House Taniford
Heraldry for House Taniford
Kingdom: Taniford
Seat: The Summer Citadel
Fortification: The Citadel
Motto: "Our Roots are this Land."
Colors: Royal Blue and Silver
Liege: None
Vassals: Varghem, Lohstren, Sollinger, and others
Rank: Queen
Honorific: The Summer Queen
Head of House: Regina Taniford
Predecessor: Aurelia Taniford
Heir: Princess Keldra Fayre Taniford
Military Emphasis: Cavalry
Cavalry: 190 Men-at-Arms: 350 Archers: 150


House Taniford is the ruling House of the Summerlands. Protected by the flowing reaches of the Rothim River, and with the exception of the neutral Laketown nestled against her borders, the Summerlands has been the domain of the Daughters of Taniford since the Split.

A proud House who has never wavered from the belief that they were the true rulers of Eikeren, they rule from their seat at the Summer Citadel. Taniford children tend to be dark of hair and eye, but there are exceptions, especially as they intermingle with other Houses. There are never many children born to Taniford women


In the age of the Split, Taniford Eikros, younger son to King Berenos, believed himself the rightful heir to the Eikeren throne after his father was murdered before he could name his heir. Certain that his elder brother, Rhaedan had been the one to kill their father, all in pursuit of a crown, Taniford fled to the Summer Citadel in the South and gathered an army. He fought for years to claim what was his, and died in the midst of battle. But before he died, he named his daughter, Aylissa, as heir. His belief was that if a younger son would be befitting of a crown, how could his most worthy child not be granted the same honor, even if she was a woman. This was the foundation for the matriarchal society that would continue to grow and bloom in the Summerlands.

Particularly quick of wit and just as fierce in battle, Aylissa followed in her father's footsteps to try and reclaim their throne. Even as those of the North would laugh at the idea of a woman commanding armies, she never was anything but a fierce warrior Queen. In time, even Rhaedan was forced to acknowledge her skills and talent. It was under Alyissa that the Summerlands were brought together under one unified banner and House Taniford was truly born with its long line of succession. From the far reaches of Tharnham to the safety of the Citadel, the vassal Houses and people began to believe in the war that had already gone on for so long and claimed the lives of friends and loved ones. Her eldest daughter, Tania, took the throne next. The line of succession almost exclusively ran through the daughter line, with the occasional son taking the throne if an appropriate daughter was not available or prepared for such a duty.

Historically, this has caused many feuds within House Taniford, where sons have believed themselves to be a more capable leader in the face of a war. The eldest son is usually a position of great honor within House Taniford, and he is groomed to take command of the Blue Guard. Despite this, there have been small uprisings within the family over the years where the eldest son will try to take the crown forcibly from his sister. To date, none of these attempts have ever been successful and the son was banished from Taniford lands.

At the 1297 Summit that brought an end to the Civil War in Eikeren, it was determined that as one of the many concessions brought to the table, an Ambassadorship from the immediate line of the Royal House would be in order. Though wary of their Rhaedan neighbors, the Queen of Taniford would choose the member of her family most suited to the ways of politics for this important and dangerous assignment.

Culture and Society


As the royal House of the Summerlands, House Taniford is always under the scrutiny of the other Houses. While those amongst the immediate family are in positions of great power and authority in many cases, there are others from different branches of the House that have come in to prominence on their own such as the Baroness of Freiston. Within the South, Taniford is synonymous with strength, and those who are found not upholding this tradition will often find themselves facing the ruling family with severe punishments. To be a Taniford is an honor and a privilege that few are afforded.

Often considered reserved and to some, cool to the point of rudeness, House Taniford is often shrouded in mystery to the other nobility and downright haughty to commoners. While all Southerners tend to be more reserved than their Northern neighbors, the Tanifords take it to an extreme. They carry about them an air of secrecy that they refuse to divulge to just anyone. This has made many of them keen political players in the game between the two Kingdoms. Not every Taniford is a born-politician, however. Some feel the urge to be more physical, but it is often looked upon with disdain if one is to use their fists instead of words to resolve a dispute.

All Tanifords feel a certain pull toward the land, and feel uncomfortable if they are in large cities for long periods of time. This makes it difficult for the Ambassador to Rhaedan, and in years past, they have often had to be rotated out every six months to allow them to return home for a spell. While they could not be called empathic to the land or animals, most Tanifords have a higher sensitivity. They might be able to guess that rain is on the horizon or when the best day to start the spring planting will be. Because of this, many have taken to agriculture. Most Taniford children spend at least a few years working the land to gain a better understanding and appreciation for the earth.

Taniford boys are often apprenticed or squired out at a young age through the Kingdom to learn a trade. While the nobility is never expected to work for a living, Taniford has always believed in knowing a trade and the importance of working with their hands. Many boys have been apprenticed out to carpenters, farmers, horse trainers and more. Their apprenticeship is six months out of the year for five years. If they are squired to an existing knight, then they will continue with that knight until they are finished their training. Daughters, however, are kept at home and quite often provided with tutors to aid in their learning. Girls are still expected to learn a practical craft, but usually under the close supervision and eye of a parent or guardian. Many are also given at least minor instruction in a weapon of some sort.

Current Members

Ruling Family
Queen Regina Taniford - Ruler of the Summerlands NPC
King Greggen Varghem - Husband of Queen Regina NPC
Princess Aylanora Taniford - Princess and Former Royal Heir of the Summerlands PC-Deceased
Prince Samwell Taniford - Prince, Knight of the Citadel-Commander of the Blue Guard PC
Princess Keldra Taniford - Youngest Princess Heir of the Summerlands PC
Lady Elenore Taniford - Cousin
Lord Lyam Varghem - Husband of Lady Elenore
Lady Tamara Taniford - Steward of the Citadel


Extended family of House Taniford - Aunts, uncles, cousins and more are welcome. We may be willing to consider adding other brothers and sisters to theme if there is an excellent concept that will help enrich the family dynamic.

Members of the Blue Guard - There are a maximum of 9 positions available at any one time. Only the most experienced, skilled and loyal are ever admitted to this elite force dedicated to the protection of the Royal Family.

Political Relations

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Family Tree

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