House Riedel
Heraldry for House Riedel
Kingdom: Rhaedan
Seat: Brivey
Fortification: Brivey Keep
Motto: "Two Heads Are Better"
Colors: Red, Black, and Gold
Liege: Rhaedan
Vassals: Wasmer, Moray
Rank: Duke
Honorific: Guardians of the Eastern Shore
Head of House: Neale Riedel
Predecessor: Aberneth Riedel
Heir: Sir Sammel Riedel
Military Emphasis: Knights and Archers
Cavalry: 180 Men-at-Arms: 300 Archers: 200


Men and women of great martial skill and great appreciation for the finer things in life, members of House Riedel are often seen as boisterous and loud by other Houses. This endears them to some, but causes friction with others. They are known across Eikeren for the skill of their knights, other cavalry, and archers, and for the strength of Brivey Keep.

History & Culture

Several hundred years before Rhaeden Eikeren and Taniford Eikeren went to war with one another, twin brothers saved the life of the King of Eikeren in battle. As a reward, they were raised to nobility. The King did not, however, state which of the brothers was to be Baron, and so they began to feud, each claiming that they were the elder brother. As both were noted jousters, their sister suggested that they ride a tilt to determine the outcome. The full three passes later, Sir Tarith Riedel unhorsed his brother Sir Lamman and became the first Lord of House Riedel, taking two rams as his sigil to match he and his brother.

Sir Tarith’s brother became his Heir as well, until such time as the Baron had children. Sadly, Sir Tarith died in battle before he could sire any children, and Sir Lamman ascended to the Barony. And thus it has been since, with the two eldest children of the Lord being raised as Heirs.

The jousting that decided the rule of House Riedel in its infancy was passed down through its history as well, with many sons and daughters of House Riedel becoming champion jousters. Up until the schism between Princes Rhaedan and Taniford, tournaments and melees were the majority of the fighting done by members of House Riedel, as they ruled lands in the center of Eikeren.

Over the centuries, they gained acclaim as jousters and archers, increased their lands, and eventually became Counts. Their people raise cattle, tan their hides, and along the lakeshore — they fish. And so it was, until brother turned on brother in the House of Eikeren.

Count Arron Riedel was head of the house at the time, and was fast friends with Taniford Eikeren, having grown up with the younger son. But Brivey sits north of the Rothim River, and any Taniford-sworn house on that side of the river, especially one with so strong a keep as Brivey, would have been a disaster for Rhaedan Eikeren. Count Arron knew just how much Prince Rhaedan needed Brivey, and Count Arron was a clever man.

So it was that Count Arron became Duke Arron, and swore house Riedel — and Brivey Keep — to King Rhaedan. This “betrayal” hurt Taniford Eikeren to the core, and so when it turned to bloodshed, the weight of his forces fell on Brivey.

The knights and freeriders of House Riedel proved their worth then, delaying Taniford forces with lightning raids as the archers and men-at-arms withdrew to Brivey Keep. Time and again, forces from elsewhere in Rhaedan would drive the Tanifords back, aided by the forces of Riedel, and time and again, Taniford reinforcements threw them back to Brivey Keep, but the Keep would not fall.

Within a generation, there were no longer any questions of the loyalty of House Riedel to the Rhaeden cause. No region had fought harder against the Tanifords, and no people had bled more. Most of the four century civil war was fought on Riedel land, and Brivey Keep — oft besieged but never taken — became a symbol of pride for all of Rhaedan.

When the Corsairs struck the west coast of Rhaedan, a strong force of cavalry was sent west to face them, but the majority of the men-at-arms and archers remained home, wary of a Taniford trick. Only after the temporary peace had been in place for nearly a decade did House Riedel send more than a tithe of their available forces against the Corsairs.

When the Corsairs were finally driven back into the sea, the Sir Sammel, the heir, called loudly for an immediate strike across the river on Wolveshire, but thankfully, Duke Neale’s calm wisdom won out. Peace fell over the lands, but enmity lingers on in the hearts of House Riedel. Raised from birth to hate the Tanifords, tensions run high, and it is only a matter of time before blood flows once more before Riedels and Tanifords.


Twin Heirs
After Baron Lamman took over for his fallen brother, he began a tradition that stands through to this day. The eldest two sons (or eldest two children if no sons are born for a time) are both raised as if they were the Heir to the House. When both reach adulthood, one of the two is chosen, and becomes the official Heir. This practice of having a “spare” has served House Riedel well over the centuries of conflict and bloodshed, ensuring that whoever takes over the House is prepared to do so.

Festival Tourneys
Members of House Riedel are always seeking to perfect their martial skills (some members of other Houses might say that they are always seeking to show off their martial skills), and so they celebrate each Festival with a tourney. Even the midwinter Festival of Bornas is celebrated by a brief tilt and archery competition, even if it requires that the tourney grounds be cleared of snow.


Dover Castle as Brivey Keep


Brivey Keep is one of the oldest and largest in what was once Eikeren. In its entire history, it has never fallen to outside invader, although it has been a very near-run thing a time or two. The lower bailey encompasses the entire top of the hill the keep is built upon, with a massive barbican and gatehouse.

A second castle rests within the lower bailey, complete with its own barbican and gatehouse, the entrance set halfway around the wall from the outer gatehouse. The upper bailey is filled with greenery to supplement stored supplies in the case of a siege. Within the garden courtyard is a tall keep, the last line of defense of Brivey Keep.

There is only one other entrance to Brivey Keep, and it is invisible from the outside, a postern gate disguised to look like any other part of the outer wall.

Current Members

The names of any of the Duke's children save the Heir can be changed at will. Characters with bold names are open for application, Characters with italicized names are deceased. The number in front of each name is their generation, starting from the current Duke's parents.

[1] Duke Daveed Riedel (74): Hated Tanifords with a passion, especially after his daughter Nevaeh's death. Died in 1324.

Dowager Duchess Leah Auldholme (73): Always preferred Sir Lukas to the Duke, but has done her best to keep it quiet.

[2] Duke Neale Riedel, Guardian of the Eastern Shore (52): Calm, wise, and deadly with a sword, Duke Brivey never gained a knighthood, but he is a noted warrior and strategist none-the-less.

Duchess Krista Moray (49): Mousy and academic, she always has some facts or figures to support her husband's arguments.

[3] Sir Sammel Riedel, Heir (30): A famous jouster and ferocious killer of Corsairs. Would love to be a killer of Tanifords.

[3] Lord Paidrig Riedel (28): Proud of his brother's assumption of the duties of Heir. An archer rather than jouster. Widower

[3] Lady Ryleigh Riedel (25): Killed as a squire fighting the Corsairs.

[2] Sir Lukas Riedel (54): Duke Neale's elder brother, he has accepted his younger brother's rule will good grace and done his best to support the Duke in his efforts to peace, but his hatred for Tanifords runs very deep.

Lady Kiley Rhaedan (51): Lady Kiley thought she would become the Duchess. She has… almost… forgiven Duke Daveed for choosing the current Duke instead.

[3] Sir Kelaria Thorne (26): Niece to Duke Neale, Daughter to Lukas & Kiley. Chosen assigned to the Temple in Rhaedan.

[2] Sir Nevaeh Riedel (51): Killed by Varghem soldiers during the last month of the Civil War just after having gained her knighthood.

[2] Sister Annessa Riedel (47): A Priestess of the Temple. One of the higher-ups in the Temple in Rhaedan.

Political Relations

Rhaedan.jpg The Kingdom of Rhaedan: Our lieges. They will sit on the throne of a united Eikeren some day, no matter how much blood must be spilled to arrange it.
Auldholme.jpg House Auldholme: Stubborn to the point of foolishness. They may be hard, but they are brittle.
Westmark.jpg House Westmark: Their wealth keeps us in the fight, but that doesn't mean we have to trust their ambition.
Taniford.jpg The Kingdom of Taniford: We have bled them, and they have bled us. They will collapse before us, and they will burn.
thumbnail.jpg House Varghem: Some day, we will repay them the fire and blood that they brought to our lands.
Lohstren.jpg House Lohstren: Their raiders devastated our lands. The only redeeming quality is that they did the same to the Corsairs — and they have the best jousting horses.
Sollinger.jpg House Sollinger: So far away, these traitors are as concerned with the sea as we are with the land. Some day we will show them the error of their ways.
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