House Hallstrom
Heraldry for House Hallstrom
Kingdom: Rhaedan
Seat: TBD
Fortification: TBD
Motto: Opulence favors the prepared.
Colors: Burgundy and Gold
Liege: Westmark
Vassals: -
Rank: Lord
Honorific: Masters of the Vine
Head of House: Niles Hallstrom
Predecessor: Marek Hallstrom
Heir: Kameron Hallstrom
Military Emphasis: {$militarytype}
Cavalry: {$cavalry} Men-at-Arms: {$menatarms} Archers: {$archers}


The Hallstrom family was settled in the lands of Westmark well before the Barony ever existed. The bog and low-laying valleys allowed the Hallstrom family to make their fortune in wine and entertainment. They were among the charter members of the Merchant's Guild, and many of their number have served as head of the Guild. With the arrivals of the title that granted Westmark a Barony, the Hallstrom family was blessed with title as Lords, but burdened with being the vassals of the Westmarks. They see the Westmarks as a necessity - they have been protective of their lands, if uncouth in their tactics. The Hallstrom continue to host extravagant and lavish parties and live the lifestyle that was Westmark before the war, and see the Westmarks as upstarts with young money, though if marriage were to tie the families together, it would be acceptable.

History & Culture

Current Members

Lord Niles Hallstrom — Lord of House Hallstrom
Lady Drewanne Hallstrom — Lady of House Hallstrom
Sir Kameron Hallstrom — Heir to House Hallstrom, Knight in Royal Guard
Ser Simeon Hallstrom — Knight of Westmark
Lady Cypriana Hallstrom — Niece to Lord Niles, Cousin to Kameron


Lord Niles Hallstrom
Lady Drewanne Hallstrom
Vineyard Master or Mistress

Political Relations

thumbnail.jpg The Kingdom of Taniford: TBD
thumbnail.jpg The Kingdom of Rhaedan: TBD

Family Tree

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