House Westmark
Heraldry for House Westmark
Kingdom: Rheadan
Seat: Sipdon
Fortification: Elkmound Keep
Motto: "Fortune Favors the Silent"
Colors: Gold, Brown, and Black
Liege: Rheadan
Vassals: Hallstrom
Rank: Baron
Honorific: The Merchant Lords
Head of House: Coriaria Westmark
Predecessor: Paule Westmark
Heir: Castor Westmark (at present)
Military Emphasis: Guerilla Warfare
Cavalry: 50 Men-at-Arms: 200 Archers: 100


House Westmark is one of the smaller houses within the Kingdom of Rheadan. A young house by Rheadan standards, Westmark has been able to steadily rise in the ranks to that of Barony; much of that was considered a gift due in part to Westmark's defense of the Rhaedan kingdom when the Corsairs landed. Before that, Westmark was something of a black mark in the view of its peers. Considered a house draped in excess and decadence mired in rumors of backroom dealings with various merchant organizations (and other nefarious possibilities), it was a house that prided itself on is peerless bloodline - although that, too, is considered conjecture.

It wasn't until the Corsair Conflict arose that Westmark really seemed to come together as a unified whole, doing more than its part to drive the sea barbarians back and rising above the name it had earned for itself over the years. It was an effort that seemed to shock the rest of the Rhaedan kingdom not expecting such vicious actions taken by what many considered was a house that was happy to sit on it's growing mountain of coin.

Rulership of the Barony has recently passed to Coriaria (now Baroness Coriaria), from her father, and mother who now serve as Count-Palatine and Countess-Royal Advisor (respectively) to the King of Rhaedan.


As far as the houses of Rheadan are concerned, Westmark is a young upstart. Around a hundred years before the invasion of the Corsairs, one of the previous Kings of Rhaedan was so impressed with the efforts of his knights, Sir Wyatt Eikeren, that the king allowed the Wyatt to establish his own House and was given a barony. Thus, House Westmark was granted title over the age old Keep in Sipdon.

At first, Westmark was little more than a few families with a small amount of resources to their name. It likely would've remained this way had it not been for the actions of Sir Wyatt's son, Lyear Westmark. Lyear was an ambitious Head of House after the passing of his father - more so than his Wyatt had ever been - and was as much a businessman and politician as his father was a knight. Having noted the lack of decent sea trade on the western coast, Lyear saw an opportunity for investment. He concocted a plan for improving the current system in place, and sought out the Merchant's Guild for approval. Lyear's plans were rejected, however, on the grounds that they were simply too risky for the Guild to consider funding.


If one were to call a Westmark 'sneaky', they'd likely take it as a compliment. Where their rivals of southern coastlines are isolationists, and therefore quiet because of their nature, Westmarks are secretive on purpose. They see themselves as the constant underdog with an uphill battle to climb higher in Rheadan's good graces.

Often this means the Westmarks have to use more underhanded tactics to get there. To a Westmark, getting anywhere usually means a bribe must be made (at best) or a target eliminated (at worst). It is rather commonplace for a member of the house to place paid guards or handmaidens in the service of fellow Westmarks (and sometimes in other Houses altogether) in order to spy—or worse. At this point in Westmark's existence, it could be considered almost rude if this is not done, suggesting that the person in question is not important enough for spies or assassination attempts.

Current Members

Paule Paule Westmark : Former Baron, now Count-Palatine
Katarina Katarina Westmark : Former Baroness, now Countess-Royal Advisor
Coriaria Coriaria Westmark : Baroness
Castor Castor Westmark : Lord
Laurel Laurel Westmark : Lady
Maldred Maldred Westmark : Knight
Alek Alek Gorthron : Knight


  • Commoners - Merchants, Soldiers, Servants, Rangers, Healers, you name it, we want it!
  • Powerful Families - We control some of the biggest vineyards in all of the land. Don't you want to make wine?
  • Lords/Ladies - We're still working on Lordships, but wouldn't you like to run one from us? Or maybe have poor Castor forced upon you if you are an attractive and politically advantageous match?
  • Knights - We have a couple but we could always use more!

Political Relations

thumbnail.jpg The Kingdom of Rhaedan: They lead and we shall follow, as we always have. But leave old men and youthful naivete will only get so far for so long. Our liege lords could learn a few things about subtlety if they let us. For now, we own them our loyalty.
thumbnail.jpg House Riedel: How exactly did they get their rank? They do well as ducal lords so there's really nothing to say and it seems a place we're more than welcome to visit. Maybe there's a reason they got where they are.
thumbnail.jpg House Audholme: If Rheadan is a silk glove, then Audholme is the iron fist under it. So uptight, so diligent, so militaristic. So obedient. Like a well trained hound. They enjoy our wine enough, so what is there to complain about?
thumbnail.jpg The Kingdom of Taniford: Some might call them traitors, but Westmark admires their ability to take advantage of an opportunity. Doesn't change that they'll eventually have to be snuffed out, but still. If Westmark were in Taniford Eikeren's position, I wonder if the result would have been similiar.
thumbnail.jpg House Varghem: Suck-ups to the Taniford crown, from what rumors say. Like to imagine themselves the power behind the voice. Wonder how true that really is.
thumbnail.jpg House Lohstren: They're in charge of raising horses right? Do they do much of anything else?
thumbnail.jpg House Sollinger: Them. If it is the last thing Westmark does, Tharnham will burn for their continued insolence and disrespect towards us. The conflict between kingdoms is good for business, but if we had lose that for the chance to put every single Sollinger's head on our walls? The loss of profit would be worth the satisfaction.

Family Tree

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