops and trebucts in exchange for Niniane. All the while we shall reinforce our holdings as the plan their grand homecoming. By the time the dust settles from their boots they will learn the old bridge on our side is secured. Thereby keeping them from Lake Town."

Marla straightens at the queens words and nods her head, "I still think you traded the northerner for to little, from the sounds of it Jerric would have cut off his left nut to get his sister back." The Blue guard doesn't even blush at her words as she situations her tall frame in the chair indicated by the queen, "Shall I remain with you still your majesty? Or with Samwell returning soon and Sir Deidra going north would it be better use of me to assist his highness?"

"Jerric would first have to have nuts my dear. Coward boy could not even look me in the face." Again the Queen chuckles and leans back in thought, "I would much prefer you to assist Samwell. We have to ensure our own equipment is place as is our troops. The North relies heavily upon us for food. If we cannot run them out, we shall starve them out. With no way to access Lake Town or our assistance soon enough they will come to beg."

Marla gives a small chuckle as she shakes her head to the queen, "As you wish your majesty." She assures the woman through the laugher as she slaps her knees, "I think Jerric must have some balls though, well I'd hope so, a handsome man like that." The blue guard settles her laughter and then with all seriousness asked the queen, "We are prepared for Laketown's anger your majesty? I do not mean to question but the guilds and the temple do so love to pretend neutrality."

"One cannot live on the ability to remain neutral. They are free to come and go as the wish. Though no stores from the South will venture into their lands. Let them eat their gold. Once they tire of it they will pay twice the price for any stores from the South." Standing the Queen carries the sword easily, twirling it times as if the weight were no more than a mere toy. "He is handsome, as is Father. Though it would seem the resembalnce stops there. King Breac would never have given so easily. A child over Kingdom he shall not do. Oh to be a fly on the wall when the boy faces him."

"Handsome is as handsome does, pretty words for the sake of his sister." Marla stands as the queen does and watches her sword work with an experts eyes for a moment. "Thankfully the north seems to be left in the hands of children if your report speak the truth, a nineteen year old in charge of Westmark, house Riedel's duke confined to a bed, house Auldholme allowing his love struck son to keep the Lohstren betrayer to stay and not sending her back immediately, and of course Price Jerric, what is he twenty one?"

"And it will their children which starve." is the Queens hasty reply with a cheeky grin. "Think not entirely ill of me Sir Marla. I do what I must for the children of the South all of them. The price of the all Northern lives does not equate to the price of a single Southern child. I was only disappointed Breac did not fully equip his son to deal with a Queen. He was vapid and spoiled, kicking his heels in the dirt as he lost the challenge. A sword not always need be raised to win. Men shall come to understand the power of the womans mind."

Marla's head shakes as she follows the queens sword still and places her hand on her own at the word said out loud, "I find myself wishing that no child need starve your majesty but that is the gentle feminine side of me, the other side which you more often need understands." She drops her hand from her sword and then actually winks to the queen, "While I never hope to meet Breac, I find myself wishing to sometime. Just to see you challenged."

"Why do think I am here? I hoped he would appear so we could cross swords. If only for the sake of teaching our children we are far more than parents." The Queen returns the sword to the scabbard as mother a child to its cradle and returns to her seat, "I need your assistance with Samwell Sir Marla. I had no realized his weakness in regard to pretty women before the dealing with the whore. Samwell needs to come to understand a pretty face does not make a woman of strength. And only a woman of honor and strength is suited to marry him. Im sure she taught him well of temptation. If you teach him nothing else teach him lust can be bought for coin in any brothel. Honor cannot."

"Of course your majesty." Marla says though a slender eyebrow raises as she bites back a chuckle, "I am sure I can show him the ropes, per-say. Though do you mean myself or I know a brothel or two I was forced to visit as a squire?"

Regina rise and smiles down at the Knight she greatly respects, "I shall retire for the night Sir Marla, see that all the heads of houses are informed a meeting shall take place in Wolveshire within in a few days. We must plot our next course of action. It may have appeared the North one this hand, yet are we not still holding some cards?" as the Queen turns away she pauses mid step to glance over shoulder. A brow arches and she shrugs, "If that is your desire, I shall not stand your way. You are after all a Southern woman of honor are you not?"

Marla's eyebrow raises farther if possible as she clears her throat into her fist and nods her head to the queen, "As you wish your majesty." To which requests or both, she doesn't indicate before turning on her heels and moving out of the pavilion.

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