House Sollinger
Heraldry for House Sollinger
Kingdom: Taniford
Seat: Tharnham
Fortification: Stormholm Tower
Motto: "Woe to the Conquered"
Colors: Dark Green and Silver
Liege: Taniford
Vassals: Breaktide
Rank: Countess
Honorific: The Trident Lords
Head of House: Nimue Sollinger
Predecessor: Helena Sollinger
Heir: N/A
Military Emphasis: Naval
Cavalry: 50 Men-at-Arms: 300 Archers: 200


House Sollinger, a somewhat isolated and reclusive House, can easily be classified as one of the youngest of all the Southern Kingdom's houses. Built upon the ashes of House Gundhanam, the Sollinger family found themselves elevated from a Barony to a County due to their successful efforts in repelling the Corsair threat from Eikeren shores. The family was awarded dominion over the abandoned lands of Tharnam, a main port of access to the various rivers and waterways to the Southern Kingdom - all of which eventually empty into the sea.

As one of the strongest naval orientated houses in all of Eikeren, House Sollinger controls the majority of Taniford's navy; and the harshness of the sea has resulted in a house that is generally seen as hard-working, no nonsense, and practical members - clearly more focused upon actions in the field than the politics of Court. Their historical lack of desire to play the Courtly game is considered to have been the main reason for the house's lack of prestige for so many generations, until their feats with the Corsairs proved them too indispensable to warrant otherwise. Those that mistake this lack of desire or drive for the political arena for a degree of ineptitude would sorely be mistaken, as some previous members of House Sollinger have shown over the years. The House maintains amenable relations to most of the other houses of the Southern Crown, bearing a closer relation to House Lohstren than the others - in part due to proximity as well as their shared affinity for military proficiency. When given the choice, House Sollinger will always choose action over words, leaving the minor details for the other houses to iron out.

The leadership of House Sollinger has been in a state of flux for the past ten years since the assassination of the Countess Bethany Sollinger and her husband by Corsair assassins. With the passing of the Countess, the eldest daughter, Helena, was elevated to the seat of Tharnham only to pass around seven years later. The seat, once again vacant, eventually fell to the second-born child, Nimue - a woman who spent the majority of her formative years as a scout and ranger with little concern over politics. Not long after assuming the mantle of leadership, the newly elevated Countess took a husband in that of Sir Evander Taniford, distant nephew to Queen Regina herself. Together they have presided over the House of Sollinger for nearly three years - though they have yet to secure their legacy with an heir.


An old house since before the Royal war, House Sollinger seemed nothing more than an often overlooked and reclusive barony which excelled in sea warfare, fishing, and exploration. Long before they claimed Tharnham, they were known for harboring some of the best shipwrights and nautical engineers in all of Eikeren. They didn't exactly desire much in the way of politics, placing more emphasis in the tangible items and actions than simple words and empty promises. Despite their relative obscurity in some ways, they were a rather large house that relied heavily upon an internal structure for survival than seeking too many allies externally. Even their explorations, though under the guidance of some of the finest Captains and upon the finest vessels, never really ventured too far from ports or off the charted maps - preferring to keep close to their own lands.


Long before Sollinger was given Tharnham, the Lords of Tridents have always had something of a pragmatic outlook on life. They never tend to take anything for granted, expecting life to shift or alter in direction just as quickly as the tide or an incoming storm. "Life is like a storm, you either ride it out, or you drown." as the saying goes. A somewhat macabre saying, but true none the less.

Unlike other noble houses, they are not as involved in political relations. Whether this was an effect of living so close to the ocean or a choice made by Sollinger's ancestors long ago, no one is really sure. What is certain is that have an almost isolationist viewpoint, preferring to stick to things they know and excel at. Some might think that they have something to hide, but reality is a bit more simple; they just have little interest in it. It's possible they would still be a barony were it not for their actions against the Corsairs, it was just a side-effect of doing their job as diligently as they have.

Never satisfied with regulating duties to others, Sollingers prefer to be in the middle of things, doing the work themselves if they have to, believing that it will be only way the work gets done properly and right the first time. This is especially poignant in naval affairs, it's not an odd thing to see more than a few Sollingers working on the construction of a ship themselves or carving arrows for their own bows. It's likely that they're considered the most 'hands on' house in Taniford. The sense of satisfaction in doing the work themselves, because they believe their training and experience allows them special insight, even if this sometimes come into conflict with occasionally with the Guilds. Simply put, a Sollinger is never content to simply sit idly by while there's more important things to do. Their stalwart work ethic has been ingrained in them in part due to the need to survive on the coast and sea, far away from the more comfortable lands of the south.

Growing up on islands that dot the west and the coast itself, Sollingers are natural seamen, many growing up on the coast or the rivers that lead into the ocean. They are also known for being some of the best archers in Taniford, and possibly Eikeren as a whole. Many men and women come to Tharnham for archery training that Sollinger has refined into something of an art form. While Sollinger doesn't carry as many Knights as other Taniford houses, they make up for it in skilled archers able to defend their holdings from afar.


Current Members

Nimue Sollinger (28): Current HoH, Became Countess when her sister passed away from illness. Appable - Please Contact Staff

Sir Evander Taniford (32): Nimue's Husband, Knight, inventor. Appable - Please Contact Staff

Danielle Sollinger (23): Younger sister of Nimue. Well educated healer, unwed Appable - Please Contact Staff

Tyler Sollinger (18): Youngest sibling and only brother of Nimue. Appable - Please Contact Staff

Sir Ariel Sollinger (41): Aunt to Nimue/Danielle. Younger Sister of Bethany, former Knight(limp) now Mistress of Arms. Appable - Please Contact Staff

Dumat Breaktide (40): Uncle to Nimue/Danielle. Ariel's husband. Appable - Please Contact Staff
Lady Islod Breaktide (28): Unwed Lady of house Breaktide, a seafaring sister of Lady Isabella Breaktide. [PC]
Sir Corwin Sollinger (24): Knight, twin to Cordelia. [PC]

Lady Cordelia Sollinger (24): unwed, younger of the twins. [PC]

Callen Sollinger (38): Naval Captain. Younger brother of Bethany, widower. Appable - Contact Staff
Sir Gustav Sollinger (28): Cousin and former Blue Guard. [PC]
Lady Claire Sollinger (27): Cousin and Healer. [PC]

Deceased Family Members

Bethany Sollinger (47): Previous Countess. Mother of Helena, Nimue, and Danielle. Deceased - Assassinated by Corsairs.

Bartholmew Lohstren (49): Previous Count. Father of Helena, Nimue, and Danielle. Deceased - Aassassinated by Corsairs.

Helena Sollinger (30): Eldest daughter and previous HoH. Deceased - Suddenly passed away due to illness. Succeeded by Nimue Sollinger, her younger sister.

Political Relations

thumbnail.jpg The Kingdom of Rhaedan: Whatever Sollinger's thoughts on the heirs of Rheadan, this much is known; we tire of fighting them. Spending generations hating each other hasn't gotten anyone anywhere save for more shallow graves. If any hope remains, it will have be reciprocated through them.
thumbnail.jpg House Riedel: Some call them Rheadan's lapdogs, always so eager to please royal masters. We couldn't say one way or another, have little interaction with them.
thumbnail.jpg House Audholme: Intimidating and impressive to be sure, and from the rare confrontations with them have left Sollinger with the thought that they are not to be trifled with. Still, they are wise enough to not enter our waters.
thumbnail.jpg House Westmark: Rheadan has no idea the vipers they've allowed into their midst. Those vile scum will be their undoing, even if our ships burning their coasts have prove it. Only when Westmark has been crushed into disgrace will peace truly be allowed to flourish.
thumbnail.jpg The Kingdom of Taniford: Our liege have their hearts in the right place, or at least, we hope they do. They were the first to see that the fighting had gone long enough and they have made an effort to put peace as a priority. Whatever else is said doesn't matter. We may not be outspoken about our loyalty, but it something that should never be questioned.
thumbnail.jpg House Varghem: Truth be told Sollinger hasn't had much interaction with our Ducal lords. We cause little problems and seems to suit them just fine. That aside, they are welcome on our lands. They could stand to get some sea legs.
thumbnail.jpg House Lohstren: It could be said that Lohstren is the closest thing Sollinger has to friends, rather than alliances. They were the first to come to our aid, and we will remember such acts. As we share borders, it's good to stay on pleasant terms with one another.
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