Hosting Dinner For A Princess

Hosting Dinner For A Princess
Summary: Lord Augustus puts on a dinner for Princess Amira, a more private setting than she otherwise anticipated. She does her best to be gracious and not awkward!
Date: 21/October/2013
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Amira Augustus 

Lord Augustus' Dinner Tent
Within the tent raised for Augustus to host the Princess.
October 20 1329

It has been a tiring day as was evident when the princess went to lay down, so during this time Auggy has had a table and chairs brought in to his tent. as well as a small feast. Outside the tent by the still ongoing fire, is a smaller table for the guards to sit at and eat whiel they aren't on duty, as Auggy as set up a rotation so that every one is on duty at some point while still able to warm up by the fire and enjoy a good meal.

The meal for Augustus and Princess amira consists of Roasted Pheasant, Roasted whole onions, and mash potatoes, as well as some grilled vegetables. Freshly baked and delivered Rye bread is being slowly cut and buttered. As there is Apple cider tonight in lue of wine. The cider is of non acloholic beverage. For desert there is a mixed berry pie with fresh whipped cream for a topping. Augustus Lets the princess sleep for as long as protocol will allow before dinner starts to get cold, at which time he asks the Handmaiden thats traveled with the princess to please alert her that its dinner time. Auggy returns to his tent where the meal will take place as the braziers are lit to add warmpth as well as light to the room.

At least she was allowed to sleep as long as she did. The ride had been exhausting and her mind had been spinning not only from the wine but because of the nature of the invitation. Her handmaiden didn't have to exactly wake her up, she had been aware the whole time, having been on her side lying awake with eyes open. Her thoughts had travelled to the moon and back, encompassing a variety of complex matters. Though when the handmaiden had arrived, Amira was convinced up, her hair brushed and hung loose, her pearls in her hair changed down for simple pins that would keep the hair from her eyes. Her dress is kept the same, since they didn't pack too many options for the evening, though her shoulders are covered with a fur shawl to keep back the chill as she transfers from one tent to the other.
Her movements were quiet and while her own knights did bow to her while she passed, the woman made no indication she had seen them do as much. She simply kept her head poised forward as she gracefully walked toward the tent, her handmaiden following behind her until with a lifted hand, Amira excuses her. Knights at the tent flap pull it open to allow the Princess entrance.

Once inside, the smells of dinner hit her full on. She takes in the atmosphere of the spread laid out for them both. She marvels at it, for being so far away from any hearth or kitchen, the delivery of the meal was quite superb indeed. She brushes her hands at her sides, looking for Augustus, "My Lord?" she asks, taking a further step inside.

Augustus is dressed in warmer yet lesss restrictive clothing as he Walks over to you, and offers you his arm, as he proceeds to escort you to the table. " Princess, I do hope you were able to get some rest. " his tone full of concern for your well being, "I am sorry that the meal wasn't more spectaular but its what I could scrounge up on short notice. " his smile widens as he gets you to the chair and pulls it out for you to help guide you to the table.

Augustus then moves to his seat and rings a bell, as a young squire comes out to help serve both parties, waitng to find out what you'd like first before serving Sir Augustus. Though once meals are prepared and drinks pours the young Squire departs for the table and fire outside unless called for again.

Amira maybe wasn't anticipating such manners and whatever it is, her face warms with the heat of a blush as he offers her arm to escort her to the table, "Thank you," she barely manages to get out above a whisper, sweeping her eyes toward the table again as she lowers herself into the chair placed for her. She flashes him a gracious smile as she waits for the chair to be pushed under her further to get her neatly tucked behind that table. "You've done more than I could imagine possible on the road Lord Augustus, this is, very kind of you…" she smooths out her skirt and undoes her shawl to surrender it to which ever attendant can take it from her, as the tent is a little warmer than outside. "I've rested well, thank you for understanding," she tells him easily enough.

Drawing her serviette over her lap, she neatly places her hands in her lap as the squire comes out to serve them. Amira simply bobs her head once more to a little of everything, small portions but something she could possibly eat entirely. Once the squire has moved off, she doesn't yet move for her meal, not sure if the Lord has a word to the Four or not. She only offers a gentle smile across the table, "This looks splendid." Her stomach does a little growl from the anticipation of the meal, apparently the nibbling earlier did nothing to quench her appetite.

Augustus watches as you choose a bit of everything, were as his appetites is greater. "well when entertaining a woman of your status its best to do ones absolute best to be a proper host." he rplies with a warm grin and While not as religious as most, he does say a short but heartfelt prayer to the four. thanking them for this fine meal and the joyful company that has blessed him in joining in for such a meal. He then looks up at you and says. "well I know how difficult it can be on the road, as for most of us its the endless marching as thats how Im used to getting from place to place, what limited riding skills I've obtained have only managed to keep me from falling out of my saddle. " he says with a light chuckle.

A demure look overcomes her as your eyes keep watch of her, causing a bashfulness out of the Princess that generally isn't seen in public. At least, it hasn't been seen for quite some time, even as she was hosting the tournament and the feast, she had not worn this look. She doesn't lift her eyes to meet his, using the excuse of the prayer and her additional murmur of thanks to the Four for providing a full harvest and a successful hunt, as it would seem that is where the pheasant is from. Once through with those quiet words, she reaches for her fork with a polished elegance, honed from many years of practice. The same is said for the knife, starting for the food with a dainty way of it, each movement taken with poised silence and symmetry. She does eventually look up, once she's had a taste of a few things on her plate, like the pheasant and the onion. "I'm fair in the saddle, though a six hour ride at canter or gallop tests anyone's strength," a coy flicker of her eye draws her line of sight back down to her plate, avoiding looking too long at Augustus, if at all. Then, she speaks with some disbelief in her tone, "You've not fallen from the saddle, have you?"

Augustus shakes hise had. "No, you can thank collette for that, as it was she who taught me many months ago how to ride. Granted Im no were as gifted as she is, and probably never will be. Though at least now when Im not on the march I can ride reasonably well. " he cuts his own food and takes small measured bite, compared to eating on the field were he'd be down to his hand just like his men. " Jezzebelle is a gentle soul and she and I seem to get along just fine. " he smiles. "Which I will attest is why I think I've not fallen out of my saddle. "

The Princess lifts her eyes up once at the other woman's name, accepting that fact with a measured nod, putting her knife down long enough to push hair behind her shoulders and ears, knowing now that she should've went with her hair pinned up again. Even so, every movement at the table has been refined, manners clearly a part of her polished and gilded cage. When she's about to speak she makes sure to dab the corners of her mouth with her serviette, answering the subject matter with a compliment to her own gelding, "My father had bestowed a stallion on me at one time, though he was better suited for one of my Brothers. Leonidas is better trained and is certainly more suitable for my skill in the saddle, he's quite the beast and remarkable over long distances. He doesn't get lazy and let his feet sag." She should pride for the animal she's become fond of, a dark black gelding with a pleasant countenance. "I'm glad to hear you've been paired with a mare who suits you," she tells him, "Nothing worse than fearing for your life every time you mount up because you've a handful of horse." She smirks, picking up her knife again to sample the veggies further.

Augustus chuckles richly and nods. "aye I typicaly am not in a hurry to get anywhere, and she's got a soft gentle pace thats good on my back and postierior. " he says with a smirk, as if watching your reaction to such a comment. Though as you tuck your hair back he watches you with genuine interest and a warm smile on his face. "I do hope my dinner attempt fares better than the picnic, and archery. " he says with a polite smile.

"You did not displease me Lord Augustus," she is quick to refute his assumption, "I had a good time, and I'm grateful for your consideration." She sets her utensils down to pick up the goblet of cider, smiling behind it quickly before she wets her lips of the pleasant taste. As she sets the goblet down, the gesture providing her a moment to think in the pause created naturally by it, she continues, "It came at the right time. I was just feeling a little homesick, though I do hope my host at Wolveshire does not think it ill of me to take a day away from their company." She shifts a little anxiously under the weight of his eyes upon her, feeling the heat prickling her cheeks with colour yet again, flicking her eyes up to catch that genuine look of interest.

Augustus hm's and shrugs " I dont see why they should, as you've done nothing to warrent such a reaction, Had they been visiting up here and gotten a similar request we'd not think ill of them leaving to attend though maybe we've tbe better mannors in such things?" he shrugs, and grins. "either way I've been graciously honored by your acceptance and ability to join me for such a grand day out." as he too picks up his goblet and sips some cider.

"I don't know if it has to do with manners or with the reason for my position there currently… I know I can't be too long in leave, that I'll have to return in the morn," as there's no way the Princess was going to ride back in the dark! Not with how many strange things were happening out there in the border lands. She nods again to his mention of being honoured, working a little more on the pheasant on her plate.

Augustus nods his head, "as is only proper and Myself and my men will ride with you to the border, as were due to patrol that region soon anyway. So in a way this outting has worked out for all. If only to give the Southerners a small delay in your company." he grins impishly.

"And provide you with a Royal distraction," she responds to him, "Though sometimes I would assume it's more of a nuisance to be in my company than not. All the things you have to do to be proper…" she was doing so well with it! She really was. She had dressed the part, looked the part, she was even speaking the part, and she could eat more gracefully than anyone could've ever believed her to. Yet, just then, she puts the fork down and looks across the table at him, "I appreciate your escort to the border," she says with a struggle, considering she rebels some by picking at her food with a finger, ripping a piece of pheasant from her plate, "What do you do for fun?"

Augustus listens and watches as you speak and grins as you start to use your fingers, "fun… what is that?" as it seems a foreign concept to him .. "I've not had any fun in a very long time, though I would concider this day a very fun one. " as he picks up a good chuck of the pheasant with his hands as easily as a commoner and tears into it. "well being all prim and proper must be a drag at times, yes?" as he grins. "though believe me Princess with me just do what you will, as I'll not tell and I asked you here to have fun and relax, so please do… "

Amira is still careful not to slop or make a mess of her fingers too far behind what she could wipe off, but she was taking more liberties to be just, whoever she wanted to be. She was just in Augustus' company after all and it wasn't like she had to impress an entire court by how gracefully she piled food on her fork. A brow arches with some hint of concern on her expression for the answer the older man makes. She actually scrunches her nose a little, "You mean to tell me you march all day and all the time and not once you consider any of it fun?" She tilts her head, looking at him curiously, "I do hope you have some hobbies that keep you busy when swords cannot." Fighting men, everywhere! Alas. She smirks at him and pops the piece of pheasant in her mouth, licking her fingers pointedly before wiping them off, "It's a little stuffy is all. I don't know if you know me too well or what you might have heard, but I prefer to be in the forests than in the confines of a stone castle."

Augustus grins, "Marching from place to place is duty and training and it doesn't have to be fun princess. I guess my only fun is when Im out riding as I dont have to think about anything or worry if what Im doing will affect an outcome its purely pleasure. " he sets the breast bone of the pheasant down and licks his finger clean before wiping them off. Then he cuts into the onion and scoops up some mashed potatoes and takes a bite. "Pretty much since birht its been training or drilling or learning how to run a castle. Very little of it fun."

Amira seems to lose her optomistic appeal for some conversation in which she could thoroughly engross herself in, stalled though due to the lack of enthusiasm from the heir to Auldholme. She really seems to study him, unsure of what to do with the responses that she received. "You should… really think about doing something to change that," she abruptly blurts out, even though it goes against all her training and she could be essentially insulting the man. Yet, she adds, "While I'm not in charge of armies or grand marches across the land to keep our homes and people safe, I've figured out to have a little fun in amongst all the expectations." She straightens a little, "I understand it must have been tough, being raised as the Heir… I see it all the time with my brother. He's got so much on his plate, but I still see him having fun, joining in parties or… festivals. Do you at least take time to do that?"

Augustus laughs softly when yoiu say that. "aye Im sure I should and given some time I will." and when the question of parties comes up. "I've been to a few, Though probably not as many as I should. Which is why I asked you here, as it gave me that release princess, to have some fun and entertain you as well. Which is why I've been so concerned that I've done well in keeping you entertained."

She purses her lips as she leans in some, using her fork again since the grease of the pheasant was a little much to keep it from eventually getting on her dress. She fills her fork neatly, eyes flicking up from her plate to reach over toward Augustus, "Attend court," she tells him, "Visit Brivey and Rhaedan more often. You should present yourself as much as you can now, before you are expected to take on your father's position." She allows a faint smile to find her lips, "You have not to worry about that my Lord. The food is wonderful and so has been your company."

Augustus colors a bit and smiles. "well then Im grateful for that. You ask a lot princess I've never really been the dilomat my father has but I shall endevor to attend court and funtions to make my presence known." as he grins softly at you and eats a bit more before pushing his nearly empty plate away as he focus's on the Cider.

"Do I?" she seems surprised by her ask of him to attend court, "Being a diplomat will earn you more in the way of support than marching across the country might. You need to earn the support of the nobles and the people, to keep your lands secure, when that time comes." She shrugs, "At any case, coming to court offers you further opportunity to discover if there are any interests beyond the Southern belle." She shrugs, looking down at her plate, which she has worked her way through, but not entirely devoured between conversation. Still, she sees that he's finished and it's not too long after that she puts her napkin over what's left on her plate, a sure sign that she was finished as well.

Augustus grins. "No perhaps not but it never hurts to try and tease now does it? " his smile drops abit but only for a second or two at the comment on finding and interest other than that of collette. He does incline his head softly and smiles. "Of course Princess."

"You have to start somewhere," she tells him, as if she were older than him and schooling him on the way of the game between houses and nobles, "You should do so before you take over as Count." She needs not explain that one there, as the country will turn up with a pocket full of gold diggers the moment he is unwed and elevated to the role of Count. She looks up as a servant comes over to clear her plate and offers her a choice selection of dessert. She approves and softly shows her gratitude for the dish. "That and -court- is often fun in a way. You'll never see your peers in such the same light again after you spend an afternoon listening about what they have to say," she smirks, shrugging after all, "Then again I could be totally wrong about that and … marching for days on end -could- be the secret to having fun."

Augustus chuckles softly. "Perhaps we should have them discuss what they want while marching at court, that way they can do both at the same time. " as he smirks and nods as the desert is offered.

Amira tilts her head back slightly as she lets a laugh freely sing song its way into the tent at that image, a delightful sound that she can actually laugh. It had been too long. A smile lingers when the laughter fades, "Oh I would pay dearly to see that!" And this hopefully won't be the only laugh that Augustus earns for the rest of the evening.
In the end though, the pair will part as etiquette demands and the Lord will escort the Princess back to her tent, considering by the time she leaves the night has taken a stronghold over the sky. Once there, she thanks him again before retiring.

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