Horsing Around

Horsing Around
Summary: Kameron is drawing the miniature horse in the circus tent, when Alek and Bryony pass by. Later, Amira joins.
Date: 17/July/2013
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Laketown Circus Tent
Inside the pavilion tent of the circus featuring the unusual animals.
17 July, 1329

"I understand that you have a duty," Bryony offers in that tone of voice that says that she really doesn't care what she understands. The woman walks along beside the knight, speaking between nibbles of candied nuts. The bag is tilted his way more often than not, always happy to share. Especially calories. "But part of that duty should be making certain that you are hale and whole. And what in all blazes was more important than staunching the flow of blood anyway?" she demands as they meander through the crowd. Hazel eyes dart from stall to stall. Along with food carts and the sideshow lures there are a few merchants of normal every day merchandise picked up along their travels. Some ribbons float with the breeze, their bright colors beckoning. "Ooooh. Those are pretty."

A few nuts are snagged each time the bag is offered his way, munching away on the candied nuts. He stays active enough to keep his figure, all those hour of practice everyday, he could probably use a few extra calores now and again. "Part of the duty is to put myself in dangers way. And to test myself to ensure in real situations, I will prevail." Nevermind that Alek's 'charge' was the one who wanted him to enter. "Oh for the love of all things, she forgot about the whole thing and you would have thought from her message that someone had died. But no, when I got there, she'd just misplaced her pen and was needing more parchment. I swear, I was ready to smother her with a pillow when I heard her. " Alek eyeing some of the sideshows with something between interest and sceptical disbelief. "I do plan on partaking in the joust, and be damned if she sends for me again. I will see it through." Canting his head to take in the ribbons that catch Bryony's eye,"They do look nice."

Bryony snorts at the explanation. "So… I am confused. Are you her guard or her servant? Does she not have a handmaiden? There are orphans aplenty at the Temple who would happily take the job and be most grateful for it," she points out. Still, her ire only lasts so long. Looking up at the knight, she finds another smile for him. "If Coriaria does not have you ride with her favor, you should ask Laurel. I think it would please her to no end to see one riding for her. Unless someone else has asked her already. Is there anything you want to see?"

The snort causes Alek to grin,"Guard, sworn protector. And yes, you would think she lacks such, when as Baroness she has even more to wait on her. But as I said, the message made it sound like someone had been killed, had I know the truth of it. I would not have left as I did. I do not know how I would have finished, but I would have liked to have found out. I did think I wasn't giving to poor a showing." Alek laughs,"I do think that would please Pipsqueak, and I admit, I am not sure if any have asked her. Or more so, if any have dared. She is young yet, and her father is a touch protective," understatement of the year. "Many would not risk to even ask. And what of you, have any asked you for your favour?" SMirking with a tease,"Perhaps that friend of yours, Prince Stefan." Turning his ice blue eyes to the attractions,"I beleive there was something about the tinest horse in the kingdoms, it had me curious. Perhaps we can see if we can hunt that up?"

"Awwwww! Animals in miniature?!? How could we not!" Her smile is brilliant as she teases in return and pops another bit of treat into her mouth. A small shrug is given with regard to herself. "No. No one has asked but I really did not expect anyone to. And even Prince Stefan must know the whispers something like that would bring about. No… most are asking for the favors of ladies, as it should be." Deciding she's had enough of the nuts, she hands over the whole bag to the knight if he'll take it. "For the record, I thought you were more than holding your own. It will give me some ease when you are fighting, having seen what you managed in the battle yesterday. Not much, mind you, but some…"

"Exactly!" comes Alek's reply with a grin. "Who can pass up tiny animals?" Turning to guide them down one of the aisle that looks promising when it comes to finding strange and odd animals. "True, that is the most common. But I think it is because so many of the Knights wish to pander to their lieges or those who participate are noble born Knights. And as the Count so elequently pointed out last night, I am not." The Guardians help Alek with that liege family of his. Accepting the bag of nuts as it is passed along to him, after all it's the Knightly thing to do. "Thank you…I felt I was a little rusty, we have not had to…" Offering a faint smile,"It has been peaceful for awhile, not a bad thing at all. "

"Yes, well, I have my own thoughts on nobility, Sir Alek. They would be far the better were you to join their ranks," she assures with certainty. Another stall of bright objects catches her eyes and she smiles again. Every now and again the woman will give a nod to someone that passes them, some sort of recognition but not enough familiarity to stop and talk. Her hands smooth over her skirts as they wander. "Guardians willing, it will remain peaceful. Have the two sides talked at all? This would be the perfect time to have a conversation. Neutral ground and all…"

"Oh, I'm not sure I'd want that kind of rank and responsiblity, and the pressure that comes to some of them," says Alek with a shrug. "I do not mind my life. I have served and been what was needed." Giving a look towards some of the stalls that catch Bryony's eye,"We can stop at any of them if you wanted to take a closer look. I fear it would not help me any to add any of the ribbons to my own attire, but I know that woman do like them for themselves." Alek manages a nod here or there himself, more often than not it is to someone else adored in armor as well. "I do not believe they have talked, but I have heard whispers that there is plan for it, a matter of getting both sides to agree upon a time. They have at least agreed that the Temple will host the meeting, from what I have heard." There is an 'ah-ha' as he points to a sign that proclaims the smallest horse in all the kingdoms can be seen 'that way'. Tinier that a cat! Fluffy as a chick! Cute as two buttons!

A tiny, fluffy, two button cute horsie!! Bry's gaze follows where Alek points and she finds herself smiling. "I want one," she informs, not even having seen it yet. "I want one of those bogs, too. They were so cute… I mean, I know people thought they were ugly, but they were adorable…" She waves off his concerns about the stalls and her shopping. "I don't know why I even look. I don't own any hair ribbons or anything like that anyway."

"Who wouldn't want one? Though it does say there is only, I doubt they will sell it." ALek laughs and shakes his head,"The bogs were intersting, but how would you make sure it didn't fly on off? It might be possible to get you one though, they did scatter everywhere. Which seemed to draw the interest of some hunters I know, I think I saw them head out in the direction a couple of them went. " Giving a glance at one of the stalls with their baubles, offering, "Because it can be fun to look?" And then,"Ah-ha! There it is…well the tent." Pointing out a horrdly large tent, for what proclaims to have the tiniest horse in all the Kingdoms. Leading onwards yet in this hunt to actually see this beast, Alek pays for both their admissions, waving off any protest,"It was my suggestion."

"Alright," Bryony concedes finally as they are shown in. "But I am buying the candied bacon afterwards." There's a teasing note to her voice. Of course, there's every chance that she means it. "Do you really think I could get one? It would just be a matter of having a cage large enough to give him room to fly but with bars spaced close enough together to prevent escape. I am sure one of my friends with the woodworkers guild could devise something for me." As she looks about the tent, a small sigh escapes her. "All of this will be over soon and we'll return to the north…"

"Ah, but you already bought the candied nuts," rising up the bag Bryony had pawned off on him. HE gives a shrug,"I do not see why it wouldn't be possible. But yes, you would need a cage large enough. They weren't quite huge. Perhaps you could tie a rope to it's leg and let it out to fly around that way once in awhile?" Alek giving a shrug, he never exactly had time to keep pets to know how that might work. "It does have to end some time, but hopefully we will be returning north," not advancing southwards. "Do you not want to return homewards?" Entering into the mini horse tent with the admissions paid and going through that maze to reach the…tinest horse in all the kingdoms…In the tiny corral at the center of the tent. Alek peers into it and cants his head,"Well…it is fuzzy…I'm just not sure it is smaller than a cat. Kind of cute though. Looks more like a dog than a horse." And it probably is a dog really, groomed and trimmed up to look like a horse and the hooves, just look 'wrong'. And whoops, there goes a bit of a tail wag as 'it' sees some people peering in at it.

Inside the tent, Sir Kameron Hallstrom is already sitting on a bale of hay in front of the tiny horse. The Royal Guard is dressed in casual clothing, all impeccably clean and straight, in burgundy and gold colors. His left arm is in a sling, and the right side of his neck and jaw are bluish-green from bruising. He's wearing the Royal Guard cape, clasped with the golden lion broach. Watching the animal a moment, he returns his attention to the leather bound sketchbook in his lap, and he continues drawing the small critter.

"The north isn't my home," Bryony reminds gently, giving the knight a small smile. "I was raised in the temple until I was old enough for the guild… Laketown is probably as much of a home as I think I hav-AWWWWWW!" As they get to the corral and she sees the tiny fluffy critter, her heart melts. It's an animal, after all. The woman stoops down a bit to get a better look, crouching before the pen. Even with all the obvious anatomical issues, she's still smitten. "So sweet… come here… come here…" The healer tries to coax the critter her way, the need to pet it overpowering. Kameron does not go unnoticed. "How darling is this?" she asks of the royal guard.

A bandage about his one hand himself, anything else well hidden away beneathe Alek's armor from what time he got to put into the previous evenings event, the Knight offers a nod towards the other Knight,"Sir Kameron, I see another soul who could not resist the allure of minature animals." Alek raises an eyebrow after giving a closer study to the tiny beast, chuckling at Bryony's reaction to it,"Well it is cute and tiny as it said it would be. I'm still not entirely certain about the horse part." The Knight just shaking his head a bit as Bryony takes to trying to coax the critter along. Blinking to hear the rining of the hour,"Bloody….already. Mistress, Sir, if you both will forgive me, I must take my leave….but I shall see you soon. The joust, if not sooner." Both get a flah of his charming smile before he retreats.

Kameron looks up from his sketching, and he smirks, "Darling?" He laughs a little, "I suppose it's a bit adorable, isn't it." He bows his head a bit to the knight in greeting, "Sir Alek. It's always a pleasure to see you, Sir," he offers as his smile widens a bit, watching the knight leave. He sits there for a long moment, in silence, kind of awkwardly. He looks at his sketch, then at the woman, and he slowly closes the book. "I um… I'm Kameron?"

"Perhaps you should purchase a few pens from the guild," she calls out to the exiting Alek, grinning impishly. An inside joke evidently. Hazel eyes shift to Kameron and the smile remains. "Are you uncertain? I am fairly sure that is your name. I have heard others address you as such." The teasing is gently given. Rising to her feet, unable to coax the animal for the moment, she dusts her hands off on her skirts. "I am Bryony, Sir Kameron. A pleasure to officially meet you." She points to the book. "Are you good at drawing? For my own part, I could not draw a stick figure if my life depended upon it."

Kameron smiles, and he nods, "Yeah. Sorry," he says about his name. He looks at his own sketch book when attention is called to it, and he blushes a bit, his hands moving to rest protectively atop the leather cover without even realizing he's done so. Nodding, he returns to look back at her, "Mother says I'm as talented as any in the guilds, but…" he shrugs, "Mother's say a lot of things to encourage their children."

Roaming out of the Rhaedan pavilion, Amira is, as always, accompanied by no less than four guards and a handmaid. Acting as if she is not even aware they are there, she walks out with confident steps and looks around the area. Only when her gaze falls on Kameron does she slow her steps and approach at a much slower pace, a small basket over her arm she transfers to her hand, while continuing to close the distance.

They are at the tent that proclaims to house the known world's tiniest horse. In all likelihood, it's actually a dog trussed up and groomed to look more horselike, fooling very few. Kameron sits to one side on a hay bale as Bryony speaks with him. "I am certain that she did speak true." Even so, she does not push to see what he has done thusfar. "Do you know Sir Alek? With all of us so long with the Westmarks, you must have sparred with him at some point." The approach of an entourage draws her attention and the healer gives a small curtsy.

Sir Kameron is dressed in casual clothing, all impeccably clean and straight, in burgundy and gold colors. His left arm is in a sling, and the right side of his neck and jaw are bluish-green from bruising. He's wearing the Royal Guard cape, clasped with the golden lion broach. He smirks a bit, "Sir Alek the Pretty has a reputation, that's for certain." He shrugs, shaking his head a bit, "To be honest, I've actually only been lucky enough to talk to him once before. He's offered to spar, but we haven't yet." He looks at his arm in the sling, and notes, "It may be a week or so before I can." He doesn't seem to notice Amira, who is approaching from behind him.

A little horse?! Oh how exciting! When Amira notices the advertisement on the outside of the wagon, she is momentarily distracted, certain there could be no such thing, surely! Though good breeding brings her back to the people present and as she catches the curtsy, she offers a bright smile in return. "Good day to you!" Bowing her head in return, she looks towards Kameron and the condition he is in. "How are you feeling?" Her voice gentles as she asks the question and genuine concern finds her eyes. "I brought the medicines to change your bandages when I noticed you were gone from your straw seat in the tent."

"Good day to you, your highness," Bryony returns. The woman falls silent as the princess addresses her guardsman, smiling warmly at the concern that is shown. "You must let me know if more is required. My stores are currently full and, of course, the Guild is right down the road," she offers.

Kameron rolls his eyes, an overconfident knight who is invincible, "I told you, Your Highness, I'm fine. I just got tired of just… laying there. I don't like to feel useless." He glances at Bryony and smiles, "I dislike feeling bored even more." He looks back at Amira. "Did you see the dog?" he asks, gesturing with his good hand to the pen behind him.

"Oh!.. You are a healer?" Heat creeps into her cheeks. "That is wonderful! If Sir Kameron would prefer a proper healer to tend his wounds, I do completely understand." Still, Amira is unable to keep the concern from her features, but instead, she focuses on the little horse or dog or whatever is in the pen. She approaches it and gasps. "Look! Oh he has hooves on his feet! How can he be a dog?" Whatever it is, the furry animal has captured her attention fully. "Baron Paule gave me a puppy once, though it was when I was a prisoner of the South and I had to leave him there when I stole away." Reaching her fingers between the bars, she gently taps the flooring, but the horse dog never comes.

Bryony chuckles softly at Amira's realization and gives a small nod. "I am. Your brother asked me to take the position at court for your house. Do not feel awkward or remiss. There has been so much of late that one can hardly be expected to know every face. If you've an interest, though, your highness, perhaps we could find time to speak on the healing arts more fully," Bryony offers. As Amira tries to get the pony/dog to come to her, another laugh escapes the healer. "He wouldn't come to me either. Poor thing… I fear that I must ask your forgiveness and permission to withdraw. I do have an appointment to keep with the Guild."

Kameron stands as Bryony prepares to go, mostly just out of good manners. He holds his sketchbook now, and he smiles, "Be well, Bryony." He looks at Amira, "Why would I want anyone else to bandage me up when I'm broken? I'd much rather my friend tend my cuts than some uncaring healing with man hands who thinks bandages and tourniquets both require the same amount of tightness around my arm." He glances at Bryony, "No offense. I'm sure you're quite capable," he notes, with a friendly smile.

"I do hope we can spend more time together then, Miss Bryony, since you will be around Rhaedon. I would like that very much, if you are agreeable and am very interested in learning more about the healing arts." As the healer gives her apologies, Amira smiles quite genuinely, "It was a pleasure to speak more with you, I do remember meeting you very briefly on the tournament grounds at Brivey. I hope to see you again soon." Offering a bow of her head to the healer. As Kameron reassures her about her own healing capabilities, the youngest Rhaedan sibling blushes and withdraws her hand from the cage that the horse refuses to acknowledge. "Thank you, Sir Kameron." Of course the blush is one of happiness that he has faith in her abilities.

Kameron steps over to stand at Amira's side near the pen. "You really came all the way out here from the inn just to check on my sliver slice?" he asks, a little curl upward at the corner of his lips. "I would imagine treasurer to the King surely has more important duties to attend to than just checking in on her friend?" He shrugs a little, "I don't want to keep you."

When he moves to stand beside her, Amira suddenly finds him way more interesting than the small horse and turns towards him with a smile, noting the way he holds his drawings. "I thought it would be best if I checked the stitches and changed your bandaged after putting some more medicine on it. I only want you to heal better with no infections." Though at the mention of doing so for a friend, she gently lifts her shoulders and meets his eyes. "I would be honored to consider you a friend, Sir Kameron. And you never are keeping me, I… just wanted to see you."

Kameron laughs a little, "You need a better hobby then tending some stupid guard." He gestures to the hay as he moves to sit on one side of it, leaving her plenty of room on the large bale. He begins to remove the sling carefully so she can get to the bandage. "Have you spoke with Prince Jerric since the tourney? I was wondering how he was…" He doesn't add, 'and if he's mad at me.'

At his words, Amira frowns slightly and looks towards the horse. "I thought I was tending a friend, not just… some stupid guard. I have never seen you as a stupid guard." After a moment, she sighs softly and looks back towards him. "I have yet to see him since the event. I have been assured he is faring well.." Suddenly his words come back to her that he had just said, that he does not want to keep her. "..Would you prefer to be alone, Sir?"

Kameron furrows his brow, and shakes his head, "Well, trust me, I can be a stupid guard. Wow." He laughs a little, "Well, I'm glad he's doing okay." He sits the sling in his lap, and then tilts his head a bit as he looks back at her. "Alone?" He laughs a little, "Me? No no. Heh, never. I just, you know, I don't want to keep you if you have more important things is all. You're, well, you're the King's daughter, after all." He smiles, reassuring her.

"Why would you say you are a stupid guard?" Truly bemused by the self accusation he persists on. "I think you have always been a good guard. If Jerric is angry then he will get unangry when he wishes. Just know that you made a wise decision. It was foolish of him to participate in the first place." Amira watches as the small horse remains standing in place then she laughs and laughs. "It is not real, he does not move does he?" Pointing it out. But then she looks back at him and moves to sit on the hay beside him should he allow. "I am the King's daughter, and you are the Crown Prince's guard. We see each other a lot. I have no objections, I found I rather like your company more than most anyone else."

Kameron shrugs, smiling a bit, "I dun now," he answers her question as to why he's stupid. He sighs, and moves so she can better address his bandage. "To be honest…" He smiles, kind of wickedly, at her, "It was also kind of exciting just to test myself against the Prince." He leans closer to her and whispers with a chuckle, "Don't tell HIM." He smiles, withdrawing once more. "More than anyone else, huh?" he then asks. "Well. Aren't I the lucky fella," he says, tossing her a little wink and a smile.

When he positions himself better, Amira begins unwinding the bandage so that she can check the wound. "I would never tell him, but I am glad you had a good time testing your strength. Maybe you should challenge a few to spars while here, because there were some others in the event that did well. Are you participating in the joust?" As she speaks, she works on the wound.

Kameron shakes his head, "Nah. Jousting isn't really my strong point. I'm better with the sword." He watches her work, just as he did the night before. "I almost forgot, I have your necklace…" And he begins to dig around in his pocket. A moment later, he withdraws her necklace and holds it out to her. "I think it gave me good luck, Your Highness."

After removing the bandage, Amira had begun using the antiseptic to clean the wound, then gently added the salve to block infection. She looks up when he mentions his necklace and finds her face conspicuously close to his. Immediately she looks back down to work. "Thank you, Sir Kameron, I am honored you wore it." Reaching out, she takes it and places it on her lap.

Kameron continues to watch her fingers on his arm. "The honor was mine, Your Highness. Princess." He sighs, "I was- Rather, I mean, I hate to ask this of you, you've already done so much for me, but, do you think that tomorrow you could help me write a message to send to my father? I'd rather like to tell him how I did in the tourney."

While he watches her, Amira finishes with the balm, her touch still as tender as before as she unwraps a brand new bandage and begins to wind it around his arm, the thickest part over the wound before she ties it off neatly. When he begins to hesitantly ask a favor of her, she lifts her gaze to his and offers a warm smile. "I will help you compose a letter to him. I think he would be rather proud of you."

Kameron sighs, "I think I have a long way to go before he's proud of me," he returns quietly. He looks over at the horse dog thing, "I disappoint him every time I write… Well, every time I try to write. What kind of a noble heir can't read or write?" He shakes his head, and looks down at his boots. "Well," and he looks back at her, "I appreciate that you're willing to help, Princess." He looks down at the bandage around his arm once more. "Thank you," And he then begins to work the sling back on. "I should probably begin making my way back to the tent before the other healers think I've gone and died somewhere." He smirks, rolling his eyes at that thought.

"I will still work on teaching you. I can, you know. And math. I know a lot about reading and numbers. We can practice anytime you want to." Amira watches as he looks down at his boots and she offers a warm smile, not judging or condemning at all. "Sometimes Knights are so busy learning weapons they have to put off the other until later." When he mentions leaving, she rises as well. "I will see you tomorrow then, to help with the letter. I will change your bandage again also."

Kameron nods, "Yeah, I'm- I'm sure that's all it is. Just too much time on the sword…" He smiles at her then, "Stay out of trouble, Princess." He bows to her, very formal then, and as he rises, he smirks, and whispers, "Not TOO out of trouble, though." He grins, lingers just a moment, and then turns to go.

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