House Auldholme
Heraldry for House Auldholme
Kingdom: Rhaeden
Seat: Malgrave
Fortification: Old Home
Motto: "Iron to the Core"
Colors: Purple and Gold
Liege: Rhaeden
Vassals: Canim, Keldane
Rank: Count
Honorific: Iron Lord or Iron Lady
Head of House: Sir Myrik Auldholme
Predecessor: Sir Gaius Auldholme
Heir: Sir Augustus Auldholme
Military Emphasis: Heavy Infantry
Cavalry: 95 Men-at-Arms: 400 Archers: 100


Bodiam Castle as Malgrave Castle


House Auldholme of Malgrave often calls itself "the shield of Rhaedan," as they provide the hardest core of heavy infantry for the shield wall. These Ironclad, as they are called, all carry the same equipment, unlike the men-at-arms of other houses, and have a reputation for training and discipline unmatched in either Kingdom.

House Auldholme can afford this largesse because it is also the largest supplier of raw iron, steel, arms, and armor in Rhaedan. It’s difficult to spend any time in Malgrave without hearing the clash of hammer on steel.

This military strength has allowed Malgrave Castle to become something of a trading hub as well, with guild halls and merchants’ warehouses scattered around the town. The merchants and craftsmen know that the Ironclad will always be able to defend them, and so they feel safe taking advantage of Malgrave Castle’s central location in Rhaedan to build their networks of business and trade.

Much of the best arms and armor made in Malgrave are sent to Brivey at the request of the Crown, to strengthen those hit first and hardest by the Tanifords.

The current Count Auldholme, Sir Myrick, is a true student of the art of war, and keeps what is perhaps the best library of military history in the Two Kingdoms. He has in fact added to this library, penning a series of treatises on fighting the Corsairs over the course of that great war.

History & Culture

As the name of their house and keep suggest, Auldholme has been settled in Malgrave for centuries upon centuries, dating back well before the fall of Ellowe. Malgrave was first settled by miners seeking the iron in the hills south of Rhaedan. They built a fortified house, and over the centuries, that house would become the keep of Old Home.

The proceeds from the sale of the iron allowed Malgrave to spring up around Old Home, and turned it into a center for smithing and trading. Old Home expanded, walls of stone and iron going up and a broad moat being dug out around it. In those days, it was still Malgrave Castle, but after a Crown Prince of Eikeren fostered at what was now a formidable fortress, he named the castle Old Home, and the House that fostered him gradually became Auldholme.

It was during the terrible wars against invaders from the North that the men of Malgrave earned their reputation for being the bulwark of Eikeren, their Ironclad men-at-arms and knights afoot standing firm, and their commander, Baron Octavo Auldholme became known as the Iron Lord. Lord Octavo earned himself a Counthood that day, and from that day onward, the rulers of House Auldholme have been known as the Iron Lords or Iron Ladies.

When Crown Prince Rhaedan Eikeren called his father’s banners, accusing Prince Taniford Eikeren of treachery, the Ironclad of Malgrave marched with him. When that bloody war was finally forced to a stalemate by the attack of the Corsairs, the Ironclad of Malgrave marched with the King of House Rhaedan. When the Corsairs were driven back, and peace came over the Kingdoms of Rhaedan and Taniford, the Ironclad of Malgrave marched home. And when the men and women of Rhaedan finally subjugate the traitorous Tanifords and bring the Kingdom of Eikeren back together, the Ironclad of Malgrave will be marching alongside the King of Rhaedan once more.


The Ironclad and the Days of Challenge

The Ironclad are the primary defense of House Auldholme, armored in shining mail hauberks and low steel helmets with built-in cheek guards, they carry both a spear and a somewhat short stabbing sword known as the gladius. This sword is handier in the close press of a shield wall than an axe or longsword, while still having the piercing power to penetrate between the gaps in plate armor if needed. This identical armament and iron discipline enforced by the Count has given the Ironclad an incredible esprit de corps, and it is said they have sworn oaths to never fall back without orders.

The Ironclad aren’t the only thing iron about Malgrave, however, as the discipline of the city is carried through to the common people of the town and outlying communities. Four times a year, on the days before the holy solstices and equinoxes, all able-bodied men and women drill as militia and compete in challenges of martial skill. Exemptions are made for people with critical jobs (smiths, Sheriff, deputy), pregnant women, or women with children under 10. Rich citizens can purchase exemptions as well, but are exposed to ridicule if they do so regularly.

In the winter, the militia goes on long marches through the cold and wet, testing their endurance in honor of Bornas. In the spring, they work on their spear-work and archery in honor of the power and precision of Stilltha. In the heat of summer, they drill together to practice the fiery aggression of Rivas. In the fall, they run races to improve their speed in honor of swift Altheara. In each case, the entire populace celebrates the holiday the next day.


The men and women of Auldholme, for the most part, are fervent and strict followers of the Four. They observe all of the holy days, and have a sizable temple at the center of Malgrave. In general, the Iron Lords have done everything they can to support the Brothers and Sisters of the Temple, including offering them savings on weapons and armor.


Old Home is a formidable fortress, set into a man-made moat that reaches out far enough to make bridging difficult, but not so far as to put the banks outside of easy bowshot. This moat is crossed only by two narrow bridges, one leading to the front Gatehouse and another leading to the postern gate at the rear of the castle. Each of these bridges is made of wood above the surface of the moat, and can be burned with ease to keep attackers at bay, but beneath the surface of the moat the bridges rest on solid stone pilings, making them easy to rebuild.

There is no keep in Old Home, befitting its origins as a manor house. Instead, the various halls and buildings required for the running of a castle are built into the interior of the walls and towers, leaving a small courtyard at the center where a few fruit trees and a vegetable garden are planted to supplement stores in the case of a siege.

Built on an outcropping of bedrock despite the moat around it, Old Home is also built down into the living stone beneath it, with storerooms, a below-ground spring, and the castle dungeons situated below ground. It is said that there are also tunnels running out beneath the moat to hidden entrances surrounding the castle, where troops could sally out to attack besiegers from behind, supplies could be brought in, or reinforcements shifted directly into the castle. The exact location of these outlets are a carefully guarded secret, theoretically known only to the Marshal of the Keep and the members of House Auldholme itself. In fact, some dismiss such claims as propaganda let out to support the idea that Old Home is an impregnable fortress.

Old Home sits close by the city of Malgrave, with perhaps a mile separating the castle and the city wall. Both castle and city lie amidst the hills that were once a massive mountain range, but have been ground down over the millennia to their bones of stone and iron ore. To the south and east, the land opens up into more open plains, but even there, the topsoil is too thin for massive agricultural efforts, covered instead by small subsistence farms and wild land.

Current Members

The names of any of Sir Myrick's children save the Heir can be changed at will, but keep in mind that House Auldholme tends toward Roman-style names. Characters with bold names are open for application, Characters with italicized names are deceased. The number in front of each name is their generation, starting from the current Iron Lord's parents.

  • Sir Gaius Auldholme (81): Sir Gaius was more impetuous and shorter tempered than his son. It is from Sir Gaius that Sir Myrick got his hatred of Tanifords.
  • Lady Tessa Canim (77): Daughter of a vassal house, Lady Tessa's beauty enchanted Sir Gaius and he turned down a match with a Riedel to marry her. This led to some bad blood between the houses — until Duke Riedel met Lady Tessa and was enchanted as well.
  • Sir Myrick Auldholme, the Iron Lord (55): Ser Myrick is more gray than blonde now, but he is still a vital man with one of the keenest military minds in Rhaedan. He was a noted commander during the Corsair War, and is respected as such on both sides of the Rothim River — even if Taniford-sworn may not appreciate his dogmatic hatred of the descendants of traitors.
  • Lady Allana Rhaedan, his wife (51): Lady Allana was training to be a knight before she wed Ser Myrick, and although she never gained her spurs, she fit into her new home like a fish to water. She is a cousin to King Breac, and takes pride in the fact that she still participates in the Days of Challenge every year.
  • Sir Augustus Auldholme, the Heir (32): Ser Myrick and Lady Allana's eldest child, commander of the Ironclad, probably a foot-knight rather than a jouster. Married or a widower.
  • Lady Cassia Auldholme (30): The next eldest child, her twin brother, Titus, and husband, Elidin Westmark, was killed in the Corsair War.
  • Sir Titus Auldholme (30): Twin to Cassia, killed in the Corsair War.
  • Sir (Seneca) Auldholme (27): The middle son. Married, widower, or betrothed.
  • Sir (Julius) Auldholme (26): The youngest son.
  • Sir Lucilia Auldholme (24): The middle daughter, killed in the Corsair War.
  • Lady Victricia Auldholme (18): The youngest daughter.
  • Lucius Auldholme (53): Ser Myrick's younger brother. Non-knight, widower.
  • Anamarie Keldane (49): His wife, died bearing their youngest child in 1313.
  • Their children…
  • Titania Auldholme (50): Ser Myrick's younger sister.
  • Sir Emmon Canim (52): Her husband, married into the Auldholme family.
  • Their children…
  • Lady Livia Auldholme (49): Married to Baron Uther Westmark.


Political Relations

thumbnail.jpg The Kingdom of Taniford: TBD
thumbnail.jpg The Kingdom of Rhaedan: TBD

Family Tree

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