House Varghem of Wolveshire
Heraldry for House Varghem
Kingdom: Taniford
Seat: Wolveshire
Fortification: Wolveshire Castle
Motto: "Never Broken"
Colors: Red, white, silver
Liege: Taniford
Vassals: Rhodin, Rosendal
Rank: Duke
Honorific: Lord of the Wolves
Head of House: Pawel Varghem
Predecessor: Wilhjalm Varghem
Heir: Aethel Varghem
Military Emphasis: Balanced
Cavalry: 115 Men-at-Arms: 300 Archers: 150


An old House, pre-dating the split of Eikeren. A friend of Taniford Eikros, Duke Kato Varghem put his house behind the man when the kingdom split in two. Still an important house, they remain loyal to Taniford.

The current Duke, Pawel Varghem, inherited the position after his father, Duke Wilhjalm, took a fall from a horse near the end of year 1328.

History & Culture

House Varghem of Wolveshire is an old house, pre-dating the split of Eikeren. Duke Kato, who ruled the House back in those days was a good friend of Taniford Eikros, and put his men and land behind him as the war started. Throughout the years Wolveshire was one of the places that had to withstand a number of sieges throughout the years, but the family stronghold held the enemy outside the gates, too numerous times to remember.

And then came the Corsairs, and as both kingdoms stood up against their common enemy, Duchess Andrine sent her heir, Wilhjalm to lead the Varghem forces helping to drive the invaders back into the sea, along with her brother Theodor to act as the chief advisor of the young man. For about ten years, Wilhjalm led the fighting men of the House, until the Duchess fell ill and died. Then he went back to take his position as Duke of Wolveshire, leaving Theodor to be the leader of the forces, until the old man died in battle. For some of the last few years of the war, Wilhjalm’s oldest son Pawel led the forces, before he was recalled by his father, leaving the Duke’s brother Antyllus in the command position.

Then came the peace, something quite unusual, and the Varghems put much attention into rebuilding their lands, better than before. Connection to the royal house of Taniford still strong, it has only been strengthened that one of Wilhjalm’s younger brothers, Greggen, is married to the Queen.

But the year 1328 ended in tragedy as Wilhjalm, Duke of Wolveshire, fell from his horse when out riding, and lost his life. He has been succeeded by his son Pawel, a man known for his love for the pleasures of life, as well as his shifting temper, but also for his sense of duty, and loyalty to the crown.


House Varghem follows the religion of the Four Guardians, and supports the local temple well, including housing it inside the walls of Wolveshire Castle.

Battlefield Experience
During the wars, first against the Rhaedan forces, and then against the Corsairs, it was a rite of passage for all Wolveshire men to spend at least some time with the troops. That sometimes went for the women too, either helping the fighting force, or with healing the troops.

Family loyalty
Like the wolf the house is named for, family are very important to the Varghems.



Wolveshire Castle (RL counterpart being Karlštejn Castle, Czech Republic)

Lying on the highest hill overlooking the town of Wolveshire, the ancient seat of House Varghem has a reputation for being a castle that is near to impossible to capture, mostly due to it's solid walls and position on the hilltop. There are stories about the castle having been captured by an enemy force once, but the story seems to predate the Split of Eikeren by a few hundred years, and so nobody is really sure if it happened, or was just tales made up in the past.

The Old Keep is the part of the Castle that now houses the stables, infirmary, barracks and dungeons. Lying along the wall on the opposite side of the courtyard from the gatehouse, this is the original castle built all those centuries ago. Further down, a small tower housing the castle's well is in place, ensuring the fresh water supply to the entire castle complex.

The main Temple of the Four Guardians for Wolveshire is located by the garden court inside the castle. This is open to people from everywhere in society, although those being seen as threats to the security of the house and the castle will have the eyes of the Guards on them as they make their way to and from the temple.

The main, tallest part of the castle is the Main Keep. A huge solid construction, it includes the various rooms for the members of the house and the visiting nobility and other guests, as well as any other thing a person would expect from a keep in such an important castle.

Current Members


Political Relations

thumbnail.jpg The Kingdom of Taniford: The Royal House. We have always been strong supporters of them, and we will continue to be so.
thumbnail.jpg House Lohstren: Another family of strong support for House Taniford. Unless they target us, we have nothing against them.
thumbnail.jpg House Sollinger: Seafarers, watchmen. They've done well against the Corsairs..
thumbnail.jpg The Kingdom of Rhaedan: They may think themselves high and mighty now. But once we have gotten House Taniford properly on the throne for all of Eikeren, what will these folks be?
thumbnail.jpg House Riedel: Our neighbors and counterparts on the other side of the border. We have to respect their strength, but we will never bow to them.
thumbnail.jpg House Auldholme: Their troops are a challenge for sure, and their discipline and self-control strong. They are still on the wrong side, though
thumbnail.jpg House Westmark: Sneaky little merchants. Someone should put them firmly in their place at some point.

Family Tree

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